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8/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Posted Today, 9:07 PM

Dani and Porsche in HN room.

Talking about slop and how to fix it.

I just see Rach, Kalia and Shell in BY at the moment.

Rach smiling and being NICE.

Jeff and Adam now out there adding to a blah conversation.

(I don't do back and forth conversation that well... bear with me)

FOTH (<--- lol, I do that really good )

Shell and Porsche in Bath Room talking about something that takes

peach fuzz off your face.

(must be making an effort to look nice for BBAD)

Rach on patio asking questions (with a smile) about what days certain

things have happened. 47 days for this... 49 days for that... etc.

It gets quiet.

Dani and Porsche in kitchen doing something with Slop

Jeff seperating some laundry.

Kali talking about odds and ends in her 'valley girl' sing songy voice.

Rach in Bathroom with Shelly now. Talking about waxing etc.

Rach still on good behavior.

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Jeff and Rach playing pool.

Adam watching.

Jordon comes out... done in Diary Room.

Jeff and Jordon hug while Rach takes her turn.

Dani and Porsche still in kitchen finding stuff to eat.

Shelly comes in and Dani is talking about having the worst birthday ever in the house.

(I'm soo bad at this small talk stuff, sorry)

(if this is on BBAD viewers are probably yawning already)

Adam and Jeff playing pool now. Small talk again.

Ooops... looks like Rach is playing also.

Talking back and forth from BY to kitchen about the booze they got...

and who wants what.

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Rachel/ Adam/ Jeff playing pool, Jodo in hot tub

Rachel: "Maybe production wants me drunk for my DR's" WBRB

Shelly saying her hair has gotten long in here, and Tony will love it.

Bathroom D/P

D: Is Kalia avoiding you?

P: no she's in the DR still.

D: oh, yeah. Well, she's friends with Rachel now.

P: OMG I know, I'm in the twilight zone.

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Looks like they have 4 beers and one bottle of wine.

Rach asking for the funniest costume yet to make Porsche jealous... Laughs.

Rach says' maybe they're trying to get me drunk for my Diary Session.

FOTH ??? Have NO idea why.

Back... Jeff saying he likes his Red wine cold... not the norm.

They showed a quick shot of Jordon in the pool by herself.

Dani and Shelly in front of bathroom mirror... primping. Porsche on the big couch in there.

Shelly said she never spent so much time doing this 'getting ready stuff' in her life as in past 3 weeks.

Don't know where Kalia is. (laying down ?)

OHHHH April is posting UP Date's.... gooo April

AND Peekaboo too... whew... thanks

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Big Brother After Dark- 9:30PM BBT

Jeff, Adam and Rachel playing cut throat pool in the backyard. Rachel asking Jeff for advice on how to make a specific shot.

Dani in the kitchen talking with Shelly and Porsche.

BB told houseguests to check the store room. Jeff and Rachel shout. Shelly says, "You want to see a mom out of control?" Dani asks, "Hey if we have a comp tomorrow why do we have alcohol?"

Adam said they got four beers and a bottle of wine. Shelly wants all four beers but will drink 2 Coor's Light and asks Adam to put them in the fridge for her.

Jeff outside talking to Jordon who is soaking in the hot tub in a strapless black bikini top.

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P: So maybe the veto isn't tomorrow? [because they got booze]

no response from Dani.

P: I really hope Shelly got them to shotgun beers [to impact their performance in veto tomorrow]

R to the DR

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Adam lost the pool game.

Inside Porsche, Shelly talking while Dani puts on makeup. Shel- "My hair has gotten so long in this place... Who wants to shotgun beers?"

Shelly goes outside and points to Jordon in the hot tub- "Doesn't she look naked?"

Dani flossing her teeth while talking to Portia.

Porsche putting on makeup.

Dani goes to kitchen and says, "This looks really interesting. How do I know if it is done? Stick a fork in it?"

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Dani is making some kind of creation in the oven with slop and jalapenos, but thinks it is going to be bad.

Adam/ Jeff playing pool

no game talk

Jordan in background talking to Kalia about work, her working schedule, etc.

Porsche/ Dani mostly experimenting with food in the kitchen.

No game talk, really. Random comments about POV, mostly. [in my opinion, lots of sucking up to people who aren't going to be nommed this week like Jordan, Shelly, etc by all 3 potential nominees]

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Porsche [half jokingly] suggests to Dani that they should dump out the wine.

Dani does not think that's a good idea.

