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8/18 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:00 PM BBT

Rachel sitting at the kitchen table, making a new set of cards with nailpolish. Adam, Jeff, Brenden and Rachel are in the kitchen.

In the living room, Kalia is putting the ball that Shelly was playing with for hours with the end of the broom handle. Porche is re-arranging the pillows in the living room (Looks like she's making a fort). Porche is now trying to crawl into her fort, and Dani jokes that her ass is too big, and the pillows crash down.

9:08 PM BBT

Adam gets called to the DR, just as he's finished making food. Shelly has joined the group in the kitchen, as Adam leaves for the DR.

Dani still sitting on the sofa in the living room by herself. Shelly re-joins Dani in the living room with a mug in her hand. Shelly goes on a cleaning spree. First trying to get all the cobwebs with the broom, and now she's using baby wipes on the walls and getting the dust. Kalia joins them in the living room. Shelly says that they can help (meaning Dani and Kalia), and Dani says to Kalia, "you can go help", and Kalia responds with "You can too". Shelly says she cleans because she is bored. She's now taking the baby wipes to the paneling in the walls. Shelly now taking the baby wipes to almost every surface now.

9:14 PM BBT

Rachel still making a new set of cards. Jeff looks over her shoulder, and Rachel says that the nailpolish is cruddy. Feeds now switch to the bathroom, where Porche and Jordan are putting on makeup. Porche is in front of the sink, and Jeff and Jordan are sitting on the couch.

In the living room, Dani is reading from the BB handbook "Welcome to Big Brother, your home away from home". Shelly is still cleaning the living room.

Brenden is moving around everywhere. He keeps going from the bathroom and kitchen. Jeff is called to the DR.

12:18 PM BBT

Jordan, Rachel, Adam, and Brenden in the kitchen. Rachel wants to play Bullshit. Jordan walks through the living room, and walks past Shelly who comments "She smells good" and Dani comments "She always smells good".

Everyone is moving around the house. Dani starts quizzing people about how many cameras are in the house. Adam, Kalia guess wrong. Dani now quizzing people about how many microphones are in the house. Shelly got it right with 90.

9:23 PM BBT

We have WBRB on the online feeds. After Dark showing Adam and Rachel in the kitchen. BB: "Danielle, stop that". Rachel thinks that the manual is only for them to know. (online feeds are back at 9:26).

9:26 PM BBT

Dani called to the DR. She says "Saw that coming". Kalia comments to Porche that she's bored. Porche wants to shave her legs, listen to music, or take a bath.

Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, Brenden, and Adam are in the kitchen. Dani is in the DR. Porche and Kalia are in the living room. General chitchat everywhere.

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9:30 PM BBT

Jeff cutting up watermelon in the kitchen. Rachel still working on her new deck of cards. Jordan and Adam wandering around the kitchen, and Brenden is sitting beside Rachel at the table.

Shelly is in the spaceship bedroom. She's going through her clothing, possibly starting to pack.

Jordan gets a blanket and wraps it around her. Jordan and Adam are sitting in the nomination chairs. Jordan is sitting sideways with her feet in front of Adam, reading the manual. Porche and Kalia are sitting and laying on the sofas.

9:39 PM BBT

Jeff complaining of a fart smell. Has his sweater pulled up over his nose. He takes his bowl of watermelon and joins everyone in the living room. Jeff is adding honey to his watermelon (I have never seen or heard of honey and watermelon). Porche, Jordan, Adam, Kalia, and Jeff are playing a guessing game (Is it a....).

Rachel is now alone in the purple room with her cards. She starts arranging them on the sofa.

9:47 PM BBT

Rachel still alone in the purple room with her cards. Guessing game still going on in the living room.

Feeds switch to Shelly in the bathroom, folding her clothing. Feeds switch back to Rachel, still alone in the purple room with her cards.

Dani comes out of the DR, and Kalia is called in.

9:50 PM BBT

Rachel finally has company in the purple room! Brenden and Rachel try to decide what game to play. Rachel starts to teach Brenden a game.

