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8/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:27 p.m. BB Time

a few HG's on the pation yaking

Rach and Brendon up in HOH room talking to Dani try to plead their case.

Rach doing most of the talking. Using her calm voice saying thing from

conversations that would benefit B and her.

She seems to leave out a lot of stuff.

(can't type and listen at same time... I'm slow)

Rach talking waaay too calm saying how Shelly is turning Jeff and Jordon against them.

(Rach in her way turning things being said to her and Brendon's benefit)

Can't get a read from Dani's replys if what they're saying is influencing her.

Someone else can give their viewpoint. Mine are anti-Rach

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Rachel and Brendan having a pretty honest conversation with Daniele about the reasons J or J should go up. B wants Dani to take care of Rachel if he is sent home.

Throwing JJ/S under the bus saying they aren't loyal, Jeff has already won tons of money and will probably win america's fav juror money too

Rach saying she wants to work/ will work with Dani if B is sent home. Dani seems pretty set on putting up B. Dani barely responsive throughout this entire convo

(Convo is pretty circular, nothing we haven't heard before)

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(I came to shut off the feeds to go to bed)

Bren and Rach STILL pleading their case.

It looks like Dani fighting nodding off - interjecting a 'Yeah' every once in awhile.

Looks like they're trying to wrap it up.... but, they've done that many times so far during this convo.


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21:00 BBT Talk about Vegas after the show and Super Pass which Shel loves

21:05 BBT The alcohol has arrived. 4 beers and a bottle of wine.

Seems it was not enough alcohol for even one drink per HG. HG deciding who is drinking.

21:12 BBT Hg talking about different BB people and what day they are - Shel trying to learn their names for when she meets them

We are getting a lot of WBRB since the HG are talking about production

21:19 BBT Feeds come back and R/B are in HOH w/ Dani. Talking about that they don't want to go up

Bren tells Dani that is he goes home, Rach doesn't have anyone. Dani says that they have J/J. Rach says they don't

21:24 BBT Gen HOH game talk in BY. Kal says if its endurance, it is hers. They will have to peel her dead body off.

21:27 BBT B/R telling Dani that it may not be a good thing to keep Shel. Telling about Shel/Jor convo in HNBR

B/R asking Dani what she is thinking. Bren says he won't be upset if she has to put him up.

21:33 BBT B/R asks Dani if she would consider putting up Jor so Shel goes.

Now B/R telling Dani that Jeff is creating his own army plus he has racked up a lot of money.

21:40 BBT B/R still selling keeping them in. Saying they have no alliance to work with.

21:44 BBT Kal/Por talking about giving their bed to B/R - Por doesn't want any gifts left on her comforter

Kal biting her nails. Says she doesn't bite them often but when she starts - she goes to town

B/R still selling themselves to Dani. Jeff/Adam playing pool

21:55 BBT Adam explaining BBAD to Jeff. Jeff doesn't have ST. Adams says he goes to sleep every night watching BBAD

22:00 BBT B/R still talking to Dani. Rach says that she is playing for 2nd place. She knows that she is not popular. Dani just mmm hmmm's

B/R have said their piece and prepare to leave. Bren says he understands he may be going up but if Dani can help him stay he would appreciate it

22:06 BBT Guess they haven't said their piece. They are still in HOH - still selling themselves to Dani

22:11 Adam gives his call out to his girlfriend. B/R still talking to Dani

B/R have left the HOH room. Kal getting something to eat in the KT

22:26 BBT Adam doing trivia in the BY for the HG

22:30 BBT B/R whispering. Difficult to hear what they are saying. They then head to the KT.

BY Hg talking about candy, ice cream, food they love.

22:41 BBT In BY, HG trying to find out of Adam can make balloon animals out of condoms and talk about clowns

22:55 BBT Bren/Rach having a disagreement about if Rach actually has any true good friends. They have different definitions of friends

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11:06 BBt In the kitchen Brenchel can't even cook something without making a production ..Brendon spilled some of Rachel's "queso" [looks like vomit} while pouring it in a bowl...He blames her and she says sorry...

