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8/25 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:15pm BBT rach, adam and jeff still practicing the "game" jor was just called to the DR.

dani and por in kitchen talking crap about rach(as usual). por is cooking slop pancakes, they keep whispering but i can't hear over the sizzle of the food.

shelly still cleaning the bathroom. rach offered to help.

looks like rach found her puppy in the purple room. she then puts on her fuzzy boots and heads back outside to practice some more.

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9:28pm BBT dani, kal and por are all searching the house thinking rach stole something(she actually hid the puppy in her boots to put it away but they are thinking she is stealing stuff). now dani has come to the conclusion that it was a preggo test(since she just came out of the DR).

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9:33PM BBT Adam, Jeff and Rachel are in the BY practicing for the next competition. BB has given them a game made out of a long, curvy flat wooden board with two handles on one end and a hole on the other end. The object is to maneuver the blue balls along the curvy wooden board and into the hole. Jeff has gotten the last two out of four blue balls in the hole. Rachel takes a turn with her legs spread wide in a squat position looking like she is water skiing.

9:38PM BBT Adam is called to the DR. Jeff said he will put the steaks on after his next turn. Jeff gives Rachel and Jordon clues on how to get the ball in the hole. Jordon said that Porsche is the one to beat because she has been practing and has gotten the ball in the hole. Jeff starts to show a good technique, but Jordon tells him to be careful because Kalia is watching. They don't want P, D or Kalia to win. Jordon said if her side doesn't win it Jeff and Rachel are going up on the block. Rachel said that is for sure.

9:43PM BBT Jordon's turn. She misses quickly and Jeff tells her to bend her knees. Jordon says NOT to do well when Porsche is around because she is really good.

9:44PM BBT Posche and Daniele are in the kitchen. Porsche is finished cooking slop pancakes and is washing the frying pan and dishes. Dani is sitting at the round table. Dani talks about being sent to the jury house. Porsche tells her that she will send Jeff next and then follow him. She promises to say nice things about Dani in her goodbye speech. Porsche told Dani that she has to promise to make Kalia stop hating her. Daniele said Kalia doesn't hate you, she hates me. Dani looks at the HG pictures and saiys, "I did like that picture of you, but now that I know you it doesn't look like you at all." Porsche said she is going to be known as the sweat suit girl and that she wore them with pride.

9:51PM BBT Porsche puts her slop pancakes on a plate and goes outside. Shelly just finished cleaning the bathroom. She starts on Adam telling him that there was yellow all over the toilet seat. It can't be Jeff because he uses the HOH toilet. Kalia takes a turn at the teeter ball game. Rachel takes a turn and said she is not very good. Kalia said she made it in a couple times. Rachel is able to get the ball all the way to the end but it falls off before it goes in the hole. Shelly said she sees some people have been practicing because eveyone is getting it to the end. Adam said that BB ususally makes the practice harder than the actual competitions. Shelly's turn to get it in the hole (Rachel's comment). Shelly said, "That's what she said." Shelly keeps getting to the same spot and misses. She said this is not her forte. Shelly said she is tired of cleaning up after people who don't care.

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10:03PM BBT Rachel in the kitchen going through the fridge...and leaving the door open for a long time.

10:04PM BBT Kalia's turn at the teeter ball game. She misses and says, "F***" ... I've got to stop staying that!" She tries again and misses. Rachel comes outside with a bowl of edamame and sits down next to Porsche. Porsche asks to her move because she is on slop and can't eat them. Rachel moves to the couch. Kalia keeps trying to get the ball in the hole and misses. Adam's turn while Porsche sits and waits for her turn. Kalia eats some of the edamame and said she loves them with sea salt. Adam keeps trying. "My first one is usually pretty good and then after that..."Kalia sitting on the couch talking to Jordon saying that it has gotten ridiculous in the house. Jordon agreed and said, "Everyone is starting to tell everyone what to do and making it uncomfortable." Kalia said she is tired of doing all the work while others ride on her coattails. Kalia is tired of putting the target on her back. Jordon said there are a couple people in the house that are playing both sides so no matter what they are safe.

10:14PM BBT Porsche's turn at teeter ball. She makes it to the end, but the ball falls off the board before it goes in the hole. Adam thinks the contest will be the fastest to get the ball in the hole, if not, then the furthest ball wins. Adam said the balls are getting chipped everytime they land on that [didn't finish his sentence]. Porsche's turn continues. Porsche said she misses the golf game. She almost made it in, but the ball fell off. Rachel asks if she can try it. Rachel hasn't gotten any in the hole. Rachel's turn at teeter ball. Porsche goes inside to make iced coffee.

