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9/1 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:06PM BBT: Rachel telling Porsche the conversation about Jordan won't have sex in the jury house Shelly comes back out to by Rachel asking Porsche if she would have sex in the jury house Porsche says if there is no cameras then yeah Shelly says like when your boyfriend ot husband gets here would you just sit in the hotel and stare at each other no Rachel says no I would be able to wear them clothes again either

9:07PM BBT: Rachel says she hope Brendon and her have their own room in the hotel because if they have to share a room then oh well Shelly said I would splurge for another room Porsche says I hope everyone I want to see comes down for the live show and laughs about it

9:14PM BBT: Adam and Jordan in bathroom area Jordan says Adam I am so worried Adam says don't worry Adam goes to bathroomJordan heads back outside Rachel Porsche and Shelly talking about when school starts Jordan putting her feet in the hottub Jordan talking about her friend mat and wonders how he is doing in the class she says he is such a dork and we get WBRB

9:18PM BBT: Shelly says she can hold humans hair for them as they throw up but when a dog does that she can't stand it she will grab the dog clamps their mouth shut and runs to the toilet and holds them over it so they can throw up

9:23PM BBT: talk turns to the price is right and drew and how Jeff and Jordan and Brenchel got a tour of the price is right and how small the studio is that it only holds about 200 people and they have pics of them spinning the wheel and doing the showcase Jordan says she passed drew and didn't know it was him because he lost so much weight

9:32PM BBT: Jordan and Kalia in the bubblegum room Kalia talking about her hair getting long Jordan says I think everyone's is Kalia says she feels like her hair doesn't grow past a certain point Jordan says it will you just can't cut your hair as much Kalia says I never cut my hair I always wanna do something different but she is scared of change and she likes the hair the way it is Kalia says I wish I had some extensions so I could see how it looks Jordan says use Rachel's even though their red

9:33PM BBT: Jordan was called to the DR Kalia laying on the bed saying I am so bored making funny noises Adam Porsche Rachel and Shelly in by having general talk about people making faces for the cameras

9:43PM BBT: Adam Porsche Rachel and Shelly talking about past competitions they have played in and how it was played and what they did to try to win Shelly says the water in the soapy bubble competition was awesome it cooled you off a lot Rachel gets up and head in the house Kalia still laying and thinking in the the bubblegum room Jordan still in the DR

9:47PM BBT: Rachel comes back out with cards asking if anyone wants to play Adam and Porsche does Rachel says wanna play inside they say sure and head in Porsche ask where is Kalia Rachel says in the bedroom staring at the wall literally Adam asking if they are playing holdem Rachel says sure holdem or 21 whatever you want to play

9:52PM BBT: all hg except Jordan playing holdem at the kitchen table Jordan still in DR Rachel making popcorn for them to eat Shelly drinking coffee no beer and wine tonight because tomorrow being live show

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9:32 BBT Just want to add that when Kalia is talking about her hair she tells Jordon that she has not had her hair cut in 2 years. When she says that you see a lightbulb go on with Jordon and Jordon says "you have not ?" The reason Jordon asks is because a week or so ago Kalia was talking about how she gets 500 dollar hair cuts and the guy that cuts her hair does it for the stars. Kalia said that she just got her hair cut before she came into the house by him and would hook up Jordon with the same guy and he would not charge her 500 dollars.

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10:50 BBT:

Rachel/ Jordan jedi drilling. Jordan correcting Rachel on events, Jordan seems to have an awesome grasp of things (order of hoh comps, hohs, vetos, etc).

Kalia comes in and asks how they're voting. Jordan says she's not saying until thursday, it's a surprise, because production told her not to. Kalia says she just has no idea how to vote. Jordan says they're still weighing pros and cons. Jordan tells Kalia to ask Shelly and Adam why they haven't campaigned to her. Rachel says thats why she was confused last week because Kalia never campaigned to her next week, and Kalia said she didn't campaign to anyone.

Rachel tells Kalia that Daniele told her [Rachel] that kalia didn't want to play anymore without daniele. Kalia tells Jordan and Rachel that Daniele sat in sequester with notebooks and notebooks of past seasons, so that's why she felt bad. Kalia seems bitter about Dani campaigning so hard for her.

Jordan: she did that?! [notebooks of past seasons]

Rachel: so did Brendan and I!

Jordan encouraging Kalia to speak to Shelly and Adam about which way she should vote. Rachel silent during this convo.

Kalia asking what they're thinking. Jordan says they're basically the same thing. Rachel finally chimes in says she feels the same way.

