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Daniele - Week 6 - HoH (Part 2)


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she made the right decision to take the veto pass instead of taking the vacation from kalia

she is going to need to play the next veto if her side doesnt win hoh :animated_bouncy:

quite possible unless Kalia somehow wins again...which is terribly doubtful

be careful my dear!


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When Dani is happy, she just shines and looks beautiful. But when she is unhappy, her face gets very hard looking.

Absolutely! Dani never looked as good as she did tonight! I respected her more after this episode!

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In case anyone was interested

Beige/Neutral - Rachel

Brown - Kalia

Blue (dark) - Jeff

Blue (light) - Dani

Orange - Adam

Pink - Jordan

White - Porche

Yellow (almost greenish) - Shelly

Dani will probably continue to use the kernels throughout the game so it might come in handy

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Danni will not win BB ,book it Danno :animated_rotfl:

Watching her in the POV comp with the cornhole thingy. She is scary how good she is at challenges. She should be #1 on everyone's list to evict.

just sayin.

I do think she has really got her game back and has a chance.

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