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Dutch Mole series with English subtitles - New series!


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Hello everyone from the Netherlands. animated_wave.gif

I'm new to this forum so I hope it's ok I open a topic for this, I am not really sure where else to put it oops.gif

If this should be posted somewhere else I kindly ask the Moderators to move the topic or inform me so I can move it myself. smile.gif

Anyway.. I was wondering. Clearly there are a lot of molefans on this site (as am I). As you all no doubt know, unfortunately the series has been discontinued in the United States and Australia, however it's still going in the Netherlands. smile.gif

Some friends and I realized a lot of Molefans abroad were missing the show a lot so we decided to subtitle the most recent series (series 11 earlier this year) for them.

As we got a lot of very positive comments we decided to subtitle an earlier series (series 5) as well.

Both series can be watched free of charge or advertisements on this youtube account, in case more Molefans out here might be interested. smile.gif


Also I was wondering if there are people here who might be interested in watching the new series as of January 2012, as my friends and I are planning to do the subtitles again.

If so I could keep you guys informed and put up links here (not sure if embedding here is possible? But links would work too surely otherwise). smile.gif

The reason I am posting this here is because I know there are still lots of (big!) fans of the show out there, and it's difficult to know how to reach them with so many archived boards and such. So this way I am hoping to reach out to fans of the show that miss it too and would like to have some Mole back into their lives, even if it is a Dutch subtitled version. happy.gif

Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this. dork.gif

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Welcome MoleLaureate.

Thank you for reaching out to Mole fans at our message board.

And thank you also for your work in sub-titling.

Yes, this is a good place for your thread.

(For a current/on-going season, we could possibly start a thread in the parent forum "Reality TV".)

Hopefully, Mole fans will post here to let you know if they are interested.

For future reference, posting YouTube links IS allowed here. You can put them use the "Insert Media" button to post them.


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Thank you for your response and positive feedback Jedi, it's much appreciated!!

I'd love to hear from the Molefans on this board, if they'd like to watch the new series with us! sherlock.gif

If you think it would be best to start a new thread about that, if people are indeed interested, in the Reality Board, I will, thanx :)

I'll try out the embed function with the first episode of the most recent series, series 11 from 2011, so you guys can see what it would look like & sneak a peek. popcorn2.gif

If you guys want me to embed more video's please let me know.

Hope to hear from all the Molefans here soon!

MoleLaureate smartass.gif

By the way: A small explanation is needed I think.

The 'joker' is a new game element in the Dutch Mole that has been introduced a few series ago.

It's basically a wooden token with 'De Mol' written on it, that contestants can earn, win, buy etc (depending on the challenge). It's basically a kind of wildcard, a freepass on one question on a test, so that a question that is in fact answered incorrectly will be scored as 'correctly' instead.

The contestants can hand in any amount of them during any test which will obviously improve their their scores/ decrease the odds of getting eliminated.

They can't use them in the Finale though.

In this series it was for the first time people could earn 'jokers' for a specific episode. :)

The Dutch Mole Series 11 in El Salvador, episode 1.

Hope you'll enjoy it. :)

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  • 3 months later...

Hi all. cowboy.gif

Well I'm here to bring you an update.

We have by now had 4 episodes of the new 12th Mole series (which started on January 5th), and subtitled them all.

So I will put them here for those people that are interested. sherlock.gif

You can always keep an eye on my youtube account for updates if you like, I upload previews and promo's of the new episodes on a regular basis. cowboy.gif

Hope you'll enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts/ suspicions! sherlock.gif

MoleLaureate smartass.gif

By the way:

1. The green flat disc with 'De Mol' on it, is an 'exemption' i.e. a free pass to the next round (usually for one specific episode).

2. the thick wooden disc with 'De Mol' on it is a 'joker', a free pass on/ wildcard for a question.

It turns a wrong answer into a right answer on the test. They may be saved and used in any test except for the last one, in the Finale. :)

The Dutch Mole Series 12 in Iceland, episode 1.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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