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August 18th Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

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Jenn and Maggie playing cards. Beau just came up and joined them.

IVETTE (sorry post above was edited) is in the bathroom doing her hair yelling at the others about someone. "She is such a dumb bitch."

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Howie, Janelle, Kaysar (cant see Rachel) in the HT. Howie is giving them a pep talk about the HoH comp and going through all the food competitions they have had. (Thinking that will be the questions in the HoH comp)

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Guest Bunky4Life

approx. 11ish pm BB time. rachel was talking to james who was laying in bed in the common bedroom area with the lights off.

rachel is basically telling james that "they need him and much as he needs them to get to the end"

she told him exactly when kay found out about him (James) wanting to put up Howie and Rachel when Maggie was HOH. rachel said April talked to Kay and told him everything that James had said to Maggie et all in HOH room during her reign.

James said about Kay "why did he believe them? he is smarter than that. thats why i haven't talked to him hardly since he came back. maybe 2 times."

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11:45ish James and Rachel are still talking in the bedroom. The nerd herd are all in the HOH room.

12:00ish Janelle and Kaysar are still playing cards in the backyard. Janelle beats Kaysar, again. K expresses his frustration about the game (not the cards). He describes how he tried to build a rapport with each of the members of the other side so they wouldn't backstab him, but it didn't work because they have no conscience. He likens his experience this week to being eaten alive by jackels. But he says he'd rather leave with his dignity than cheat etc.

Howie joins them outside. H runs through what everyone had to spell in the spelling competition and other things he thinks may be asked in tomorrows HOH comp.

Janelle goes in to take a shower. K and H stay outside for a bit. Howie goes on about how the

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Guest Shockalot

415 BBT

Kays and Janelle still playing chess outside.

Teasing each other:

"Your obnoxious"

"No.. you are obnoxious hehe"

"You are"

Now the two curl up together on the hammock and still teasing and giggling.

Janelle in mock voice "Can I have my Xanax..Can I have my Xanax ..pleassseee my Xanax"

Kaysar says when you dont know what to talk about - you talk about the weirdest things.

Janelle replies "Ya, like did you know Maggie said I had my lips done.. well i never had my lips done.. Michael could testify because he kissed me"

[ed: good lord.. she is still bothered about that from what.. week one?]

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3:23AM K and J decide to quit the chess game and go lay in the hammock instead. While in the hammock they look at the stars. K and J compare facial features, like J's big lips and K's long eyelashes. K says this has got to be the dumbest conversation ever and that's what happens when you have nothing left to talk about. J tells K that Maggie said to her, "Did it hurt when you got your lips done." J says, "They probably started a rumor in the house that I had my lips done to make me pissed off."

3:29AM K:"Last night." J:"Yeah, it is."

3:34AM J:"I'm getting sick of this place." K:"You don't say." K and J laugh about their sleeping habits. They discuss how they were woken up at ten by other houseguests telling them to get up and shaking the bed. K figures they were so insistent on waking them up in the morning because they didn't want them to keep them up all night again by being too loud. J asks if they took a nap that day. K says, "Yeah, we took like two naps today."

3:38AM They talk about what they ate that day. K tells J she should work her way up with her cooking skills, talking about the grilled cheese and hot dogs she made that day. J agrees but says the hot dogs were a challenge. K says, "Apparently". K asks J how she burned her hot dogs. She says she put them in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. K laughs his ass off. He says he's surprised they weren't set on fire.

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Guest Shockalot

Indeed Janelle and Kaysar are having a teasing discussion about how bad a cook she really must be.

They talk about how she managed to burn hotdogs in a microwave.

Kaysar goes into complete laughing hysterics.

He is just falling apart about how funny it is... "They look like two little burnt sticks.. "

They discuss what will happen when they get out of the house. Janelle wants to know more about Michael and his schedule.

Kaysar creates a made-up story about what will happen. He 'predicts' a rather dull and anti-climactic story of a week that will not go anywhere special for them.

"Fuck you Kaysar"

"Im just kidding Janelle.. seriously, Michael is a good guy".

