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8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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going back a bit....


Porsche in KT making a cheese plate. Jordan cold she is wrapped in a blanket. Kalia comes inside saying is acting weird. Shelly was saying everybody will be surprised at how the game ends.

Jorand, Shelly and Kalia talk about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Kalia usually likes the girl country singers more then the guys. They continue to talk about country music and artists.


Kalia asks Jor if they get their ipods in jury. Jordan doubts it but they prob have stuff to listen to. (Kalia forgot Jordan doesnt know)

Porsche thinks no body would vote for Shelly in F2.

Rachel: if she stays we can vote her out next week. Porsche is totaly down for a F4.

Rachel asks if Adam could win a POV next week. Porsche says no. Rachel doesnt think Jeff threw the POV, she would be shocked if he did.

Porsche: both will promise the moon and the stars to be here but neither deserves to be here. They talk about Americas Choice. They said it will be Jeff or Brendon or Dani.

Porsche made tuna shiitake , Rachel and Adam helping her eat it. Shelly & hubby like to catch baseballs at 11pm.


Rachel and Adam thank Porsche for cooking.

Adam: you will make some one a good second wife some day....zing

Shelly says she is getting aggravated with Kalia. Kalia was saying it wasnt supposed to end this way. You were supposed to stay. Kalia asked her if she had some special power. She told her she would have to wait till Thursday to find out.

In KT. Porsche tells Adam she told Rachel that its not worth it to carry Shelly along any more. Obvious nobody would take her all way.

They are all outside on the couches, drinking a bit, eating some cheese and chatting. The BY light keeps going out.


They talk about dressing dogs up and taking pics.

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9:10PM BBT: Rachel talking about big bear lake and going on hikes on a frozen lake had on alaska boots she didn't care if she fell in it was like snowboots so it didn't matter her dog was walking with her trying to play and Brendon was yelling Rachel come back and get benz off and benz runs and the ice cracks so Rachel runs to benz and he would try to run but she tries to grab him out and he gets back on solid ice and jumps to Brendon so Brendon covers him in his jacket

9:11PM BBT: Rachel says Brendon was freaking out thinking he was going to have to go on the ice and save benz he told Rachel never to do that again

9:13PM BBT: Kalia talking about throwing dogs in the pool so they will learn where the edge is and they will learn how to swim Rachel says who would do that Kalia says that's how you teach them to swim

9:18PM BBT: Kalia Rachel and Porsche talking about going on hikes Shelly in kitchen fixing a PB&J sandwich Adam in the hammock Jordan going to wc

9:27PM BBT: still talking about dogs and going to dog parks and to pet wash stations in by with Kalia Rachel and Porsche Adam still in hammock Shelly in kitchen eating

9:38PM BBT: Kalia and Jordan in the bubblegum room talking about glitter and Kalia hates glitter someone told her it was little pieces of glass so now when I see glitter I am like stay away from me she doesn't want it in her eyes and cut her eyes

9:42PM BBT: Adam telling Porsche that Rachel told him they didn't want floaters to the end he says he doesn't know who wears the pants in that relationship Jordan or Rachel then Shelly comes out and talk stops Shelly says she is ready to go to bed that she is tired

9:51PM BBT: Adam and Shelly talking about the competitions and when they opened the doors this week for the PoV competition Shelly says if Porsche hadnt opened pandoras box it might have been different but she opened the box Adam says yeah it might have been now they are going over who went off the bananas first

9:56PM BBT: Adam saying I can totally see how the Chima thing happened Shelly says I can't see how she threw the mic from there to the hottub talking about auditions now and how Adam met Alex

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10:00PM BBT: Shelly says she is going to go lay in the hammock Adam says I am waiting for Rachel to see if she wants to play pool Shelly says this hammock gets more and more pillows everyday Adam says maybe they are from the loungers Shelly says no I haven't seen these before

10:09PM BBT: Porsche and Kalia in the bubblegum room talking Porsche says she wants to sleep on the other side of the bed tonight with the music player in HoH Kalia says wait you want to sleep on the other side Porsche says yeah Kalia says jerk why do you want to you don't listen to music anyways she says I know but I thought I might tonight

10:20PM BBT: Porsche and Kalia still in the bubblegum room talking about selling their furniture to move to another state Adam and Rachel playing pool in by Shelly laying in hammock Jordan in dr

10:23PM BBT: Porsche and Kalia talking about helping their family out when they win this game and how they could never repay them for everything they have done for them so they want to repay them by winning

10:31PM BBT: in the by Rachel Adam and Shelly playing pool Kalia walks out and watches them Kalia now going back in the house Jordan comes outside and checks laundry then goes to sit on the couches Rachel asking Jordan if she wants to play Jordan says no she isn't that good she says yall go ahead and play

10:40PM BBT: Jordan sitting on by couch reading the bible Porsche walks out after leaving DR says blanket playing pool and reading the bible Jordan says yeah this is Rachel's she took it from the motel she was staying in Jordan and Porsche now talking about going to bed at midnight and about getting camera tomorrow and Porsche doing her blog Jordan says be sure do your shout outs because I didn't know I could do that so I didn't get to