Jordan is up Brenchel comes out with their bowl of ...Jeff says "that's slop and says ..enough for the week" everyone is actually eating it...

11:09 Rachel says "a lot of cheese..milk....meat" and Dani says "we are all gonna have diarrhea"..and "the green stuff" dani asks is green pepper..

11:11 BBT "it is a little spicy" as porche heads into the house for drinks...

Adam is actually doing shots of Rachel's concotion....and jokes he's in the chugging food comp

11:13 BBT In the kitchen Adam reminds Jordan about the "stuffed chicken" jeff madeher for dinner but Jordan wonders if its wise to "eat a 11 o'clock"....Shelly comes out to try the "queso"....Kalia saying "it tastes like taco bell"

11:16 BBT

Jordan decides to eat her dinner and has a few words with Brendon he saying he say Jeff make it earlier "it looked good"

outside more queso talk..Porsche and Kalia are really munching it

"4 sheddred bags you wasted" Jeff says about Rachel using bags of cheese in the dip...Rachel "wasted?"

Jordan comes out and Rachel asking if she wants cheese with her chicken...Porsche "my mouth is on fire" yet it doesn't stop her from eating...

11:20 BBT Guys are playing pool now...

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11:21 BBT

Outside all feeds and BBAD on the Pool game and the couches..

Shelly talking about getting something that doesn't involved with crying...Jordan talking about Crying all day yesterday..feeds go to FOTH

11:23 BBT porsche says Shelly hairs has gotten "really long"...."3 inches" while Shelly attributes it to the protein shakes...Shelly says if feels "really dry" and may "olive oil" it this week..Porsche offers her a conditioner better than olive oil..

11:25 guys playing pool no game talk going on...

11:27 BBT more hair talk at the couches with Porsche Shelly Jordan Rachel and Kalia

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11:29 BBT

Rachel says they get hair and nails for the finale by BB..."even Brendon" got his done last summer...

Jordan talking about how she loved her hair when she had it done on "melrose" ..."estellas" Kalia guess since she lives on "melrose"

Kalia talking about "tabitha salon takeover" and gets a lot of "oh no" and Rachel says Salon's aren't that bad...but Jordan says there has been some disgusting...

11:32 Shelly and Rachel comparing their cheese dips..Shelly is hunk of valvetta and evaporated milk and spices and she says its the first thing gone at her parties...

11:34 BBT

Pool game continues

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11:49 BBT

"i judge airports by the drinks they have" shelly says as they discuss airports..

Not a lot different except Dani is outta the DR..

11:49 BBT thet are discussing messsage chairs and foot massagers at malls...Shelly saying the chairs "are so money" and her "tony" wants to save monet to get one but they come in "blck" and won't go with her "brown leather" sofas.."mine too" Jordan says...as she goes on about her home decor

Rachel announces her dip is almost all gone as says they will all be constipated and Dani disagrees 'we'll be pooping everywhere"

11:52 BBT A lot of the same right now...girls on the couches just chit chatting....guys playing pool..

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11:56 BBT "i don't cry pretty" {you don't do much of anything pretty } shelly informs the girls.. as they talk how Jordan and Adam are popular Avatars for message boards..in their respective humiliating get ups .Shelly mentioned Tony will use her ugly crying for his..

11:58 BBT Shelly talking about Josie and imitating hey way she talks...Dani talking about her little bros and sis calling shamu "shapoo"...Dani goes on how she loves "Sea World"

Shelly goes on about her adventures at Sea World with Josie and we get FOTH

12:00 BBT FOTH...

12:02 BBT FOTH

12:03 BBT feed returns with Dani talking about her mother and her sibblings and bees stinging...not sure what the whole story was..

