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8/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:15 PM BBT

Lightbulb moment!

Rachel, Jordan and Jeff on patio.

Rachel says if they put Daniele up, "they" wouldn't know what to do. Jeff says Porsche and Kalia would be up Rachel's ass.

Jordan says Daniele is going to be hard to get out. Jordan wonders aloud if the person who leaves will come back with some sort of power. Rachel says when you are voted out and you come back that is your power.

Jeff says he doesn't even think they're in jury yet and think the twist has something to do with it. They discuss the possibility of all the former HG coming back. Rachel says it could be a good thing because Brendon might come back.

Jeff suggests that maybe Brendon would have to battle Lawon and whoever wins gets to come back in the house. [And now we're getting it - Vespa]

Jordan thinks that would be awesome and a cool twist. Rachel laughs about the look on Daniele's face if Brendon walked back in the door.

"Wouldn't it be funny if he was at a hotel this whole time you've been talking to the camera?" says Jordan, saying he wouldn't have even seen it.

They wonder if viewers know the twist. Rachel says yes and they're probably yelling at us through their computer and TV screens. "I used to do that," pipes in Adam, who had returned from the kitchen.

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20:00 Shel telling Rach/Jor/Adam about the airplane landing on the Hudson (JOr was asking about crashing in a plane)

Plane talk continues. Shel never worried about flying until after she had her daughter. Catfish prep continues in KT

20:20Talk has moved on to 9/11 and watching it on TV

20:30 Jeff & Shel now talking about WA DC. Jeff tells HG about when they tried to get to the top of the WA Monument to film

Cam on HOH room. Kal/Dani/Por all asleep on HOH bed

20:48 Talk turns back to the missing chess pieces.

21:20 Adam/Rach talking about Matt getting money in his season.

21:28 After the small excitement of Jeff/Rach figuring out the twist (and not realizing it) the HG are back to nothingness

21:30 Adam/Rach decide that what they think about the twist prob isn't right. Now going over silly scenarios

Jor asking how they can not be in jury with 9 HG left. Adam thinks maybe less jury members or no jury

21:40 Jor says that there is no way BB has kept Keith in sequester this long

Law playing bean bag game. Jeff cooking in the KT

21:47 Law and Rachel announce they are going to do a dance off

Shel watching Law behavior - she says he is up to something

21:55 Rach tells Jor that she doesn't feel like doing the dance off. Joins Jor in the HT

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{i suspect not a lot of exciting things are gonna happen tonight}

11:01 BBT Adam and Jeff are doing their usual nightly thing ...playing pool...

Inside Daniel has left the confines of the HOH to cook up some vittles for herself...Porsche and Kalia talking about Rachel probably but their whipering and eye movements is pretty much indecipherable to me...

Rachel has returned prepare her dinner of slop, catfish and cocnut....Porsche asks if she's eating the cocnut "again" and Rachel confirms it...Porsche giving her tips on how to toast the coconut...Rachel bitchely accepts her suggestions and heads outside..

"why would she do that" Dani asks when Porsche says Rachel wants to talk to her later....In walks Adam babbles and Dani calling her Pita "stupid"..because its falling apart in her smart hands..

Dani saying "i just don't understand the whole logic" she says to Porsche....They are talking about Shelly...they are talking about the plan...Dani "if we want to vote her out" they can still vote her out and Dani says it can bring her "great joy"....and Porsche wonders if Shelly knows the "hand signals" but Porsche mentions Rach may come back..

11:11 BBT "what are you gonna tell Rachel?" Dani asks and Porsche says she doesn't know what Rachel wants to talk about..."do you think she's " asking about their smart plan...Dani says "i don't know"

Porsche asks "why does Kalia keep saying "for me to win it" when Porsche confirmss to Dani that Dani wants to win HOH...

Porsche says she's going to play "the match game" while Dani says she's gonna do "these dishes"

11:13 BBT Rachel comes in to us ethe bathroom and says a few words to Dani...as Kalia eneters the kitchen...and heads to the fridge...Dani says to her Rachel wants to talk to Porsche....Kalia seems unconcerned..Rachel comes in to Kitchen and Kalia talks about her 11:11 message and the camera not interested...

Kalia complaing about how cold it is ......

11:16 BBT Outside Jeff and Adam still playing pool....

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11:18 BBT

In the bedroom Dani and Jordan talking about the dresses from the POV..Jordan thought the red ones "were cute" but since Dani doesn't wear dresses she didn't like em..they discuss their drinks...