10:24PM BBT Porsche inside talking to Daniele. She said they should do Amazing Race together. They are looking at the playdoh and bendaroo HG faces they made earlier. They talk about Rachel eating edamame that is from the luxury competion and is 30 days old. BB tells Dani to stop obstructing her microphone. Dani tells Porsche what the next few competitions will be like. She says, "Don't be afraid of making deals with peope. You have to tell them what they want to hear. Adam only wants to hear about Adam...." [i got interrupted]

10:34PM BBT Adam and Kalia in the kitchen. Adam is talking about the next possible competitions.

10:36PM BBT Adam goes outside to eat his steak with Jeff. Jordon's turn at teeter ball. Jordon tells Jeff and Adam what she and Kalia were talking about. Jordon said she was talking to Kalia just to see what she would say, but Kalia didn't give anything away. Rachel sits down with a plate of steak. Jeff lights up a cigarette while the others are still eating. They talk about stuffed mushroom and clams and how good they are. BB said,"Porsche, please fasten your microphone. It is sliding down the cable." Jeff cheers and said- "Woa. That's a new one." Adam says here's a scenario, "Let's say we do HOH tomorrow night"...WBRB

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10:05pm BBT - Kal now practicing the game. Rach in KT. Shell throws Adm under bus to Jor but so subtly Jor may not have understood. She's then called to DR. Adm and Por on ball pickup-duty for Kal.

10:10pm BBT - Rach brings food outside to watch Kal practicing. Feeds 3/4 on Dani laying down in HNBR. Adm now taking a turn, Jor and Kal on the BY couches, everyone watching the practicing. Adm had a good run going but couldn't go all the way. Por alone helping Adm collect the balls that fall off the board.

10:15pm BBT - Kal and Jor trying to figure out how the game might be implemented for real, maybe numbers on the board to score how far they get. Kal can't wait to eat again. Rach joins them on the couch. Adm got one in the hole but hasn't had any luck since. Por now taking her turn without much success. Adm picking up her balls.

10:25pm BBT - Por now talking w/Dani in HNBR. Rach practicing on the game board, Jor & Adm watching from the couches. No one helping pick up her spent balls. Rach finishes and leaves Kal to pick up the balls for herself. Dani & Por playing with the bendi toys. Jeff heads into the KT and Jor follows. Looks like late dinner for JeJo.

10:30pm BBT - Adm back on the practice board. Dani giving Por advice in the HNBR, telling her exactly what the HoH and PoV comps will be (based on past history). She tells Por that final HoH endurance will hurt for 5hrs then afterwards won't hurt anymore. She tells Por to not be afraid to make deals or use things against them.

10:35pm BBT - Jor says Shell said something in passing about the hidden items and now they realize that all three (Por/Dani/Kal) have been hiding Rach's things. Rach asks why they hate her and Bren so much? Jeff says its HS shit. Rach says they are trying to get under her skin. Jeff says the funny part is when they walk out. Adm and Kal in the KT while this BY Couch convo takes place. Jeff says they can hide shit in the jury house. Jor is practicing the game, gets it in the hole.

10:37pm BBT - Jor wonders if she should try to win HoH so both Rach and Jeff can compete in the next one. Rach says they all need to try to win it. Jeff says look at Jor getting all competitive. Rach comes into KT and Adm/Kal's game talk ends. Dani told Por she has 2 speaches planned, a nice one and the one she wants to give. Jor repeats to BY group (Adm now there) Kal convo about how the game isn't fun anymore, some ppl protected on both sides.

10:40pm BBT - Dani & Por leave HNBR. Looks like Jeff cooked steak for everyone and Adm put on lots of spices. Por in the KT. Adm likes mushrooms in sauces but he takes the stuffing out of stuffed shrooms. Adm throws out a scenario that we can't hear because BB calls out a detailed instruction to Por how to wear her mic. Adm throws out that this weekend could pack a week into the weekend. Rach says they won't do a live show on Sun. Rach says dbl eviction not live.

Jeff says this could be an HoH comp, it has to be fast and they did more complex things during Rach & Jeff's seasons. Dani/Por head outside. Adm asks what she did to get yelled at by BB? Shell now practicing the game. Adm finishes eating and takes his dish inside. Dani and Por watching Shell. All critical talk seems to have died with Dani outside. Rach watching Shell too. She's next to practice.

10:50pm BBT - Shell now taking a smoke by the BY couches where Jor is sitting. Dani, Por watching Rach practice The guys are inside in the KT. Shell says she shouldn't have cleaned the WC, should have stayed out here to practice. Rach gets to the end but not in the hole. Singing. FotH. Rach ends her turn. Jeff goes to SR, gets something from a medicine cabinet. Adm back outside lighting up. Rach sitting net to Jor on couches, discussing the food. Jeff visits WC. Por on game board.

10:55pm BBT - Por makes it into the hole and everyone cheers. Shell now practicing and gets close to the hole but misses by that much. Rach finishes her food and takes her dishes inside. Por takes over after Shell decides she needs another smoke.

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10:46PM BBT Rachel's turn. Jordon and Shelly watching her.