Porsche joins in.

Now talk switches to them missing the have not room, and they think it'll be locked next week.

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10:06PM BBT: hg just playing holdem at kt table only talking about the cards no other talk going on Jordan still in DR Porsche making more food as she plays holdem

10:14PM BBT: Rachel just lost all her M&M's playing holdem Adam says the girl from Vegas is out first everyone laughs Rachel is now the dealer Jordan still in dr

10:17PM BBT: Jordan now out of DR going to get food Adam being called to the DR now he says damn Porsche asking Jordan if she wants to play she says no I don't like cards Rachel says you wanna watch she says yeah I will watch Adam says one second BB I gotta pee and runs to bathroom

10:28PM BBT: Kalia and Porsche in kitchen doing jedi training for the HoH competition tomorrow night Rachel Shelly and Jordan in by talking about going to jury and hor you decompress in there and Jordan says DR told her like they aren't supposed to tell what she is doing tomorrow weather she is evicting Adam or Shelly to other hg she told DR she wouldn't then Shelly ask about jury again Rachel explains about the jury house saying she bets they are all having a good time now

10:30PM BBT: Jordan says like if this is next week and I walk out this house then everything I was mad about and everyone I was mad at just goes away it's the stress of the house and if you get out third you don't get to go there it sucks you miss that part

10:33PM BBT: Kalia going to lay on hammock Jordan and Rachel sitting with feet in hottub going over what HoH competition might be tomorrow Shelly smoking on couch not talking to anyone Jordan ask Shelly if she ever talked game to Lawon Shelly says no Rachel says I don't think anyone did Shelly says he didn't talk about anything Jordan says Jeff said I wonder if Lawon knows he is on bb

10:35PM BBT: Shelly says Lawon told her that he was a TV legal aid then the night before he left he told her he wasn't" allowed to play the celebrity game so I want to know what he does and I want to know who took the chess pieces I am thinking Daniele since she gave the speech about the queen and the pawn and that's the two pieces missing

10:40PM BBT: Shelly says I am just going to smoke till they lock it down Porsche says don't say it like that Shelly says no I just gotta get my smokes in and when they lock us down I have to take my smokes in with me and my lighter Shelly tells Porsche I am proud of what I did I made a big move and it might come back to bite me in the ass but that's OK I made my big move I didn't want to hurt them but it did and I never wanted to hurt her so I feel bad for that but it's a game

10:44PM BBT: Jordan and Rachel go to Have-Not room to talk Rachel says OK lets quiz each other they are going to train for HoH tomorrow nightin by Shelly Porsche and Kalia talking about Shelly voting Jeff out Shelly says she just feels bad for hurting Jordan but glad she voted Jeff out Shelly says everyone brought to this game the good the bad and the ugly and I have learned from everyone in this house and I will take that with me forever

10:47PM BBT: Shelly saying she will never forget the look on jors face that night Jeff left Shelly says Jordan is a kid and I hurt her and she was so hurt and so mad and I don't think Jordan has ever been that mad and I will never be able to repay her especially after she gave me that phone call but I did what I had to do

10:50PM BBT: Adam come out to by to smoke Kalia goes back in the house Shelly still going on about Jeff and Jordan saying it doesn't matter what you did in the past or anything it doesn't matter even what you do in the future either Porsche being called to DR now Porsche says and on that note I am back in the game I haven't been in DR in two days except to get camera

10:52PM BBT: Kalia in Have-Not room talking to Jordan and Rachel Jordan says we will have to come to an agreement tomorrow about who will go and who will stay because it's two people that are kinda the same Kalia says yeah I am kinda this way and that way not sure either Jordan says ask them why haven't you campaigned for a vote with me

10:56PM BBT: Kalia saying how Daniele eats sleeps and lives this game she says I am kinda glas she is gone so now if I make it to the end I can say I wasn't" playing danis game I been playing the last 4 weeks on my own Kalia sayas there are a few things I need to talk to Daniele about after the show I heard things she said but I will ask her after the show

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Rachel to the DR

Kalia/ Porsche and Jordan talking about being have nots, and how hungry you get. Jordan retells how her and Laura wrapped pizza. P/K tell Jordan how Dani had her whole bag full of snacks. Apparently during Jordan's season, her and Laura were both going to eat since they were on the block, but DR called Jordo in and told her "you don't wanna do that."

Now they're speaking about Julie, how she looks in real life, etc.

Jordo asks P/K if they're going to Vegas. They enthusiastically respond they are.