Kalia freshened up before heading to the DR.

9:55 PM BBT

Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Porche sitting in the living room. Jordan still reading the manual. Guessing game still going on. The topic is people. Earlier, no-one could guess Bob Marley. Shelly was in the spaceship room, and didn't hear all of the guesses, and she got it right after only a few clues.

Porche in the kitchen making food.

9:59 PM BBT

Dani tells everyone about the "top 3 things you'd do once you get out of the house, and asks Adam.

Adam; TV, cant say the second one, or the third one.

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10:00 PM BBT

Jeff complaining about how cold it is in the house.

10:04 PM BBT

Kalia is now out of the DR. In the living room, Jeff refuses to buy water over $2.50. Says coconut water will be sweeping the nation. Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Kalia in the living room chatting. They play the guessing game when the next person thinks of a person.

Shelly called into the DR. Brenchel are still in the purple room playing cards alone.

10:09 PM BBT

Adam now reading through the manual (seems like it's making it's way around to everyone). General chitchat.

10:13 PM BBT

Rachel gets called to the DR. Porche still cooking in the kitchen. Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Kalia are still in the living room. They're throwing the ball to one another. Brenden is wandering around the house now that Rachel has gone to the DR. Jordan now complaining that it's now cold, and Dani agrees.

10:17 PM BBT

Shelly joins Porche in the kitchen. Now we are left with Dani, Adam, and Kalia throwing the ball to eachother in the living room.

10:20 PM BBT

Dani reading the manual again. Kalia is sitting on the sofa, and Shelly is sitting underneath the TV. They're throwing the ball to eachother. Shelly: "It feels as though my brain is melting". We get WBRB on the live feeds online. Porche gets called into the DR, in the midst of cooking.

10:23 PM BBT

Live feeds are back. Porche, Jeff and Adam are making food. Jordan is sitting at the breakfast counter, eating. Shelly and Dani are now in the living room. Dani is still going through the manual. Rachel and Brenden are back in the purple room playing cards.

(I'm out. Goodnight)

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11:18 BBT

In the purple room brenchel are playing poker...talking about not being apart of the showtime crowd and Rachel mocks their games "Angelina Jole or Jennifer Anniston" in a very sarcastic tone...

They resume their poker game...they seems in good spirits.....and not their usual brenchel selves...

Brendon complaing the "Hot Dogs" still may be affecting his stomach

11:22 BBT In the LR everyone else are discussing movies..actors.....nothing worth typing...

11:24 Brenchel's card game continues...

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11:26 BBt Everyone is indoors on a LD for the night..

Brenchel have finished poker and decided on "war" to play and bide their time....Rachel actually has to explain what to do in a game of War...they start..

11:27 BBT Now in the LR they are playing _______or_________ the television shows edition......

11:29 War was just too much that they are switching games...they suggest a game that needs "4 people" and Rachels says "we don't have any friends"...so they decide on a two player friendly game "rummy...lets just play again" Brendon suggests so they play...

11:32 The LR gang of everyone except brenchel continue their game....now its seems ___or ___ Disney characters edition now...

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11:34 BBT

Jeff calls for Brendon......."Jeff called you" Rachel tells Brendon "oh he did..I didn't hear him"...you can hear Jordan doing her mouth trumpet and Brendon says "its so annoying...not entertaining at all"...Rachel says "can we close the door".....Brendon "please" ..Rachel "can I go with you...oh God please save me" about the trumpet noise... and the feeds so FOTH...

The trumpet noises are still going on on BBAD....

11:37 BBT feeds return to Brenchel playing their game of Rummy...

Brendon leaves to the bathrrom as he says you heard Jeff "call me" and rachel says she just heard "Brendon"

11:39 BBT LR game resumes...."clowns or Zombies"

Brendon returns to mumbling something about Jury..something he overheard on his trip to the bathrrom and rachel "that would be the least i would be interested" she says.....they play their Rummy game

11:43 BBT IN the LR they are plaing "simon says"..."what are you acutioneer" Jeff says at shelly's speed of simon says.....