10:47PM BBT Adam and Jeff in the kitchen doing their dishes. Adam mocks Daniele and says, "Sitting on the couch with Julie tomorrow is going to be "awkward."

10:50PM BBT Porsche's turn at teeter ball. Dani and Shelly are watching. Porsche is able to make it to the end, but has trouble getting it in the hole.

10:55PM BBT Jeff, Jordon and Adam sitting on the couch in the BY. [Has anyone ever tried to count how many cigarettes Adam smokes in a day?!] Shelly's turn. She practices for a short time and says she wants to stop to smoke a cigarette. Rachel, Jordon and Shelly watching Adam and Jeff rack the balls on the pool table. Porsche's turn.

11:09PM BBT Adam's turn. Dani and Kalia outside. Rachel's turn. Kalia and Dani watching her. Rachel said she likes to go fast at the end. Kalia is cold and goes inside to put pants on. Rachel's ball makes it all the way to the end, but falls off as she tries to get it in the hole. Dani sitting there staring at Rachel with a scowl on her face. Shelly's turn. Jeff's sits down with a bowl of ice cream. Everyone quietly watching the teeter ball game. Shelly said, "It's not my job to get it in the hole. Every competition is about getting it in the hole . That's not my job. My job is to get it there."

11:19PM BBT Rachel and Jordon whispering strategy [i can't understand them]. Shelly says it's not her job, again and BB says, "That's what she said." *laughter* Rachel said everytime she hears "That's what she said it makes her think of Little Raegan.

11:22PM BBT Rachel is craving chocolate. Jordon says, "I can't wait 'till she's gone." [Daniele?] Jordon tells Shelly that she is getting the hang of it again. Shelly, "They like balls and holes. Last week it was rolling down a slippery hill and getting in the hole. This week it's rolling it down a snake and getting it in the hole."

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11:11 BBT

shelly and Jordan are on the couch saying nothing.... Rachel practicing on the apparatus....

Shelly says to Jordan "God if looks could kill" really not sure who she was referring to but I think it was Dani who had justsitting staring at Rachel...

Shelly gets up to try...Rachel plops down on the couch and Rachel cheers on Shelly "yay shelly" Jeff eating and its mostly silence...

Shelly getting to the end but not getting in the hole..."its not by job to get it in the hole" she says its "to direct it" or "get it there" as she continues to fail...

Dani continues to shoot daggers from her eyes..."this is what happens every fucking time" and exasperated Shelly belllows to Adam...

11:18 BBT Rachel and Jordan are talking on the couch...Jeff eating his icecream

Rachel telling Jordan what she thinks its gonna be...

Shelly bitching "its not my job to get it in the whole" BB "that's what she said".....Shelly frustrated...

11;20 BBT Adam's up practicing..Jordan worried about a guessing tiebreaker....and if its against porsche..."I have a feeling you're ggoing to" win HOH Rachel tells Jordan she says she want a lettet pic and Rachel has a feeling its the veto.....

Rachel "i'm craving chocolate"

Jordan "i can't wait til she gone tomorrow" she says about Dani...

11:24 BBT

Adam getting frustrated....Shelly still complaining her ball keeps rolling over the hole..she says BB like balls and wholes...

11:25 Shelly says "we need some stick games to favor the girls"....Rachel asks if BB asked about the hotdog eating contest....Adam thinkks they may cut the feeds and says "they love showmances...

Dani bitter in Kitchen saying people are there to push J&J ahead and tells Kalia to get Jeff out "or you have no chance to win"

11:27 Shelly flys by still whining she can't get it in the hole...

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11:31 BBT

Everyone is outside Jeff and Adam are playing pool

they are taking turns on the aparatus...

Rachel is up and almost makes it...she making it to the end but seems to have the shelly problem of getting it in the hole...

11:33 BBT "right on the money' shelly says as Rach finally makes one...

The guys playing pool in their dumb accents...

Porsche is sporting gloves....

11:36 BBT shelly has resorted to begging God to help her with her worthlessness...

Nothing excitin...nothing worth reporting ...people are practicing....guys playing pool

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11:26PM BBT Daniele and Kalia in the K talking. Dani said you have to get Jeff out of the house or else you will have absolutely no shot to win. Shelly walks past and says she can't get it in the hole. Kalia sitting alone at the K table staring blankly straight ahead.

11:29PM BBT Daniele is called to the DR. Porsche goes outside to the BY. Jordon's turn. She is trying to get three in a row, but doesn't want to practice too much. They decide to do 8 practice balls each.

11:32PM BBT Jeff and Adam shooting pool. Rachel's turn, then Kalia. Pool game continues.

11:45PM BBT Jeff and Adam still shooting pool. They keep talking with the Mario accents. Kalia sitting on the couch in the BY talking to Shelly, who is smoking another cigarette. Jeff says a stream of curse words after missing a shot. Pool game over-rerack. Jeff sinks four balls in a row. They finsh the game and rerack.