Jordo tells them to have fun, and tells them they really will have a lot of fun.

Jordo tells them their flight and stay is free in Vegas.

Jordan saying how weird it was to meet people the first time, how cool it was that everyone gets dressed up, etc. Kalia is super excited. One night you go to a club, etc.

Jordo says they get to do a "greet and meet" to meet fans of the show. Porsche thinks that will be really fun.

They don't think that Rachel can go because Brendan starts school that Monday. Kalia is sure it will be a blast.

J: :I wont say anything on the live feeds, but yeah we're not going. but we'll be in LA for a week!

They're discussing how they have 14 days left. Porsche excitedly squealing because she didn't realize how close they were to the end. Kalia saying they're super close to being done.

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10:52 BBT

Adam talking to shelly talking about justifying their way of game ..saying 'pressure cooker" "emotional roller coaster" and Shelly says "really?" when adam admits he cried.....

Adam says "i definitely got emtional" as Shelly says emotions are different in BB than in "real life" and says "this week" she felt "trapped" no where to go..and says she never felt "so raw"

They discuss that there's no where to turm to to make you feel better like a mom...or significant other...saying in BB you "can't do it' have those talks that can make you feel better as people always think you're "scheming"

Shelly says she feels "blessed" for just being chosen ..and Adam says he can't wait for the next crop of HG that will follow...

Shelly talking about thinks like missing TV, Phone....as Adam admits he missess.....Shelly philosophies.."sometime the silence is so loud its botheresome" [the moron just said an oxy moron}

Adam babbling about all the things they missed being in BB..Shelly saying 'you'll have so much to make up" with his friends and Adam says he needs to do his 40th Birthday...

11:00 Adam keeps babling about what he's missing in the outside world...

Shelly "i just don't want tony and Josie to feel awkward" about her BB appearance......as they discuss they post BB fame....shelly says "why would they care" about fans knowing she was on BB....Adam says he knows his BB fame won't land him on letterman and talks about Enzo's delusions of grandeur from last season..and says he doesn't expect it...

11:03 BBT Shelly says he uncle will give her "so much crap" {seems she'll be getting a lot of that}

Talking about his journey to get on BB and then to his "trivia night at the bar" as Shelly says what's tonight's episode and Adam says "Veto" and says its the night when we found out they were "screwed"

discuss what episode was what this week...

11:05 BBT Shelly talking about her fight shown "i just want the fighting over" and "I promise you" that her mom cried and "was upset"...

Shelly says during her nap she had her first BB "dream" and according to her dream her mom was mad she did "that to Jeff" and she couldn't say anything and "just shook her head" and said "you're just a villain"......

11:08 Pre night eviction talk continues with the floaters...

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11:08 BBT

Shelly and Adam talk about their mutaul admiration for "jersey shore"

Shelly heads inside..grabs some sortta pill or candy and heads back outdoors....

"i'm am sooo happy we are not lockdown" and says it made life "a lot easier" for her...

11:10 BBT Shelly says "your buddies can't knock " Adam for his chugging abilities..."chug master" as they discusss the chugging food comp...

11:12 BBt "i had no clue jalapenos were so hot" Shelly says...as they reminisce about the food comp....

Adam continues to blab on...Shelly says "that game got argumentative" and Shelly says "you know me ' about getting in trouble and the they thought "i threw it" and says she didn't and asks why would she want to be a HN...

11:15 Adanm talking about the fun of the comps and they look back and take stock in their worthlessness..

they talk about past HN comps..and kalia bashing during her Food comp and her supposed injury..

Adam "i wish I had my hair to pull out" and heads indoor to his "date with the bathroom" and leaves shelly to puff away and think about her possible last night in BB alone...

11:19 BBT Shelly in deep thought

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11:25- Jordan goes to the bathroom, on the way to the HN room, she quickly tells Adam that Kalia is asking them about their votes, and relays that Kalia told Jordan she's not sure who to vote for, Jordan told Adam that she told Kalia they weren't sure yet.

Jordan: yeah, that's who has your back. [sarcastically obviously since Kalia still is considering voting out Adam]

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11:21 BBT

Shelly still outside puffing away ...sitting alone..she looks upset but who knows.....

Jordan has left the HN room to head to the bathroom as the camera returns to Shelly...

11:24 I have no clue where Adam went as Porsche Kalia nd Rachel talk in the HN room...

Adam is whispering with Jordan as Jordan says her and Rachel are "trying to study' for tomorrow..as they whisper final two deals...and Adam looks exasperated "aye aye aye" but the mic stactic was just too much...

