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Morty's TV Big Brother 13 End Of Season Social Media Stats


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Morty's TV Big Brother 13 End Of Season Social Media Stats

It's taken a couple weeks, but I have lots of Big Brother 13 stats from midnight July 7th through midnight, September 14th. First, I want to celebrate the incredible efforts of the TFU Team this summer. Check out some of these numbers:

- We updated 1,160.5 hours during the course of the season, covering 2,321 30 minute shifts.

- All told, the TFU team send out about 19,399 updates from July 7th through September 14th. Since June 2009, we have send out nearly 50,000 updates.

- The Facebook group, "Morty's TV," grew from 1,058 members on July 4th to 1,725 members on September 14th. Our post-Big Brother fall-off has been only 53 net members, to 1,672.

- The Facebook friends of "Morty Port" grew from 590 on July 4th to 1108 on September 14th. Our post-Big Brother fall-off was only 21 friends to 1,087.

- On Twitter, followers of @mortystv grew from 8548 on July 4th to an incredible 12,440 on September 14th, a gain nearly 4,000 followers. Our post-Big Brother fall-off has been 657 followers to 11,783, which is less than last year.

- Morty's TV on Twitter is also part of over 250 lists (which automatically feeds the tweets of those accounts the list follows).

The members of the TFU team included, in order of the number of 30 minute shifts worked:

- Kekila (508 shifts for 254 hours of TFU updates)

- Dade (440 shifts for 220 hours of TFU updates)

- kitten_200 (384 shifts for 192 hours of TFU updates)

- ZuZuMamou (353 shifts for 176.5 hours of TFU updates)

- georgectv (218 shifts for 109 hours of TFU updates, including a lot of overnight recaps)

- Fuskie (142 shifts for 71 hours of TFU updates - Plus Real hundreds of Time Live Show Play-By-Play TFU Updates)

- mrspippi (127 shifts for 63.5 hours of TFU updates)

- PaganMom (46 shifts for 23 hours of TFU updates)

- ERDude (44 shifts for 22 hours of TFU updates)

- Chance (41 shifts for 20.5 hours of TFU updates)

- Iris (14 shifts for 7 hours of TFU updates)

- OneCase69 (4 shifts for 2 hours of TFU updates)

Personal circumstances (from jobs to functioning computers to understanding spouses) determined how much our TFUs could participate, but each one gave as much time and energy as they could to volunteer for Morty's TV. Whether our TFUs send out just one update or dozens of updates per shift, they all contributed to enhancing the experience of our 13,548 followers and friends. Additionally, many of our TFUs also contributed to the LFU thread on the TV Fan Forums, which helped Morty with the Big Brother Feed Summary Page.

Additionally, laladoopiedu (Samantha on Facebook) put in endless hours managing the Morty's TV group on Facebook, starting conversations, posting polls, and making sure that the group maintained the same family friendly standards as the TV Fan Forums & Chat, Twitter and Facebook services. During the period of July 7th to September 14th, there were 619 join requests and 11,284 posts and comments. A special Thanks to Samantha for her relentless energy and enthusiasm with the Morty's TV group on Facebook.

On our main Morty Port Facebook page, we received 558 friend requests to become Morty's friend on Facebook. Those friends posted 3,985 comments to Morty Port's wall and TFU status updates. Unfortunately we don't have a tool to count Facebook likes, but I can tell you our friends and group members liked us and each other a lot. Plus, many Big Brother fans became friends (both literally and on Facebook) of each other through their interaction on our pages.

On Twitter, we had a net of 5,788 new followers during Big Brother, who replied to our tweets 545 times and re-tweeted us 29 times. Actually, I think the statistical tool that I used under-counted the actual replies and re-tweets. I have no idea how many friend and follower comments we re-tweeted as well. Plus, a number of the former HG have been spotted following @mortystv so that's cool. Maybe next season we'll get a shout out. Also, we sent out 15 polls during the season and received 3,320 responses for an average of 221 responses per poll. Thanks to everyone who participated in our polls!

Finally, we set out 9,655 TFU updates in July, 6,367 TFU updates in August and 3,377 TFU updates during the month of September. Here are some other TFU update breakdowns:

Aggregate Daily TFU Updates:

Sunday - 2,414 Updates

Monday - 2,262 Updates

Tuesday - 2,475 updates

Wednesday - 3,364 updates

Thursday - 3,345 updates

Friday - 2,927 updates

Sunday - 2,612 updates

Aggregate Hourly TFU Updates:

12:00am - 1,539

1:00am - 1,450

2:00am - 1,278

3:00am - 633

4:00am - 285

5:00am - 197

6:00am - 34

7:00am - 17

8:00am - 4

9:00am - 62

10:00am - 267

11:00am - 412

12:00pm - 865

1:00pm - 907

2:00pm - 1,035

3:00pm - 918

4:00pm - 906

5:00pm - 1,105

6:00pm - 964

7:00pm - 827

8:00pm - 1,127

9:00pm - 1,648

10:00pm - 1,673

11:00pm - 1,246

And the fun continues. We are currently updating Survivor, The Amazing Race, Sing-Off, X-Factor, Dancing With The Stars, and will be bringing more Reality TV to the Morty's Masses in the "off-season".


Who cannot adequately express his appreciation to all who have supported Morty's TV on Social Media, both as volunteers and consumers of our efforts...

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