11:56PM BBT Porsche and Shelly are inside. Shelly goes back outside to practice again because she is tired of embarrassing her family with those "stupid games." Rachel's turn. She is talking to the ball as it rolls.

11:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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11:59 BBT

Not a lot of excitement on the feeds and have a feeling its gonna be like this all night..

Jeff playing pool with Adam...

Jordan sitting in the HT

Dani is talking to Porsche about looking for her shit as Porsche says she's allowed ro go through everyone's shit "I asked"

A little Rachel bashing...more talk she is pregnan t

Talk turns to what they are wearing and Dani warns not to help Shelly because "she's all over the board"...Porsche "she really sucks" about Shelly and says Kalia isn't much better and Dani says Porsche is good..

Porsche says Dani needs to practice a s a "last ditch hope....effort" so Adam will says he needs her to win...but Dani whines that Adam is worried "he can't beat me'

Porsche says to go out and practice and not mope...

12:04 BBT Dani is crying "i'm like really...sad" as she talks to Kalia in the bathroom "i wish i could just leave" she says...

Dani "i'm going second to Jury"...wah wah wah...Kali says she isn't doing very well with that "thing outside" Dani says "that makes me feel worse" jeff uses the bathroom...

12:07 BBT Dani asking if Kalia wrote her speech....."mines a two parter..trying to trump the one I wrote for PT"..."its probably gonna offend a few people....If I'm going down...I'm going down good"...buts says she's right on the belt...with her speech...

Dani "amybe if I make people hate me" and calling Adam "a loser" for telling Rachel he would vote for her if she made it to the final two..."nobody she be awarded for being the type of fable that she is" Dani says....

12:10 BBT Dani says she gonna tell Brendon "you can be a big dick" and says Rachel is an awful person but now she gets it out of the way they can be friends..

Dani tells Kalia she can't turn her back on Porsche...Kalia is balling...as they talk their admiration of Porsche...

12:11 BBT back to laughing about rachel being pregnant saying she's happy she trapped Brendon and Dani wish they got booze to see if Rachel drank

Dani if her or Porsche win HOH "you better scream my name" as Dani advises Kalia ...

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1211BBT Kalia and Daniele in have-not room. Kalia is crying as Daniele is telling her that she can not ever turn her back on Porsche.

Daniele thinks that Rachel took a preg test cause she is acting really happy. They joke she is preg and has trapped Brendon forever. They wish they could get alcohol so they would know for sure.

Kalia- Talks about not being able to trust anyone. Daniele says that she has Porsche. Kalia says they can't do it by themselves. Daniele tells her that Shelly and Adam are alone. She tells her to stay close to Shelly and hang out with Jordan more.

Daniele has a couple of zingers for Julie.

Danile tells Kalia when everyone starts cheering (the audience) say, "oh my god, that is by far the loudest cheer yet."

Daniele reassures Kalia she will be just fine with Porsche.

Daniele- You really didn't put the chess pieces back.

Kalia- I didn't.

D- She found quackers today to.

K- What was she doing in the toilet?

D- I am so over the slop. I am definitely not eating any tomorrow.

Porsche enters eating slop pancakes with sugar and drinking skim milk. She see's Kalia crying and hugs her.

(Switching feeds to cover by.)

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1220BBT Shelly & Jeff on the smoking couch outside.

Jeff telling shelly she needs to practice. Shelly says that Jordan and Porsche are by far the best at it (the balance ball game).

Shelly is upset that no one else notices that there is urine on the toilet.

Jeff asks Adam for a smoke.

Adam has to go and get another pack.

Adam questions if Shelly is all worked up about something.

Jeff replies they have her worked up and she needs to stay away from them and so does he.

Adam goes to take towels inside and Jeff warns him that Daniele is in the Bathroom crying.

Adam says he is going to go a different way.

Jordan questions jeff about if Shelly and Adam both went back there.

Adam walks back out and says "Pitty party of three, stay classy San Diego"

Jordan and Rachel practicing.

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12:14 BBt Seems Daniele has accepted her fate as Dani wants Kalia to tell everyone her cheer when she leaves was the loudest one "by far"

Kalai Balling "wahhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhh"

12:15 BBT Dani asking Kalia if she put the chess pieces back..Kalia thinks Rachel found them...and she found quakers too...

Porsche looking 'for my friends" as she prepares more slop...and says "i got the ball in the whole again"

Porsche comes in "what are you eating fatty" as she comes into the bathroom eating slop..

"what's wrong" Porsche asks as she sees Kalia in a blubbering mess...

Porsche tries to hug her but is able to get her arms around the top of her...

12:19 BBT Back outside Jeff and Shelly on the couch...not convo except when Jeff hacks up....Jeff says "trust people..people are going to choke" and tells her to get fired up but Shelly says she wants to go back to cleaning the bathroom and Jeff says "that's what you're getting fired up for" and complains HG are pigs...