Adam breathes heavely while doing the task of packing up his clothes...Adam looking agitated as her stuffs his duffle bag up with clothes..zips it up as he huffs and puffs and continues to fold and pack his clothes...

Kali walks by as Jordan does her Jim Carey facial imitations..."i look creppy don't i" with her "fire marshal bill" face...

Jordan does it for and excited Shelly outside...

11:31 BBt 'is funny' she laughs...Jordan talking how everyone kept coming in to talk everywhere she roosts...

Jordan "have you ever known there are no stars".....Shelly guesses the lights from BB or "the smog'...[its because of the city lights}

Jordan making small talk about Josie...

11:33 BBT they talk about catholic church as Jordan say she's never been to one..."midnight mass" Jordan asks and talks about her experiences on the amazing race as Shelly explains some of the catholicism rituals...

Shelly says the sacraments in her church are real wine while Jordan says at her church its "grape juice"

11:37 BBT Adam has entered the HN room with rachel kalia and Porsche....talking about his elf days.....as Adam talks fondly of his "elf dance" and they talk about what JC will ask ..and says she'll ask Jordan being without Jeff...pandora's box.....

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11:50 BBT

outside Shelly talking about the people she keeps in touch with through facebook...

Shelly talking about her "class president' and others who life are in shambles..and talked about people who were gay when she attended her 20 yr reunion and talks they were no cliques..and talks it was enjoyable...and says everyone became who they were supoose to become...

11:52 BBT Shelly and Jordan talk school reunions...

Shelly talk about showing Tony her "childhood home" and showing him her high school...and where she grew up...

Shelly goes in to get something to drink for her DR session and Jordan goes back inside..and she heads to HN room and says she 's going to bed when rachel asks 'what are you doing"

11:55 BBT Adam leaves the HN room..and pretty soon they HN room discussion breaks up and Rachel informs Jordan she's going to bed too after she brushes her teach and washes her face...

11:57 BBT Adam and Shelly back outside..Shelly says she's going to bed soon and Adam talks about packing...Shelly says she will pack in the morning...Shelly says its her third time packing......Adam says he was nominated 3 times..and rachel four times...talks about who has been nominated and how many times...

12:00 BBT Adam says "duos" and "showmances" never work to get to the end..as Adam continues with his nom renom talk...

Porsche comes out "huh?" when Adam talks about his nomination talk and goes to the dryer to fetch her laundry...

12:02 'they must be done with DRs' shelly says to break the silence....and talk about who's been called.....Porsche says hers what "short"

Porsche heads indoors.. to "put my clothes away"

Adam alone outside as Shelly went inside also...

12:04 BBT Shelly come back outside when Adam asks if its midnight yet and she informs him its "5 after" as Shelly talks prescritions for "flying" and Adam asks "for anxiety"....can barely hear shelly her mic isn't working so I can hear what she's saying...

12:06 BBT now I can she talking about "taking everything in" as Adam hopes they get to look at the "behind the scenes; and Adan hopes he has a chance "on a future season"

12:07 BBT FOTH

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12:08 BBT

Adam talking how he found hamster watch....says he found it season 6 when he typed in the search engine...

Shelly saying "that's a cute name".....Shelly says her site she went to just had time what every HG was doing...

Kalia waddles her way out and the blathering commences..

12:11 BBT Rachel and Jordan in bedroom getting ready for bed with porsche in their folding clothes....she asks "is Shelly outside"..and says they didn't know..

Porsche exist wishes the a good night...and out goes the lights as rachel talks again how great the daily contacts are..

Jordan hopes she wins HOh to get pics and the "letter from home"

they start whispering and Rachel says "that's sweet ..he really is sweet sometime"....they talk about what the HOH might be..."they can do whatever they want" Rachel says and Jordan says "true"

12:15 BBT talking about "its time ' 'to turn things around" and Jordan says "turn those frowns upsidedown"...Jordan wonders when BB is over if people will miss "having a roommate" Rachel goes to answer and FOTH

12:16 BBT FOTH

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12:17 BBT Feeds return for a second to Shelly going through her suitcase and then FOTH again...

12:19 BBT FOTH

Feeds return to kalia ientering HOH saying "i'm so sore"

12:20 BBT Outside Shelly and Adam talking....about Dom actually knowing a lot about by BB when he claims he never watched...

Shelly says she hopes they are not lockdown in the morning...

Adam can't believe its day 62...