In purple room Brendon lets out an "oh well" whether its his card game or his impending eviction but his bitterness says "i can't wait for Jeff's attitude to change when he's going home" so I assume its the later...

11:46 BBT Brendon whispering about talking to Shelly this morning...calling her "full of shit" because she never "looks at me and stares off and talks"

11:48 BBT In the LR the ___or __game still going strong {i have one Chairman of the Board or Chairman of the BORED }

11:50 BBT Back in the bitter room err purple room...Brenchel still playing cards with a few sarcasctic mokery....thrown in....

In LR Adam wants to play "hide and go fuck yourself" to enetertain BBAD audience but Shelly says theres only "two minutes left"....Dani steers in back to ____or_______

11:54 BBT the excitement continues on..

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22:00 BBT Adam does his nightly shout out to his GF.

Gen chit chat in LR - Shel cleaning - Por cooking

22:17 BBT B/R talking in purple room and playing cards. Dani reading the rule book in the LR

Dani has given up on the rule book. Now playing a "if you could game"

22:50 BBT

HG talking about unusual animals. Dani says that the miniature giraffe in the commercial is real

Jeff tells her it is fake. Dani says its not but they are rare. She has seen a link to live ones.

Now talk of a liger and if they exist

Por describes what a liger is. Now Shel telling HG about a jackalope

23:12 BBT The HG are now eating. Por made something them to eat

HG not chatting about sports figures and if they are nice or not. Shel thinks Tom Brady is mean

23:19 BBT Jor/Kal talking about workout videos and ghost poos

Now HG talking about Heath Ledger's suicide and how he is tied to Mary Kate

23:29 BBT HG playing an "evict" game. Bringing up celebs and HG saying who they would evict

Dani asks hefalumps or woozles.

23:37 BBT Dani says that she texts all the time. She had over 12500 one month

Dani says that a lot of it is while she is at school. She doesn't listen - she texts

Talk about if you can give chocolate to dogs. Kal says no...it gives them worms

23:44 BBT HG now playing Simon Says

B/R still playing cards. HG in LR still playing the evict game

23:57 BBT The HG say it's midnight and wish BBAD goodnight and continue their evict game

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11;55 brendon i really hate everyone in the house" calling them annoying "an I thought I was annoying" Rachel says and Brendon hates how "fake" everyone is...and calls them "dumb" as brendon calling the trumpet noise "the most annoying noise" calling them "dumb and dummer"

Rachel whispering "everyone would freak out if I won HOH...Kalia would break out her bible again"....."oh my God..remember the deal we made ..our deal is still good"...about Dani mocks and Jeff isn't forgotten 'remmeber we're in an alliance".......Rachel says "both of them are coming after me" and will "strike first"

"we should have just sent home Jeff and Keep Dominic" Brendon says... and say even if Jeff would have return he wouldn't do anything....

Rachel gung ho "do I play smart or ...just piss everyone off"....Brendon says "you do whatever you want"......Bitterness flowing.......Brendon says "its better Daniele goes hom enad Jeff stays" because it will be quiz and rachel calls Jeff "stupid"

12:01 BBT "they didn't want to play cards with us...didn't want to hang out with us" about J&J and rachel its "ridiculous" they won't vote for Brendon.."i have to HOH..if I put up floaters or put them up...it will be amazing"......and J&J will be happy and Shelly will says "alliance again' and Brendon says make them "squirm" and promise "their first born"...Rachel says she will make them all fight "for POV" and rachel plans to make "scramble and fight and turn on each other" {wow rachel for HOH}

12:04 BBT Brendon tells her "to have fun with it" if she wins HOH...Noe Rachel is backing off her scorched earth HOh to "i might give it a few weeks" but says she has to win.."everyone in the house will nominate me' but Brendon says J&J "still need you"...and says Jeff is "stupid" if he thinks he can beat "all these people".......Brendon says if she nominates "Jeff and Daniele" and he pulls himself off..."put up Jordan"

