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9/11 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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20:21 BBT We are back. Rach bandaging Por up

Both A/P banged up from comp

R: That was harder then the endurance comp P: It was supposed to be

A: There was no paid until you got out A:I only hoped you had them wrong and had to fix them I couldnt hold my breathe that long

A; Adam referring to HOH order

20:25 BBT Sounds like they had to place names in order - under water

Confirmed Por has won PT 2

A: Who wants to take me to F2?

20:30 BBT Adam taking losing very hard - Rachel/Por decide to make sangria

P says that they shouldnt talk game - just enjoy the evening

20:34 BBT A/P hit go when they were ready. Adam said that he took just over 5 min. The walk through took awhile

Por says that there was a lifeguard in case

20:44 BBT Rachel boiling her hairbrush in a pot to release the hair product. P:If Kal was here sher would kill you

20:45 BBT R: Speaking of Kal - she prob wouldnt be able to do it. A:Jeff would have been awesome at that

Adam says that he got blood all over the button Por: Me too

20:58 BBT HG going over who they think would be invited back for All Stars

21:02 BBT The nightly card game has commenced

21:25 BBT Adam is in DR - Rach said she wanted to cheer when Por won P:one of us 500K and one of 50K

R/P are jumping up and down and cheering

Por/Rach agree that the winner takes the loser to Mexico plus 1

Por says the comp was a maze

21:38 BBT Por says she doesnt feel bad for Adam - he has an awesome summer and should be invited back All Stars

P/R still celebrating. Says that they had a long alliance in the house. Por felt pressure as they had made a deal

21:51 BBT P/R going over everything Adam got this year. They both say Adam earned his way into F3

21:58 BBT Adam bandages himself up and back to cards

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23:05 BBT HG talking about the PT comp... seemslike they had to get in and out of the water. Rach says she would have liked to try it

Adam/Pors describing the plexiglass used in pt2 HOH, BB said be careful it 'could' break. BB:not allowed to talk about production

23:12 BBT Just general chit chat about the HOH room and who may come to the finale for them

23:17 BBT P: Do you think Jeff and Jor really hate me for getting them out of the game? Jeff doesnt like Rachel

23:26 BBT card game going on in BY

23:33 BBT Just more rehashing from the season - what they thought - their fav moment etc

23:39 BBT Por says that she will just die if a certain person shows up at the finale. Doesn't say who it is.

23:48 BBT Card game conitues

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11:11am hg are up now adam in by folding towels rach and por in wca brishing teeth and washing faces

11:16am rach telling por she wants to workout today por says i am thinking of going back to bed its to cold to lay out this morning rach says yeah por says we have to do our feet our nails and get ready for wednesday

11:17am rach says we have to do my hair tuesday por says dye it rach says yeah por says maybe trim our hair por says well i dunno about trimming i want to wear my exstentions wednesday

11:18am adam talking about cooking bacon por says mapel bacon adam says we can have a bacon cook off por says yeahhhhh rach says she is having a shake for breakfast and lunch today and a healthy dinner she says why do women always have to be on a diet

11:21am por getting all the tye dye stuff together to wash all at one time in the washer rach making shaked for herself and por asked por which milk she wants por says skim milk rach says yeah the silk milk is the fake milk por says yeah i want skim milk

11:24am adam said they said advil and ice for now if that doesnt work come back and por ask if dr h was coming rach says or dr tammy and we get wbrb

11:32am por and rach washing out the tye dye clothes with the water hose in by before they wash then in the washer rach says most of the color is coming off adam comes out and says why you doing that por says we have to rinse till it runs clear before you wash it in the washer in hot water

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11:40am rach telling adam and por that if they want her cow suit they can have it por says why take it home its the first hoh win you had rach says here is the deal if i take it then i have to find a place to put it and bren and i have a small place

11:46am por walking through the house looking for her shades adam says what happened por says i cant see with the white shirts and white bags out there everything is not in tune adam still cooking bacon rach still rinsing tye dye clothes

11:48am rach ask adam if he is excited about seeing farra in 3 days adam says you dont even know after that dream lastnight rach says i cant wait to see bren so i can jump on him and hug him

11:54am adam and rach talking about the final 2 and who would have whos vote adam says just remember i never nominated you but por did nominate you rach says i know you didnt nominate me and i have been the biggest target this whole game

11:59am adam goes in the kt to get bacon out of over he yells holey crap sorry bb rach comes in and says oh my gosh what happened adam says it looks like we will have a little burnt bacon today rach says we knew it would happen one day bb adam says sorry bb por walks in says it smells like burnt bacon in here rach says look at the smoke

