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8/21 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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BBAD 9:39PM BBT Porsche is lying down in the HNBR with a blue shirt over her face trying to rest for a while.

Rachel, Kalia, Jeff, Adam, and Shelly are sitting around the table eating corn on the cob.

Kal and Rachel talking about doing their laundry. Rachel said she hand washes her jeans and clothes in the bathtub sometimes. Kal said she wants her clothes to be clean. Rachel drinking a Bud Lite.

Adam said he printed some of the BB paperwork at work. Rachel and Kalia talking about going to Kinkos to print out the BB paperwork.

9:48PM BBT Jeff said he didn't want to put his return address on his BB paperwork and said BB told him they wouldn't send it.

They decide to play Tea Bag cards. Shelly and Jeff go outside to smoke before they play cards inside.

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9:49PM BBT Jordon, Shelly and Jeff sitting outside. Shelly said Rachel asked her how many beers she is going to have. Then Shelly talked about loving the corn on the cob and how sweet it was.

Adam joins them outside.

Rachel and Kalia in the kitchen. Kalia doing the dishes.

9:54PM BBT Jeff, Jordon, Adam, and Shelly outside talking about parmesean cheese in the green container. Shelly didn't know how to pronounce it and said her family always pronounces it the way it is spelled..."Pass me the parmeeseon cheese".

Shelly, "Jeff that DK underwater is still there if you want it." [it was Dom's] Jeff doesn't want Dom's underwear. Shelly suggets they give them to Dani.

Jordon rolls her jeans up and soaks her legs in the hot tub.

S and Jordon talk about shaving their legs. Shelly, "Cassie shaved her legs outside. Now Rachel is doing it." Jeff said, "Cassie put the shaved hairs in a cup." Jordon said she puts her shaving water in a cup, but not the ones people drink out of.

10:00PM BBT Rachel came outside and asked people what kind of beer they are drinking. Adam said he doesn't care. They asked Rachel what kind of cup she uses when she shaves her legs. R said she only shaved them outside once and she used a disposable cup.

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10:02PM BBT Shelly, Adam and Rachel go inside to sit at the round table to play poker with the tea bag cards Rachel and Brendon made.

Shelly and Adam have sunglasses on. Shelly and Rachel saying that it is so cold inside that their hands are freezing.

Jeff and Jordon come inside.

10:05PM BBT Rachel drinking a Coor's Light.

Shelly went to the bedroom to put on more clothes. She came back and said, "Nothin' like putting on everything you own to stay warm."

They start playing Tea Bag poker [Texas Hold'em?]. Camera shot of Kalia with dark circles under her eyes. Kalia pats under her eyes as though they are sore or puffy. HG start playing cards.

10:06PM BBT Shelly said there is one thing missing from this table- ashtrays....laughter.

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BBAD BBT 10pm Kalia and Por are in kitchen getting ready for everyone to play poker with the tea bag cards rachel made. (Kalia is doing everything to act like Dani earlier today Dani told Kalia that she had a hard time sleeping and as she laid there this morning the music went off and dani said she was like "what" and was like hey I need to sleep first before you wake me up.....just a few minutes ago Kalia told the same story to J and J only she replaced dani with herself ...... she is also saying "what" the same way dani says it and picking her hair like dani does and uses the same words dani does like genuine and literly over and over like dani) is creepy. Rachel just asked out loud for BB to give them some real cards. Adam and Shelly went and put sunglasses on to play. (sorry not much to report this is a slow bunch.

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10:07PM BBT Rachel says, "Big Brother, wouldn't it be nice if we had real playing cards?"

10:08PM BBT P, R, K, A, S and Jeff playing poker with M&Ms and miniature chocolate bars. Adam and Shelly still wearing their dark sunglasses while they play.

10:09PM BBT Poker game continues. They bang the table to "check". Rachel thought she won, but Porsche won. Now it's P's turn to deal. She puts all the tea bags in a bowl covered with a red towel and mixes them up. HG pass the bowl around while they pick their cards. HG hide their cards under the table for privacy. Betting is on Jeff. Play continues....check..check...check. Porsche adds a Krispy bar.

