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9/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:45 pm BB Time

Rach, Porsche and Adam at kitchen table playing cards

Rach pretending to be a 'dealer' in Vegas.

They've been given alcohol so Rach is happy and is very talkative as the dealer.

Trying to do some accent as it goes on.

oops Adam has left the table?

A little bit of game talk between the 2 gals now.

Who might vote for who, etc.

Porsche pushing for if she went to F2 she'd be content with 2nd place.

Trying to lay groundwork for Rach to take her to F2 if Rach wins and gets to chose who goes to F2

Still no Adam in kitchen

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9:00pm por adam and rach making grilled cheeses and soups just general talk going on about where they live

9:04pm adam goes to dr girls still cooking

9:07pm rach saus seriously though guys can you believe we are the final 3 its amazing adam says awesome awesome rach says this is what we dream about and talk abouit final 3

9:09pm adam telling the girls we have the fans rooting for the favorites and fans rooting for the newbies so there is an even ratio dinner is ready they are fixen to sit down to eat now

9:12pm they all sit down to eat rach says the final 3 cheerrs to that adam says cheers to that rach says final 3 bitches

9:27pm por and rach says we got rid of our maid and dont play with the toilet seat and leave it up we will know it was you talking to adam por says we have know it was you for awhile now

9:47pm por and rach talking about por being stronger than adam and she can beat him por talking about whicj jury votes she would have against adam rach says yeah you will have dani too por says i will have dani kal and shelly and you would have jor jeff and bren adam will be the vote to get and who knows rach says if you went with adam he would probably beat you

9:48pm rach saying adam has played in every comp por counting on fingers jury votes

9:52pm rach telling por if its me and you then adam has the swing vote

9:56pm por says basically what we are saying is that its pretty even rach says yeah and we dont know what is being said in jury she says people dont vote people they like the best the vote personal rach saying if jor was here she would have beat you in final 2 and if adam and jor jor would win por says jor would have beat us all lets be serious thats why she isnt here

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10:01pm por talking to rach about the morph comp if they might do that rach says they do it every year so maybe por making fun of the hg smiles on memory wall she sasy the only perfect smiles are cassie and bren

10:03pm rach going over memory wall and everyones mouth and nose with por

10:17pm por and rach at kt playing cards no talking going on adam in dr

10:18pm por says i cant believe we are in the final 3 rach says i know who would of thunk it por says we work at night cocktail waitresses we work in vegas

10:23pm rach says she wants to know what doms secret is she says she doesnt really care its just he has a secret and she wants to know por says what is this secret that dom has we want to know the secret

10:25pm rach says we should so play it off to the jury that we played you all all summer and they we are geniuses and they laugh

10:36pm por saying jeff didnt want her working with him till after the shelly blow up and he was telling kali that they would talk later rach says jeff was always mean to me he always yelled at me por says yeah cuz you was a stonger person he needed you rach says i only stayed with jeff cuz bren told me to and jeff tried to get greedy and it screwed him over

10:37pm por saying rach you wasnt the target till after we put up lawon then when law went up they was switching it and i told em if you wanted her out you shouldnt have put law up

10:39pm adam comes out of dr says he hellos and i love yous to farra he says final 3 baby sorry i couldnt beat the warrior over there rach says why you call me the warrior he says cuz uoi are the warrior

10:41pm por called to dr adam and rach playing cards and eating a snack rach beating on table then adam beats on table

10:44pm adam says they told him less than a week left rach says next thursday adam says or wednesday or tuesday rach says it cant be tuesday its to fast they have to do alot before finale adam says we have 3 episodes left right por says yeah rach says they show part one on finale night por says no rach says they show it on a seperate show por says yeah

10:53pm por says are you guys ready for a sleepover in the bbr adam says deffinatly they all play cards not alot of talking goijng on mostly card talk

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It is now 11:51PM BBT, and Rachel is in DR, Porche and Adam are playing cards still, they have gone over a few different scenarios on who would get whos vote in the Final 2.

Adam makes a joke that they should start a fight with Rachel so that, she hits one of them and gets self-evicted.

Porche makes a comment about how Adam should take her, and Adam goes over his redundant speech, that he has won as many competitions as Rachel so if Brendon doesn't vote for him, then Brendon is a hypocrite. (I don 't know how this guy can call every group win a win in his columns for competitions??)

(He never HAD to fight to stay, like Rachel did, he didn't start winning anything until Jeff was evicted, and he floated back and forth the whole season, sorry, I don't see him as the competitor as Rachel is.... just saying.)

