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8/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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950 BBT most of the houseguests are eating and general talk not game talk right now. Talk of food comps and now Rachel is going to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. (hahahahahahaha( she eats it and blows brown smoke out of her mouth and then coughs. Brendon not to be out done does it as well. It really was funny. FLashback to 10 00 BBT to see it.

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10:42 BBT:

Kalia eating ice cream in the kitchen, says "It's the last thing I need, but it tastes so good". She also has cookies in the oven. Dani comes down from the HOH room, says she could drink 3 glasses of wine. Dani keeps messing with her microphone, keeps getting called out by BB. Shelly walking around the house, stops in the kitchen every once in a while.

Adam, Brenden and Jeff playing pool. Rachel sitting off to the side eating something from a bowl.

Porche is in the diary room.

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11:21 BBT

Everyone outside and Adam and Porsche alter egos are on a date....the guys are playing Phillip's gay friends and the girls are playing her {didn't catch her alter ego name} sorority sisters...

Not very funny the highlight was when Philip asked if "did you flush her down the toilet" when she said her mom died...

11:24 BBT more role playing...

Adam grosses Shelly out putting his piercing back in...we get the closeup view...with urniation audio...nice...

11:27 BBT talking about doing more funny stuff and dani says "is that because we are so boring" and says at least we admit we suck...unlike other casts

11:28 BBT guys are playing pool

the girls sitting on the couch talking about having to take off their glasses in DR session

Shelly liked her alter ego..."you can be a good Chrissy" in 3's company and sing the theme song and get 2 bb warnings..

11:31 BBT more general chatting

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11:36 BBT

Shelly and Porsche in a deep convo about baseball pants or football pants...Shelly can't believe Porsche likes baseball compared to football...Shelly insists the baseball pants are "too saggy" while porche says football are "too paddy"

they go back to what the prefer game....

11:38 BBT guys playing pool no game talk

looking like another late night of boredom...

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11:42 BBT

Brendon says to Jeff that there will be all women in this house...but for the most part they are quiet

They are questioning Brendon if he and Rachel shower every day..."not everyday"......Brendon admits he washes her hair for her and Shelly "we are going to start calling you PT"

11:44 BBT Jordan is back outside...as Shelly is relentless on the _____ or ______ game...

Dani "there is no air conditioners in Huntington Beach" {liar..know plenty peeps with AC in HB}

Dani saying Dick use to live in Hawaii...

Brendon Jeff playing pool Adam must be in DR........not really talking game...

11:50 BBT The excitement continues...

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Beteen 22:00 - 0:00 BBT - we really had no game talk. We had an uncomfortable "date" with Philip & Elizabeth (Adam and Por) and a guessing game about dating habits.

Kal burned cookies that she was making and the guys played games of pool.

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11:59 BBT

not a lot has changed fron last post except Adam is out of DR and Rachel is in...

12:00 BBT over at the couch they are talking about Dominic....

12:03 Adam having fun with his alter ego phillip...

Guys plaing cut throat...

All feeeds on this...Jordan comes over and says "i'm gonna go lay dow....I gotta get this thing off" Jeff says he'll come in to check on her .kisses her....and Adam "ahh jeff Phillip can learn a thing or two"

They start singing and FOTH...

12:06 BBT Adam says he play music all day and gets yelled at to "turn it down" he lsitens from metal to "broadway tunes"

"what are they talking about" Brendon wonders while he plays pool...

"How am I still hungry?" Adam wonders...Jeff says "i ate two rice cakes"....

12:09 BBT {my feeds keep skipping back to earler..strange}

12:10 BBT a lot of the same.....

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12:17 BBT

all feeds on the guys playing pool...

{things don't pick up it may be an early late night for me|

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12:24 BBt

Girls came in Jeff asks if the "men bashing session over" and accuse Porsche if some go in she has to follow and she tells Dani and says who said that "jeff...shocker"

12:25 BBT Kalia stops to rummage for snacks....and says "is it wierd I'm on Big Brother' and aks if they ever have that feeling...Shelly says she'll never feel the same about BB again now that she's been on it...

