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Besides starting the Prison Break series... I watched Season 1 & 2 of Weeds. Love this show... can't wait to get season 3 and I hope season 4 comes out soon!!!

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If you like "Weeds,' try "Breaking Bad" on AMC. It stars Bryan Cranston (the dad the 'Malcolm in the Middle') and he won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for this role. Cranston plays a high school chemistry teacher who finds out that he has inoperable cancer and will only be able to leave his family with a mountain of debt. His brother-in-law works for the DEA and Cranston gets to go on a ride-along during a meth-lab bust. He recognizes one of the fleeing suspects as a former student. After he sees how much money is confiscated in the raid, he comes up with an idea, a way the leave his wife and son (who has cerebral palsy and is brilliantly played by RJ Mitte, an actor with CP) more than just a pile of bills.

The show has drama and comedy. While I watched it, I was a little ticked off that it's a rip-off of "Weeds" but it's so good it doesn't matter.

Because of last year's strike, there were only 7 episode of BB, so you don't have much catching up to do before the new season starts on March 8th.

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Woo Hoo!!! Glad we have a start date... still seems a looong ways away though. :(

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TONIGHT... Yippee!!! :animated_bouncy:

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I was afraid I wasn't going to remember where we left off, but as soon as it started it all came back to me. After four seasons, I'm starting to feel as though I know these idiots.

Great to have them back! Very funny moments.

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Kidnappers trying to get a ransom for Celia. :animated_rotfl:

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Alexander Gould Just Says No in 'Weeds'

Alexander Gould's character on the brilliant dark comedy 'Weeds'

is about as messed up as they come - as Shane Botwin, the youngest

child in Showtime's family of pot-growing drug dealers and social

misfits, his behavior ranges from the tragic and maladjusted to the

downright perverse. What a pleasure to learn that the 15-year-old actor

behind the depravity is just about the most normal, down-to-Earth kid

in Hollywood.

You started your career young, doing very wholesome work. [Gould played the voice of

Nemo in the 2003 Pixar film 'Finding Nemo' when he was 9.] How did you

come to the decision to take on the role of Shane - a pretty racy role

with a lot of mature themes - when you were 10?

"When I first auditioned for 'Weeds,' they wanted me to say the F-word in the

audition. I didn't want to do it - I had issues with it, my mom had

issues with it. And we looked at it - I was right for the role - so we

said we're gonna do it, and hopefully this will be the extent of it.

Obviously, it hasn't been."

"I went in and gave it my all at the audition, and got a callback. I gave it my all at the

callback, and then I got the role... and I can't really quit, can I? I

wouldn't want to, it's such a fun role to do."

How do you deal with the more scandalous plot lines, when it comes to your family? Are

there certain episodes you tell your mom to skip?

"No, we all read the scripts together and watch them together. There have been parts of

episodes where my mom has taken me out of the room - to not watch it.

We deal with it, and when we're watching the show, we're watching the

show - it's not really me up there.

"It's been pretty difficult. We've had some interesting talks that we probably wouldn't

have had until much later otherwise. But we're still really close as a

family and we work through it together, so it's alright."

Have you ever gone back to the writers and told them they'd crossed a line for you?

"There have been a couple things - I've never had a kiss on the show. I told them in

earlier seasons that I just didn't want to do that. They had written it

in at one point, and they wrote it out because I said I really didn't

want to do that. I was 13 at the time, and it was kind of weird, and I

didn't feel like it was something I wanted to do onscreen."

Is there any discomfort with the rest of the cast, because of the nature of the plot and your age?

"Especially now that I've gotten older, it's getting easier. Back then, I think they

all knew that I was very sheltered from it. Things were suggested in

the scenes, but I was kept away from it. And they never really told me

what was going on - to the full extent of what was going on. So they

felt comfortable with it, I felt comfortable with it."

Is there a reason that, by fifteen, you've never showed up in a gossip column?

"When I'm not working, I sort of stay out of it. I hang out with friends, and I avoid

it on purpose. I'm not one to go out and party and do all that kind of

stuff. I definitely don't want to be in the public eye too much.

"When ['Weeds' guest star Mary-Kate Olsen] was on set, it was my first time being

exposed to paparazzi. They were always around the makeup trailer. I'd

come out of the makeup trailer, and they'd snap their pictures, then

look at their cameras and delete delete delete - they didn't really

care about me at all. I think that's another good thing, that people

get the feeling that I'm kind of a good kid and stuff, so there's no

need for me to be in that gossip celebrity thing."

Do Shane's onscreen issues ever impact your social life?

"My circle of friends - I'm very involved in a Jewish youth group - so that's all my

friends and they watch the show, but they get to know me and they know,

"That's completely not him, he would never do anything like that." I

mean, I don't give off that vibe at all, so I think it comes across

when someone meets me. Yeah, I do that on TV, but I don't even have to

say it - you just don't get the sense that that's something I would do."

Shane doesn't seem like a bad kid, though - just sad, and in over his head.

"Shane definitely gets in a little over his head, for a good portion of the season. I

can't give anything away, but in upcoming episodes, you'll see some

crazy stuff happen. Shane is always kind of uncertain, he never

advances into his full confidence. He gets himself into trouble a lot

of times because of it.

"There's a part in this season where he does get a little more confident, then something

else crazy happens and he loses it. It's the whole roller coaster of

his life."

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Great interview. There's been a couple times that I've wondered about this kid and reality vs the tv show. I think he's perfect for the role so, I'm glad his mom and he decided to go for it and didn't it up.

This season they've certainly started him out with a doozy plot... it will be interesting to see which direction the producers/writers take it. I'm predicting a fork in the road for this character.

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How the hell is Nancy's going to get out of this predicament... anyone, anyone??? ;)

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This season is annoying the hell out of me. :(

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post-2-1256351327_thumb.jpgI've received a few emails regarding the music in season five's episode 10 "Perro Insano" where Nancy and Esteban get married. As the camera pans the room, with the Entenmann's chocolate cake with the bride and groom on it, The song playing is "All Together Now" by a duo named Patrick & Eugene. You can buy this odd little ditty from amazon's mp3 store, for $.99 Altogther Now

While on the subject of Weeds music, the theme from the first season is: Little Boxes recorded by Malvina Reynolds in 1964

During the second and third seasons, the opening credits were again accompanied by the Malvina Reynolds song "Little Boxes," but sung instead by a different individual or group each time. Artists who provided covers for openers included Elvis Costello, Death Cab for Cutie, Engelbert Humperdinck, Kate McGarrigle and Anna McGarrigle (who sang the song in French), Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, Randy Newman, Ang

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