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9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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9:10 BBT

Kalia tells Porsche nothing against her, but she feels she (Kalia) will win this game if she's in F2. Porsche says against who and Kalia says she doesn't think it matters. She tells Pors not to take it personally and she isn't trying to be arrogant, but she thinks she will win.

K/P are sitting outside alone. They're talking about how Adam needs to make a move.

Rachel brings them both wine and goes back inside.

Kalia says Jordan doesn't even want to be here and has said numerous times she wants to go. She says Jordan doesn't even try in competitions.

Porsche says they just need to keep talking to Adam. Kalia says it'd be so awesome if Adam took one of them down. Kalia says Pors should tell Adam that if Pors wins HOH next week, Adam will be her target, not Rachel.

Pors says Adam told her during the veto comp that if he wins, he can't use the veto.

Kalia just can't understand what is wrong with Adam and why he'd pick them over her and Pors. Kalia says it'd be Rachel over his alliance (seems he made clear of who his alliance is when RoJo saved him last week).

9:17 BBT

Kalia says if the jury were to question Adam about using the veto on K or P, Adam could simply say that he was loyal to Jeff til the end and once he was voted out, the newbies made a deal and Adam is a loyal guy. Kalia just doesn't understand.

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9:20 BBT

Inside, Adam and Jordan are talking in the kitchen about the 6-4 vote against Keith.

Rachel is outside, offering the girls food. She goes inside.

Kalia right away starts talking about Adam and why he wouldn't use the veto. Pors is more listening. She doesn't look as interested (b/c Adam's already told her she's safe.)

Kalia says if Jordan goes this week, Rachel will come to her to play with b/c Rachel has always said she wanted to go to F2 with strong competitors.

Kalia says that HOH comp was made for a guy to win and if Jeff was here, he would have won. She says that in previous honey-type comps, men always win.

Kalia says they need to tell Adam that the next HOH will be questions and if he really wants to rely on Jordan.

Kalia says she thinks Adam is an honest, loyal guy but thinks Kalia has screwed him over b/c she voted against him and told others about their F2. Pors says they need to fix that and Kalia says RoJo lied to her and that's why she voted for Shelly to stay. She repeats that Rachel has admitted that she'll have to pull Jordan to the end and Kalia says Jordan just doesn't try anymore.

Kalia says she's going to get up early tomorrow to talk to Adam when he gets up to smoke.

9:27 BBT

Pors says if Adam uses the veto, he'll feel like he's getting Jordan out and Kalia says no, he'd be saving Pors, his friend and someone he's been playing with since before Jordan. Pors says no, Adam was already in an alliance with them before he and Pors talked. Kalia says ok whatever and Pors says she understands.

Adam comes outside to grill some steaks.

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9:28 BBT

Porsche goes inside. Kalia says she's very cold. Adam and her start to talk about the weather there and Adam starts smoking.

9:30 BBT

Kalia finally starts takling game. She apologizes and says it sucks now that her butt is on the line. Kalia tells him that RoJo lied to her and made a signal that changed their votes.

Kalia tells him with Jordan gone, they walk to the F3. Kalia says this is a do over. Kalia says she wasn't lying about their F2 and Pors walks out. Pors says Rachel just said this is her season b/c she's lasted longer than she did last season.

Kalia tells Adam to stay with the newbies and how the fans love big moves and for Adam to make a big move.

Kalia says they win HOH next week, nom Rachel and there will be mashups or BB history next week and Rachel doesn't know any of that and won't win veto.

Kalia says RoJo are taking eachother to F2 and Adam says he knows, but that won't happen. Kalia says F3 HOH is endurance and Adam says he knows, that's why he needs to start working out.

Kalia says Jordan told her and Rachel she doesn't want to be here and do they want her to win for doing nothing again.

Kalia says she hasn't asked him for nothing. Kalia says if he wants to make her squirm, take Pors down and Kalia will beg him for a vote all week.

Kalia asks what's his question and Adam says he's still her b/c of RoJo and Kalia says so he's going to be indebted to them? She says they lied to her. Says she could have lied to Adam about the vote but says she's got f*cked over.