12:07 "when you compete just remember me in the back of your head" Brendon says..."i hate going after competitiors.." but Brendon says "she sent me home" rachel adds "twice"

Brendon warns aginst dani "she will use you"

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12:09BTT Brenchel leaves the purple room..stops in the kitchen and Cameras switch to LR and everyone talking....___or____

12:10 BBT All cameras on the LR....

they are talking favorite colors...school colors...Jeff mocking kalia "ya yay ya coconut water"

Dani "all of rachel bedazzled stuff OR her fury boots"...as Kalia Dani bashing rachel's stuff with ___or____

Jeff and Jordan not particpating with that and they switch to something else...

Talking how dry their skin in the house kalia says her hooves I mean her feet are really dry....

12:15 BBT Adam wants to go to bed.....Kali starts talking about her DR and says she can't believe that "i always feel like you're watching me" is Michael jackson singing...they discuss why he would do that since he's a big star...

12;18 talking how they love michael Jackson......Porsche says "michael Jackson when he was "black or when he was white"

12:19 Kalia "i won't sing i promise" and talks about her "verbal lashing"

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12:21 BBT

Shelly "vacum cleaner tomorrow' and kalia says "your favorite day of the week"

Jordan asks "what time is it" "12:30" she shouts and a dissapointed Jordan "that's it".....and says she shouldn't have slept so much

12:23 BBT people are scattering getting ready for bed....but discuss the Footlose remake...as Kalia talks why Zac Efron dropped out

Adam says he can't believe he's going to sleep soon...after his extended nap....and says he woke up to "get my 3 hrs of tv time every night"....

12:26 BBT Kali is lint rolling the furniture... and humming while she does it....Jordan decides to go to bed...and go "brush my teeth"

12:28 BBTKalia talking about wanting to take off her make up but might be called to DR and is called and says "i'm dusting Big Brother"

Jeff doing his chubby in the pants song "what wrong kruddy you don't like" Jeffs song

Jeff says "there hasn't been a penis up there" about HOH

12:30 BBT Jeff wants to know what Adam is thinking...Jeff leaves and dani appears they are whispering about Brenchel..."its only a game" Adam says....and asks "where did everyone go"....Adam says lets go to the purple room and Dani "its so tainted" and says he'll never lay there again...

12:33 BBT Adam and Dani continue to talk in the kitchen ....

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12:35 BBT "again" Dani says "america's player" Adam says when Jeff is called to the DR again in a matter of 30 minutes...

Kalia comes over..Adam says he's leaving..

12:37 BBT Kalia and Porsche think brenchel will take and hide their stuff as Porsche says "this is the second time my bathing suit " was thrown on the floor and Shelly's too...and says "they cornered me again" and says "now they are not talking to me" and porsche complain "i was nice to give them my bed".....

12:40 BBT talking about the missing chess pieces with Jordan now ith the kitchen with Adam Dani and porsche..

Jordan "i hate wednesdays" and Dani "I hate thursdays" and Jordan talks how she gets "nervous" for the live shows..

Now Dani says she is tired and Kalia "it was one of the nicer wednesday"...but bash Brenchel for excluding themselves from the so called great time...

12:43 BBT Jordan cleaning the kitchen....while porsche Dani and Kalia watch and talk....Kali complaining rachel left Hair 'all over the sink" and Dani says "shocker"

12:45 BBT talking about past unitards being "skin tight" this season not so bad....they discuss how they didn't want the unitard..and FOTH.....and BB I guess says "stop that" to Jordan.....

12:47 BBT talking about Have nots and Dani says if its an endurance then it will be the first to fall off that will be have nots...

12:48 BBT Adam says Rachel puts all the hot sauce and cheese in her dishes...

Feeds switch to Porsche and Shelly talking about Brenchel...as porsche is worried they will "rummage through my stuff" as Porsche is turning to Dani "shocker"

12:50 Porsche says she his the bathroom sign and his it so brendon "won't take them"...