Jeff "can I have a smoke kruddy" and says "yes I have to get another pack"

Jeff says "daniele's crying in the bathroom" he warns adam about putting the towels in...he says he'll go the opposite..

Jeff instructing them how to do the apparatus..."pity party of three" Adam says when he comes out....

12:24 BBT

Back in the bathroom...they are going back over about Keith....Porsche leaves...Dani I'm giving "pt and Lawon a pajama jam shoutout"...Kalia wants to hear her speech but Dani says it will be a suprise..

They are back to obsessing over Rachel..and whether she's pregnant..Rachel bashing....Kalia says she's "a b word" ....as Dani says Idiot was never defined like it was when she got into the BB house {did you look in a mirror}

Now she fawning over PT and BB does a FOTH...

12:27 BBT FOTH

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12:29 BBT

Dani just said she should have "kept brendon in this house" as she goes over how Jeff told her she wasn't gonna get backdoored...

Dani says Jordon avoids her "because she wasn't confronted"..Dani calls her a liar when Kali says Jordan "swore" the didn't says they wouldn't backdoor her....Dani "its an emtional move" because what I did "week 3" and says it "is not a game move" and complains no one except her knows how to play with "strategy"

12:32 BBT Dani the experts going over her predictions...warning if Adam wins her and Rachel goes up..

Dani saying she threw the cornhole comp but didn't want to win so to pull someone off and says she should have kept Brendon...

12:34 BBT Dani continues with her advice and says she only has to worry about Rachel in an endurance and tells Kalia not to make deals as "that's when you go home"

12:35 BBT brief FOTH and Dani back to warning about Shelly.....Dani warns Kalia "Adam's lying" he's not gonna win things....and sats "stick to Porsche"..."Jeff has to go...nobody will beat him....nobody"

Dani whines she has to "hang out with Brendon for a week and " in the JH for anither 3 weeks "for a stipend"

12:37 FOTH

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12:38 BBT

Dani telling Kalia to prepare themselves for the FF and it may be better to win HOH...

Kalia balling say a part of me wants to go there and tell them to vote her out and say she hates being in the BB house...

Kalia balling again.... "kalia you want this....you're staying her I'm going home"....Kalia says she doesn't know "if I can win" wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhh

12:40 BBT Kali is a mess crying saying she can't win...."i don't care about winning the money" she just wanted to be ant the end with Dani to tell them "you all suck donkey dick"

"i'm a fucking mess" kalia observes about herself.....Dani just reapeating her advice....

12:42 BBT FOTH

Back outside practicing contines as Shelly asks "what if there are more holes...like Labyrinth"....Shell says "i don't get it" how pwoplw make it in the hole.....

12:44 BBT Jeff says he'll go just in case its POV....Shelly says she doesn't understand how she can keep getting it in...Jordon says Porsche is "playing it down' and Shelly says she told her she was playing it "like Janelle" and says "she is not dumb"

12:45 BBT FOTH...

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12:48 BBT

Rachel says "you can't practice too much" as Jordan says like golf..."you just get one shot" and Shelly suggest they practice with one shot....

12:49 BBT "if he beats me I'm gonna have a heart attack" about Adam...as Shelly says Adam says "i'm not worried about " losing or doing bad in the challenge "shelly has that covere"

Rachel says sshe's not bad at the apparatus..she just needs to focus and have fun....and Shelly wants to prove adam wrong because "it hurt my feelings"..."who says that" Shelly says...

12;51 BBT Shelly tells Rachel "jeff threw the cornhole game" rachel "he did" and Shelly backtracks...other people tell me he threw it Rachel "who?" and FOTH

12:53 BBT FOTH

Feeds return... and Shelly says "she can be saying it because she's frustrated with Adam" and we don't know she was talking about...

Whether her threw or didn't it wouldn't have made a difference.."adam won it"

12:55 BBT Rachel is up and Jordon comes back to the couch...Kalia joins them at the couch...

Dani is the the HN room..and continues to pack...as she heads to the other bedroom..grabs a couple of prop lemons and tosses them back into the bag...and heads to te SR for more bags to pack up stuff..back in the bedroom she's double bagging her goods..Dani looking behind the dresser for missing stuff...

Rachel is now talking to Dani..what's going on with each other....Dani says she's mean...as they talk in the HN room...

Dani going om she said she was nice and was gonna watch out for Rachel......Dani says being nice "gets you nowhere" and says they swore....and should have backdoored him "like you said"....

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1:04 BBT Rachel telling Dani she put her life on hold and says they both bad game moves and doesn't understand... "you his" her stuffed dog..and Dani says "i did not take the dog.....or the duck"

Rachel "why are you friends are doing it" and Dani says it might not be the people you "think it is"....Rachel says they have been ridiculous to each other and though Dani would have talked to her....

