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9/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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yawn... 10:20 ish BB Time

All three playing cards.

It was very quiet for awhile - but, they've gotten their 2nd wind.

Porsche sitting with an off the shoulder / long dress knowing she's getting camera time on the Feeds.

Rachel chiming in every once in awhile (inserting her 'accent' every now and then)

Adam being Adam.

Someone leaves a ... 'stinker' and they laugh and blame each other.

Rach gets up and gets a spray can to try and cover the ummm odor.

Reads the label. "To improve the air in your personal space"... or something to

that effect.

They are all being very nice to each other (of course).

Time ticks on for viewers of the LIVE FEEDS and for them.

They've switched to the "Big Booty" game.

Now Porsche is trying to do the 'accent'.

It's going to be a long nite.

(I'm out... nite all)

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Between hands of cards, F3 debate which newbies would be invited back to all-stars, and debate who Shelly really is.

in game conversation, Porsche defends Kalia playing 'her own game', Adam doesn't buy it, Dani taught Kalia what to say and how to play

Porsche now argues against Kalia having good game, why evict Lawon?(she's hurt Rachel and Adam said Kalia may be invited to allstars, not Porsche)


Rachel shares when Cassi told her:"I was rooting for you, but now I see why everyone hated you in your season"


tapping of cards on table turns into an impromptu drum circle (not sure if I'm impressed or annoyed by the sounds)Convo turns to HG farts. more walks down memory lane as they play mouth trumpet that Jordan taught them

Still card playing...


HG in WCA washing up

HG joking about the jury house - says that Shel is at Julie's house cleaning


HG talking about how they felt when they found the newbies or vets in the house


as expected, after a great F3 BB catered surf/turf dinner followed but a game of cards, all 3 HGs are sleeping

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11:22 am BBT

Rach was in Bathroom area... then joined Adam and Porsche in kitchen

They'd been studying the wall.

Seem to be eating different types of breakfast type food.

All then mill around the kitchen straightening up a little and doing

a few dishes.

Adam says 'I'm sure they know we're not having company'.

Rach asks 'Don't you make you bed at home?'

Porsche hmms and haws about whether she does or not.

Porsche out of room.

Rach still at sink

Adam at counter playing Solitare?

Rach now at stove cooking eggs - asks Adam if he wants some.

Adam says no

Rach asks he he's thought about who he would take if he wins.

He says "YES. are you trying to get some info out of me?" and laughs.

Adam gets called to Diary Room just as Porsch comes into room.

Por asks what were they talking about.

Rach tries to give an overall watered down idea of the little bit that was said.

Now girls are talking about what type Comp they might have.

(saying same stuff they've talked over before... but, nothing else to do)

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Adam has been playing cards at the counter for a little bit.

Rachel reading Bible, Porsche and Adam talking in KT. She is studying memory wall, he is playing solitaire.

Porsche goes to CBR tells Rachel she hates today. Rachel says she will do fine.

(Adam to himself: Mommy wheres fluffy?)

Porsche: I have to win I have faith in myself, in my skill and in you, you know people.

Rachel: if Adam wins we should study what people would say.

Porsche: even if he doesnt, we dont want to look dumb.

Rachel and Porsche question when Over the Moon comp was. Rach thinks day 5, Por says it was after midnight, not sure if its 4 or 5.

Rach tells her she seems to know everything.

Porsche: yeah but you know how Adams knows everything. They both have Bibles, Porsche flipping thru hers sayings days and comps.


They talk about how the comps are anyone's game. Porsche hopes its something totally new and different. Rachel says she had marks on her arms from the Mixer challenge. She describes how she stood. Porsche says she doesnt do good with spinning things. They cant believe they stayed on for 20 min longer then Adam did


Por says she will be dancing with Ellen Degeneres if she wins this. Girls reading quietly. Adam still playing solitaire.