They continue to play cards in silence, then talk about the competition tonight and how long they were up there, 22 minutes for Adam.

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23:00 BBT Adam says they didnt tell him when PT 2 will be

23:15 BBT A/R rehashing past comps and what HG did

23:33 BBT A/P talking about the comp - R was in the zone. They are playing cards

23:46 BBT Adam says he last 22 min in Com and the whole thing was about 45. Por says she didnt come down until the last min. Says Rach only stayed a min more. Says Rach wouldnt come down til they told her she won

23:57 BBT Rachel still in DR - P/A playing cards

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11:58pm, BBT

Adam asks big brother to make the next competition on Saturday instead of tomorrow, he feels they deserve a day of rest (Wuss) and complains about his back. He complains that they have done so much in the last couple of days, that they need to delay the next comp.

They both think the next one will be the picture mash-up and Porsche says she will be spending the night looking at pictures again. Adam, me too.

Porsche is cheating at cards with Adam, doesn't like to lose this girl. :)

The topic comes up again, about who will win in F2 with whose votes, Porsche makes comment that maybe evicting Jordan tonight was a bad move that people in Jury would get mad at her.

Porsche really trying to get Adam to make a deal to take each other to the F2, for some reason, they don't think Rachel will win. Adam is worried about Dani's vote. Adam is still trying to get her to understand, that he wants to win against the best, that is making Porsche feel like he won't take her.

Now they are talking about America's favorite, and Porsche thinks it might be Kalia or Shelley, Adam doesn't agree. (What they don't realize that it isn't only the players in jury that are eligible.)

(My guess is, that after tonight and everything she said, Jordan will get it.... just guessing.)

Now Adam is trying to get Porsche to understand why he put her up in last HOH, I think he wants her jury vote. (For some reason, I think both of these newbies are thinking of taking Rachel to F2, cause they don't think that Rachel would have the votes to beat them.)

Porsche, tells him "it really didnt' matter to me". Then Adam tells about Jordan's reaction to when he told her she was going up on the block. Porsche's reaction to this is a snide comment "what a funny little person she is, does she think she is a planner"??

Then Porsche says she would have won that veto comp, anyway she didn't need to be pepped up, that she is good at things like that.

Adam going on about sticking to his word, being a good competitor and blah, blah, blah...

Rachel is out of DR, they start talking about hoping the next part of the comp is not tomorrow but Saturday.

They start re-hashing tonight's comp, and Porsche comments on how awful she looked standing up there, and how she looked bad the last endurance comp also.

Lovely, now they are talking about throwing up in the pool of goo. And deciding it was a good thing that none of them did. Porsche mentions how every time Adam squirmed, he shook the whole contraption, and it made it worse for her.

Now they are talking about what the jurors see in the jury house, Porsche and Adam think that the jurors see the speeches that are made at eviction time, Rachel tells them no.

Adam still seems mad at Kalia and her lies and false promises.

(Well, I might as well hit the hay, nothing going to happen any more tonight except card playing and telling stories.)

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11:19am hg awake now adam in kt fixing breakfast por and rach in bbr rach getting clothes por putting a hat on asking rach if her shirt is ok for the day por heads to the kt adam says he is cutting pinapple adding it to the honeydew

11:27am adam starts yelling ohhh i love you big brother i love you your awesome bb rach says someone is happy adam says yes i can get outside now rach says i am going to start the wash now

11:35am rach says listen adam is gonna be good at these next comps lets study what the jury might say rach starts giving questios about jury members might be asked and answeing

11:52am rach and adam on by couch talking adam says between the three of us on deciding who we take i thin k its a crap shoot anyways rach says between me and por i think shell will vote for her not me rach called to dr

11:58am adam and por now on by couch talking about the talks they used to have and who was voted out and why and shell saying whatever adam does i will do adam says thats the mistake we made was trusting shelly she would come back telling information and i was like on your getting information but she never told anyone i was working with jeff and jor

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12:08pm adam telling por he liked working with jeff cuz you knew what jeff was gonna do adam says did you know that if dani had come off that week that you and dani was on the block then he was gonna put jor up por says no i didnt por says jeff would have looked like the biggest idiot in america putting his own girlfriend up and they voted her out bb comes on saying remember hg if you win the half a million dollar prize you will never have to eat peanutbutter again

12:09pm adam says but i love peanutbutter adam and por laugh then go back to talking about being on slop and past season games