Kalia saying she has "ants in my pants"..

Dani talking about Dick when he was yound "he used to model" "was such a good looking guy" with a "bone structure like mine" and Dani says Dick has smoked since he "was 12"....shelly says "he must have strong lungs"

12:07 BBT Dani reluctant to talk aboutVincent since he "watches the feeds"

Shelly says she doesn't look like her parents and luckily for Josie "she looks like tony" Shelly says..."he is way more handsome than I am...I got really lucky...loooks like a professional volleyball player"...Someone says "keith" and Shelly says "who's Keith" and they all laugh...

12:10 more general chatting..and guys still playing pool..

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12;15 BBT

Talking about when J&J came back to host "lover's lane" in BB12...Shelly mentions when Brendon threw the ball and almost hit Jeff rachel says "it wasn't like that"

Jordan says she could feel the tension...and was suppose to hang out till 12 but BB decided not to....

Dani says Janelle came to her season and she whispered them stuff they weren't suppose to.....Dani goes over Eric calling her "miss piggy"

Shelly wants to meet her and talk about Janelle getting married....discuss whether Jani is a real blonde...

12:20 BBT Pool game continues...

"it will be nice to come out of this season and not be referred to as Dicks's daughter" dani says..and Shelly says she'll probably be known as "josie's mom"

12:21 BBT Adam asks id there any dip left but doesn't want it and says "its already coming out of both ends"

"Temecula" {as in Temeula, CA} is what she wants to name her kid..but Shelly says they will call her "meckie"..

12:24 BBT they are discussing music and songs so frequent FOTHs

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BBT after several minutes of FOTHs feeds return with them briefly talking about layovers in Atalanta airports and then discussion turned to TV shows and Rachel starts asking Shelly about a show sings and yet another foth..

12:32 BBT FOTH

12:35 BBT feeds return to much of the same...Dani says she looked "disgusting" at "99 lbs" and say they are "skinny' dani claims her brother doesn'y smoke....and Dani asks if she has a "ton" and shelly says 'not with Jeff smoking" and says shelly says Cassi smoking and Shelly is talking about "rationing"...Jeff says he has "2 packs".."break em out" shelly says..Jeff says he's slowing down....shelly has "40 packs" plus more of the "lose packs" and Casis was smoking a pack a day of shelly's...shelly decides to quit smoking for the night as she says she's amde up for all her non smoking from yesterday

12:38 BBT shelly seems a little concerened ..."they won't do it" shelly says about buying cigarettes..and FOTH...

12:40 guys still playing pool while shelly says she loves "sons of anarchy" kalia say her fiend works on production...Adam loves the show also

Dani "that's what she said" is her favorite thing to say...Shella mentions "Hella" and Dani and Kalia says "its a northern california thing"...

12:44 BBT Talking Facebook stalking with a little myspace...Shelly admits she never had a myspace page...

Kalias mouth starts singing....so.....FOTH

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12:47 BBt everyone talking about the website "people of walmart" and the pics people take of them with their phones...

Kalia sings and FOTH...

12:54 BBt Shell talking about Josie and Jordan "i'd rather smell a fart than a burp" and Kalia says "i'd rather smell a burp than a fart" and convo goes back to Josie talking about Josie's bad habits

12:56 BBT Porsche wonders if they can put the corn in the fridge..Dani says "cook it all" and heat it up when they need it...

Shelly goes to bed...

Dani says she's gonna put her pajamas on and the three Kalia porsch and Dani says they are all really tired...and discuss whether they took naps ..Kalia can't remember...and FOTH

12;58 BBT Jeff joins the girls at the couches..as does Brendon..

Rachel starts the lame celebrity guessing game...

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1:05 BBT

The celebrity game outside...with everyone except Shelly who went to bed...so nothing to report

{I'll hang around for awhile to see if anything gets interesting]

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1:22 BBT

Game continues despite everyone yawning

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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01:26 BBT Adam, Porsha, Kalia, Daniele, Brendon & Rachel in BY playing Charades on feeds 1,2 & 4

and Jeff, alone, brushing his teeth in the bathroom on feed 3.

