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CBS silences two on 'The Talk'


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Remini & Peete are out of job

I had seen a couple of post on the web regarding this issue. It appears Julie Chen is rather full of herself and being difficult when dealing with the ladies behind the scenes. It's a shame because I enjoy the show.

I guess when you're married to the prez of the network you take yourself a little too seriously. rolleyes.gif

CBS 'The Talk' mess

Second link goes into a little more detail about the 'situation'. WTH is wrong with women they can't get along? I don't get it. confused.gif

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I watched the show that aired on Sept. 6th and was very disappointed. I bet they lose a lot of viewers by getting rid of Leah and Holly. The other ladies just don't make it as fun.

Sorry CBS but I really think you screwed up on this one. Bring the ladies back or cancel.

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