1:07 BBT Rachel says she aksed if the could talk and Rachel :what are you talking about: when Dani says she "harrassed me for my birthday"

1:08 BBT Rachel says she did not mean it all jabs in a "mean way" and she threw the food away.....

Rachel back to wanting to talk....and Dani didn't......"i hear from other people" she talks bad.....and ignoring her and trying to be the "bigger person" and Dani says "i'm having a terrible week" crying in the DR and FOTH...

1:10 BBT FOTH.......

back with Rachel...questioning Dani why she hasn't talke to her...rachel understands how she feels "when you got Brendon evicted"....and got Kalia to put her on the block.....and says "you sent my fiance home"......Rachel says her and Brendon came up to her and wanted to work.....and Dani says she thought the 4 of them were gonna screw them....when Adam won the veto she should have probably "should have".....Rachel...says she didn't want Jeff gone and glad he's here and Rachel wants to know why she gets so personal....

Rachel "no I don't" when Dani accuses her of always having to be right....

Dani "it is what it is" talking about some guy "lonnie"....Rachel "i don't know what's gonna with a vote tomorrow" and says she wouldn't go against J&J and Rachel says she she wasn't pitching just Dani ....."I know you hate Shelly'

Rachel "i was just trying to clear the air" and says its no use...Dani says "i'm done ..there;s absolutely nothing I can do"...Dani says she's "sorry if I been mean"...and says its a rough week.....Shelly sticks her head in "i heard screaming' and make sure verything is ok...

Rachel says she's sorry too and was trying to get under her skin.......since she's backdoored Brendon..

Rachel agrees J&J have been helped by everyone...

1:19 BBT Rachel says they wre friends..."it sucks" "i don't know what's gonna happen"......

1;20 BBT Dani says her goodbye message was nice....and says they went wrong "we could have owned this house" and says they worship Jeff and throws..."did he throw that cornhole comp" and Dani says yeas.."sre you gonna repeat this" and Jeff asked if he was safe..."maybe he did ..maybe he didn't"...Rachel asks if she made a deal if they wouldn't go on the block.......

1:22 BBT Rachel sounds like she may be flipping ..as Daniel explains what deal she had with J&J and says everyperson says "if you don't put me up I won't put me up"

1:23 BBT Dani says J&J swore to me...

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1:24 BBT

Rachel says "i didn't say backdoor Jeff" when Dani says she "should have backdoored Jeff...

who said "they wanted to get out Brendon" Dani pretty much everyone...

Kalia walks in....Rachel says she understand she wants to be here...and Brendon did the same and they couldn't try to save ourselves and when you go to Jury "we would have kept our promise"

Dani admits to stupid game moves..and Rachel says so do I.....and rachel says people like to hide my stuff and making people not like her..

Dani says they spent their summers getting a paycheck for Jeff...Rachel "it didn't have to happen" and Rachel warns her goodbye message....is mean...Dani says "does that mean I'm not getting your vote".."you never asked for my vote"....Rachel says if Dani didn't act like this way this week....she didn't know what she would do...

1;30 BBT Rachel "well you might now believe" it and says porsche and her might have a chance at this game..and Dani "if you were to keep me" rachel "so you even have the votes" and Rachel says "you don't have shelly" and Dani wants to get together with the four girls but Rachel says its gonna "fuck me"

"if I did that I would blame shelly or Adam" and Dani says I can't get one without the other...

1:33 BBT Rachel "do you think you can asks shelly for a pity vote" and Dani says I don't know.....Dani trying to figure out Shelly and blame it on Adam...

Rachel says shelly would have to do it without Adam and vice versa...and Dani says she can't get both votes without...

Rachel "don't tell anyone" "you have until 5 o'clock tomorrow"..Rachel "who his my duck" Dani "porsche" and who his my ppuppy "shell" because she hates you..Dani says...

1;36 BBT if she's mean enough to hide my pupply she will "vote against Jeff and Jordan"

Rachel says she would never vote for Dani if she knows we are working together...

1;37 BBT Vote flip possibilty continues..

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01:02 BBT Rachel/Dani talk

Rach asks Dani to talk. They are in the HNBR. Dani tells Rachel that Rachel is so mean to her

She says in her GB msg to Bren she told him that she would take care of Rach. Starts to cry - she says she was so nice to J/J and they BD her

Rach tells Dani she knows how she feels. Dani says no one wants to be here as much as I do. Dani says it sucks when you are going home. I could have BD Jeff but I didnt

Rachel: I know how you feel. Bren wanted to be here more then anybody and I want to be here more then anybody. I think it sucks too. We both made bad game moves and bad decisions

Rachel: I just dont know what is going on between us. I dont know why you guys hid my stuff. Dani: I did not take the dog and and I did not take the duck. I think its stupid when people take stuff

Dani: It might not be the people ou think it is. Rachel: Kal or Por? Dani: Im not saying - it just might not be the people you think. Rachel: This week we have just been ridiculous and I thought you would talk to me. Dani: But the moment Bren left you made a comment

Rachel asked Dani on Tues if she could talk Dani: You never came back. DaniL You were drunk on my birthday and your comments you made.