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9:36 BBT

Kalia says that she didn't want to vote for Adam but did it for numbers and how she thought Shelly was staying.

Pors says that if they both stay, Kalia will be a bigger target than Adam. They are both going at it to Adam.

Adam says if Rachel wins veto next week, he doesn't know if she'd pick him and K/P say no, Rachel won't.

Pors is now telling Adam all the jurors who will vote for Jordan to win. Kalia says she knows he's mad at her, but this is their alliance and what is left of it.

Adam says he wanted to win this veto for himself but would have rather K/P win. Kalia says she knew all the answers but couldn't find the things. Kalia says the cameras were probably on her as she was crying.

Kalia says that next week, they won't nom him, that she'll nom Rachel and Pors and Pors will nom Kalia and Rachel.

Kalia says Adam wanted Rachel out before. Kalia says she has not ever lied to him, ever. Says Jordan doesn't want to be here, would rather be with Jeff.

Adam walks away and sighs. This doesn't stop Kalia from yelling that Adam needs to make a big move and that it's time.

She then tells Pors that Adam doesn't want to be that guy to turn on his alliance. Pors says Jordan is his alliance and Kalia doesn't seem happy that Pors 'corrects' her.

Adam is at the grill and it's noisy. Kalia raises her voice and he says to give him a minute.

He then comes over and says how many times Kalia could have put Jordan up and didn't. Says when she gives her word, that's it and she gave it to the newbies.

9:42 BBT

Rachel called to DR.

Kalia keeps repeating the same thing. Says only way a newbie will win is if two newbies are F2. Kalia says that will only happen if he uses veto. Kalia says she said early on that if they left Jordan in the game...

Jordan comes out to offer them food. She brings her plate to the couches and sits down. Game talk changes.

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10:40pm BBT - Adm an Rach outside folding towels. Rach says we can be clean but we don't have to be crazy. Adm says Kal is working him HARD. Por joins them and talk goes to how Shell taught Adm to fold his towels That task is done, Adm brings them inside. Kal in the CBR. Rach tells Por that she has come in 2nd more times than Kal has come in 1st. Por racking up the billiard balls. Kal now in bed, tissue in hand, crying under the blanket. Big time.

10:45pm BBT - Adam back outside. He, Por and Jor set to play a game. Por wonders where Jor is. Por says maybe Kal kidnapped her. But Por is having a huge cry fest alone in the CBR. The BY trio continues their pool game, a lot of making fun of Adam by the two girls and self-deprecating humor by Adam. Kal surfaces for another tissue, blows her nose. A third tissue. Rach wonders if Jor & Kal are hanging out somewhere? Probably they decide. Kal dabs her eyes with the tissue.

10:50pm BBT - The sobbing has stopped; Upbeat banter in the BY continues. Joking about how all Keith knew was how to play with his balls and stick. Now they talk about who stripped in the BY. Rach is speaking in her poker voice. She tells Por they need to get Adam to scratch his balls. They are talking pool but having fun with the innuendo. Haven't actually seen Jordan in a bit. Feeds 1/2 on Kal in CBR, Feeds 3/4 on the pool match.

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11:05 BBT - 11:13 BBT

Rachel, Adam, and Porshe playing pool in BY

Kalia laying in bed by herself crying and thinking, thinking and crying she is saying he is taking Rachel to the end?

He is literally taking Rachel to the end??

Kalia now saying she is going home and doesnt deserve to. Says she didnt have a boyfriend here to carry her, and she deserves to be there.

(She is talking to herself) She says because Porshe desides to open Pandora's box, she is going home.

In the BY Rachel, Adam, Porshe still playing pool saying that there is a Big Brother porno. Porshe says its a dialog on Rach and Bren

Rachel laughs says no its real it is a porno on the Big Brother house.

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Kalia trying to get in DR.. think Jordan is in there.

kalia seeing how fast she can use a box of tissue... making a pile of used ones on bedside table then asked out loud can i please turn lights off and go to bed...

Kalia turned lights off and we get control room.

