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Join Us For Idol Chatter Tuesday Night


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Sadly, work and improv spooky

Cman, I'm so glad your improv is taking off...after the celebrity BB you did I knew you could go far, and you will go far....you use to make me laugh all the time....Best of Luck.....you are talented, just go grab the brass ring... :)

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Guest ranster627
I would love to chat about American Idol.

Hellooo!    I love Bo Bice!  So what if he has long hair and looks like a hippy? 

I say bring back 80's Rock and give me a man with tight leather pants, long hair and a sexy voice!

OH.... and kick Mikahala off this week.

Thank you.

I'd love an AI chat!  I have class on Tuesday nights from 8 to 9:45 CST.  So I might miss the bulk of the chat.  :(  Right now I am watching the tape of tonight's show. 

If there were a chat right now, I would be making comment on Scott's performance. 

I agreed with Simon.  :(

I love the chat room. I try to go after survivor when I am not working. I would really like to see another night to join the chat room and talk about the show.

Ask and Morty answers!!! Come join us for chat nights!!!

Having problems accessing it, please contact a MOD!

Ranster627 or JEM

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