Kalia and Porsche discuss Kalia's apartment, and how she wants to furnish it, etc.

Inside, Dani is alone and whipping up all sorts of slop things. Her first thing was an obvious disaster, her facial expression looked like she was going to vomit. She used muscle milk and sugar, etc. [they can have tea, coffee, milk/ muscle milk on slop]

Dani preparing for round 2, and Rachel passes by to ask her what shes doing. She tells Rachel she tried to make something like bread, but she needs to add more sugar. Rachel tries Dani's first attempts, and thinks its really good. Dani says its too dry, but Rachel said compared to what slop normally tastes like, it's really good. Dani doesn't think it was good, but Rachel assures her its really not bad at all. Rachel suggests Dani add jalapenos, Dani doesn't seem to want to. Rachel leaves.

Shelly joins, and also thinks the slop bread smells good. Dani says she will get it right, just needs way more sugar. Shelly offers to help.

Shelly and Dani agree that Fridays are the most fun day in the house

Porsche and Kalia comes in and Porsche said Rachel said the slop bread was good. Shelly, Porsche and Kalia try the slop bread. All are giving suggests of what to add. Among the suggestions are more milk, water, honey, or oil. Dani doesn't seem to listen to anyone really, and keeps doing her thing.

Everyone leaves but Kalia and Dani

K: they asked--- [WBRB]

K asks D how P feels about being on the block

D: She's ok, she's obviously sad, yeah.


Jordo and Shelly talking while Jordan is in the hot tub.

Jordan talking about how she "loves decoratin'" There's furniture that she wants that was in Lowes to decorate with.

Jo asks Shelly about Shelly's hot tub.

Shelly says she likes it because if you get hot in the hot tub, just go jump in the pool, then if you're cold, sit by the bonfire. Shelly is excited for them to come visit her and they will sit in the hot tub and have drinks.

Shelly had an interior decorator on the inside.

1019 BBT

Kalia in the purple room, alone, looking very sad/ defeated already. Everyone else outside except Dani who is now in the DR.

Rachel/ Jeff playing pool

Rachel wants Brendan to go fishing with her.

Shelly talking to Jordon and Porsche about how Josie and her already argue about the length of her shorts, and wants to wear long shirts as dresses but Shelly makes her wearing leggings. Shelly says she [Josie] loves clothes, is very prissy, etc.

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Outside- Adam lifts his shirt to show heart coverings on his wounded nipples (from HOH competition). Discussion about how painful it will be to remove the hearts from his nipples.

J, A, R still playing pool. Rachel makes a good shot and goes again, sinking the ball. She tries for the 11 ball. Camera leaves before she takes her turn.

Jordon sitting outside hot tub wrapped in a blue towel.

Shelly talking to Jordon.

Dani still baking. Kal asks if Porsche is okay and says she seems really down about being on the block. Dani said she is sad.

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Shelly offers Jordon and Rachel her lemonade with beer drink. They both think it tastes good.

BBT 9:19- Dani must go to the diary room. She stops baking and leaves.

Shelly shared with Jordon that she had an interior decorator do the interior of her house- blinds, wooden shutters, gold curtains, and used her own furniture. The curtains are 118 inches long because she has really high ceilings.

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10:04pm shell and dani in the kt shell says friday is always my favorite day it is just fun dani says me too shell offers to help dani dani says she is doing good thanks

10:06pm dani says her slop cakes arent any good shell says can i have a bite dani says sure but you might choke on it its really dry she says rach says it is good shell says try honey it taste like dog food shell tells dani try oil shell says the smaller table is the bomb kali statrs singing we get wbrb

10:08pm kal tells dani she has 2 hours till her birthday dani says yeaaaaa kal says whats wrong with you dani says nothing

10:10pm rach jeff and adam playing pool shell watching them and doing laundry jor at the hottub talking to jor now shell talking about she was emotionally breaking down till she talked to her family ashe says it gives you a piece of mind

10:12pm shell saying someone in production told her that her daughter looked good for the live show and we keep getting wbrb shell saying her husband loses 10 to 20mpounds every summer and he gets a hair cut every 2 weeks

10:14pm shell has jordan taste a drink she has jor says what is it its good shell says lemonaid and beer rach taste it now and says it is good it isnt real beery

10:16pm dani still trying to make slop cakes gets called to dr por says she is going to sift the slop then take off her makeup and go to bed dani heads to dr saying she is tired