10:53PM BBT: Jordan was singing the song cruddys got a chubby they are not explaining to Jordan what a chubby is Jordan is freaking out and saying if she knew what it meant she wouldn't be singing that song Adam says talk to Jeff he came up with that song Rachel asked who made up that song Adam says Jeff did Jordan says Jefffffff

10:56PM BBT: talk still going on about a chubby Rachel and Jordan didn't know what it was Shelly is saying that's hillarious Jordan says she sand that song dressed as a little girl and yall let me sing it

10:59PM BBT: Jordan telling hg that when Jeff gets drunk he calls her and sings to her and he will have his friends with him and they all sing to her Jordan says we all need to go to a karioki bar and sing Shelly says that will be hillarious listening to everyone sing

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0153BBT Porsche and Kalia in bed discussing how Shelly has been playing both sides of the house. Kalia says if Shelly finds out they are campaigning against her, they will tell her that they were trying to trick Rachel by saying they didn't want her, so Rachel would do the opposite.

0200BBT It appears that all of the house guests have gone off to dream land.

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11PM BBT We find all the HGs sitting on BY patio couches discussing Opera. Phantom of the Opera, NutCracker, Kahlia says she hates broadway plays. Talking about the 3D movie affects.

Discussing Jock Straps, seems Shelly picked up Lawon's while cleaning in the bedroom one time. Also discussing the fact that Lawon never wore underwear. A little more discussion of the fact that Lawon did not wear underwear and went *commando* most of the time.

Kahlia explaining how she would calm down Lawon and give him directions during competitions and he would follow it like a puppy. Discussion turns to Rachel and how Brendon would instruct her during Comps. Shelly comments about Brendon just picked you up and ran, like you were a pack on his back (to Rachel). Rachel's facial expressions are priceless as she describes her reactions to some of Brendon's directions. [During this discussion as usual, Kahlia is talking over everyone telling her side of the competitions, so it is kind of hard to hear]. Adam said it was not fair that Jeff just picked the Have Nots, you should be allowed to fight for your Food. Talking about all the yuckie stuff that they go through for some of the comps. Giggling and laughing at each other. Shelly (who rode on Cassies's back) comments that she needs to watch when she gets out cause she could not see what others were doing. [think this is the comp when Brendon busted up his knees] Going on to chat about the Milk comp and how Lawon was just not with it.

During all of this Jordan is just sitting snuggled in a blanket watching people.

Discussion changes to Brendon's farts. Going to bathroom before going shopping. Jordan tells about Jeff's farting when they leave places, outside so no one knows. Shelly tells how Josie thinks it is funny to burp all the time. More discussion of farting and belching. The arm pit noise is discussed. Kahlia does not feel that her belching is that bad and she excuses herself all the time, but sometimes it stinks worse than a fart.[not]. Shelly tells how Tony will go across the room when out in public and fart. Talking about blaming other things for the smells. Porsche and her jerky farts.

1145pm BBT Now discussion has moved to what can be sold on E-Bay. Pictures from the house and personal pictures sold on E-Bay. Kahlia is in kitchen for this discussion eating chips and staring and the picture wall.

1155pm BBT Kahlia and Jordan in bubble gum room talking about nothing special. Adam and Porsche out back, no sign of Rachel or Shelly.

Midnight Talk about food from Kahlia and Porsche while laying on living room couches. Adam doing dishes in kitchen. P/K move to kitchen, P wants bagel bitees. Showing Rachel in WC wiping her face on a towel hanging off shower door, now applying makeup remover and zit cream. No sign of Jordan or Shelly.

1215AM BBT Shelly and Rachel playing pool with Adam. Porsche and Jordan sitting on couch... [and my feeds go back to another time. not sure what is going on, so giving up for now[.

1217AM BBT Cam 4..........RACHEL GETS BENZ PUPPY BACK. [it took a few tries to get this to come up on my flash back.]

710 AM BBT All are sleeping.

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9:55 BBT "Good morning HG, its time to get up for day. HG there are fresh batteries in the SR" we hear..."Blackbirds singing in the middle of the night"....WBRB (someone was slow on the button today.)

((.lets get it straight...it was "Blackbird singing in the dead of night" Wake up music is Blackbird by the Beatles))

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Adam tells Shell he has to pack for only the second time. The other times he was on the block he got pulled off.


Adam didnt sleep much last night, he is still pissed off. He tried to be true and honest and will have to do something bad. Lying to them now will be bad.

Jordan: if there is 9 people left and you do it its different but now you have to.

Adam: I have no prob doing it but still...just trying to be as honest as possible. I know you understand, that makes me feel better.

Jordan: do you want to win or do you want to be nice to people. Thats just the way it goes. The girls are telling me to tell you what ever.

Adam: they are telling me to tell you what ever.

Jordan: I am glad you told me that, its just going to make me try harder for HOH.