Dani and kali talking outside ....Dani says she never talks to Jordan...Kalia says she's been zoning out and Dani says "she hates it here" and is miserable....

12:28 BBT Porsche says she didn't bring a sweatshirt and talk about all the random stuff she brought...

Porsche says she brough 12 pairs of panties....Kali saying Tony and Shelly have "a really great life" and her childhood was great like that...

12:30 BBT they discuss house pillows...

They discuss their wakeup song and Kalia sings...they talk about "it always feel like you'e watching me"..Adam says it is Michael Jackson sing chorus..kali "i promise its not"...I say Adam is correct...

12:33 BBT All the guys are now done and have joined the girls on the couches...

12:36 BBT they are doing a long burp note...Rachel out...and says she can't do it because of her tablespoon of cinnamon she attempted to eat earlier...Jeffsback in DR...

back to holding long notes.....very very obnoxious....

12:38 BBT outdoor convo continues

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12:43 BBt Rachel brings up her non JC interviews and Dani says "shocker...just kidding" and says those shows they had a lot going on.....

Kali talking about her "mannered" BF he hates her burping...

a lot of yawning and talk of going to bed...

12:44 BBT Tomorrow is the hot dog eating contest "at 9:30"

discussing all the sleeping Porsche does and Adam says Kalia gets the bad rap....and continues all the naps that Kalia takes....

12:46 BBT Porsche: "i'm trying to break Jessie's record" for amount of naps...Kali blame boredom for all her naps {i say its her body hitting sugar low after all her sugar highs}

12:48 BBT Dani says Jessica BB8 "literally never get out of bed all day"....and says "stein" would bring her stuff....

12:49 BBT Rachel says "this house' is way worse and Dani says they are a "boring cast" like the highlight of their day was brenchel "eating cinnamon"

Dani say they have to have a night "of random dumb stuff" to entertain...

12:51...Kalia still talking about her "awake time"...

12:52 BBT more napping talk

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Rachel asking if her season was boring and Adam says no.....Adam blabs about his Favorite BB website and her season...

Dani says feeds get boring about "half way through"

Rachel "do the live feeders" are the ones who "complain" we nap so much...

Kalia bitching "no one put a gun" to live feeders heads to sign up...

12:56 BBT Dani lays out a challenge of not waking up and not talk about themselves...Adam up for the challenge and Dani offers "second base with Elizabeth"

TV trivia game again.....12:58 BBT

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Rachels show was from Disney channel and Dani says she had no clue and it was "wizards of waverly place" and she never heard of it or "Selana Gomez" and they all says Thats Justin Bieber's GF and Dani "i didn't know he even liked girls"

Dani says he's "ghetto" the way he talks...

1:02 BBT Game continues....

Shelly is scrubbing the bathroom....Kali frustrated no one can guess her tv show...

1:10 BBT Kali says "the bite on my neck" is getting huge....

Jeff joins in the trivia game

1:11 BBT Shelly scrubbing like a madman in the bathroom....

{i'm out}

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0244 BBT Kalia and Daniele in back yard discussing facebook and how Kalia has did not pay her storage bill prior to leaving. Kalia and Daniele finally decide to come in from outside. They are whispering something, I didn't catch what they were talking about though. Jeff and Adam still in BY playing pool. The guys are discussing other house guests. I cut in during the conversation. I believe that they are not trusting Brenchel and state that they will cut a deal with anyone. Adams logic with SHelly last week was that Lawon could not protect, he was just a vote. Other than being a friendly guy he had no purpose. You know that Rachel is going to explode at any time with him (Brendon) gone. Jeff states if anyone else wins they are going to put him up against Rachel and they think Rachel is nothing so they will be after Jeff. Talk of how they have to win next week and have to put Dani up, since she has the veto ticket. If she wins, she is taking Kalia off and then they can't vote out either one. Jeff "Shelly is a vote, but I hope she can win something." Adam states after the phone call she will be re-energized and wants to fight. Jeff wants to know why SHelly and Daniele are so close all of the sudden. Adam- "After she had the blow up with Porscha and Kalia and now they are all chummy."