10:20pm kal laying in purple room alone jor shell and por by hottub general talk jeff adam and rach playing pool and laughing at the shots rach makes dani in dr

1027pm the pool game is over adam and rach joins jor shell and por on the by couch and by the hottub jow is going inside now to put her unitard back on jeff comes outside to smoke

10:28pm rach talking about her dad taking her fishing and how she didnt understand why she couldnt catch fish jeff talking about a guy that had a tv show catching fish but jeff cant remember his name

10:31pm rach telling shell she was on the tony chetney fishing show before it was awesome she says shell says she did a commercial with jimmy houston before jeff says he knows him kal called to dr dani back to her cooking slop cakes

10:35pm rach asking if football started last week adam says regular season starts september the 11th rach says didnt preseason start yet adam says yeah it started already shell says she loves football rach asking if they like collage football or nfl best they say both they just love football

10:42pm jor telling adam it is gonna hurt when he takes his nipple covers off adam says yeah it is but i will take them off after dani gets her birthday dance tomorrow shell says your dancing for dani tomorrow adam says yeah

10:51pm by talk about past hg and jessie and how he always worked out and how jessie jumped out of the box in brittneys pandora box and was all about himself jeff says he is a normal guy and has normal sence

10:54pm talk now turns to wrestling and adam going to madison square gardens about once a month shell says she liked hulk hogan and a few others rach and jor and por sitting there looking like they are lost with the conversation not saying anything

10:56pm jor says the undertaker was creepy they would turn the lights off and he was creepy dani in the wca kal still in dr

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10:55PM BBT

R, J and J, S, A outside talking about past houseguests. Dani alone inside kicking the kitchen counter with her feet as she watches her bread bake. She checks the bread, gets a bottle of water and sits back down to continue watching her bread bake.

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11:08PM BBT

Kal finally come out of DR.

Outside- Adam and Jor do a Cruddie dance together.

J still wearing the humilitard. Jordon and Porsche talking outside. Porsche wants to win something. Says she is not trying to be a floater. Porsche said she liked hanging with Lawon because he wasn't talking game all the time.

They talked about Rachel and her game strategy and how she changed for the better after Bendon returned to the game.

Porsche said it sucked not being able to play for four weeksbut she has won all the food comps. Jordon said Shelly has had three weeks of slop.

Porsche talked about how she dropped a whole container of slop on the floor and how the container broke all over.

Porsche told Jordon how Dani has been sifting the slop in the metal container so it looks like flour.

Adam came in the kitchen.

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11:15 BBT

On the outside couch Jordan and Porsche talking.....right now they are talking slop....what porsche prepares and says they are allowed to use "hard boiled" eggs....and making flour with the metal sieve...

Inside Dani's slop cake is watery with Adam making a mess on Shelly's floor.....Dani said "I used coffee" and Adam says "doesn't taste as bad as slop"

11:18 BBT Shelly "it sucks" Dani is a have not for her birthday and Shelly wished she had a slop pass to give her...and says maybe there will be one for POV comp....

Adam and Shelly really being understanding almost sucking up to Dani....Dani whining she used too much milk and her cake is watery....

11:20 BBT Back outside..Rachel is telling her "I'm taking over your hosting duties" and hopes she does as well as Porsche and says "maybe I should grab a bikini"..Porsche says what to wear in the DR to change into her POV outfit...

Back in the kitchen dani is looking miserable and is whining to herself...."she tries to get under my skin" about Rachel to Shelly "why don't you say something" Shelly says...as Dani complains Rachel actually is acting like she cares for the countdown to her birthday...Porsche comes in and says Rachel wants to play "Jenga with her" using Pretzels...Porsche says she's tired of being Fake "really fucking annoying" and Dani says she keeps asking for things of my "HOH food"

11:25 BBT Rachel walks in...and talks her Jenga..Rachel is really annoying Dani talking to her in the kitchen just being obnoxious "danielle hates life...why are you mad...you seem pretty upset" Rachel taunts.....and Dani says she's not upset...and rachel says are you "upset you're turning 25" and goes on about the depression of turning 25...

Rachel Daniele "why are you being so testy...you hate me"....rachel is taunting...as rachel really laying it on think"ok daniele have a good night" and walks out...

11;28 BBT Kalia enters the kitchen...

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11:29 BBT Talking about the humilitard ending countdown...outside with rachel Jordan and Adam...

