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Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 8/26


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Shelly going on an on about Jordan being bitchy.

I hope the competition is something like climbing. Adam and Shelly and Kalia would not be very good at it.

Rachel and Jordan spent a lot of time working out and keeping in shape.

Jordan and Rachel should start calling Shelly Mommie Dearest.

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Don't worry.....this is all pre-meditated. Next week the power will flip and create "new drama". Happens all the time. There is no way both Jordan and Rach will go home and the other 4 make it to the end. No one would care who won at that point and no one would watch. Don't worry. power shift again next week ;-)

How very Jeff of you! I likey. :)

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OK the way they figured it out on Sucks--only Shelly or Rachel can go home this week--don't ask me why but that's what they are all agreeing on!

If J/R wins POV then A/S go up and Shelly goes home. If anyone else wins POV then noms stay the same and Racehl goes home.

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Info from Sucks:

J wrote:

Im not sure where I heard it

but I believe the Vets are getting a flat $25,00 for the summer

Fiero(Porsche) just said the veterans got three times the stipend of the newbies .. so $750 x 3 per week

Regular HG = $750 a week x 11 = $8,250 stipend

Returning HG = $2250 x 11 = $24,750

So jeff had 15 more and jordan will probably get 25 more

I read the same info -- that the vets were paid 25K to return and the newbies a lot less. If I were a vet, I would have come back, too. I know people think that a vet shouldn't win because THEY HAVE PLAYED BEFORE, but they were invited to return, so I think it's fair. Although, I must admit I liked Shelly at the beginning. No more. Too much of a liar (and not just lying like the others, she really worked hard to appear sincere -- I didn't like that). And I liked Adam too, but he can't win anything!!

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