Dani: You are eating food in my facve when I am on slop telling me how delicious everything is. Rachel: You are being paranoid

Dani: You asked me all week if you could have my food. Rachel: You threw it away Dani: I took it with me. You only wanted to talk to me if I won the veto.

Rachel: I asked you and Por both to talk to me. Everything thing I do in the house you make a face at and people say you say bad things about me. Dani: You do it to me too. Im over this

Dani: I cry constantly in the DR. I never cry in life...we get WBRB

Dani: I dont want people to feel sorry for me. I sit on the floor in the DR and they want to talk to me and I say no. Its a game and I am this upset over a game. Rachel: I understand how you feel because I know you wanted to be here.

When Bren came back we both came to you and asked you to put this behind up. Dani: I went through with the deal and didnt put you up - then I thought maybe this was you plan. I was sitting at the table and tried to decide so I put Bren up when Adam won the veto. I should have put up Jeff. Rachel: Im not saying you should have put up Jeff

Rachel: What is the personal deal with us. Dani: You take stabs at me constantly. You always have to be right.

There was a convo about someone who is a friend of both of them but Rachel stuck up for him.

achel: I dont know who is going home Dani: I know exactly who is going home. Why would I come to you an beg you. I was told that you were pitching me. Rachel: I wasn't pitching you - Im not HOH Dani: Why wouldnt you - you were so happy. Rachel: I cant talk to you. Everything i am saying you are turning around. Dani: I wish I could walk out the door right now

Dani: There is no reason to starve or sleep on this bed - it sucks and whats done is done. I am sorry if I like..whatever..I am sorry if I have been mean - I have had a bad week.

Shel comes in to make sure they are okay - says she heard screaming (no one was screaming)

Rachel: I am sorry too. I didnt start out being mean to you but I was upset at you for BD Bren twice and I did become bitchy

Dani: It has benefitted J/J and they are going to win the game. Rachel: I took it personally because you BD Bren. I am emotional and you knew that. It sucks because I could be going to jury next week.

Dani: I promised Bren to his face and in his GB message that I would have your back. Why would I lie.

Rachel: his just went wrong Dani: Shocker - America's Sweethearts - lying one day at a time. Rachel: Did he throw the comp? Dani: Yes - he didnt tell em in so many words. He looked at my and asked if I was coming after him. He said something about Kal's vacation and then jeff got out after me

Jeff and Jor swore to me that I was safe. It hurts her personally because she did something for them. I should have BD Jeff Rachel: Just for clarification I didnt say that you should BD jeff or Bren. There were other people

Rachel: We didnt even get to fight in the Veto that sent him out Dani: I know - I have made a lot of stupid game moves Rachel: We would have kept our promise

Dani: We all spent our summer signing a paycheck for Jeff

Rachel: I dont know what else to say so I will leave you - I just wish it didnt get so personal. My GB is pretty mean but I will see you soon. Dani: So Im not getting your vote? Rachel: You didnt ask me for a vote. If you didnt act that way this week you never know what would have happened. Dani: You were never my target

Rachel: DO you have the votes Dani: I have Por and I have Shel Rachel: You dont have Shel Dani: I dont? She says I do

Rachel/Dani start to talk about Dani staying Rachel: If i did that I would blame Shel or Adam

Rachel and Dani now talking about working together. But that Dani can not tell Shel or anyone

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1:39 BBT

Dani getting happy that she might stay but they need Shelly's vote..."what if me and Porsche vote for you 100%" and get shelly but Dani says unless adam votes...she won't vote...

1:40 BBT Rachel whispering Shelly thinks she can beat Jordan...and Rachel makes up a fake fight when they hear someone outside...

Dani whispering "what am I going to do"

Shelly comes in "whats that all about" as Shelly is worried "you didn't tell her nothing"...and Shelly wre still "working with Adam" as Shelly grills Dani....as Dani puts on a bad acting of what happened...

Shelly asks if she was "working a deal"

Shelly says "come on out"

1;44 BBT Dani is trying to figure out how to get Shelly as she whispers to herself.. and heads outside with the rest...

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1:46 BBT

Dani makes up a story about her and Rachel's convo and says Shelly is trying to cop a deal and Kalia says that she said it to her...

Shelly sits and listens to her fake story...

Shelly "you want that dog" as Rachel called to DR and she says "uh oh".....Dani says she knows where it is...

1:48 BBT...now they are talkinh weather....Dani "have you talked to Adam" and said he's saying the same....he's voting Dani out...

More practicing...