Adam: If i wasnt with you I wouldnt tell you they were telling me to do that.

Adam: I Just want to stick with someone that has been more honest with me the whole game, not come to me a week ago.

Jordan: they just want to do what Dani told them to. They are still playing for Dani.


Rachel and Jordan talk. Those girls think they won it already. Jordan hopes it has to do with running. The girls cant run after sleeping and eating so much.

Rachel: its funny that they flipped on Shelly so fast.

Jordan: my gut tells me Shelly.

Rachel: maybe we should tell Kalia and Porsche we are thinking of keeping Shelly and see how fast they turn on Adam.

They talk about getting Kalia and Porsche to work out with them today and tomorrow...it will make them sore. Jordan thinks HOH will be enduro.

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Jordan tells Rachel: doesnt matter who goes, Me, you, Jeff, Bren are the votes.

Rachel: oh I know, they are dammed if they do, damned if they dont.

Jordan: its NOT going to somebody that sleeps all day.


Jordan said she trusted Adam more and Rachel said she trusted Shelly more. Rachel asks what are they going to do?

Jordan to Rachel: you know the game better then me. Tell me what to do. I feel if we kept Shelly its asking for you to get evicted.

Rachel: I know what you are saying.

They go outside to talk to Shelly. Shelly swears to God, she offered Rachel to hold onto her ring. She WILL NOT turn on them.

Porsche came out, talk changed to nail polish and what to do Adam for HOH pics. Shelly asks Porsche to give them a few minutes.

Shelly says she knows she wont get past third. Yesterday I felt yesterday was the first time you have been 100% honest with me. At the point I got the truth I put your dog under your pillow. I did take it. I feel free now. I have nothing to gain. I have honest everything in the house I can.

Rachel: we need someone that will stick with us.

Jordan: and not play sides. You will be protected. you are in the middle.

Shelly: I will speak to you in my speech tomorrow. I will say I will stick with you 100%. There will be no question about where Shelly Moore lies.

Jordan: Its just funny that they pulled you over there and now they dont talk to you.

Shelly: When I voted Jeff out they assumed I would flip to them.

Jordan: Adam said that they came to him & said vote out Jeff (during DE)

Shelly: Kalia said put up Jeff and Jordan. With everything that I have I know I have hurt you. I dont hurt people. My actions will speak louder then words.

Jordan is concerned about Shelly vote

Shelly: I WILL NOT vote for you. I want Kalia and Porsche out.

Jordan goes on...what if it was Tony and you? and you were blindsided. It hit me like woah... Why did you want Porsche to win the HOH?

Rachel: after she won you even hugged her.

ShellY: I knew if someone from that side won I was safe. If one of you had won I was going up.

Jordan: did you make a pack?

Shelly: they want a newbie to win. Asking you to look at all the things I DID do for you. I felt Jeff was standing in the way. I cant beat Jeff in comps.

Jordan: what about Dani? She said might as well write a check for Dani.

Shelly: all I can do is ask for forgiveness.

Jordan: I have to make sure that you wont run to them.

Rachel: in Final 3 everyone has as much chance as the other.

Jordan: If I have to at the end..I will be so sick to my stomach knowing that two people that has slept, flaunted HOH key, etc to win.

Shelly: that is not who I want to win. The game is over. This is personal. I plan on having friends for life. this is personal.

Jordan: I have to trust you 100%.

Rachel asks her if they can have a few minutes.

Shelly: I am not going to fuck you again. I know what I did.

Jordan: I just want to get through the 3 of us. I cant go with any one that isnt going to take her.

Rachel: and vice versa

Jordan: I feel they are getting close to Adam and what if they are getting close to Shelly?

Shelly: I will not turn on you. Rachel, I will not vote for you. Jordan, I will not vote for you. Dont know what more I can say. The only comp I genuinly fell off of was the banana. I tried with all the others. I knew Adam was lying. I feel in the last veto that all 3 of them threw it. They feel like now that if they keep Adam...They know I wont turn on you. Kalia is Kalia, I have nothing nice to say so I am not going to. She is now the Dani to Porsche.

Shelly goes inside.

Jordan: she is lying about the robot. She must not remember she told me, she told me she threw it, she put 3 peices on in the back to look like she did, I saw her...thats why I asked her

Rache: I dont trust her 100% but here is the arguement for keeping Shelly. Kalia and Porsche have been mean to her and Shelly knows that. They told Adam to tell us anything, do what you have to, say what you have to. Adam has been staying up and talking with them. We know that Adam and Porsche have had something the whole game. We have 2 evils. I feel we can beat Shelly in comps.

Jordan: I dont think either one is with us. She just lied to us, she said only one she told was Adam. What if she plots them against us.

Rachel: they are against us

Jordan: i feel I have made some bad discisions.

Rachel: when there are 8 people its keep you enemies close.

Jordan: they will take her to 3, I wont play with people like that. Kalia thinks she has won it already. She thinks she is on a high horse cuz she got out Jeff and Porsche thinks she is on a high horse cuz she won HOH.