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12:01pm adam says por if you like crispy bacon this is the ones to eat he takes a bite and says its still good por gets a bite and said crispy adam says i can deal with it por says thats really burnt and i like burnt bacon

12:10pm por going to dye her house shoes she is mixing her colors now she wants them black and blue adam talking about football season should have started now por says when i get home the first weekend i am watching football if there is football

12:21pm rach asking por if adam has said anything to her por says yeah some he said he was gonna go down without a little fight rach says well no and he shouldnt go out without a fight

12:26pm por and rach doing tye dye shirts now they want to make one for the super fan that attends the backyard interviews rach says she knows what she is doing if she wins part 3 she says adam told me he would take me if he won por says he has alot of campagne left in him

12:30pm por and rach saying they have to workout for the next 3 days and go over what questions might be from jury por says like hard core adam is in dr

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12:41pm adam now out of dr with bandages for his injuries he got yesterday in the part 2 hoh comp rach and por mixing more tye dye colors por yells adam come out here in the by when your done adam says i will

12:50pm hg doing tye dye in by adam trying to put horns on his shirt adam says i hate to be a loser ya know but will you pit bb13 and adam on mine rach says you casn do it come on adam says how you get it so thin rach says just dont sqeeeze the bottle

1:14pm hg still doing tye dye general cha

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Rachel tells Adam to take one for the Team. He says they gave him alot already. He got Tori Spelling, a fun Bday. Says he will request a movie if she takes him to F2. Rachel tells Porsche that they love her, she should request a movie, or music.

Porsche sunning, Rachel on elliptical, Adam eating pizza and melon. They plan a 4:00 BBQ. Playing Disney 20 questions.


Girls talk about watching a movie, Adam says that feeds would have to be off and they wont do that. Porsche says no body is watching anyway...(what am I? chopped liver?)

Adam says no offense to us but if you want to watch a movie go to jury house. Movie 20 questions now.


Adam says he wasnt Chris Farley fat but he was close. Rach says now he looks good.

Adam: when I get out, quit smoking, keep working out. When I come back for All Stars will kick butt.

Adam taking tye dye shirts out of dryer, saying they look cool. His can be Fara sleep shirt.

Porsche had a dream lastnight-she was laying naked on the WCA floor naked. OH NO all her showering in her bathing suit was for nothing

Adam washing all his good clothes. Going to wear clothes he doesnt care if they are dirty till the end.


Adam and Por keep finding new cuts, mostly on their fingers. Adam reminds Por to flip, she says she needs more tan on this side.

Porsche says they should do a base coat tan on Adam, he looks so milky. Adam says he was made to be milky. He lets a girl choose what to do with her body he should have the right to do what he wants with his body.

Porsche has Rachel spray her back, its too close to the end to have Adam doing it...doesnt want Fara coming after her.

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Adam: Sunday Sept 11, 2011. Por: tonight at 9/11 they will do a moment of silence. Adam says cheers to everyone one affected by it. He names off buildings and places.

Adam: 10 years ago I stepped off a bus, looked back and saw the Trade Centers on fire. For days you could see it burning. He had a friend that had to run twice, frist from the tower then onto a ferry.

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Adam names all the characters he has been this summer. Then they go thru all the alliance names they had.

Adam says of all the cast he will talk to Kal the least. If anyone else comes to NY look him up, call him.

Coming in Adam felt he had to get to know everyone. Porsche felt she was put there to flirt with people but there wasnt any one to flirt with.

Porsche talks about a cheerleader type with really short shorts sucking on sucker. Adam agrees the shorts were really really short. They continue to talk auditions. Rachel told Brendon he wasnt flirting with anyone. Brendon told her if anyone flirted with her he would kick their butts.


Adam wants to feel Fara in his arms, her breasts against his chest, her lips against his lips. Porsche says she will not jump into her BF arms, she will keep that for when they are alone. Rachel says how about I just jump into his arms not onto him. She tells Porsche to remind her later to keep it toned down.

Rachel says she is from NC went to West Carolina, lives in Vegas. Well now she lives in LA.

Adam says Rachel has enough fans that they made a website for her and Brendon.

Rachel: Thank You Fans.

Rachel: I should go take a shower I am gross.

Adam: its going to take more then a shower to make you not gross....Zing They repeat what the Zingbot said.


Rachel says all her stuff on her bathing suit blended together. There is a helicopter flying over, Adam and Rachel wave at it.