01:29 BBT Jeff joins Jordan in the Bedroom, and asks her if she is being antisocial. Her reply was, "if that is what you want to call it, it's One O'clock."

01:31 BBT Appears that the back yard game is breaking up and everyone is going their ways"

01:33 BBT Adam in the b.y. talking to himself and smoking. He enlightens us about his doubts about Shelly, His secret PB&J alliance and his and Porscha's alliance is still in effect. He feels he is moving up the target list, so he needs to step up his game. He believe he has. Adam feels he knows the events of the house better than anyone else. If we can get daniele and jeff out, then I will be the strongest player in the game. Which makes me a bigger target. BUt if Shelly still has my back and Porscha and I can work together, we just need to get Kalia and Jordan out. I will be in the final three. I am getting way ahead of myself. Alot will happen between now and then, but if I can make it to the final 6 then i can play for veto every week....WBRB...stay focused and keep it up. Build up some strength and start with going to bed. (It was his big run on sentence-not mine) Adam bids us a good night and heads inside.

Meanwhile....in the storage room it appears that Daniele and Kalia are filling a condom with lotion and placing it in a tissue on someones bed.

Jeff, Jordan, Daniele and Kalia are in the bed room pretending to play guessing games. Adam enters (Adam is who they are trying to trick with the condom). I think Porsha is in the room also. All discussion has turned to middle names and Adam's brother's first name.

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1:05pm bren telling rach he doesnt want her crying when he leaves he needs her to win hoh and focus on her energy she says yeah you have to focus to do well

1:10pm bren says he thinks rach got the votes cuz everyone else knew she would come back in the game last week rach says 100% for sure bren says he hates people being fake he does enjoy these people cuz it keeps his mind off the game but some are fake

1:13pm shell takes jor a pillow to lay on outside by the pool and says she wont ever ask for anything she is to nice to ack jor says ty shell ... shell ask do you want a water jor says no thank you shelly she tells por and adam jor never ask for anything jor says you dont either shelly and shelly says i am older and walks off to get herself a drink

1:15pm shell and dani in kt shell says bren needs to go he drank all the diet coke dani says and eats all the food and drinks all the alchol shelly laughs dani fixes ice water they go back out to the by to lay out again

1:21pm shell smoking talking to bren and rach talking about shell's daughter going to school and how she ask if a boy taps you softly on the arm does he like you bren ask what do you tell her shelly says she told her slug him back and says no she tells her to be friends but to young to think like that

1:30pm bren and rach on by couch going to sleep shell por and dani talking about shows and people getting engaged just general talk

1:40pm shell dani and por talking about games they can play to have fun in the house por sugest beer pong shell says we should play that tonight dani says yeah we are boring

1:50pm shell dani and por talking in the pool about each others toes and how long they are everyone else in the house sleeping

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2:04pm por yells at adam when he comes out if he went to sleep in the house she was saving his spot for him she yells loud enough to wake bren and rach up bren gets up and goes to wc rach laysb back down going back to sleep dani says look what you did you woke him up

2:06pm dani says she is hungey but he is probably in there eating por says they had lunch she put a lid over the pan they used rach made a peanutbutter sauce and added turkey to it por says and she says it was smelling up the whole house

2:08pm shell and adam talking while smoking shell says if you hear anything about anything chaging please let me know dont hang me out to dry adam says you have nothing to worry about love and starts walking off and says hear me doll shell now sitting all alone on couch

2:12pm bren and rach in purple room bren EATING again rach laying down

2:19pm jor now up joins shelly on by couch jor says rach looked so shocked that bren got put on the block and she doesnt know why she looked shocked she should have known it was gonna happen