Porsche asks Rachel if she has any idea what comp could be. Rachel says she has been thinking but has no idea. There is a good chance it could be faces or HOH/POV winners match up. It could be a puzzle, in Dick and Dani season they had to swim underwater and build a puzzle. Adam comes in, says he doesnt care, just wants to get it over with.


Rachel and Porsche reading Bibles, Adam hugging his bacon pillow and his clown.

Adam: Yes he is a 40 yr old man hugging bacon & a clown.


Porsche asks if she really won that POV comp. Rachel says no she gave it to her, she wanted to sweat it out about staying. Adam says ever comp he lost was cuz he sucked at it.

Rachel leaves CBR. Adam says he is nervous, If he doesnt win he is done. Porsche says If she doesnt win she is done. Adam: If he doesnt keep her he loses her and Bren vote. Rach comes back in asking if they are talking about her, they say talking about their demise.


They talk about how American coffee makes you poop but Columbia doesnt. Rachel and Porsche wonder why it takes guys so long to use the bathroom. Adam says its good alone time.

Por asks if she really won that POV comp. Rach says no she gave it to her, she wanted to sweat it out about staying. Adam says ever comp he lost was cuz he sucked at it.


They guess comp will be late afternoon, between 4 and 6. They wonder if getting wet would have made the dummy comp harder.


Porsche asks them what day Tori came in the house? What day did this or that happen? Adam says why is he telling her answers? She says cuz he doesnt think it has anything to do with the comp.

1:02 BBT

Adam:: how weird will it be to sit in his chair in front of the TV with the lap top open. Por: we are about to go back to reality

Rachel: first thing I will do is turn my phone back on.

Adam: my phone box, text box will be full.

Rach says its funny when you people text you when your on the show.


Porsche has had a cramp in her leg since 4:45 am. Adam says if he wasnt competing against her he would massage her leg but he wants her to be in pain. They talk about the Burn book. How Cassi said things about Rachel and Porsche.

Adam says he didnt mean it, but if its running he will push her down. They are all joking around. Posche will go out to see Julie on crutches.

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They talk about how Lawon messed up the comp he hosted. Thats when they knew he wasnt in communication.

They go over Jordans speech before she left. Also talk about Dani speech. Racel didnt understand what Dani purpose was for saying what she did. Adam says at that time there were lots of people left.

Adam wonders when late afternoon/early evening is. They've been told comp will be late afternoon.

Rachel leaves to get cards. Adam says this sucks, he had to forget about her (Porsche) as a friend and think of her as a competitor. Adam says if he had won Part 1 he would have been walking around like his shit didnt stink and Rach isnt. Rachel says she is stressed out.


General chat, muscles cramps, massages, solitaire.

Adam cant believe that Kal tried the last ditch effort by showing him the black queen chess piece. Por knew about it. Rach says Shell wouldnt give her dog back.

Adam: we have the whole house, why are we hanging out in this room? Because its the best room in the house.


Porsche heats up her hot pack in the microwave. Rachel asks Adam what he thinks comp will be, they're still building. Adam thinks puzzle.

They all think Jordan is happy to be in JH with Jeff. Think that Dani was BFF with Shelly but now that Kalia is there she has changed.

Porsche says it sounded like a really loud airplane in the BY. Rachel wants to watch it. Porsche and Adam says she wont. She will reveal winner,

Rachel says, I wont be in this epi at all. Porsche will trade places with her, will go to part 3 for her. Rach says no. Adam offers a dress he got for Fara. She says no.

Adam/Por go over how much time they have been outside since Tues...Adams says not much.


Rachel asks what comp would the redo just for fun. OTEV, the balls one. Rachel denies kicking Shelly ball on purpose.


They rehash the comp they had to drink the food comboes. How Jor felt she let her team down. How they told Shell what to say but she didnt want to get into trouble so didnt say it.