12:52 BBT Rachel leaves DR and notice how quick it was...porsche gets up and joins everyone in the kitchen..but stops in the bathroom where Rachel is applying her zit potions..and popping a couple ...

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12;56 BBt Rachel walks back from the bathroom in full evil eye mode and passes everyone in the kitchen without saying one word and thm too scared to look...and FOTh

12:57 FOTH...Feeds return to Brenchel in bed..and Jeff walking back to the kitchen....

Shelly is hungry and Dani offers Porsche to make her nachos...

Kalia walking aroung cleaning her ears in the kitchen and dani calls her out about it and says "gross" and says she never says her pulling on her hair and leaving it everywhere..

1:02 BBT in the purple room adam and Jeff talking..."I'm bored"...Jeff says brenchel are "pouting" in the room and Adam says "they take everything personally"...and Jeff says "you can't tell them anything"

1:04 BBT Jordan comes in to purple room and discuss Brenchels bad mood...

Jordan talks about her DR..."i have a good feeling about tomorrow" and think Jeffs gonna win...

Adam comes in and Jordan does her trumpet and it makes adam smile...

1:08 BBT they are just talking singing getting into BB trouble..Jeff doing his Kruddy chubby in his pants dance...

Cameras switching around...Kalia joins in with the Kruddy dance....and Jordan wants Adam to make up a dance for her...so he does....

1:10 BBT dance class continues..

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1:12 BBT

Well dance rehearsal is done and they are performing the dance and they fail....the second time was perfect and Kalia seemed to enjoy it....

Porsche can we do it again because she missed it Adam says "i'm done"

1:15 BBT adam spinning on the floor with his socks...and wonders a loud how "ballerinas' do it ad kalia goes into an explanation...and does some ballet and she wasn't terrible..

Kahlia Adam Jeff and Jordan talking in the kitchen...

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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2:30 am BBT: Adam, Jeff and Porsche are the only ones still up... just chatting, no game talk. (Nothing going on tonight... just hanging in the PR playing word games.)

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9:09am shell is up making coffee for the morning rach coming out of wc

9:37am shell sitting in kt drinking her coffee alone and looks to be thinking about things everyone else in house sleeping

10:27am bb woke up hg they are getting up brushing teeth

10:35am rach and bren cooking breakfast and whispering

10:47am bren and rach going to purple room to eat their breakfast rach says it isnt much fun when you dont have any friends in the house and everyone is mean

10:50am bren telling rach if she doesnt win the hoh its very important to win pov rach says yeah i know rach says you cant depend on anyone vote in this house and if i am on the block i am going home

10:51am rach says if dani and kal is on the block then j/j will vote kal out not dani bren says yeah rach says everyone thinks they are the best game players ever bren says i know

10:54am rach says these people are to scared to be in an alliance with strong players they are all just slimy and its even more stupuid and no offence to you bren you will be put on the block every week if your here

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11:04am rach washing dishes shell getting something to eat no talking going on

11:06am bren and rach back in purple room bren telling rach dont worry about who you put on the block and who you vote out all you have to do is worry about comititions they start to play cards with the tea bags they made yesterday

11:26am bren and rach now snuggling in the purple room and giggling shell packing her stuff por eating breakfast in bed

11:29am bren and rach arguing bren says he is still upset and pissed rach says i am sorry bren i love you he doesnt answer her she leans over to giive him a kiss he says no get back over there and they play cards again

11:36am hg going on hoh ld adam is eating shell drinking coffee rach laying her head in brens lap por going to bed in hoh bed jeff listening to music jor sleeping in the floor dani sitting in bed kali in shower

11:38am por saying she needs to wash her hair dani says shocker dani lays down shell says por i think you have to take that comforter home with you por says i need to i love this and its my favorite color

11:43am adam goes over to the bed and tells dani and por to slide over please so he can lay down he puts pillows between himself and dani por ask him if he is comfy he says no por gets up and covers adam up dani says tuck him in and giggles dani looks over the pillows and says eewwww he is sucking his thuimb and laughs

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1:15 PM BBT

Looks like Dani is trying to nap in the brightly coloured room with her pink sweater sleeve draped over her eyes.