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Kalia now sobbing loudly... Jordan out of DR and in hot tub.

we get control room again and Kalia gets up and goes to DR.

oops nope SR

she goes to storage room gets another box of kleenex then goes to DR.

now all feeds on backyard... jordan with feet in hot tub and other three playing pool... general chit chat

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11:44pm BBT

Jordon and Rachel with feet and legs in hot tub

Adam and Porshe laying on Backyard couches

Talking a little about the zing bot, and what they would be doing on a sat night outside the house

Jord gets up at 6am gets to work by 7:30am then works until 4:45 goes home has maggie beside her

and watches 20/20 and crashes out. She gets scared then makes her brother look under her bed

Says Jeff would be at a friends resturant then in a couple hours would call her drunk to sing to her.

If she falls asleep he will leave 2 messages a normal one then one a few hours later with all of his friends singing to Jordon

Jordon said Jeff ordered Justin Biebers Never say never on pay per view. She said she doesnt have Bieber Fever and made

him watch it by himself and went upstairs to watch one of her shows.

Jordon Rachel and Adam love Justin Timberlake. Jordon says he is so talented Rachel said he was hilarious on sat nite live

Porshe says hes hot

Adam sings and we get WBRB

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11:50pm BBT

Jord Rach Adam and Porshe still general chit chat in backyard

I think Kal is still in DR no sign of her all 4 cams on BY

Jor wants to be on Ellen, she gives the best gifts. Jor said Lawon said he was on Ellen in the audiance and Ellen told him

he was a good dancer. Lawon said he was on the 12 days of gifts show.

The others dont seem to believe Lawon. Jor says she cant wait to get out and watch she thinks she is going to look stupid for

believing everyone

Rach says the talk is so much better then the view (I agree)

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12:05am 12:17am

Adam and Jor talking about how Kalia is working them. Jor says she feels bad for Kalia crying, but she shouldnt

because Kalia is trying to get Adam to put her up

Rach joins convo

She says Kalia didnt feel bad about evicting Jeff, or Bren

Porshe comes out and tells adam to use the veto on her (she says this in front of rach and jord)

Jord says he needs to keep the nom the same. Porshe says she will vote for Jord to stay. Jord says no

Rach saying Bren body is way better then jesse Rach is shocked that they dont think bren is as ripped as jesse

Por and Adam say that bren has the body of a swimmer/runner Porshe agrees bren is hot but he makes weird constipated faces

Adam Jor Rach Porshe all sitting on Backyard couches talking about Tori Spelling and how if Adam was HOH and stuck with Jesse he would

of bribed Jesse to kick the door down

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12:18 BBT

Rach, Jord, Adam, Porshe still talking about how crazy it was to have Tori Spelling in the house

Still no sign of Kal she is still in DR

earlier before Porshe came out Jord said she wanted to talk to Rach and Adam before they go to bed.

Por talks about her DR and WBRB


Jord, Rach, Por, Adam go back inside to they go to fortune teller adam says I know I am going to get in trouble

but Porshe hasnt seen it yet. He went to do something to the fortune teller, over the intercome they say "stop that" and go to


Rach, Adam and Por sitting in purple room starting up a game of Rummy and talking about the fortune teller

Everytime they talk about the fortune teller they keep going to WBRB

Por told them that Kal is in DR

Adam says HOH goes first (in cards) then he said oh wait, nom have been made nevermind. (he was joking)

Rach asking the fortune teller to talk

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2:34 am BBT 2:45am

Jor and Kal talking outside. Kalia trying to win Jord vote. Kalia also told Jord she wants to win her vote because she doesn't want to campaign for Adam to use the veto because it means Jordon goes up and goes home. What Kalia doesn't know is Adam already told Jordon earlier that Kalia was working him hard to try to get him to use it. Jord doesn't bust Kal out.

Jord listening to what she is saying, but it doesn't sound like Jord is taking the bait.

They are also comparing notes on Shelly's lies.

Rachel in kitchen getting something to drink.

Porshe in bathroom brushing teeth, now grabbing water from kitchen

All 4 feeds on Por and Kal talking in back yard. Shelly talk, and how Jordon hopes Shelly didn't leave Jeff a nasty goodbye message.

Kal tells Jord she gave Jeff a good goodbye message.