She now giggles about how Michael was so cute on Thursday and makes some sort of sexual innuendo.

Kaysar asks "Is this the best guy you have met of all your boyfriends?"

Janelle"well ya.. right now it is"

Kaysar "well that was an answer... "

Kaysar kids about Janelle coming with 35pounds of makeup.

"You better watch it Kaysar!"

Kaysar.. "No.. hahha.. No.. I mean in your make-up bag..hehe"

Kays rolls over to pull Janelle into him, wraps his arms around her "Oh come on Jannie.. come here...."

Janelle does not return the hug.

Now Janelle turns to ripping on Beau "Ya.. personal shopper.. shopping for old men who fuck you up the arse"

Kaysar is wondering what kind of job 'Personal Shopper' is supposed to be "Here, I bought you a shirt. Cost 25$. .. Shipping and Handling charges.. what is with that?"

They list things Beau claims to do:

Was a boy scout

Was in movies

Saved the world a coupla times.

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Guest Shockalot

How can I describe this.

Kaysar tries again to sort of laughingly reach over and pull himself on top of Janelle in a playful way.

"Kaysar get the hell off of me"

He lays back to his side and jokes more with her.

Kaysar "Come on.. do you want some blanket over you (Kays has blanket on him).

No.. Im fine says Janelle laughingly.

Kaysar "but you have a hole in your pants"

Janele: "Ya..but they they are strechy pants.. and the only ones that fit me anymore".

teasing and joking about her wieght.

Talk turns a bit more serious. about gameplay.

Janelle says she wishes that HoH was decided by America.

Kaysar says he bets they would do Eviction by AC.

They think America would Evict April or Jenny.

They laugh about someone being told "Millions of Americans want you to leave, you are ruining their show. Leave now"

Kays and Janelle remember that when he was re-instated that Julie said 'the votes were overwhelming"

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4:07AM K and J wonder if America might get to vote for an HOH or eviction. K thinks maybe an eviction, but he doubts an HOH. J asks who he thinks America would vote off, "April?" K says probably Jenny or April. K goes on to say something like, 'Could you imagine if millions of people called in to vote someone out that they didn't like and just didn't want to see on TV anymore. K continues, "That would be hilarious. Get your ass out. You're ruining the show."

4:09AM J says she's freezing. She wants to go inside. They go to the bathroom and sit down to talk some more.

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Okay, the conversation on the hammock was so funny to me I had to transcribe it:

J "I wish America would decide the HOH." K "Yeah. Maybe later. No, I don't think they'll do that. Maybe they'll do an eviction." K "That is sad. If you got evicted by America, that is just sad." J "Do you think they'd evict James? K "That means millions of people..." J "Who would they evict? James, probably, right?" K "No." J "Probably, like, April or something" K"I think they'd evict, like, April or Jenny. Yeah, April or Jenny. Maybe Maggie... I don't know, I don't know. That's just sad because then millions of people picked up the phone to say Get you ass out." J starts giggling. K "We just don't want to see you anymore on the show. Please, you're ruining the show." They both have a good chuckle.

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4:25AM K and J still talking in bathroom. J complains about the girls. K quips, "The rest of them make Ivette look normal." They talk about "the nerd herd". They discuss how they behave when, for instance, they discover Maggie's turtle when she was HOH and how excited they acted. And how April asked if they thought K-mart knows who she is and loves her, but no one would say to her, "They're a sponsor. They just put your name on a cardboard box. (K)" K says they must have watched previous seasons and feel they have to act the same way, like screaming when they go into a new HOH room. K compares them to B movie actors. They know the camera's on them and act fake. K "They're so afraid of being themselves for one second." K hopes the audience gets to see how Jenny talks about how she just wants to be a reality star and be famous, and how she brings it up every day. J mentions how April talked about how people will be stopping them in the airport to ask for their autographs.

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4:48AM J to K (still in the bathroom) "We should go to bed. I'm tired." They get up, chat for another minute then leave for bed.

4:54AM J gets into bed.

4:58AM K prays.

5:01AM K goes to bed. All the houseguests are at last tucked in for the night.

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