They are now questioning if Shelly has cut deals with Daniele. Adam trying to reassure Jeff about Shelly being on their side.

Discussing the HOH comp and how they were 6-2 and lost.

Adam- Brendon and Rachel together are a really strong combo.

Jeff- Is now to early to get rid of them. I understand we might not have another opportunity.

Adam- It is still 5 on 3 and only two of them are playing HOH. And it is the two that are least likely to win anything physical.

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0256BBT Adam states that Porscha is going to vote out Brendon this week. They (Daniele and Kalia) are worried about his (Adam's) vote. Once again talk turns to Jeff doubting Shelly and Adam reassuring him. Jeff feels she is protected by Daniele and wonders when that happen. Adam stated "Daniele is not a bad person, just a rough game player. Daniele eating dinner at the door is just her compassionate side."

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0302 BBT Adam is concerned that he is the deciding vote two weeks in a row and thinks it is going to move him up the target list. Jeff says she will get over it.

Pool game is over and it is smoke time.

Jeff is relying on his support system to keep him in the game, since he is a target for being a strong player. Adam talks of getting rid of Brendon this week and Daniele next week.

Adam- Even if she does not go next week and takes herself off, one of her people will be going. Talk about winning HOH next week. Adam calls himself a 71 Cadi "you get me moving and I keep moving".

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Adam- I know if I work with her (Daniele) I would be in the jury house holding my D***. If I go head to head with them and they beat me, hats off to you. They think that Shelly is done playing with both sides, but Porscha is not done. Day dreaming of winning back to back HOH's and knocking off two of "them". Adam feels that it is going to be a strength HOH. They have never not crowned two HOH's on live shows back to back.

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7:25am BBT -- Shelly's up and at 'em. In the storage room changing her batteries.

7:40am -- Shelly's out back, smoking, drinking coffee, yawning, thinking.

8:10am -- Shelly's still the only one up. Sitting on the outside couch, filing her nails.

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1:40am Rach/Bren are in the WCA, Dani comes walking in and they have a quick conversation... there was nothing prior to this except Dani/Bren passing in the KT for 5 seconds a minute earlier...

Dani: cliff notes version, I really think you'll have Jeff and Jordan's vote, and I'm going to work on Porsh, but if it doesn't work out... we'll talk tomorrow...

and just as randomly as the conversation started, it ends...

1:43am Brenchel go to HNBR for Rach to change clothes, they agree all they have for Bren to stay is Dani's word right now

Nothing happens until...

2:46am Kal/Dani head to bed, then Jeff/Adam start talking BB game while continuing their pool game.

First up, they decide the order out needs to be Dani, Kal, Pors. Jeff is worried Pors will be HOH when he ends up getting evicted. They agree that Dani is the head of the snake, and needs to go first.

Second topic is if they should vote out Brendon or not this week. Adam is worried if Brendon stays, he will win POVs and they will never get him out.

Jeff plays devil's advocate, questioning the 'what ifs' of Brendon staying. Brenchel remain a target, and it buys them a few more weeks in the house. His main fear is if Brendon goes and someone from the other side wins HOH again, the nominations will be Rach/Jeff, and since Bren isn't here, they won't see Rach as a threat and Jeff will be their target.

Topic three is Shelly. Since getting her phone call, Shelly is revitalized, and Jeff wants to know why she has been so chummy with Daniele lately?

3:00am Jeff wonders where Porsche's vote is this week? Adam says he heard from Daniele that Porsche is definately voting out Brendon(although, at 1:40am Daniele told Bren/Rach that she will try to work Porsche's vote to keep Brendon.)

3:06am Adam realizes he may be the deciding vote, and if he evicts Brendon, everyone will be upset with him.

Jeff:not everyone, just Rachel, and she's with us, so she'll get over it.

3:08am the pool game ends and they cover the table...