(I'm out, someone elses turn)

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2:03pm adam saying who was final 3 that year i think it was adam ryan and rach says shiela adam says yeah shiela and adam won adam telling por that they all had different partners and ryan and jen was bf gf but ryan was teamed with allison and jen was with parker

2:05pm adam said he told jot to tell people untill your in the bb house and you walk a mile in my shoes you have no right to judge me when she was upset rach says i was looking out for jordan that day and stopped her from saying something she would regret adam says yeah they was very uncomfortable when shelly came in yelling

2:08pm adam sais i wanted that first hoh so bad cuz you can make a mistake and get away with it and it was the longest hoh

2:11pm por talking about the puzzle veto with kieth and how keith was telling her where to put the puzzle pieces and she says dude i didnt even hear what keith was saying rach said i knew bren and i was going to win that one like the ant one we won adam says any comp rach plays with bren she is gonna win it rach says yeah to prove something to america

2:17pm adam says he is starting to get hungry again rach says and rach is out of her mind por says i am waiting for the music again rach says i wanna workout tonight you think they will have that down for tonight adam says maybe por says tonight or tomorrow

2:19pm adam and rach playing cards on rach's bed por in her bed resting with a shirt over her eyes to block the light

2:26pm rach saying one day when bren works a few years we will have a family and we will get something really nice adam says yeah its gonna take him 9 years to get his phd rach laughs and says yeah right

2:28pm rach says yeah if i lose this ring bren will get mad and say rachel she says i need to get it sized adam says did you lose weight after you got it she says no it was big when i got it i dont rem,ember the story i thought it was a 5 and i think its a 6 i think thats the smallest size there was

2:31pm rach and adam playing war rach asked did you ever play war in the casino he says yeah i would win on that rach says i never win on that rach says did you already get fara a ring he says no she wrote her size down and said when i was ready i wouldnt have to ask her what size to get and it was suposed to me between us but she told other people

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2:37pm por ask adam do you think late afternoon is like 4 adam says yeah like 4 or 5

2:40pm rach says since i dont have anymore physical challenges i can do this now por says what rach says put on my fake nails por says thats cool those are awesome por asked do you have 2 sets rach says i dont know there is alot in here so maybe adam ask to see the box he is now reading the instructions word for word on how to apply nails

2:46pm por telling adam she has a funny zing for herself but she wont tell anyone till after finale she says well maybe it isnt funny but i thought it was funny adam says they will call us to the by and we will have to roll the ball 300 times and get snake eyes por says thats dumb adam says ok we have to get it to the end 300 times por says i will do it with you adam says you wont be able to keep up rach walks in and adam tells her what they was saying about the challenge

2:56pm hg laying in their beds talking about tori spelling and (adam giggling in his funny little voive ) they then talk about the show 90210 and what has happened on there por says i am gonna end up getting out of here and buying the whole series of 90210

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3:03pm adam and rach going over what events happened on what days in the house all summer por says ahhhh your making me nervouse please stop por says day 71 adam says adam and por square off int he back yard to see who wins part 2

3:13pm por telling about buying crab legs att he market and getting them to steam them for her and taking them home and eating them rach says yeah bren and i love crab legs too but bren eats alot of food so we have to buy like 4 pounds to feed him por says she gets them for 8.99 a pound rach says where she goes they are 11.99 a pound they are exspensive

3:14pm por and rach telling adam they go to wholesale foods and gets salads but they are exspensive por says the sandwiches there are good too but they cost alot

3:22pm adam and por now in kt por eating a banana adam eating, por says go shower adam ... adam keeps looking at memory wall rach getting dressed and looking in the mirror adam says maybe it will be aboit a bicycle por says maybe we will ride a bicycle

3:29pm por and rach stretching in kt area going over hoh order and eviction order

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3:40pm por lacing her shoes getting ready for the comp soon adam took a shower got dressed now running in the kt adam says alright lets do this rach in wca pulling her hair up por says i am nervous are you adam says not at all this is the last hope if i dont win i am done por says aaahhhh i hate this game adam says i love this game i dont like this feeling he says i cant fight this feeling anymore