Rachel: When did Adam decide it would be a good idea to keep me?

Porsche comes out to ask about pics

Jordan tells her they might keep Shelly. Porsche asks if she was swearing on the Bible.

Jordan says they are still trying to figure out what to do.

Porsche: as long as the 4 of us are still working on getting the other out next week.

Porsche goes back in...

Rachel: I can not stand Kalia

Jordan: did you see...Shelly??? huh??

Rachel: they are tring to make deals with Adam.

They go back and forth...

Jordan: she just lied to us.

Rachel: if there is no way she can come between us then she will go with Kalia and Porsche. I dont want to see us win HOH, be fine and they turn on us, vote me out and you dont have a chance.

Jordan: I would rather be 4th out then 3rd out. I dont want to go up against Kalia, I have done that twice and lost both time. I have seen Adam stare at the wall, he will be good. Why would he tell us that in the WCA if he was with them.

Rachel: he is scared of us.

Jordan: when it comes down to it you can read everything on his face.

Rachel: why is this so hard.

Jordan: it comes down to who we can trust for a vote, Shelly wond do that, she will do what is best for Shelly.

Rachel: She was either so brainwashed by Dani or something...

Jordan: how can her mind change so fast in two days.

Rachel: oh she hates me

Adam comes out....Kali said they want to be alone out there...well let them tell me that he says.

Jordan asks him why all of a sudden are they so with him.

Adam: they want me to vote out you.

Rachel: will you do it?

Adam: no you two are my girls thru and thru

Jordan tells him Shelly just lied to her.

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Rachel: if I win HOH this week they will say get out Adam.

Kalia comes out they ask to talk to Adam...Kalia slams the door shut...

Jordan: when we go to bed you are still up talking to them

Adam: told you about last night, coudnt sleep

Rachel: you have to pick a side. If you are 100% with us, then the chances are good for Final 4. and you have as much a chance at Final 3.

Adam: thats what pissed me off about them. As soon as you and Shelly had that fight Kalia came running to me and wanted to make a Final 2 deal with me.

Rachel: and she told everyone

Adam: as soon as she told me that we were back to the lying. I felt embarrassed, I hate that.

Rachel: when someone comes up and makes a final 2 deal with you, there are still 5 people left.

Jordan: it would make me sick to my stomach to have to vote for someone that sleeps more or cooks more

Adam: she wanted me to jump up and down with them..i was like...ehhhhh...and that walking around with key all the time is sooo pumpous. so you won something, dont flaunt it

Jordan: I would rather be 4th out.

They go over things Kalia did or didnt do (mostly didnt do)

Rachel says neither Dani or Kalia came to her to campaign. I went to everyone!

Jordan: ADam we have to keep Rachel here, she keeps the target off you and me.

Adam: I know I have to get Porsche out, I cant win against her.

They start to repeat things again.

Rache: and guess what. If you are still here and we are in jury...You win...we are 4 votes for you.

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Adam: I was out here pacing last night. I was livid, cursing myself for getting played.

Rachel: we are not promising you Final 2 but we are promising you a fair fight. Its any bodies game.

Meanwhile inside the house....

Porsche tells Shelly she will need sunglasses for pics.

Kalia not happy they are talking outside, she wants to go out and say they are using a public space todo their talking. She is not happy that they havent talked to her at all.

Porsche: the whole thing about them holding interviews is annoying to me.

Kalia: Just do what you say and say what you do. Never surprised my Rachel does cuz she is Rachel. She is captain of the ship.

Porsche: its a one man ship. Same shit we knew last week. Lets just hope our new Final 4 deal is good.

Kalia: at some point you have to trust people but that doesnt mean it will get you farther in the game. You do what ever is best for you in the game. I dont make big deals

Porsche: my deals were only one week deals till the Shelly thing. Really...just call me in for pics. They are cutting into my Pic time.

Kalia:I am thankful for being here but am tired of the people in the game.

Porsche: extremely.

Kalia: this could mean they intend to cover their butts

Porsche: they have played the game before

Kalia: at this point you have to cover your butts every way.

Porsche: If Jeff was here it would be such an uphill battle. Kept Rachel over Jeff so it wouldnt be so hard. Jeff wouldnt have done the Box.

They talk about what they have worn for Pics so far and they cant keep wearing the same thing

Kalia: How much longer can they keep talking. If they keep it up I am really getting agravated.