Dani leaves..Rachel walks past her with a word..Dani walking around

In HOH Kalia and Rachel talking...Kalia about stress and eating...Kalia saying "for once " she doesn't feel "like eating everything under the sun"

Rachel talking she's sick of catfish...

11:22 BBT Dani enters the HOH...Kalia wants to "talk first" before she gets into her bath...Dani "i don't want to" and Kalia wants to...

Dani cuts off Kalia "where are you right now" ..and Rachel says she doesn't know..."i'm getting voted out" and will be coming back and says shes trying to get the votes...Rachel says "i have two votes for sure" and says "i need one more" and Kalia can be a "tie breaker" and Dani says "i'm not saying yes..I'm not saying no"

Dani saying why did she approach her main goal was to get Dani out and tell Dani something else...

11:25 Rachel says she is working alone and doesn't "have anyone".....and says she came to Dani "in an honest way",,and is confused why Dani is asking her...

Dani worried she says one thing to one person and her another...

11:26 BBT Rachel backtracking saying after the Kalia talk "i haven't talked game to anyone"....Dani insisting she wants to know what story is the truth...and if she makes "a huge change" in her game.."i'm not going out on a huge limb and get screwed"

Rachel basically says she has no one...and justsays Dani "don't trust me".....from a "game perspective" she needs to do and Dani calls her out for playing "personal" and Rachel says it got me "on my own" and Rachel says "i'm the #1 target" and will be "nominated every single week" and only J&J wouldn't nominate her...

Dani asks what she needs to d to stay..Rachel says "make deals" "restructure my game" and says she has nothing to work with..

Kalia makes "the deal".....is "we habe to votes to keep you and the votes to evict you" and structure a deal "you don't come after us" a "truce" and Rachel says "you two...correct"

11:31 BBT The deal talk continues

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11:33 BBT

Rachel talking about Respwecting them as competitors but Rachel says she doesn't want a huge allianc ebut wants to get out floaters...

Kalia says its important "the deal's off' if she tells people of the deal....and people need to know "lawon's a pawn" and Kalia says she doesn't know what she needs "to swear on" but that she cannot tell people of the plan..

11:35 BBT Rachel says she doesn't understand and Dani "this doesn't leave this room period" about the plan

Rachel asks if she is also "no coming after me also" and Dani says the plan is under consideration and Dani says she needs to know for sure "you're not coming after me"

Kalia threats she will come after her ..and says "it would be really really uncool"

11:38 BBT Dani asks who would she put up...if she got HOH and Rachel says when she's here and is HOH she'll "talk about it on Thursday"

Rachel asks "is it gonna be a 3-3 vote" and Dani says "we have the votes"...without explanation..as Rachel asks for specificas and Dani says "we have the votes"....

11:40 BBT "if you do stay" its a risk Kalia admits....there are a lot of people that want her out and that's been "her selling point" Dani "a week in this house is a week in this house...its huge" and can change her game around in the house..

Rachel "feels like Dani is gonna kill me" the mean look she's giving her....Dani reitterates that she not say anything about the plan...

11:43 BBT Rachel playing cool and apprehensive ..."what if Lawon comes back in the house" Rachel asks "what are you gonna do" and they say nothing...Talking abot Lawon volunteering..and Kalia says at one point he did volunteered...


11:45 BBT "do you want people to think we hate each other" and Kalia says keep things the same being "cordial"....Rachel asks 'would you renominate me" and Dani says the deal is "no"

Rache says "if thats the deal" she wants to win HOH.....Dani "i swear' she won't say anything about what she says..Rachel says she will talk more Thursday "if I'm here" and this could "play out very weel" for the "three of us"....

Dani says "you looked very confused" Rachel says "we have trust issues"..Kalai babbles on..."you just have to trust your gut"

Kalia says if it works it will be "a big fat move"..rachel says "i have amillion questions" but wants to see 'how this goes"

Kalia "cool beans" and aks "where are the chess pieces" laug laugh laugh...