Shelly drinking a Coor's Light.

10:15PM BBT Everyone folds and Porsche won. New hand delt. Adam tells Shelly she has to go first.

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10:27PM BBT Still sitting around round table playing Tea Bag poker.

Rachel and Shelly still drinking the Coor's Lights.

10:29PM BBT Porsche has a big stack of candy bars in front of her. Adam and K only have two bars each. Jeff has a few bars and several m&ms. He plays his candy bars and everyone shows their cards. Adam was bluffing, Jeff had 3 Kings. Adam is out. Jeff won lots of candy bars. New game- Jeff is Big Blind and Kalia is Little Blind. Play continues. Porsche wins and rakes in the candy bars and M&Ms. She has a big stack in front of her.

10:35PM BBT Adam in the kitchen eating M&Ms. Someone tells him to eat the ones out of the bag. He said, "Oops. I was eating the ones out of the bowl. Are those are the ones they were using outside to play on the table?" [eww]

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10:51PM BBT Adam goes outside to join Jordon. He lights up a cigarette. Jordon in wearing a purple bikini and the blue baseball cap. She wrapped up in a towel to talk to Adam.

10:52PM BBT Adam said he watns to win something and starts talking strategy. After next week there should be a double eviction Jordon says she loves meatblas on a sandwich.

10:54PM BBT Dani goes outside. Adam talks about making slopballs. Dani said she is feeling really sick from the slop. She has been eating a lot of eggs. Jordon suggests she drink some of the shakes. Adam said that won't fill her up. J said she should ask Porsche to make something for her. Dani is hoping BB will give her real food on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

10:57PM BBT Kalia is called to the diary room. Dani asks, "Can you belive we have already been in here for two months?" Jordon said that seeing people when you leave the BBH is really weird.

10:59PM BBT R, Jeff and Porsche go outside and join the others. Jeff lights up a cigarette.

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11:00 p.m. BBT

Dani in kitchen getting ready to make slop chips, so she can have them with salsa. Porsche makes a comment about how sad it is that the last hour of Dani's birthday is spent making slop chips.

Jordan/Rachel hanging out in the hottub, while Jeff walks around. Adam joins them. Random talk with Rachel wondering what the next hoh comp will be like, Jordan tells her not to worry. Jeff says lets just worry about this week.

People keep singing so we get WBRB.

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11:10 bbt

Jeff and Rachel talking about the annoying habits of the houseguests. Especially the person that keeps only two frozen icecubes in a tray without filling it up.

Jordan messing around with Shelly's cigarettes and asks if she looks like a smoker. Adam told her she looks like she stole her mom's cigs.

Talking about Kalia and Porsche smoking when the cameras are off and Rachel couldn't believe Porsche smoked.

Talk turns to weather.

Meanwhile in the kt, Porsche is showing Dani how to make slop chips. Porsche tells Dani they are going to be super spicy.

Dani says awesome, but Porsche says Kalia will be pissed because she doesn't like spicy foods and Dani said, "more for me!"

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11:07PM BBT Dani went inside to the kitchen with Porsche and started to make slop chips on her birthday.

11:09PM BBT Outside: Talking about smoking. Rachel said the other day she was surprised to see Kalia smoke and then said, "I didn't know Porsche smoked." Adam said, "Only when the cameras are off."

11:11PM BBT Camera feed back to the kitchen with P and Dani cooking.

11:12PM BBT Outside: Adam and Jeff talking about starting up a car when it is cold. Jeff said he has a car starter...and the cameras move back inside [good grief]

11:14PM BBT Jordon talking about how cold it gets sometimes in November...in the 40's and sometimes in the 20's.

11:15PM BBT Camera feed back to the kitchen with P and Dani. Adam comes inside and plays peek-a-boo with Dani. They continue to cook and Adam sits down at the kitchen counter.

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11:23 bbt

Rachel and Jordan outside by hot tub talking about who to keep if Jeff doesn't use veto to get rid of Dani.