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11:02am Rachel and Jordan talking to Shelly Rachel says we told you before we don't trust you but if you were to stay we feel like you would turn on me Shelly says I don't know what else to say I swear I will not be an asshole I offered you my ring I have made my mistakes and I know you guys are together Porsche walks outside and talk turns to nail-polish

11:03am Porsche talking about getting camera soon and what pics they might take Shelly ask if she can have a couple minutes with Jordan and Rachel

11:05am Shelly says Jordan I know I hurt you and I know the best I can do is 3rd Rachel says we don't know that Jordan says all we need to Dominic is get to 3 Shelly says for the first time I feel like you Rachel have been 100% true you told me the truth Jordan I have never had anything from you but the truth at the point I got to the truth yesterday I put your dog back under your pillow Rachel says I knew you took it Shelly says it was in the tissue box beside your head

11:07am Shelly says Rachel I swear I will not put you up at all Jordan says we need someone that's not going to play sides because the other side wants to get rid of the veterans Shelly says I will put myself in harms way in my speech tomorrow that I am with you and it will piss off Kalia and Porsche

11:09am Shelly says here is what happened Thursday as soon as I voted Jeff out they assumed I was with them Jordan says Adam told her that they came to Adam before the vote and told him wer are voting out Jeff Shelly says she doesn't remember anyone saying vote Jeff out but Kalia said put up Jeff and Jordan Rachel says really Shelly says yeah

11:11am Jordan asking Shelly if next week it is Rachel and Kalia on the block who would you vote out Shelly says I will not vote Rachel out Jordan says well it's like you was so quick to turn on Jeff how do I know you won't do it again

11:13am Rachel asking Shelly why she was happy when Porsche won why was you like telling Adam we got it Shelly says if you guys had won I was going up and was done with her winning I knew I had a chance Jordan asking did yall make a pack that you all would stay together Shelly says no I was on the vets side from the beginning

11:18am Jordan saying her or Rachel have to win HoH this week or they will be going home Jordan saying if Kalia or Porsche goes to the end with me that doesn't mean they will win lets say if you go this week and they make it to the end I will be so sick at my stomach if someone who sleeps all day wins Jordan says it's a game but you know Shelly says the game is over now Jordan this is personal Jordan says I feel like before Daniele left she got what she wanted she got Jeff out and she told them to get us out so a new person could go to the end Rachel ask Shelly to give her and Jordan a minute alone

11:20am Shelly telling Jordan and Rachel I am not going to f you over again Jordan look at my heart it's real she says Rachel I will not vote you out and Jordan I won't vote you out I am with you 100% not 99 or 99.5 but 100% Jordan asked if she threw a competition Shelly said the only one I threw was the banana one all the other I played I didn't throw it and tyou will see on god my child and my husband I did not throw it

11:26am Rachel and Jordan talking in by alone Rachel says I really don't trust Adam here is the argument to keep Shelly Rachel says Kalia and Porsche can't stand Shelly they will throw her quick and Adam has been staying up all night talking to them and Adam and Porsche has had a think all summer with Porsche why would he stop now and when Adam won the cornhole he won it Jordan says but if it comes to the faces competition I think Adam could win it and we need that Jordan telling how Shelly had just lied to them about things Adam has done Jordan says in here is a 50/50 thing and I don't know Rachel says we have to be logical

11:28am Rachel and Jordan now going over votes for the season and how Shelly and Adam voting when and where they voted Porsche walks out to talk to them now about pictures Jordan tells Porsche they might keep Shelly Porsche says oh yeah Jordan says yeah I don't know Porsche says it isn't a big deal

11:30am Porsche says well yall do what you need but she is going to keep filling your ears with shit that she is filling our ears with Porsche gets up and walks back in the house

11:31am Rachel telling Jordan that the only reason she wants to keep Shelly is because they are so strong about keeping Adam Rachel says did you see Porsche face when we said we might keep Shelly and then she said well they bot have to go anyways so they want Adam here not Shelly

11:36am Jordan and Rachel talking about Adam being better at certain competitions and they don't know if they can trust Adam jow says you can read everything on Adams face we can tell if he is lying and Shelly just sit here and lied to our face she says we know Adam will vote the way we want him to vote but Shelly I just don't know

11:41am Jordan and Rachel talking to Adam Rachel says Adam if your still 100% with us then we have a good chance to final three and you have a good chance then Adam says as soon as we got to this final 4 they was all over me come to us come to us Kalia is always we will take you to final two and he was thinking why would you want me in final two

11:43am Rachel says when someone comes to you and tries to make a final two deal with you well there is still 5 people left Jordan says Kalia thinks she has this won and I know your close to Porsche but this would make me sick if we have to decide in final two on who cooks more or who sleeps more it makes me sick

11:45am Adam saying Porsche shouldn't flaunt it and walk around like she is the winner already just because she won a PoV and an HoH in one day Rachel says Kalia turned on you she never had a golden key and she just floated Adam says that's why I said put them up week two they wasn't" doing anything

11:48am Jordan tells Adam we have to keep Rachel here Adam she is the target we have to keep her Adam says yeah that's why I am with you guys Jordan ask Adam about Porsche Adam says yeah I have to get her out if I am next to her I can't win against her

11:49am Adam says I don't like people playing me and Kalia and Porsche are playing me I even noticed Shelly was playing me and I know you two aren't playing me you never have you have always been honest with me

11:56am Adam Rachel and Jordan still talking in by Adam telling the girls they can trust him a lot of repeating themselves

11:58am Adam says the only reason they wanna keep me around is to compete and to get you guys out he says Porsche can't play this week and they want me to win to get you two out Rachel says yeah

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Porsche is aggitated she took PD and now they get to make her HOH dicisions.