Rachel and Brenden are in the purple room, whispering and playing cards. Rachel: "All I care about is when people suck at this game, and they don't deserve to be here. They're driving me insane."

1:23 PM BBT

Jordan eating at the breakfast counter. Porche, Kalia, Jeff and Adam are all in the kitchen making food. Jordan and Adam talking about Jordan's humilitard. Jordan says if it is a physical competition that she'll take the tutu off. Porche comments how people are very polite on HOH day, and Adam says that he is always polite to Jordan.

Brenchel still in the purple room. Rachel has her back against the wall, with her legs wrapped around Brenden's waist. Rachel [stroking Brenden's ego], saying he has a cute and handsome face. Rachel: "I didn't use to call girls bitches until I moved into the big brother house. Then I realised, they are". They discuss how Shelly will say shit behind peoples back, and Brenden wants her to say it to people's faces.

1:29 PM BBT

Not too much happening. Brenchel wrapped up together moping in the purple room. They're speculating about different twists that could happen. "Attention houseguests..."

Jordan washing her dishes in the kitchen. Adam eating at the breakfast counter. Jeff wanders into the kitchen. General chitchat, not worth writing.

1:33 PM BBT

Jordan heads to the washroom, getting ready for a shower. Has the shower running in the Have shower, and walks over to the HaveNot shower to change out of her humilitard.

Brenchel make their way into the brightly coloured room to lay down in bed to nap or relax. Danielle is lounging in her bed, staring at the ceiling.

1:36 PM BBT

Adam in the kitchen, washing dishes. "What else is there to do, but wash other people's dishes.

We get a glimpse of Jeff going to sit down in the purple room, before the feeds switch to Shelly vacuuming the beds and windows in the HaveNot room.

Feeds switch back to Jeff and Adam the purple room.

Jeff: "I have a feeling that I'm gonna win. If we're the last two up there, I'll let you have it".

Adam: "I'll let you have it".

Jeff: "We'll talk out there"

They talk about who will get a question from Julie tonight. Jeff states that Jordan will definitely get one, and Adam hopes he'll get asked about the veto, because he has a good answer lined up.

1:40 PM BBT

Kalia and Porche go into the HaveNot room, and start talking to Shelly. Voices are too low for me to distinguish words.

Adam and Jeff in the purple room. Shelly and Porche standing in the doorway of the purple room chatting.

Jordan is still in the shower, Porche is sitting on the sofa in the bathroom. Porche asks Jordan to tell her when she's almost done, so she can put her bathing suit on. Feed #4 scans up and down the shower stall. Jordan comments that she thinks her scalp got burnt the other day, because of the pigtails.

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1:47 PM BBT

Porche goes into the bathroom stall to change into her bathing suit. Jordan in the HaveNot stall drying off. Kalia cleaning her ears in the mirror. Jordan starts singing and we get WBRB. Jordan brushing and drying her hair.

Jeff, Adam, and Kalia sitting in the purple room talking about previous competitions. Kalia says that the longer you stay up in a physical comp, the more likely you'd be a HaveNot. Adam says that the first 3 off would be Have's, and the last 4 would be HaveNot's.

1:55 PM BBT

Speculation about the HOH comp tonight in the purple.

In the bathroom, Shelly putting makeup. Jordan is sitting on the sofa. Porche is finishing up her shower and going back into the bathroom stall to change. Jordan is brusing her teeth sitting on the sofa.


Adam: "Have you ever thrown a drink in someone's face?"

Jeff: "I smashed a glass in someone's face"

Adam asks Jeff if he's ever used steroids. Jeff denies. Adam seemed skeptical and comments that he was in football, and Jeff still denies it. Adam counting weeks and general talk about what week will have a certain competition.

Shelly and Jordan putting on makeup. Shelly says that when they get out of the house, the girls are going out. Shelly: "We'll go out, let loose, and no one will see". Porche brushing her teeth, getting ready.