In the bedroom Shelly laying down saying her back is sore calling Rachel a witch as porsche bashes Rachel...saying "if I were daniele" she wouldn't be nice .."I have shoes more mature than her"....

Shelly says "if Jeff say it he would come unglued"..and tells Porsche "don't be afraid of her" as Shelly instigates a Rachel Porsche Dani showdown...

Porsche felling sorry for herself...wants to win something so "I'm not stuck in Jury"....as Shelly says "don't give up your spot" after she says she wants Dani to stay and Shelly says not to give up...

11:33 BBT Rachel gloating about her Dani taunting with Adam and Jordan......Jordan "oh my God Rachel..you are something else woman" and says don't make me get on you and tells her to stop "harrass' her and tells her to stop talking to Dani....{damn I wanna see a fight}

11:35 BBT they are talking about being targets as veterans and thats why she is "more vocal" and "sticking up yourself" and Adam "how do you think we felt" and blabbers on about not having a chance......Jordan says she felt the same when Jesse came back her season...

Rachel "what did you you think" she asks Adam when the vets entered the BBH...Adam: "Oh shit" for Brenchel "oh shit" for Jordeff and "Oh fuck" to the Donatos...

11:38 BBT Jordan says it would have been a different game with Dick "it would be more exciting"...talking about Dick....

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Rachel and Porsche playing Jenga with pretzel sticks.

Dani checks on her bread.

Adam comes in kitchen laughing about something.

Shelly offers to make pancakes for Dani. Dani says no because she is tired and wants to go to bed before her birthday. She is turning 25.

Rachel comes in and talks about getting wasted.

Rachel told Dani that it's not bad turning 25.

Dani keeps checking on her bread.

Rachel asks Dani why she is so mad. Dani said she is not mad and goes outside. Rachel follows her outside and asks Adam and Jordon if they want to play cards.

No one wants to play cards.

Dani talked about a former HG, Jen who wore a red unitard and rolled it up so her whole back and front were showing. J was shocked.

Shelly lying down inside inside talking with Porsche. Porsche wants to win something before she is stuck in jury.

R outside talking to J and telling her how she was bugging Dani inside and asking her why she was mad. J told R to stop doing that.

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11:39 BBT

IN the Kitchen Porsche and Dani exchanging concotions and dani says should she just eat and get a penalty nom "to get away from here"...Dani complaning about the smell of slop...

Porsche says they should lay down...and Dani says "sleep through" her birthday..Dani curious where Kalia is.......Porsche thinks in HOH listening to music...Porsche says she wiss gonna win Veto and Dani will be on the block "but I will vote for you to stay"

Porsche "she not even on the radr anymore"...Dani says she wishes she would be "a normal human being" about rachel...and Porsche said she should of just said yes...to rachel when she asked if she didn't like her..

Dani "i wanna bash her skull in"....Dani already complaing about getting food for her Bday....Dani hofully BB "will have pitty for me" and already talking an exclusive party with just the three of them in the HN room

11:44 BBT They go into the bedroom to talk to shelly porsche says she's sore......They go in there to bash Rachel....Dani reiterates her run in with rachel...

Shelly "I wish I was out there" "she's just being risiculously rude".."she's intoxicated".......Shelly says If J&J said "cool it"..."what a witch"....

11:47 BBT Rachel bashing in the bedroom.......

Outside on the couch rachel Jordan and Adam talking about the HOH comp.....foth....

Jeff comes in they snitch about Rachel....Shelly your face is red...and says its from the wine...

11:50 Jeff goes out "the longest worst DR I ever had" and foth...

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11:46PM BBT

A, J, Rachel talking about Dick and how Dick played the game. They all said he was a good player.

Adam talked about Dawon and how he volunteered to go up on the block. Adam thought that anyone who does that must not want to be in the game.

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11:51 BBT

Rachel says Jordan is keeping me "in check" and laugh about her interlude with Dani

Rachel explains...and Jordan says when she goes to DRshe needs to watch her

rachel says he rand Dani will go to war then team up and then clean ouyt the house and silence....

11:53 BBT outside they talk about how bad it would be if Dick was around wity brendon defending rachel..

Adam "do you think shelly' will be mad if he folds the towels..

Rachel says she probably shouldn't drink.....

11:54 BBT In the SR Kalia is working on her Bday sash and crown and takes to to Dani and wishes her a Happy birthday...Shelly "that's awesome" and goes on how sweet it is...

11:57 BBT they all say its cute and wish her happy bdays...

Shelly says Dani will be coming out...

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