Rachel thinks Adam will never vote Porsche out, and Jordan says, well if Jeff does get rid of Dani, Porsche can always go next week, Rachel agrees.

Then it cuts off and we get wbrb.

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11:26 BBt

Rachel/Jordan still talking about how double evictions work with picking pov players.

Jordan says they have no idea when double evictions are, but Rachel is pretty certain it's coming up soon. (She doesn't know how soon though.)

They are both convinced that Dani HAS to go this week, otherwise they are screwed because Double Evictions are coming up.

They need Adam/Shelly/Rachel/Jordan to win hoh this week and get rid of Kalia.

Rachel is laying out why Dani needs to go, because she'll win against Jeff or anyone that's in a final 2 with her. She's won 2 hoh's, and won 5 povs in her season.

Rachel tells Jordan that Dani will just keep rolling over people.

They think Adam/Shelly have turned on J/J completely and Shelly and Adam would never vote for Jeff over Dani, if they made final 2.

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11:32PM BBT J, K, P, and R inside sitting around table talking while waiting to play poker again. R talks in a heavy New York accent. Play begins. Kalia and Rachel fold. Jeff wins. Rachel announces they have three more minutes to play.

Dani in kitchen. Play continues.

11:40PM BBT Kalia called to the diary room. The others continue to play without her.

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11:35 Jeff, Porsche, Kalia, Rachel playing poker again. An argument erupts between Porsche/Jeff about who is big and small (as in blinds), and Rachel (ironically) tries to keep the peace. Jeff figures it out, and play continues. (Rachel is playing the dealer and has the most obnoxious accent, I've ever heard. And this has continued for a few hours. I don't think anyone in the house or anyone watching the feeds likes it, but I doubt Rachel cares.)

Meanwhile, Jordan is rubbing lotion on her body in the HoH room.

11:41 bbt, Kalia gets called to the DR so the poker game stops for the time being, then continues as she leaves.

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11:43 BBT Shelly and Dani talking in Backyard about what Jeff is gonna do. Shelly doesn't think Jeff will put up Dani, but Dani says, she has a feeling he will.

Poker game continues as Adam has joined.

11:44 BBT Shelly tells Dani that Jordan doesn't know what Jeff is gonna do, she said she wants to be surprised, so she can't spill the beans.

Shelly and Dani talking about production/DR and so we keep getting WBRB.

Shelly and Dani talking about the Zingbot and how bad the zing for Rachel was, and Shelly said maybe they were just trying to blow smoke up her ass or something.

Again with the WBRB.

11:46 BBT

Shelly and Dani say Kalia really thinks she's the target now, and Dani said, "well that's just Kalia."

Dani said she has no idea who she'd vote out if Porsche/Kalia are on the block on Thursday. Dani said they are both friends, and she loves them both. It's too hard for her to vote for either of them.

Dani says she loves Adam and she'll be friends with him and will text and facebook stalk him. She never had relationships with anyone from season 8, and it's different for her to play with emotions and feelings.

Shelly agreed and said she'll keep in touch and visit people in this house, because she will be friends with people when she leaves.

Dani and Shelly say they need a vacation when they're done. Shelly said she couldn't get out of her job for an extra few weeks, but she'll take a weekend trip with her husband when she gets out.

Game still playing while Rachel is in DR. (His accent is funny and not annoying.)

11:50 BBT

Shelly talking about how flying out to do the show and being sweaty and gross, because she was working in the field when she got her key. So she dropped everything and got on the plane.

Shelly said she's really invested and know who is who and what they're like, and it's taken four weeks to get to that place.

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11:43PM BBT Shelly sitting outside smoking while talking with Dani about the Zingbot and Rachel.

Dani goes inside.

11:46PM BBT Adam is narrating the card game in his fake NY accent. Porsche has a huge pile of candy bars in front of her because she has been winning. Kalia won that game. 'Yeah!"