2:02 PM BBT

In the purple room, they start playing the _____ or _____ game. Jeff has his eyes closed, and he's laying under a blanket.

In the bathroom, Shelly starts straightening her hair. Jordan still doing makeup. Porche called out by BB to put on her mic. Talk about different makeup, and self tanner.

2:06 PM BBT

Jordan and Shelly talk about how hard it was adjusting to the bathrooms, and Shelly can't wait to get back to a real one. Shelly: "It's amazing to watch as the days go on, how the attitudes change. I think that's how you tell if they're fake".

Shelly: "If I win, I'm putting up Dani and Kalia"

Jordan: "That's smart, because then they cant take each other off"

Shelly thinks that Rachel will put Shelly up on the block if she wins HOH. Jordan talked to Rachel that she she can't put Shelly up because she's in their alliance. Jordan says that her and Jeff said that Rachel can't win HOH this week.

Shelly: "I would love to tell her exactly what I think. It's good that I'm 41 years old. If I was 35, I wouldn't have the same restraint."

2:12 PM BBT

Jordan and Shelly still in the bathroom doing makeup and hair. They both can't wait until this week is over. Jordan says that live shows feel like Saturdays.

Adam, Jeff and Kalia in the purple room. Jeff looks like he's sleeping. Adam and Kalia talking about movies.

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2:19 PM BBT

Feeds were switching to trivia and back to the feeds.

2:21 PM BBT

Shelly and Jordan in the bathroom. Jordan and Shelly both doing makeup. They talk about when Jordan realized when people really liked her. She realized it when she got home. She kept getting things sent to her house. Jordan didn't know how they figured out her address. Says that little kids and adults liked her, not so much teenagers.

Jordan: "A little girl came up to me, and said that her parents wouldn't let her watch the show at night, and that her dad sent her over for a picture".

[i do not understand how these girls spend so much time getting ready. I can do my makeup and hair in less than 10 minutes, and Jordan's been doing JUST her makeup for half an hour now - emilycaitlin]

2:28 PM BBT

Adam, Kalia, and Jeff in the purple room. Adam and Kalia talking about stories. Kalia leaves, and Adam does a little dance. Adam goes to the kitchen and gets a drink before coming back to the purple room. They discuss what time the rehearsal is, and when they should get ready.

Adam had a dream about the competion last night. It was a platform that was angled, and you keep climbing on a conveyer belt and if you fell you were out. It was like mountain climbing, but you never moved. It went faster as it went along. Jeff says that it was a good idea, but they wouldn't last long.

2:33 PM BBT

Jordan gets called to the DR.

Adam: "I'm gonna walk out of this house, and everyone's gonna know me as Cruddy".

2:36 PM BBT

Jordan comes back from the DR and says she got yelled at for not wearing her humilitard. She said she was getting ready, and didn't want to get makeup on her outfit, and that it gets hot when she uses the blowdryer. She gets cut off, and we get Trivia.

2:39 PM BBT

Feeds are back. Jordan has her humilitard back on.

Adam: "We may be stupid, but you have the outfit that says you're a loser!"

Jeff and Adam laying down in the purple room, singing the Cruddy song. Jeff randomly states that he wants to be Knighted. They start talking about people who've been knighted and how they get knighted.

Jordan is in the bathroom, straightening her hair and pulling it up into pigtails.

2:42 PM BBT

Adam says he's gonna buy a handbag if he wins the money. Jeff: "Fuck that, go to China, you can get it for 5 bucks". Adam says he'd buy a Camero.

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2:48 PM BBT

Shelly sitting down in the kitchen, eating.

Adam and Jeff are still in the purple room chatting.

We get trivia.

2:56 PM BBT - Feeds are back

Shelly is washing her dishes, and Brenden is making food. Shelly is making more food.

In the purple room, Adam, Jeff, and Jordan are laying down chatting.

3:00 PM BBT

We get trivia

3:15 PM BBT

Still have trivia.

[i'm out]

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