Shelly: I am aggitated there isnt a pair of pants I can fit into.

Porsche: they are cutting into my Pic time.

Shelly: they will give you your pic time. They dont want to interrupt the interview.

Kalia: you cant tell me you feel you will stay now with them talking so long

Shelly: Adam has been with them all along, they need to feel confident.

Kalia: he stood behind Jeff but wont stand behind Rachel.

Jordan opens the door and says they are done and they can come out now

Porsche: TY for letting us out into our back yard. Thats what gets me, they feel like they have all the power now.

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12:01PM BBT: Rachel saying Kalia is still not playing this game she wants everyone to do for her but she isn't playing this game

12:05PM BBT: Shelly goes to backdoor asking are they still not letting anyone out yet Porsche says no they are doing interviews out there Shelly says oh they got Adam now Porsche says yeah they are cutting into my camera time and it blows

12:08PM BBT: Jordan walks in and tells Kalia Porsche and Shelly they can come outside now Porsche says that bothers me that they feel they have the control over everyone now Shelly says that's what makes this an awesome game you never stay in one place all the time

12:11PM BBT: Kalia asking Adam if he is going to flip back Adam says no she says even Shelly said you better talk to Adam Kalia says I never shake on things and whoever stays I am going to be really mad Adam

12:13PM BBT: Adam says if I am still here let it be a bacon eating contest for HoH and not turkey bacon real bacon Kalia says you can have that one Adam and Adam walks in house

12:15PM BBT: Porsche and Rachel making bunny ears for the pictures for Adam to wear Jordan talking about her mom and the town she is from and how small it is and how grandpa is involved with everything Adam getting something to eat looks like it is cereal and strawberries and no bacon this morning

12:17PM BBT: Jordan and Shelly going to the by where Kalia is laying on the couch Jordan says she feels better after brushing her teeth Kalia says my legs are sore today Jordan says probably from the lunges Kalia starts singing then says she is sleepy

12:24PM BBT: Shelly telling Kalia and Jordan about learning to DR and how she lets Josie drive in her lap Kalia says she took her driving test with a stick shift truck Porsche Rachel and Adam still making bunny ears at kitchen table just general talk

12:31PM BBT: Shelly telling about a trip to ohio and stopping at a store to get smokes and a diet Pepsi she says it was so cold she just wanted to go to her hotel and stay there she was in a rent care and when she came out of the store she came back out and her car was gone with her purse and laptop and all the guy was hiding behind the ice machine and took her car

12:31PM BBT: she sais she seen the car in the middle of the intersection spinning and got stuck in the ice the guy got out and ran she had to walk out there and get her car but the guy didn't take anything at all he got scared so she went to the hotel after getting the car and stayed there and called her mom to tell her what happened

12:34PM BBT: Adam staring at the memory wall Kalia Jordan and Shelly outside Jordan checking on laundry Rachel washing hands in bathroom area Adam walks in to brush his teeth

12:42PM BBT: Kalia and Porsche talking to Jordan and Rachel about them being the final 4 Jordan says in this game you don't know what's going to happen and I have to start playing the game smarter and playing with those that are nicer to me Kalia says no one feels the need to ask you but I don't think I dunno I guess I was under the impression that Shelly was leaving and now it seems shaky I just wanna make sure we are on the same page

12:43PM BBT: Jordan says well we just don't know yet we don't know where you are right now your either with us or your not and Adam walks out in by talk stops and turns to being a bunny for pics

12:50PM BBT: Kalia and Jordan inside Kalia says hey just know that whatever happens I trust you Jordan says I just know it's you and Porsche and me and Rachel and whoever goes the other will be working with you two and Daniele told y'all what to do Kalia says no no no I am playing my own game not Daniele's Jordan says I know after Rachel leaves I will be the next target and I don't want to go to final three with you and Porsche because you two will take each other

12:52PM BBT: Jordan says after Porsche read that card she rolled her eyes and that told me she was after Rachel then when Rachel won the PoV she was like I am sorry Shelly I am sorry so that tells me y'all are after us Kalia says I see it if you win HoH Thursday whoever stays will be right back on your side Jordan says of course

12:56PM BBT: Kalia saying I wish next week was a bi week but I just don't know what Rachel would do I know what I would do and I would never put you up Jordan says I know but you never know what Porsche would do after that veto when she said this is what Daniele wanted me to do then I don't trust her Kalia says yeah I understand

12:57PM BBT: Kalia says I understand you don't trust Porsche but I trust Porsche I see where she is coming from and you don't and I know if we are up against Adam I know we can beat him Jordan says she just wants people to be honest and no one has been honest with her all season

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1:13 PM BBT

Adam and Jordan talking. She telling him that Kalia/Porsche said if they win HOH they will put up Adam and Rachel."Thank you, Thank you so much. For being the person you are. You have been true and honest to me. I owe it to you to be true and honest with you. " says Adam

Jordan tells Adam that she told Kalia "I don't want to be in the final 3 with you and Porsche."