Porsche and Adam talk jury votes. Porsche says its the end of the show, you should vote for who did a good job, not for your friends.

Adam making marinade for chicken. Rachel finishes her shower, puts on the bathing suit Kalia gave her. Porsche checks out her tan lines.


Por wonders if they would give a good razor. Rach says she shaved like a 12 yr old, she's bleeding all over.

Porsche going to make macaroni salad, says she hasnt cooked in a while. Adam says she's off the golden key now she can do it again.

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3:51pm adam cooking on grill in by rach making salad por cooking at stove no talking going on

4:07pm rach has potatoe salad made por says its good but needs to go in freezer to cool off some rach says should we put bacon bits in it por says yeah thats good rach says what if adam doesnt like it por says he will

4:17pm rach says the weirdest thing in the by on finale night is everyone wants to talk to you and you have 3 minutes with each interview and then you wait to get the nexdt one

4:24pm hg all fix a plate and go to by to eat they have beer and toast to final three

4:34pm rach says in 3 days they get to see all their family and friends isnt that amazing por says thats amazing adam says it will take me a month to see all my family and friends i am popular por says oh adam and laughs

4:38pm hg done eating por and rach playing cards in by adam putting food away and cleaning up in kt

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Just card playing and gen chit chat - no game talk


P/R at hot tub...Adam folding clothes


HG lying over BY sofas. Going over A trivia nights at home


We have moved on to 90210 trivia.


The HG have fallen asleep in the BY..you can hear some light snoring


most excitement of the last 20 minutes.....Adam just snorted himself awake...rubbed face and right back to sleep


Adam awake, folding laundry and smoking. Girls still napping.

Adam does some touch up on his tye dye shirt.

Adam finishes his touch ups and lays down in the hammock. Rach wakes up but doesnt get up.


Girls awake, they rinse off their blob shirts as they call them. They take them inside. Rach needs new contacts she cant see.


Por lays back down outside, Rach picks her things up outside, Adam doing dishes. Rach helps Adam clean up.

Rach say at least they dont have cockroaches. At the end of her season...errr..Season 12 (they got onto her for saying her season as she is here this season too) they had cockroaches.

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19:00 BBT Por still resting on BY couch - Adam goes out for a smoke. Rach in WC and washes hands and heads for the shower to change clothes

Rach is working out - A is enjoying his last week of vacation

19:09 BBT Rachel and the girls are lifting weights - POr says its to nice out to doing anything but snooze

19:13 BBT P: I have already decided I will nap on the couch in the LR tomorrow - I have always wanted to that. A; what a stressful life

Rachel continues to work out. P/A work out behind their eyelids

Big moment! Adam sits up and Por stretches

19:27 BBT Adam throwing a little pity party for 1. Saying America hates him

Gen chit chat about what the BB prod people do when BB not on. HT now working

A;Im hungry again P: Sleep more - you cant eat when you are sleeping. A; that's true

P:I am telling my body to get up and shower but my body says cold air/warm blanket (it's 73 at the BB house)

19:36 BBT A: In hammock - saying out loud - I have the perfect plan - if they both want to win - they have to take me

One will win 500K but I will decide who and I will dangle that over their f'in heads

A: I can finallyplay the role of manipulator - I am the deciding vote or I convince the jury why they should vote for them not me

A:I want 500K bad but 50K will take of what I need in my immediate future. Adam going over what R/P want with 500K

A:If you take me - I will convince the jury to vote for them for the 500K - in the BGBR P/R decide what to wear for BBAD

A:I can't tell them this until finale day when I can get into their heads and not give them enough time to think it through

Dani/Kal/Shel/Por will not vote for Rach. J/J/B will not vote for Por - I can tell the jury not to vote for me. Whoever kicks me outside the door will make a 450K mistake

A: If you think Im bluffing - just try me. Just dangle the 450K over their heads

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8:10pm adam and rach in by adam in hammock and rach sitting near hammock saying how many fans tori spelling has and rach says and you met her adam por in wca brushing teeth

8:23pm rach in kt putting away dishes por comes in asking if adam is still in dr rach says yes por says the couches look so comfy if there was a movie playing they would be awesome as she walks back to wca to blow dry her hair

8:47pm adam asking rach how much hot sauce she put in the dip rach says one drop adam taste it and says whoa rach asking if there is to much he says no not for me rach says to much for por huh

8:55pm rach and adam eating adam saying the dip is hot hot rach shows him how much she put in last time he says should still be good he keeps taking deep breaths from his mouth being hot now

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