3:42pm por says it sounds like they are having a party adam , adam says we want a party to please por says i need a shower but i dont feel like it

3:55pm adam gets out the sandwich turkey and gets a couple slices to eat tells por he just needs a little something por gets a slice says she cant wait to make a sandwich with that with klettuce and italian dressing when they come back in from outside adam says we can fix chicken and steak on the grill tonight por says and swim and hottub time too rach comes out of wca dressed adam says thats the style por says that is no longer a dress adam says that was a dress rach says yeah i think my butt got bigger so now it isnt a dress

3:57pm por says lets go adam says ok its 4 oclock isnt this mid afternoon rach says you want a beer adam says yes then tells rach if you want to make yourself one of those lean pockets and let me have i bite i will be happy rach says you want to split it he saus yeah i dont want the whole thing i have to compete rach says ok lets do it she gets it and puts it in microwave

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They are all at the KT counter talking about what if someone else would have won comps, things would be diff. Could Kal have won Part 1? Probably not, she had more mass, it would have been harder for her.

Rach says when your F3, you should never play the what if game.

Adam: Come on Michael play some music! WBRB...back They joke around, light hearted banter.



Adam making a Hot Pocket. Rach doesnt want one. Por taking an Advil. Rach is nervous. Por/Adam ask why SHE is nervous. Rach: one of you will be competing with me on Thursday. And one of us will be in the nom chair.

They compare chins on the memory wall. Adam says Shelly looks like she has a chin implant. She has a line under her lip.


Porsche: Name 3 things wrong about Brendon.

Rachel: some times he has bad gas. He is impatience. He's smarter then I am. that could be a bad thing for Rachel, she doesnt understand everything he says to her.

Rachel: Name 3 things wrong with Fara. Adam: she is too trusting. She's too impatient.

Rachel says everything is perfect about Cassi but her personality....Zing

Adam: she is a guys girl.

Porsche: OMGosh can we just do this!!!

Adam: go to the DR and ask.

Adam: and Fara is a bit of a perfectionist when she cooks.

They go over how many times Por hosted POV comps--3 ourt of 7. Kal hosted 2 HOH comps. Adam: its 4:30 lets do this.


Next season the HG will compare themselves to this seasons HG. They joke around about how ppl will perceive them.

Adam thinks Shelly will come back, she has unfinished business. She hasnt won any comps, was not on a team or solo that won. He wonders if anyone lost as many comps as she did and stayed as long as she did.


They repeat Zingbot Zings. Rachel says Dom has all the teenybopper fans. Dom is the heartthrob. The young guys all go for Porsche.

All the Justin Beiber fans love Dom. Rachel says Hayden had the Beiber look. Adam says he wore his Justin Beiber shirt to aud...WBRB

Adam deals cards for 21. They are ready for Vegas!! They pull the M & M's out for betting. Going thru the deck.

Rachel owes the house 1 M & M, she takes out a 10,000 M & M marker. She is back in the game.

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21 game continues. Lots of easy chatter. Adam puts some into his tip jar. Adam asks where the music is. Por says this is less stressful then what they are supposed to do.

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5:09pm rach asking if adam has a patch on he says no it isnt the nicotine i crave its the habbit por says why didnt you get an electric ciggarett adam says believe me when i get out of here i am getting one

5:20pm hg still playing 21 rach eating and talking about casinos and some being dry and she waitressed there adam said you mean like sodas she said yeah sodas water and coffee

5:30pm adam yelling play some music rach says i think production is having a party then they are setting up

5:35pm adam looking at pasta in the cabinets calling out the different kinds they have por says sit them out to go with the chicken tonight rach asked if anyone wants cold mugs for their beer later they say yes rach wants to have her beer in the pool later por says if we get to see the pool again adam says we have all day sunday monday and tuesday with nothing to do

5:36pm rach says sunday and monday cuz you havent seen how they set the by up for press day the last day here they do it all they all go back to playing 21 now

5:37pm we have trivia maybe starting part 2 of the hoh comp now

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