11:47PM BBT Back outside: Shelly and Dani talking about Kalia. Shelly asks Dani who she would put up. Dani said she didn't know and that it was hard because she genuinely considers people friends this season and will keep in touch with them after the show. She is going to keep in touch with Adam on Facebook and harass him. Shelly talks about Dani coming to visit her and that she will never want to leave. Dani said she needs a vacation after the show. Shelly, "Can you me imagine going into work and saying, 'I need a vacation." She talks about her husband getting an upset stomach when he flies. Shelly had a long plane ride to CA and didn't have an iPod. Dani said she would die without one. Shelly said she flew in the same sweaty clothes she had been wearing while working in the field the day she left because she didn't have time to change.

11:56PM BBT Shelly is called to the DR.

11:57PM BBT Rachel narrating the poker game with her fake heavy NY accent. Porsche, "I like 69, but not that much." Adam- "ooooh"

11:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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Shelly said she misses Cassi, and she wishes she were in the house again.

Dani said, Cassi leaving and Dom leaving forced them to branch out and find out about other people and find other people to trust and rely on.

Shelly agreed and said you can really tell who is who, and she had the same humor as Cassi and when they were locked in the HN room together, they had a good time.

Shelly thinks Cassi is going to hit it big after everything is done, because she's beautiful and sweet.

Shelly wants to go out with everyone, outside the house to see what they're like when they're not cooped up.

She feels she's being watched every second of every day and being judged and it gets more nerve wracking the more days pass.

Shelly feels bad (I'm shocked) because Rachel will hate her when she gets off the show and sees how she wanted to cut up her stuffed animals. Dani said Rachel will hate everyone when she watches the show. Shelly said she went into the DR to make sure she wouldn't get in trouble for stealing Rachel's stuffed animal and cutting it up.

Of course we get WBRB.

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Ok folks Im here for Midnight to 3am BBT (Unless they head to bed early, or I fall asleep at the keys!) THIS post will be updated through the night.

11:58PM BBT All feeds are currently on the Texas Hold 'em game. We are getting a lot of WBRB tonight/this morning.

12:00AM BBT We are back to the poker game. Dani prepping food and Kal looking for something to eat as well.

12:00AM BBT Kalia asking that the next batch of slop please not have jalapenos. Jeff won the large hand of "cards"

12:07AM BBT Kalia and Adam outside on couches. Kal asks if Adam knows what Jeff is going to do. Adam says no.

12:12AM BBT Adam saying that 3 votes are needed to stay. Kal argues until she realizes he is right. She knows she has 1 to stay, maybe.

12:13AM BBT Jeff won the game after Porsche went "all in". He is now having a victory smoke.

12:16AM BBT Dani tells Porsche, "I was standing here thinking, 'Is it just me because I cant stand her, or was she really that annoying"

12:19AM BBT Adam, Kalia, Jeff, Rachel outside talking about their wins and losses in Vegas, and how easy it is to spin the reels 1 more time!

12:22AM BBT Dani scrubbing the stove. Porsche complaining about someone not putting the Parmesan cheese away. Shelly been in DR for "a really long time now" says Porsche.

12:23AM BBT Jeff heads upstairs, Jordan has the lights out, was listening to the music. He told her he won, she says good job.

12:24AM BBT Dani says that "most successful inventive" in regards to slop goes to them because of all the stuff they have made tonight.

12:28AM BBT Porsche asks where Kalia is, Dani says outside with her BFF's. "I think shes out there". Jeff changed and ready for bed it seems

12:29AM BBT Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to watch a movie, she says yes and he turns on the spy screen. Dani asks P if she wants to put on a show for Jeff because they can scence he is watching. Little does she know, he went to a different camera, and was watching Shelly.

12:31AM BBT Jord telling Jeff that "she says they all came to her and asked her to tell Jeff to put Rachel up"

12:32AM BBT Jordan asks Jeff what his gut is telling him to do. He says, "Backdoor Daniele". Jordan says that she is telling them she doesnt know what he is going to do, that Jeff wants it to be a surprise. Jeff says he is thinking of offering Porsche a deal. Take her off and she doesnt nom Jeff/Jordan.