12:22 BBT In HOH they discuss HOH Porsche says "questions" "for sure"...Kalia says "hold a button for like 25 years"

12:24 BBT FOTH

Feeds return Kalia telling Porsche her asking what they are going to do and DR told Jordan what they are going to do...Porsche says she doesn't want to say but Kalia says maybe because its an important vote as Kalia says they are pros and cons is what they told her...Kalia says that Jordan says they are two different pages....and kalia worries she votes to vote out shelly and they vote her to stay.....and make it look bad...

Kalia says she can be the deciding vote and porsche says and "vote out Adama' and Kalia says "i know"....

12:29 BBT Kalia...talks about Shelly's Shadinees and her overbearing campaigning to keep daniele......Porsche bashing Shelly....and Kalia says that Dani told her Kalia was crying hysterically and can't play without Dani.....Porsche says Rachel just elaborated on it...Kalia says when dani threw out of a lot of crap and Kalia knows she wanted to play with Dominic...and wanted a final four with Brenchel....

12:33 BBT Kalia says a lot of the stuff Dani said "bothers me" as Porsche says its was "fucked up' she told rachel 'about the duck' and Porsche says why would she do that when she has to stay and play....

Kalia says Rachel got her dog back from Shelly....Porsche didn't know...

Kalia wants Jorchell to make an decision as Porsche says maybe they will be hung up on that and not study and Kalia wants porsche to test her and says "day 31' and Kalia says what kind of question is that and cant fathom BB would ask such a question...

12:37 BBT Outside Adam is Jedi drilling by himself....

Back in HOH Kalia dedi drilling

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12:40 BBT

Everyone is in bed studying for tomorrows HOH..Adam is outside studying and smoking

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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1:30 am BBT: Adam heads back inside to go to bed. Kalia and Porsche are studying for HoH comp. in the HoH.

1:45 am BBT: Kalia decides she has to evict Shelly because she's lied too much and can't trust her. They also don't understand why she hasn't packed yet and they speculate that maybe she has some kind of special power and knows she's not leaving. Kalia says she's not going to make a F2 deal with Jordan until she absolutely has to. Kalia tells Porsche about her convo with Jordan earlier and how Jordan says she doesn't trust Porsche and Kalia told Jordan she doesn't trust Rachel.

2 am BBT: Kalia and Porsche have already said good night and are falling asleep. About 10 after Kalia jumps out of bed because she's forgotten to take her "pill" when she gets back into bed they do a few last minute study questions about the days in the house. Shortly thereafter all is quiet in the house.

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10:21am BBT rach at the kitchen table eating bfast and por in shower in HOH bathroom.

10:30am BBT jor up and sitting in purple room by herself. no talking going on in the house at all! scratch that...rach just walked in the purple room with jor. jor saying she doesn't think HOH will be questions. rach thinks it will be matching of some sort. they are jedi training now.

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FLASHBACK ALERT 12:42am BBT cam 3, Adam talks to us how he REALLY FEELS and IMHO I thinks it awesome!
What did he say?

He was going on and on but I thought it was entertaining. He said his biggest regret in the game was turning his back on Jor said he thought Rach was crazy but came to find out it was all Shelly being malicious, and a liar, and Rach is a great person and deserves to be there. and was just saying how he felt.

(I liked that he did that cause I never freaking know with Adam is he true to Porshe or Jordan. I totally believe he wants him jor and Rach at the end. That's just my opinion tho.)

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1:03 PM BBT

(Ok, I just had to ask one of the guys to listen for me to confirm this... you can hear the BB music in the background on the feeds. It's very low. Enough to make feed watchers like me think it's really, truly, forever imprinted on our brains.)

1:10 PM BBT

HOH lockdown over.Jordan vacuuming. Adam dusting. Porsche and Rachel making something to eat.

Shelly in the shower.

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1:03 PM BBT

(Ok, I just had to ask one of the guys to listen for me to confirm this... you can hear the BB music in the background on the feeds. It's very low. Enough to make feed watchers like me think it's really, truly, forever imprinted on our brains.)

During LD, production does a run through of tonight's show. They play the music to mask their talking so the HGs can't hear what's going on.

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Feeds have been back about 5 mins now.


She has the key and Adam told her good job.

Rachel goes to BR to talk to Jordan and says she's sorry Jordan didn't win b/c she knows Jordan wanted to. Jordan says hold on.

7:30 BBT

Jordan joins Rachel again and says she's happy Rachel won, she just doesn't want Rachel to think she's a sucky partner. Rachel says as long as you don't call me a handful and laughs. Jordan trys to explain and Rachel says she's only joking.

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