Rachel "nobody knows about this" and Dani asks if she thinks we're lying as Kalia says none else knows....Rachel says "if anyone asks me" she's upstairs..."i tld you I'm coming back if you evict me"

11:52 BBT Faux Deal struck

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11:53 BBT

Rachel leaves...Dani talking shit about Rachel..."so annoying".....and says "you open your mouth too much' and says "becareful what you say to shelly"

Dani you talk too much "about two sided deals...if I win HOH I don't know what I'm gonna do"....and Kalia confused what she said and Dani bitching about 'the wording" "its fine kalia" and a perplexed Kalia asks what she dis wrong and Dani says she didn't do "anything wrong"

11:56 Dani says she doesn't want to win this week but next week she wants to win HOH as Dani draws her bath..

Downstairs Rachel heads to havenot room and asks Jordan if she sleeping and says she talk to Kalia and says and tells Jordan they talked about the votes and Rachel says she's coming back and lies to Jordan....Jordan "play it down" and says she has Shelly and adams vote.."i'm posutive..100% positive"

Jordan says "that's it" about the talk...."that's all they asked you" and Rachel says "they're contolling the votes" and Jordan asking 'what they says" and Jordan asks if they tried to copa deal and Rachel lies and says "no"

12:00 BBT Rachel says she's confused....Rachel says "if she wanted" rachel out "she would have put' Jordan up...Rachel "i don't know what they're doing" and Rachel wants to know what Shelly said..and say she talk the "pros and cons" and Rachel wants to know why Shelly says they were gonna make a deal...

Rachel wants to talk to Shelly...and Shelly enters and they talk .....Shelly "they are just trying to pick your brain"....Shelly says he went to say 'was up" in DR and is there in a long time and shelly wonders if "he's a plant"

Jordan "don't worry' and when the votes come out to stay...and play HOH.....Rachel says porsche was "gonna vote for me"...and Jordan suprised.....Jordan "she's not in it with Shelly and Adam" and Shelly breaks back in confused abot Lawon...

12:05 BBT Jordan tells Shelly if she wanted to get her out she would have put up Jordan or Adam Shelly says "don't listen to them" they are trying to mess up your head...Racxhel says she wanted to know what Kalia said..and Shelly says she was gonna make her swear aon Brendons life and Rachel says it felt like "they wre threatening me"

12:07 Shelly assuring that they have the votes..and says "stay away"...and says "i'm done and walk away" ..they are "trying to mess you up" and says "we got your back"....

Rachel says they are either scared I'm coming back or they don't have the votes...Jordan asks 'did they try to make a deal" and Rachel said no...Shelly asking what exactly did they say and says "porsche right back up there"

12:09 BBT rachel says they said they have the votes for lawon to stay...Jordan questions Kalia wants a deal...Rachel sticking to the threantening me...."we have the votes' and if she stays "you owe us" and Rachel says she thinks "they don't have the vote"

12:11 more post deal talk with Jordan and shelly

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22:06 Shell says she's going to buy a hammock when she gets home. Adam gives his 10:10 shout out to Farrah.

22:10 Shell/Jor/Rach discussing Swarovski and Pandora jewelry. Shell has a Apple Nano watch. In KT, Jeff is making some food alone.

22:17 Adam is telling Law/Jeff what "Philip" brings for lunch. Turkey on WW, in his briefcase. Shell/Jor/Rach still talking jewelry.

22:23 Shell caught another moth, it has pink wings and looks like a leaf. She carries it inside and finds Jeff. He yells and backs away, holding a frying pan up for protection. He says it's pretty but get out! She takes it back outside and lets it go. The moth is missing an antenna and will not fly. Rach wants to try save and feed him. Rach says he's missing a foot as well.

22:32 In HOH, Kal wakes up to Por asking her what she wants to eat. Por leaves, Dani says everyone hates them (Kal/Dani)

22:38 Dani tells Kal to censor herself around Shell. "She tells everyone everything, that's her MO. She lies too" Dani thinks everyone is mad b/c they were drinking upstairs.

22:40 We listen to Kal pee, while Dani sleeps. Outside, Shell has lost an earring so Jor is wandering the yard looking for it. She last had it in the HT, she says it's not a big deal if it's lost. Jor found it!

22:42 In HOH, Kal is eating Frosted Flakes and Dani finally gets up. They leave HOH. Outside Jor/Law talking weight.

22:46 Dani yells that it is cold, a few times. In BY, Law is showing how he walked when he had a big butt. He used cocoa butter stick for stretch marks and scars.

22:52 Kal plans to meet w/ Rach at 11:30. Kal once had no gas in her house so she had freezing showers; HN showers are not as bad. Jor talking about various news shows she'd seen about facial injuries, feed switches to Adam/Jeff playing pool silently.