12:35AM BBT Jordan helping Jeff go over the pro's and cons of keeping Dani in the house. Dani wins next HoH, takes out Rach.

12:38AM BBT Cams go back outside to Rach & Adam talking. "I pay for my car and insurance" and how "He works on campus, but doesnt make a lot"

12:39AM BBT Jordan tellin Jeff to keep Rachel because the double is coming up and they need Rach as the target so that whoever wins noms her.

12:41AM BBT Jordan says she talked to Shelly and she said that as long as she can get a F3 deal with them, they can have it all (as Jeff farts like crazy. "My gosh" Jordan comments)

12:43AM BBT Jeff says, "She said, 'trust me, you werent my target" Yeah because it took you two tries to get Brendon out!"

12:47AM BBT Dani & Porsche in WCA, brushing teeth and hair, changing clothes in WC. Jeff says "Now its time for my soldiers to step up."

12:49AM BBT Jord says she feels bad about some of the things she has said about Por. She is sweet but gets an attitude sometimes.

12:53AM BBT Camera zooms in on Porsche with tissues over her fingers as she pops her zits. Jeff saying he slaughtered Shelly in DRs this year

12:57AM BBT After a couple mins of WBRB, Dani, Por, Kal in HNBR. Jeff & Jordan talking about who wins HoH & what he will say to them.

12:59AM BBT Dani says they are not allowed to sing the Lion King anymore. "Says who?" asks Porsche. "I got a verbal lashing" and WBRB

1:00AM BBT Dani tells Porsche to unscrew the lightbulb "up there" and we get more WBRB. Dani hopes its real food tomorrow, not just cake.

1:02AM BBT Porsche tells Kal to look in the back corner of the stall when she goes to the WC. Dani says "we editedededed it" and WBRB

1:04AM BBT Jord saying maybe its best they got rid of Brendon, because Brendon and Rachel would be harder to get rid of. Jeff agrees.

1:05AM BBT Apparently the ZingBot said that Dani is riding her fathers coat tails. Jeff agrees since she broke the alliance first.

1:09AM BBT Jeff & Jordan still working on the pros/cons list about keeping or back-dooring Daniele.

1:14AM BBT Shelly heads out for another smoke. Jeff says that Kal is really scared she is going home. WBRB happening every 20-30 secs now

1:16AM BBT Adam & Shelly outside. "Before every move, he will have time to make a deal before he does anything" says Adam.

1:20AM BBT Shelly saying she didnt try to win the veto. Adam says she still got more right than he did. She says it wasnt the one to win.

1:21AM BBT Shelly said she was goofing around, waving, having fun and she knows someone saw her. Adam thinks it will be on the show.

1:23AM BBTAdam says he knew it wasnt one to win, but he didnt want it to look like he was throwing it, wanted it to look like he tried. Shelly said she grabbed two pieces just to get disqualified.

1:24AM BBT Jeff is blowing holes in the bed. Jordan asks why, and he said it was the jalapenos, it has to be the jalapenos, and is laughing.

1:26AM BBT Rachel in the HNBR saying it looks more cheerful because of the decorations.

1:27AM BBT Girls start talking about talking to Dana in the camera and we get WBRB

1:29AM BBT Adam walks in the HNBR and Kalia asks if "this" (not sure what) looks like "Wenis cheese" and he says I dont know what wc looks like, tastes like, smells like, feels like or anything else. He is telling them where it is as the girls think it comes out of the body. ((I can not believe I just wrote that out))

1:32AM BBT Dani & Porsh doing the Addams Family claps & snaps and we keep getting WBRB. Trying to remember if Raul Julia died (he did in 94)

1:33AM BBT Once again, Kalia is singing. She is singing "Its Sunday, Sunday" in the style of "Friday" By Rebecca Black.

1:37AM BBT Kalia says she would like there to be an earthquake while they are in the house. Rach, Dani, Adam, Porsche think she is crazy.

1:39AM BBT Back up to Jeff & Jordan, leaving the bad baby jokes, and Jeff is explaining to Jordan how he was able to get the PoV today.