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2:45am BBT 2:55am

Adam and Porshe talking Porshe is trying to convince Adam to use the pov. Adam says again I have to put myself in a position.....and WBRB

Adam and Porshe talking about veto and how bad Porshe wanted to win it. Adam said he is trying to play the game as honest game. Por says whatever

happened to our newbie deal. Adam says everything changed in 24 hours and it has nothing to do with Pandora's box, he just heard things and realized he

needed to be with the alliance from the begining

Por says I picked the pandoras box because I thought it was $10,000 he goes on to tell adam that it was set up for a table of 2 so she thought she got

to bribe a juror. She admits she gave Kalia the other $5,000 Por tells Adam not to tell Rach or Jord. Adam says this will not benifit me telling anyone

I wont say anything. Adam says that Kal might say something if she gets desperate enough.

Adam tells Porshe it hurts him that he turned his back on Jord. Porshe said but I thought you wanted Rach out. He said he originally didnt but that is the

way things aligned themselves.

Por tells adam she was shocked Kalia voted Adam out, and told everyone about there final 2

Adam said you cant win this game in a week but you can lose it in a week, and that is exactly what Kalia did

Adam said there is no fucking way he is voting to keep Kalia. Especially after letting Dani run her HOH

Por said Kal wanted Por to put Jord up so Kal wouldnt get blood on her hands. Adam said everything happens for a reason and this game is about taking chances.

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2:55am BBT

Kal and Por still in backyard. Kal still working Jor hard. Jor saying she is going to talk to Rach tomorrow. She wanted to talk to her tonight but Porshe was with Rach all nite and Jor didnt want to talk in front of Por

Adam and Por whispering Adam says Jor and him are close, they have been close from the begining. Kalia comes in the room and breaks up game talk

Jord joins the 3 of them im not sure what room they are in because the light is off. Por and Adam laying down. Jord said she is going to bed. Asked where Rach was said she looked for her in HOH but she isnt up there. They are saying she is prob in DR but she told Por she was going to bed

Adam went outside for a smoke before bed. He is talking to cameras. Saying I won this veto guaranteed final 4 Shelly had to go she told to many lies....Cant really make out what else he is saying because he is standing by the hot tub and it is really loud.

Kal and porshe went to lay down


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3:05am BBT

Adam moved so now he is talking to cam

People in this house are so fucking crazy he says day 64 what happened today OTEV happened and WBRB

Camera back on Adam Am I the nice guy? Yes Im the nice guy, am I nieve? he said sometimes, but roll back

the tapes I have made barely any deals because if you make to many you can not honor them. I was nice and polite. I owe so much to Jeff. Jeff tought me pick a side

and go with it. What side did I pick I picked Jeff, Jord, kinda Rach, and Shelly Shelly messed up her own game by all the lies and deals.

Por wants me to use veto on her and sorry I cant they could of easily got me out instead of Shelly. They kept me so I went with them easy as that.

Adam says I control my destiny from here on out, I have to win this next HOH and the most important pov of the year. I put myself in a good position. Por kid, I love you but you want to be in the final 3 you got to earn it all of us we got to earn it. Kal keep pushing dont give up but again to many deal any lies will kill ya everytime.

Adam gives himself a little pep talk to play his game and goes inside and straight to the bathroom

Kal and Por on camera 3 and 4 sleeping.

Jor went to bed but isnt on the feeds.

No clue if Rach is in HOH or in DR

Adam gargling mouthwash and then goes to bed

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10:00 am BBT

Adam up and outside smoking on the couches, Kalia said last night that she was gonna get up early to go out and talk to him so I am here poised and waitning

for some reason my sound was gone for a min bt back now but nothing being said just adam smoking

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he is talking out loud about different time lines about day 56 padoras box, jordan and rachel nom, rachel wins veto duo do over day 59 jordan gets pulled off the block day 62 shelly voted out 2 to 1 silence, waiting,rachel wins hoh and yawing couldnt hear rachel opens pb on 63 and got to see tori and jess, and then he says wait till you fuckers get to see tonight, day 64 otev veto adam wins, talking about the pies, day 65 nuttin day 66 adam does not use veto, day 69 pray to fucking god Kalia goes out,

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