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Millionaire Matchmaker


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I don't watch this show often but, the other day I was flipping through channels and caught a glimpse of one of the guys that Patty was "matchmaking"... he looked sooo familiar but, even by the end of the show I couldn't place him. ugh

Last night driving home from shopping and it hit me... BB6. Wasn't there a guy named Michael that Janelle was into at the beginning of her season? I think he was Kaysar's partner?

Anyway, did anyone else see this and am I right about it being the same guy? I think the clue that put it together for me was at the end they do a post date follow-up and tell us if the couple are still together or not. The last line was something like Micheal's and his date went out one more time and haven't seen each other since... she thinks he's a bit "off"! :animated_rotfl:

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