1:40AM BBT Jordan says she thinks Por is smarter than she lets on, Jeff says she is dumb, but not as bad as she plays sometimes.

1:46AM BBT Kalia asks Porsche for one of the 62 pillows under her head, Dani says she also has a breast pillow, then Kal asks for that.

1:48AM BBT A light flickered and went out in the HoH room and Jordan & Jeff are startled.

1:52AM BBT Jeff leans over and rests his head next to Jordan. She asks why he feels so hot, when he was freezing cold a few minutes ago. He says he hopes that he is not getting sick.

2:10AM BBT Adam is doing his impersonations of memorable Big Brother moments. Chima being called to the DR and exiting.

2:15AM BBT "Do Prosche meeting Brendon in jury" "Now Kalia meeting Brendon in jury" "Adam winning his first HoH"

2:17AM BBT Jeff says he was a butt hole twice today in DR. Jordan asks what he said, and we get WBRB.

2:22AM BBT Lights out in the HoH. Jordan talking about Payton what she would be watching on tv if she was home tonight.

2:33AM BBT Adam leaves the HNBR to have a smoke before bed. Dani follows him out, picking his brain to see if he knows what Jeff will do.

2:35AM BBT He is trying to explain what hes thinking. Kal has been a stronger player, but Por has been more fun.

2:39AM BBT Adam telling Dani that he is pretty sure its going to be one of them three (her, Por, Kal). Asks who she thinks shed be against

2:41AM BBT Dani says that Rachel is the epitome of what she hates, she is the ultimate floater these last 3 weeks.

2:44AM BBT Adam thinks that if he were back on the block, he wouldn't be saved. If not removed last week, he thinks he would have gone home

2:46AM BBT "You are a great player and I enjoy having you in the game" Adam says to Dani. but if your on the block its a tough choice.

2:49AM BBT Jeff plans to talk to Adam when he comes back in from smoking. Ask him what he and Dani talked about, expecting "nothing"

2:52AM BBT Adam says that Rachel is one to keep in the house. She is a target to get out before him. Dani thinks she is not a target anymore

2:54AM BBT Adam saying that he could win if it were him & Rach in final 2. Only Brendon would vote for her. And only F2 if he takes her.

2:58AM BBT Now they are discussing the HoH comp and how Adams philosophy was no to waste a drop, being super careful heading to bowl.

2:58AM BBT Kalia has a better chance of winning the game than Porsche does, but it all depends on who you want and why.

And Im out of here! Have a great night!

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11:59 bbt

Kalia asks Porsche to make her a plain batch of slop chips when she loses at Poker.

12:00 p.m.

Jeff is astonished about how good the slop is that Dani made. They joke about her getting recipes while in the DR.

The game continues as Kalia tries to make her own version of slop, but she whines about how it's probably going to taste bad. Dani offers her some of what she made, and Kalia thanked her because she still had pickle taste in her mouth.

Kalia liked it and said it was actually good, she usually doesn't like stuff like that, but it wasn't bad.

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10:30 BBT: The HG World Series of Poker continues in the kitchen. Shelly heads off for a smoke break

Kalia tried to fold after she went all in. Jeff tells her she is all in

10:45BBT: Shel/Jor in BY. Shelly says this week is heaven. She doesn't have to worry about if people are up talking about her

Adamjoins the BY for a smoke break. Kalia/Por/Rachel chatting in the kitchen. All friendly-like

10:52 BBT: Daniele is out of the DR. Heads directly out of the kitchen area.