12:18pm por and rach in kt getting food rach says oh god on my birthday i will be 28 years old por says adam got tori spelling for his birthday adam gets everything he wants in the house even tori spelling rach says she needs to work out today i feel like i havent worked out in a week

12:19pm rach goes to by to eat adam says so what is part 2 gonna be rach says i dont know adam says faces would be good but i dont think thats gonna be it he says i hope i win part 2 and sit back and wait till part 3

12:21pm adam says if one of you girls wins and you take me then i wont win it one of you will rach says i dont know adam you could still win it i only have one vote and thats bren jeff and jor will vote for you and you have danis vote obviously over me and you have shellys vote npo one will vote for me

12:27pm rach asking adam who he thinks the top three girls are from season 6 on adam says janelle dani and rach rach says me adam says yeah your right up there

12:33pm adam says how do you think shelly would have done in the comp lastnight rach says oh my god por says she wouldnt have lasted her back is hurt adam says oh yeah rach asked how did her back get hurt por says she flew off a treadmill and had to have back surgery

12:45pm hg talking about maybe janelle will be at finale por says maybe not adam says isnt she pregnant now por says yeah adam says my 2 favorite people being there would be cool janelle and dick but i dont know if they will be there rach says maybe

12:50pm rach saying she cant wait till football games adam says yeah season has started i think rach says she is going to a college game with jor cuz jor hasnt ever been to a football game so i am taking her to one

12:54pm hg talking about what they will buy with the winning money adam says i have to buy farra a handbag and i will buy me a car rach says what kind of car he says a camero then give some to charities and maybe get a new apartment cuz when i buy a new car i am not parking down the street por says if she wins her dad would be here and i wouldnt let him fly back i would move him here cuz he would want to be where i am

12:55pm rach says she will do her wedding and pay for brens school and she would pay off her car

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1:04pm adam comes back out from changing his clothes and says ohhh hottub i am coming por says so things have changed if my dad comes out i am moving him here with me its cheaper that way adam says your dad cant work or wont work she says cant

1:06pm adam says i dont get why women will sit around in their bikinis but wont in their underwear por says its just different rach says thats why i dont care its like wearing a bikini

1:08pm por says oh my god i get to see keith in a week rach says you can borrow my i love my hubby shirt if you want por laughs and says no thats ok a loud sqeeky noice starts and adam says thats kind of annoying and we get wbrb

1:13pm adam telling rach and por if i am working out you are working out with me he yells what the f is that fing noise and we get wbrb

1:15pm rach says i know for sure that when you get out you go do julies final show together all 3 of us then you go to the back and we get wbrb again

1:21pm rach and por saying the need to do their nails tonight por says there is no help for hers adam says hittub here i come he runs around hottub and girls yell go adam your the sexiest man in the house girls go to kt and por says your the only man in the house and they go to get the bikinis on por finds a bug and are freaking out they go tell adam there is a bug and we killed it but you have to clean it up

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20 question continue. Porsche and Rachel cant believe they are in F3, on week one they never thought they would make to it F3.

Porsche says how awesome would it be if it was her and Rachel in F2. Rachel says awesome. Rachels turn for 20 questions.

Porsche gets in the pool, Rachel sunning, Adam in the shade. 20 questions continue. General chit chat.


Porsche and Adam talk about movies and TV shows. Adam remembers he asks for more propane..yup BB refilled it. He is excited.

Adam does laundry, says the man of the house has to take care of his girls.


Rachel and Porsche in pool chatting about Southern CA. Pool is noisy cant hear them talking. Adam puts a pizza in the oven.


They must be hungry talk of pizza turns to talk of other foods.


Porsche says if she wins she will take them out for a real F3 dinner. Rachel asks if she can bring Brendon. It's now F3 plus 1 dinner. Second place has to leave the tip, 3rd place gets to eat, drink and enjoy.


Adam checks on pizza, Porsche to Rachel: if he hadnt won that OTEV she would be looking better then he does. Rachel says if she is up against Adam that means that he won hoh and took her. Porsche: you never followed anyone else, you fought by yourself.

Rachel goes over the votes for her vs Porsche. says Adam will be the swing vote. Porsche: if I win it and dont take him he will be upset, she has been saying newbie newbie newbie. Rachel: who knows. Who knows what Shelly will do. they go over votes.

Pizza's ready. Porsche and Rachel go in to get a slice. They wonder when next part of HOH will be. Rachel says she thinks its a toss up on who would win. There is no Definitely on who would win.