1:39 PM BBT

Jordan and Shelly talking. Jordan saying that they had Shelly's back the whole time. They get interrupted by Porsche - Pictures!

Jordan and Shelly back outside. "Once the game is over it's over I'm not taking personal gripes outside of the game." Jordan says. "That's good to hear." says Shelly.

Por/Rach come outside and tell the girls to put their bunny ears on. "Why?" asks Jordan. "Because Adam is putting on his robe and making a cigar. " says Porsche "We're going to be Playmates?" asks Jordan. "Well, Kind of." Porsche replies.

All the girls have their tinfoil bunny ears on. Adam wearing a pink robe and sunglasses with a tinfoil cigar.

"Reservoir Dogs" theme picture is up next. Everyone in sunglasses walking.

Rachel just nearly fell over standing on a KT bench. Rachel says her booty got bigger this summer "It's good to have a big booty." Jordan says.

1:56 PM BBT

"You want me to do a picture of getting sexy back?" laughs Rachel. Adam is going to cannonball in the pool for them to take a pic.

1:58 PM BBT

The girls take a 'booty shot' of all their booty's. The girls laugh at the idea as Kalia tells everyone how she's done this before with her sisters and the picture was in the wedding album with "Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour" etc labelled.

2:01 PM BBT

Adam did the cannonball and they captured it with the camera. Everyone agrees it's a great shot.

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3:05PM BBT: Jordan says we have to win this if we win this we prove to ourselves and to everyone else that we can do this just me and you Rachel says yeah

3:06PM BBT: Rachel says I think we got it Jordan says I do too but we have to fight our butts off Rachel says right Jordan says last week I kinda had a weird feeling and it was double eviction and this week I feel good

3:10PM BBT: Adam and Kalia in kitchen Adam eating Kalia worried about doing laundry Adam says I will ask if we are still on ld at 4 Kalia says she is so like out of her mind bored and goes to the the bubblegum room to put something away Jordan and Rachel still in Have-Not room talking about they have to win tomorrow Jordan says we have to win or one of us goes home

3:12PM BBT: Jordan telling Rachel they need to get Kalia and Porsche to do a lot of squats with them tonight so they will be so sore tomorrow Jordan says Kalia was complaining today her legs hurt from it last night so lets get em to work out tonight so they will be to sore for the comp

3:17PM BBT: Jordan and Rachel talking about Pandora's box Jordan says it's a good thing we wasn't" HoH this week because we got saved and we get to play together Rachel saying maybe the next Pandora will be the diamond PoV and that would keep us safe another week she is now explaining to Jordan how the diamond PoV works

3:19PM BBT: Rachel talks about them not opening the Pandora's box Jordan says but if it was a pic of my mom on it would be hard not to open it Rachel says but Jordan we are so close to the final two remember how Jeff told you before to put your hear into it and focus Jordan says yeah Rachel says that's what you need to do

3:22PM BBT: Kalia walks in spaceship room to lay down Shelly is already napping Adam sitting at table in kitchen staring at memory wall Jordan and Rachel still in Have-Not room repeating about winning and getting to final two Rachel says she can't believe Daniele told them everything Jordan says yeah me either

3:25PM BBT: Shelly gets up goes to kitchen to get a snack Adam is washing dishes Jordan now going to get something to eat tells Rachel she will bring her food back in the Have-Not room Rachel yawns

3:32PM BBT: Rachel Jordan and Shelly sitting at DR table Jordan says it is cold in here she says I just washed my sheets and made my bed Adam is now laying down in the the bubblegum room Kalia taking a nap Porsche in HoH doing her blog

3:33PM BBT: correction Porsche is doing her tweets

3:43PM BBT: Rachel and Porsche in kitchen talking about the house being cold Adam Jordan and Kalia taking a nap not sure where Shelly went to Rachel washing dishes now Porsche talking about no one working out today Rachel says wanna later Porsche says that's a possibility

3:50PM BBT: old is now over Rachel and Jordan are walking in by yard now Jordan says if they don't lock us down till 4 or 5 am then HoH will probably be questions if we get locked down in a couple of hours it might be physical or endurance Jordan says you realize after this Thursday we only have 14 days left just two weeks Rachel says I know

3:53PM BBT: Porsche is on by couch eating Shelly is laying in the sun on a lounger Rachel and Jordan still walking Kalia in bed sleeping not sure where Adam went after he smoked his ciggarett

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5:25 PM BBT

Adam and Porsche going through "What happened on what day?" reviews.

On September 14th it's "the Big 4" concert (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) and Adam will be missing it. He just said, "If that's finale night than Farrah better sell her ticket"

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5:34 PM BBT

Kalia talking to Jordan and Rachel about how much she misses her BF> She just wants to hold his hand. Or feel his hand on her belly.

Rachel just got out of the shower.