1:50 BBT Dani back to to her fake convo explanation to Kalia...Kalia says Jordan is in "wierd competitve mode".....and Dani says because Jeff can't play and they won't be in power...

1:51 BBT Dani says the crouquet was left out for over a week.....Dani says it will be questions...Dani in good mood and says she's tired of crying...

{i'm out be back tomorrow to see the outcome}

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2am - 2:25am Dani has gone back to HNBR to lay down and sleep, with visions of sugar plums... no, visions of Rachel's vote in her head... this would be like Christmas if Dani got Rachel's vote to stay, after Dani voted Brendon out a second time last week!

2:27am Jeff/Jord/Rach/Shel on patio, Jeff asks Rachel what happened with her and Dani. Rachel pretends to be frustrated with Dani, sharing some of the topics they hashed out...

Rach: bottom line, it's retard, I walked out

Jeff: who started talking in the first place?

Rach: I did. I asked what's with the personal attack? Why are you trying to turn everyone against me?

Jeff: But she's leaving, you should just leave her alone...

(long pause of silence)

Jeff: you should be practicing this game, instead of worrying about that stuff.

Shel: I think I'm going to bed. I'm getting up in a few hours (me too!)

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Rachel and Daniele discussed trying to get Adam or Shelly to change their vote. Possibly trying to tell Shelly that it would be the four of them in the final 4. (Dani, Rachel, Porsche & Shelly). They are not sure if she will change her vote without Adam agreeing. They hear someone out side the door and Rachel pretends to stomp out of the room upset.

In the BY Daniele told Kalia that they were arguing about the way they treat each other. She did not tell her the whole conversation about her and Rachel working together.

0244BBT Rachel confronted Jeff in HOH about throwing the corn hold comp. She tells him that Shelly was the one who told her and Shelly heard it from Daniele. Rachel is frustrated with Shelly and Adam. Jeff tells Rachel this is all just a ploy to stir up stuff. Rachel tells Jeff that Shelly would vote to keep Daniele if Adam would. Rachel is asking Jeff what is the point of Shelly telling her that. Every time Jeff asks Shelly what's up she just says they are sad. Jeff says it is because Shelly and Adam feel protected. Jordan walks in the room. Jeff tries to catch Jordan up to speed on what him and Rachel were talking about.

0253BBT Daniele and Adam in the bathroom. Daniele confronts Adam about the excuses he keeps making to vote her out. Adam says he has been trusting his gut the whole time. Daniele tells him he will be surprised when he watches the show....he is signing their pay check....she will have his back..... Daniele says that everyone he is close to in the game is telling her this is what is in his best interest and if it is not to put her up on Friday. Everyone except him and she will back up everybody she believes in. He does not know what else to say, that is what his gut has been telling him. If it is wrong, he will see her soon and if it is right he will see her later. She response with nope. You can't win this game by piggybacking and you know that. Your a fan of this show. You have to make big moves and you have to take big risks. There are five people left in this game. Daniele tells him she will help him and questions him on if those two would help him. Did you not watch the last season of survivor? What did everyone say? He responds with, "you have got to get rid of Boston Rob."

D-You are not going to be able to get through them...look at Janelle. You can't win every comp no matter how good you are and she was good. I know I am not my dad, and I know Porsche is not Janelle....I am telling you if you did this I would owe you everything.

Shelly enters and tells Daniele when they are done Shelly needs to talk to her.

D- Is this 100% and I should leave this alone.

A- I think I owe it to you to tell you it is 100%.

D- Okay I will see you next week in jury.

A- If so keep a bed warm for me. If not I will see you later.

D- Trust me it will be next week. I know, I played with them the first three weeks. Nice guys finish last in this game.

A- I know I have my work cut out for me no matter what decisions I make in this game. I know you don't appreciate it or respect it, but that is what I am doing.

D- My dad hates you by the way. He didn't hate you before , but he will hate you now.

A- Let him hate me.

D- You are going to feel really dumb when you watch this show.

D- I have people that actually like me that want to talk to me now

Adam brings up the deal with Dominic. Daniele is telling Adam that she saved him.

A- Big risk, big reward.

0305BBT Daniele goes to talk to Shelly and tells her Adam is an idiot. Shelly questions Daniele about what is going on and Daniele tells her that she can actually get Rachel to vote for her.


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Daniele tells Shelly that Rachel wants a guarantee. Shelly questions if Daniele told her that she could get Shellys vote because Rachel is up talking to them now. Shelly has Daniele go and look for Rachel outside. Rachel pretends to be looking for her water bottle outside. She goes back to Shelly and tells her Rachel is upstairs. Shelly is upset and concerned that Rachel went upstairs to tell them.

S- If I get dicked in this deal....

D- I swear on my life, I won't screw you.

Daniele tells Shelly that Rachel said if she can get a vote by 5PM she will have her vote. Shelly says if you have her vote, I will give you mine.

Shelly feels she is going to get screwed.

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