Jeff:I'm still weighing this, I don't want to be sitting in jury and thinking... this is the week, this decision is going to make the game.

(They move to the patio)

Adam:it's only a matter of time until Brendon and Rachel turn on us. Chances are they won't both be in the final chairs. But Brendon would have a case for the win. I'll make my vote based on who played the best game.

Talk continues, with Adam taking the 'evict Brendon' side, and Jeff agreeing IF 'we win HOH this week'

3:40am Jeff/Adam finish an hour of game talk, and head to bed...

7:30am Shelly is of course the first one up for the day....

8:40am BB gives a wake up call, which gets Adam up and out talking game with Shelly. He shares with her the talk him/Jeff had late last night about the pros/cons of evicting Brendon. Adam says the biggest fear Jeff has is that once Brendon goes, Jeff will be 'their' next target. Shelly says that it doesn't help her game for Jeff to leave, so Jeff doesn't have to worry about her targeting him. Brendon joins them, so the game talk ends and changes to idle chat.

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10:37 am BBT

Bren on the eliptical

Rach eating breakfast & says that the apples are really good

Shelly cleaning up the BY (sweeping)

Rach has been informed that those are not apples, it is a pear...

Rach said - it looks like a pear, tastes like a pear but it not shaped like a pear...

Shelly asks what the texture is, is it firm like a pear

Rach says yeah

Shel says it if from the Greek basket and that it is a pear

Rach likes it...

10:39 am BBT

Bren running backwards on the eliptical, Shel still cleaning, Rach still eating her breakfast of PEARS and grapefruit

The rest of the HG's shown on the feeds are still sleeping

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10:08am bren on the eliptical shell and rach still talking about working in vegas and how they dont get breaks they eat before they go to work then eat when they get off unless clients buy them lunch

10:16am shell goes back in the house bren ask rach what she is going to do she says i dont know your on the eliptical so i guess i am just gonna be hanging around i might get some food i need breakfast but i am not really hungry

10:18am rach asking bren what he thinks dani will do if its a tie breaker bren says probably get rid of me rach says she isnt gonna make it very far if she votes you out and she isnt gonna work with dani if she does that

10:20am rach goes inside to get food she says to shell all the good fruit is gone by this time of the week shell says i know the fridge is really bare now rach starts cutting a grapefruit

10:25am bren walks into the wca telling rach he has like 20 minutes left on the eliptical if she wants ok she says thats ok i might get on after i eat breakfast and says thank you bren walks back out shelly getting ready to go lay out in the sun for awhile

10:35am rach walks back outside bren says is that wat you are eating for breakfast she says yeah its healthy she is eating grapefruit apples and cottage cheese with honey on top of it she sits down and says wow look at you honey to bren he is working out on the eliptical and sweating

10:39am rach telling bren these apples are really good he hasked what kind they are she says she doesnt know she says it kinda taste like a pear though shell says that is a pear rach says it does look like a pear and taste like a pear but isnt shaped like a pear

10:48am rach asking why they played the music so early this morning shell says to wake them up so they will get up and to het batteries shell says what do they do get batteries and go back to bed rach says yeah rach doesnt understand how people sleep all day wake up eat and stay up for 2 hours go sleep again get up for 2 hours go back to sleep she says she cant do that she wouldnt feel goodshell says they could play music all day and she would have everything cleaned and laundry done

10:50am shell cleaning and sweeping in by she says she thinks the birds like it over here around the pool table bren says yeah they poop everywhere rach says yeah a bird pooped on me yesterday

10:52am rach tells bren he should take off his shirt while running in the by he gives her a funny look rach says dont you think so shelly shell says absolutly rach says i will wash it for you he runs over takes his shirt off starts running again rach says thanks for the entertainment and laughs

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shell cleaned bird poop off the decking by the pool table and washed every window on the backyard.


Adam awake, Shell on lounge in the sun. Jordan came out of ther tutu to get into the pool. Brendon is out of DR cutting up stuff for breakfast.

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