2:21pm shell tells jor that she is with them completely and that rach said she has tried talking to jeff and jor but they wont talk jor says she never tried talking shell says i want you and jeff to make it to the end and i told jeff i wanted you in the emd kali walks outside and joined them

2:22pm shell says to kal today i am scrubbing the bathroom it is nasty and needs a good scrubbing

2:31pm b/r go in bbr where j/j are j/j get up and head outside rach pouting telling bren they have to get the votes to keep him and next week they have to win hoh and the following week win hoh or veto we have 3 chances bren starts to leave saying i know rach says no come here he walks back and she says it is gonna be really fast and he leaves the room she floowes him now saying i love you he says yeah i know

2:33pm jeff making coffee in kitchen jeff ask bren if he wants coffee he says yeah i will have some rach says i will have some too jeff says i was just making a cup for me and bren rach says i want some jeff says then you make it and starts talking about where his sandles can be

2:44pm shell tells jor she needs solitary confinement jor says i do i really do shelly called to dr rach putting on sunscreen to lay out

2:47pm jeff walks outside says he is back by popular demands dani laughs jor tells dani shelly said you wanted to talk to us dani said i just wanted to make sure you know i dont know what else i can do to assure you jeff says we will talk later and get some shit done jeff says jor you are frustrated with everything jeff says why dont you put on your bakini and relax in the hotub and get in the pool and relax jor says i just dont have a good feeling

2:49pm jor says i feel like once bren is gone we are screwed like even with adam jeff says we have to fight hard jeff ask jor who she trust more shell and adam or bren and rach jor says i dont know jeff says i think we can trust shell and adam more cuz she throws us under the bus all the time jor says yeah i know

2:51pm bren walks out and joins j/j and all game talk starts bren talking about people he is related to and then talking about thomas jefferson just general talk about slaves and the show roots

2:56pm bren telling j/j he is going to talk to adam later and try getting his vote but he thinks shell has it already and bren says this is anyones game still with the way the games are going jeff says yeah its been that way

2:58pm bren says well shit i won the counting last year but i sucked at it this year shell walks out jeff says whats up shell says gonna have a smoke and then scrub the bathroom there is 3 stray hairs in there adam now comes out and joins them and gets a smoke

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4:14 PM BBT

So much excitement in the house.... NOT.

In HOH Kalia, Porsche and Daniele doing their toe nails talking about Jordan, Jeff and Rachel, Brendon,

In BY Jordan, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon are poolside talking about Porsche, Kalia and Daniele.

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15:00 BBT Talk of favorite ice cream, Otter Pops, Italian Ice etc...

Gen chit chat. Nothing really going on in BY

15:21 BBT We have WBRB and come back to Adam saying he needs a few days after BB before returning back to work.

15:28 Jor/Adam discussing homes and where Adam will be living when he gets out of BB

Jor says that her Mom is a teller and hates it. She said people are hateful to them

15:39 BBT Dani/Shel talking. Dani says they were talking last night about that Adam has never trimmed his pubes

15:43 BBT Por comes into KT. Says that she is grossed out as B/R in pool being all lovey dovey. Dani asks if they are wearing protection

15:45 BBT More Rachel bashing by Dani on what Rachel wears and what she is doing with Bren

Por in KT says that it is only Monday and they are out of food.

15:51 BBT Kal cooking - starts to sing - we get WBRB and back to Kal who then hums. We get WBRB quickly and back

Dani in HOH painting corn different colors with her nail polish

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6:04 PM BBT

All you have missed in the last hour is a complete recap of 90210 from first episode to last. Adam is Steve in this house. His significant other is not inside the group. Jeff is DIllon, Jord is Kelly. Bren is David and Rach is Tori.

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6:46PM BBT

*yawn*, Adam and Jeff working out in the BY, not very entertaining. However, if you just listen to the audio and ignore the video, the grunts and groans sound sexual, which is very amusing. :animated_rotfl:

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