They talk about how they should get free drinks when they get out of the house.

Rachel cut her legs with those cheap razors. (This is what you are missing while you watch the show... ZuZu)

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5:36 PM BBT

Rachel says she'll keep Adam. If he can win something and help them out great. She wants him to understand that if he turns on them he'll play for second place. None of the 4 of them will vote for him. She guesses that Shelly doesn't care if she wins first or second place.

Rachel says "Just because he doesn't have the balls to get rid of Porsche doesn't mean anything. Listen. We've made our decision. Let's just stick to it. If he's lying to us, he's lying to us. That's it."

Jordan: You're right, Shelly's still lying to us. Still lying.

Rach: Exactly. At least Adam will tell us if we're going out. I think if we keep asking him and bugging him he's going to get nervous. He hand shook on it. We have to trust someone in this game, I don't think Adam is a bad decision. Shelly, I don't think, can win the veto.

Jord: Adam and Porsche and You, Adam Porsche and Me, they are going to take each other.

Rach: That's ok, if it happens it happens.... And Brendon and I have a trick...

Jord: What do you mean?

Rach: I'll tell you about it later.

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4:03PM BBT: Porsche/Kalia discussing what LDs mean for competitions, longer the LD longer the competition. Outside Jordan/Rachel Adam also discuss comp's. They don't think HoH competition will be questions. Skill or endurance.

4:09PM BBT: Kalia says she is always anxious on Wednesdays. Porsche suggests Kalia is PMS'ing or fatigued. (Yes, obviously she doesn't rest enough)

4:13PM BBT: Jordan telling Shelly that Jeff said if he ever proposed he would make it a surprise. Rachel suggests he'll propose on finale night, Jordan hopes not. Shelly picks her nose. In HoH, Porsche talks to the fish.

4:17PM BBT: or telling Rachel to contact shows and get her dream wedding, no need to rush. Rachel says she just wants to get married, it's been two stressful summers. Jordan says well you signed up for this. Rachel says she agrees and is happy she did it. Shelly shakes her head and says "She's crazy". Rachel says BB is fun and glad she came back, plus otherwise she'd never have met J&J..Jordan says just say Jeff and Jordan. Shelly pretends to throw up a little.

4:18PM BBT: Jordan says her fans are really nice to them online. Rachel says the Brenchel fans are too. Rachel/Jor talking about funny DR messages they've done. Meanwhile, Kalia is asleep again.

4:19PM BBT: Rachel/Jordan discuss bashing people in DR..but haven't bashed each other. They discuss couple names for themselves Jorchel, Radan...

4:22PM BBT: Jeff has never watched his first season, Rachel/Brendon will not watch this season. In HoH, Porsche is looking through clothes.

4:29PM BBT: Jordan notices some of her unitard uniform is missing(tutu and dunce cap), Shelly thinks prod took it. Prod says you are not allowed to talk about prod. Jordan says if "she" took my unitard..grr. Porsche says "I took no unitard, that's for sure" Jordan goes to DR. Adam blows some kisses, shows devil horns to camera. Feeds go to WBRB.

4:33PM BBT: Feeds back. Jordan on elliptical saying "I liked that thing, I should take it and sell it" Shelly promises she didn't touch it. Porsche says if I'm prime suspect because I like the tutu, you can check my stuff. Porsche says I only hid the duck because it was funny, for a minute.

4:34PM BBT: Porsche walking backyard while lifting weights, Rachel stretching, Jordan walking, Adam snacking, Shelly sitting, Kalia sleeping (inside).

4:39PM BBT: Porsche asks Adam if Jordan thinks she took the tutu, Adam says no. Rachel/Jor are now jogging around the BY. Adam says if he's still here tomorrow and HoH is physical, he doesn't want to be sore.

4:43PM BBT: A plane going over the BB house was so loud I took off my headphones to go see what was buzzing my house. Adam/Porsche talking food. Jordan in house drinking water.

4:48PM BBT: Porsche telling HGs online gambling was banned in US, when using real money.

4:50PM BBT: Adam starts making fun of people who cut themselves, Porsche tells him to stop it's a disease. They start talking about Demi Lovato.

4:53PM BBT: Rachel heads to the shower, then will make some food. Porsche/Adam go back to talking about amusement parks.

4:56PM BBT: Adam says he can't get a read off them, Porsche says they're being so dramatic. In bathroom area, Jordan asks Rachel if they're making the right decision. Rachel says she doesn't know or if it matters.

4:58PM BBT: Porsche wishes she hadn't opened Pandora's box, hopes Adam will still work with them if he stays. He nods, says he needs to stay. He's not ready to be done. In bathroom area, Rachel says honestly, I think Shelly or Adam would vote me out. Rachel is going to do some laundry, Jordan says go look how they'll be talking and when they see you, they quit.

4:59PM BBT: While Rachel was outside the conversation never stopped..but she tells Jordan that they stopped talking when she was outside. Asks Jordan what her gut says. Jor's gut says Shell, Rachel's gut says Adam.

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