Adam talking to Jordan about Por. About that she is still kind of a floater. Adam feels the double should be in two weeks

10:55 BBT: Daniele says she requested food for her birthday and not just cake (for Adam's birthday - the Have-Not only got the cake)

Daniele says she told them she wasn't asking for special treatment. Adam wasn't a Have-Not on his birthday so it's the same

10:59 BBT: Daniele telling Jeff that the slop is making her really sick. Has to run to the bathroom and stomach just hurts

Kalia using one of the windows in the Have-Not room to put on makeup

11:03 BBT: Shelly in shower. Kalia in DR and HG in BY with Jordan

Por/Daniele making slop cakes for Dani's birthday (the last hour of it)

11:09 BBT: Rachel in BY says she didn't know Porsche smoked. Jeff says only when the feeds are on

Daniele says the hardest part of being on slop is seeing all the food in front of you

11:14BBT: Adam/Jor/Jeff talking about where they live appreciate when it gets warm

11:23 Rachel/Jor talking about the best option to get Daniele out. They feel that they may not have another chance

11:27 BBT: Rachel/Jor talking about when double eviction is. Rachel feels it will be next week - talking strategies on who will go up

11:34 BBT: We are back to the poker game.JOr went to bed. Jeff/Rachel/Kalia/Porsche playing. Daniele eating slop

11:45 Poker game continues but we also keep getting WBRB for no apparent reason

Dani/Shel in BY talking about the Zingbot and we get WBRB

11:47 BBT: Daniele feels if she goes up it should have been for a reason. Shelly doesn't feel she should worry

Shel/Daniele talking about who they will keep in touch with. Daniele says she wants to visit Shel's home.

11:55 BBT: Shelly says that it's tough because every week those on the block are your friends. Daniele says not every week and makes a gagging sound

12:00 BBT: We are back to the poker game. Daniele prepping food and Kalia looking for something to eat as well.

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12:28am BBT: Jeff and Jordan getting ready for bed, talking up in the HOH. Watching the spy screen.

Jordan tells Jeff Kalia said she is 100% going after Rachel. Shelly told Jordan she'll just be in her room sitting down and they'll all (Dani/Kalia/Porsche) will come up and just talk to her. She said they tell her stuff but she keeps her mouth shut this time [yeah right].

She relays the conversation that Shelly said Kalia told her about Rachel asking how Lawon came to be put up [Kalia left out a lot of that conversation when relaying it to Shelly].

They talk about how it's good that Kalia hates Rachel is definitely coming after her next week and not them. Jeff will cut a deal with Porsche that if he takes her off she won't put him up. Jordan asks Jeff what his gut is telling him to do. He responds "Get rid of Daniele." Jordan agrees. She says she's been telling everyone she has no clue about what Jeff is doing and doesn't want to know.

She says when Rachel was up in the HOH room today she asked her if she thought she could get Porsche. She says she wasn't talking game with her and nobody knows what Jeff is doing.

Jordan talks about advantages of keeping or not keeping Daniele:

If they keep Daniele, she would feel like she trusts Jeff. If she won HOH and would go after Rachel. If she stays in the house that leaves another competitor in the house besides Jeff, who would be Daniele's next target.

If Daniele leaves this week it leaves Porsche and Kalia. Porsche hasn't won anything yet and Kalia has only won one thing with the buzzer. That leaves Jeff and Rachel and Porsche and Kalia won't know where to go without Daniele. She thinks Porsche will automatically come to Jeff/Jordan. Kalia will start her own alliance with Shelly and Adam. They think Shelly has influence over Kalia since she got her to put up Lawon so she could get Kalia to put Adam up over Jeff or Jordan.

She asked Shelly today what she thought about Porsche,if she thought she could trust her. Shelly said she made a deal with her earlier on and she stuck to it. She said she trusts her more than Kalia.

Jeff relays Adam's advice that he thinks the best move is to backdoor Daniele. Jeff asked Adam if he'd be on board and vote her out and he said "for sure."

Jordan says if they did keep Daniele, she said she would put up other people, but if that means putting up Shelly/Adam, they need them. They also need Rachel for the double eviction.

Jeff said it's too good to not take (meaning evicting Daniele).

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12:41am BBT: They talk about Shelly saying she needs to step it up and if she makes F3 with Jeff/Jordan, Shelly says they can have it. [Do they really believe this?] They seem to. Jeff says that's sweet but he doesn't care about that. He just feels she'd be easier to beat than Adam.