Adam says being called Cruddy was mean. Rachel says Jeff and Brendon are his boys and it was in fun. Rachel tells them about her and Ragan disagreements. Adam: and now you are Besties. Rachel: I maaaayy have gotten into a fight with everyone in the house last year.


Rachel tells more stories from last season. Adam says their House meeting was awkward. He and Porsche heard screaming then Jeff came in saying they needed to come out. Adam says they all should have seen it then, how Shelly avoided answering questions. Rachel says she did.

They go over who voted for whom, how votes got talked about. Rach says they wanted to freak the newbies out.


Adam tells them how he figured out it was Shelly and Kalia that voted Keith out. Tells how Dani said they needed to flip it. He thought flip the votes where Dani meant flip the house.

Adam: the house is not that big...how did so much shit go on behind our backs?!


Girls want to give Adam a spray tan. He says wait till after the Part 2 comp. Rachel says she felt bad when she said, they cant tape it...Kalia is still here.....oh and you too Porsche. Porsche: you could tell, you put your head down when you feel bad. Rachel: jeff says I donkey kick my leg when I lose a comp. Porsche: you learn mannerisms when you live with people this long.

Adam: if any one thing was changed, it probably wouldnt be us sitting here. Adam says the library room was not cursed.


Porsche: its been one long summer. Adam: 70 days, 35 work weeks (he figures every 2 days has been a work week by the hours they've been there.)

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'Attention HG you should know that the tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 stories about the ground.' they try to figure out what building...The Trump they decide. Adam says east of the Mississppi would be Sears Tower. Rachel questions why they are giving them all these random thoughts. Porsche says for fun.

Adam notices that 3 hanging mics are missing. Porsche says they probably took them down for the compatition and since they have to wear mics didnt put them back up for just them.


Porsche says she will help fold since they have been doing the washing part. Adam wishes Shell was still there, she did wash/cleaned. Rach: Yeah but I would rather do it then have Shell here. Adam: ohhhh. The Paint isnt washing out of the clothes very well. Rach: its sticky like boogers.

Porsche changes F3 dinner to Lunch on Friday at Universal Studios. They all agree. Porsche and Rachel discuss the cost of a 45 min flight to Vegas vs 4 hour drive.


WBRB BB must have told them something. Rachel says yeahhhh make up and dress up. They get a F3 dinner & SR is restocked.


Adam grabs TP from SR, hands it off to Porsche and she puts it in WC while Adam and Rachel clean the Fridge. There are 2 containers of cottage cheese. Rachel said she ate out of one. Adam combines them says we been here 70 days, any germs would have been spread by now. Rach: yeah, and its microbes.


Porsche goes into Bedroom....Rachel's bed is made, Adam's bed has blanket thrown back, Porsche's bed is unmade.

Porsche and Rachel going to work out. They will wear their hair extensions tonight, Adam will wear the Afro.

Rachel trying to decide what to wear tonight , changes into work out clothes. Adam finds a warped board by the pool table.


Porsche: we are going to be the last ones to see the BY. Her and Adam reminiscence about things in BY. Adam puts up awning.


Rachel jogging, Porsche stretching, Adam on the lounger. They talk about how people always like the F3.

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Adam: the first 13 days they evicted 1 person,..in the last 2 wks they have evicted 5 people. 'How about when' talk continues.


Adam tells how he got queasy last night, he burped, BB asked him if he swallowed any puke, he says no. Por says they asked her too. Porsche hands were numb as she started to fall, she freaked out about hitting her head and drowning. Talking what they said in DR.


Adam was afraid to throw up, didnt want the girls to hear or see it. was afraid they would do it to then. Por came down and was in pain. Rach came down and popped right up, got out of sludge. She says guess lifting wts all summer paid off.

Adam says seeing Dani in a bikini was like seeing a 12 year old boy in a bikini. Rachel says she has a great body. Adam likes an hourglass figure. Porsche says TY Adam.

Rach says dinner is at 7:00BBT, it is currently 5:30BBT.


Rachel in shower, Porsche picks out her dress. Adam makes the bed in the MBR--just in case they get more visitors.

Adam and Porsche talk about how Kalia campaign to him was exactly like Dani. Adam explains his getting rid of Dani. Porsche: Dani never liked Shelly.

Porsche notices both their beds are made and makes hers.