Jordan says if Jeff/Daniele are F2 she'd win. Jeff says "Yeah...well, take it easy. Have some confidence in me." but Jordan says he'd have Jordan, Brendon & Rachel's votes but... Jeff says, "I'm not gonna lie, she knows the game like crazy and I don't know it like that."

Jordan continues, she wonders why if Daniele is secure with them, why would she walk away today like she was mad [maybe after POV?] Jeff said she's said some things out there that he doesn't agree with, like keeping Cassi. He says Daniele is the one who wanted Cassi out. Also, when he asked who he should put up if he wins and she said Adam/Shelly, he said if she's with him 100% at least put up someone from her side and not just his. That was stupid of her to say.

She also said the three of them (Jeff, Jordan, Daniele), could just wipe out the house. He says he thought to himself, didn't we already have that deal this game? We were gonna all stick together and wipe out the floaters and you chose to go somewhere else? So now you have a second chance to wipe out the floaters when your side is wiped out? Otherwise you were taking us out. And she didn't back out from backdooring me, Brendon and Rachel backed out. And now I'm not your target because it took two times to get Brendon out. He trusts her he wasn't her target because Brendon was still her target. He says it's a little too little too late. He feels bad because now she's playing the pity card but she gave the speech that it's just a game, it's not personal. He says, well, this is exactly a game move for me.

When they're down to 7 he wants his crew who he's been rolling with and motivating every week to play against Kalia/Porsche not Daniele/Porsche. Daniele's already broke her word so her word means nothing now [exactly].

Jordan brings up how Daniele acted in the HN (competition?) and how she acted in the HOH room for three weeks. And points out how she threw her card up in the air the night Brendon came back and she won HOH.

Jeff says he can't sit back and let Daniele win HOH. And he has to take out the leader - cut the head off the dragon and that's it. He says Kalia/Porsche don't know what to do because Daniele tells them what games are coming up next, etc.

Jordan said during the POV Dani/Kalia/Porsche were whispering before the game trying to strategize.

Jeff says Kalia/Porsche don't have a clue about what's going on and are just guessing. They don't have a strategy.

Taking out Dani just makes sense. He talks about what happened in their season.

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12:48am BBT: Jeff is saying he can't just let Daniele pick off his team who he's been leading and motivating. Jordan says that's true.

Jordan says she wanted Jeff to play cards with all of them so he could interact with Porsche and Kalia. Jeff said Porsche hasn't been getting on his nerves right now. He told her he was proud of how she was taking being on slop and she said thank you. Jordan says now she feels bad about some of the stuff she was saying about her because now that she has been talking to her, she is sweet and means well. She just has a little attitude.

Jeff says he's killed everybody (in the DR).

Jordan says Shelly says she knows someone who won't talk to her after this. Rachel [no surprise here].

Jeff says he's worried about Rachel doing some funny business. He asks Jordan if she's still down with a F3 deal. Jordan says yes, she keeps saying it. Jeff says that's good. Jordan says that's why she stays with Rachel. She doesn't want her to veer off and become buddy/buddy with Porsche.

They think if they keep Porsche they'll get info from Adam and Kalia tells Shelly everything so Shelly will tell them what's going on. Jeff agrees and says their backs will be against the wall.

Jeff says Daniele is going to be livid but he can't worry about that. Jordan thinks she might just say that's a great game move [lol]. Jeff says unless she pulls the card that she threw that veto. Jordan says Daniele didn't have a lot [i guess puzzle pieces]. If Daniele was going to throw it, she wouldn't be prepping Kalia on what to do. And if she threw it, she wouldn't have walked away pissed after the veto. You could tell she was mad.

Jeff says Daniele is going to be real gripy too because she's on slop. Jeff adds, and her period. They discuss the votes and says Rachel for sure will vote her out. Jeff says Adam will, also. They will talk to Shelly and say they don't care if she's friends with Daniele.

Jeff says he killed Shelly in there too (in the DR). Jordan asks why. He said because she's been going back and forth. He's sick of these people riding the fence. If you're with me, roll with me. If you wanna keep riding the fence, I don't want you on my side anymore. He starts to say what he told Adam today and we get WBRB.

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