While in her towel Rachel reads the instructions for assembling the Zingbot Bride....Zing!! Adam starts to read the instructions for the comp he hosted and WBRB

Rachel showing Porsche the dresses she has. Porsche looking for a dress to wear. Rachel has a lucky dress, she has wore it when she won 3 HOHs


It's fancy dress, the menu includes lobster & filet mignon. Rachel realizes how short one of her fav dresses is. Rachel says Porsche has alot of cute clothes, asks her why was she in sweats all summer?!! Rach tries on one of Porsches dresses, says its soo cute.

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6:00 PM BBT

Adam laying down outside as the girls get ready.

Rach says Por has alot of cute clothes, asks her why she in sweats all summer Rach tries on one of Por dresses, says its so cute.After watching the girls decide what to wear, we've got WBRB.

6:20 PM BBT

Rachel putting in her extensions telling Porsche about her GF that was a bartender in Miami, got into trouble, moved to Vegas.Adam finished smoke, comes inside to get ready. Miami friend must not have signed release. WBRB.More getting ready and more WBRB.

6:40 PM BBT

Rachel telling Porsche that Brendon hates when she wears her extensions because he can't run his hands through her hair. Porsche also put in extensions. Both girls have 16 inch extensions.

7:00 PM BBT

Adam wearing nice jeans, a nice sweater and his fedora. A nice change from the shorts and t-shirt.The three sitting in the LR all dressed up with nowhere to go. Talking about being too nervous to eat the first night.

7:21 PM BBT

They discuss Porsche's dress being more resort casual and Rachel being more business. Adam wants steak.

HGs outside on LD. Girls folding laundry. "This is not a laundry dress." says Porsche.

7:29 PM BBT

they are now headed back in "I didn't know we were doing a slow walk around the house.."says Porsche "Me neither" says Rachel WBRB "What if finale is on Wednesday?" asks Rachel. "Maybe it's Tuesday and they show parts 1 and 2 of HOH comps on Sunday. " says Adam "But they still have to show jury questions!" says Rachel, "what will tehy say no jury questions this year too?" They have no idea the show is pre-empted on Sunday.

7:34 PM BBT

Corona, calamari and other appetizers were delivered! We get to watch them with apps and sparkling wine. Tiramisu also delivered. Their dinners were also delivered. Two surf and turfs with baked potatoes and one surf and turf for with garlic mash.

Everyone eating as they have a nice casual dinner conversation. It's not blocked, we can see and hear everything.

7:51 PM BBT

Rachel done her dinner and on her second beer. She wants to get crunk tonight.After dinner chatter. Rachel cleaning the table off.It's time for dessert. "They can have their music, they can have their movies, would you rather be un the jury house or be in the final 3?" asks Ada "Whooooooo!!!" They all cheers

8:20 PM BBT

"To Gaboning it!" they cheers to a saying Evel Dick made up about the newbies not going upstairs to talk to the vets at the beginning.

Rachel and Porsche reliving their "Wine Alliance" good times. Rachel asked Adam fro one of his Heineken.

"I did what I had to do because Jeff didn't like me, Jordan either." Porsche says. "Sorry Jordan, there is more than one cute girl this year." "That's not a zing that's a diss!" Adam says "Oh Jordan. I love Jordan." says Rachel "Well. Even though we didn't know anything about each other..." says Porsche "Don't be upset, not everyone has to be best friends." Says Rachel.

8:40 PM BBT

I like you but I want you to fail tomorrow - Porsche to Adam. "I don't want you to fail, I just want to do better than you." Adam Porsche just announced herself as one of the hottest blonds of Big Brother history.

8:41 PM BBT

They are waiting for "movie time" and talking about walking through the house doing a memory bit for the cameras. They have spent a lot of time bashing evicted HGs.

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8:45 PM BBT

"I should have known that kleenex box was...stuffed!" says Rachel about the hiding of her dog. "Like Shelly's bra!" laughs Adam.

Adam being his own zing bot. Some are funny, some are not. Porsche and Rachel are laughing at all of them. Burn Book them!

He Burn Book 's Kalia with "She shouldn't wait by the mailbox for a Pulitzer Prize, she ought to wait for the papers to be sued for plagerism since she used Daniele's lines right up to the moment she walked out the door.

Adam gets Jeff too "Unfortunately for Jeff, He had more voices than game."

They can't do Jordan. She's to sweet. "really? Really?" says Porsche. She ends up not going for it. "I think she zinged you on her way out the door.." Rachel observes.

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