22:58 Feeds down for a bit, back up showing Rach putting on makeup in WCA. Dani/Por in KT. Jeff/Adam playing pool.

23:08 Rach heads out to BY to give Bren his shout out. In KT, Por/Dani discussing Kal telling Shell the plan, Dani says if "we want her out, we vote her out"

23:17 Rach says she was trying to do her Bren shoutout and the camera kept moving away from her. Dani concentrates hard on washing the dishes.

23:20 Jor/Dani sorting clothes, discussing comp clothing and gross foods they had to eat. Jeff/Adam still playing pool. Law telling Por what others were talking about while she was sleeping. Rach joins Kal in HOH, they discuss feeling tired.

23:22 Kal asks Dani to wait to wash her hair so they can talk, Dani refuses. Kal starts the talk, Dani butts in "Where are you right now?" Rach says she thinks she's being voted out, coming back in. Trying to get votes and stay in. Kal asks Rach if she thinks she can get the votes, Rach says hopefully. Dani asks, "Why tell Kal you want me out, then approach me?" She had said that, but then rethought it. Rach isn't sure why Dani is asking this, Kal says it's a trust thing. Dani keeps saying Rach says one thing to "everybody" Rah says she said it to Kal and no one else, she doesn't talk game to anyone else. Dani says it would be a huge sign of trust if she changes her game (and keeps Rach). Rach says she wasn't lying to Dani, just had rethought her game plan. Playing a personal game got her separated from Bren and w/o anyone. Dani asks Rach, if they kept her, where would it put her? She would have to restructure her whole game. Kal wants Rach to promise not to come after Kal or Dani, if they keep her. Dani says if Rach wants to get floaters out, no one in this room (HOH) is a floater. Rach agrees, changed her mind about Kal being a floater and befriending HOH's. Kal says her friendship w/ Jor was real. Kal tells Rach if she tells anyone of the deal, the deal is off. Rach asks them to clarify, Dani says the deal does not leave the room. Rach asks Dani if she won't come after Rach too. Dani repeats how much of a trust issue it is, doesn't actually answer the question. Kal says if Rach goes back on the deal, she will take her down. Dani asks who Rach would nom if she won HOH after staying, she says she'll discuss it Thursday. Rach asks if "they" have the votes would it be a 3-3 vote? Rach says so you have Por/Adam/Shell? They both deny, but assure her that they have all of the votes she'd need. Rach thought she had the votes when Law went up. Kal points out a lot of people want her out, which may take the target off their back. Dani says a week is a week, it's a week to turn our life around in this house. They ask Rach what she's thinking; she says she thinks Dani is giving her the meanest look. They laugh, Dani repeats that Rach cannot say anything. Rach says she's not stupid, Kal interrupts to keep the peace. Rach asks what if Law comes back in the house? Kal doesn't care. They discuss whether Law volunteered or not, Kal says he did. Kal doubts Law would come back. Rach asks if Dani wants everyone to think they still hate each other. Dani says they've been cordial, not to change that. Rach asks if Dani would nom her next week if she gets HOH, Dani says no. Rach would like to talk to them more, on Thursday, if they stay. She says if no one finds out, it could play out well for all 3. Kal says the seal of the deal will be when the votes are read.

23:50 Kal says at some point we have to take a leap and trust. Rach has lots of questions, but doesn't want to ask or hear the answers yet. In, KT Jeff is annoyed Rach started cooking and then left. Hopes she cuts a deal so she doesn't have to listen "to her shit". Shell says the camera thing was the funniest. In HOH, Rach asks "So nobody knows about this?" Kal assures her no. Dani says "clearly you think we're lying" Rach says she has a smirk on her face.

23:54 Rach says if anyone asks what they were talking about, she was pleading her case. Rach leaves HOH, back to KT. Dani/Kal congratulate each other & bash Rach. Dani says Kal makes too many deals and be careful what she says to Shell. Dani says if she wins HOH she doesn't know what she'll do. Kal doesn't feel she did anything wrong. Dani says she made it a two sided deal, which she didn't want.

23:57 Dani washes her hair in HOH WC, making conversation hard to hear. Rach wanders house, goes into HNBR. to talk to Jor. Rach tells Jor the fake convo, does not reveal plan. Rach says she's nevous about Adam's vote, Jor says she 100% has Shell/Adam. Rach says Por is "their" little puppy. Rach tells Jor they were checking to see if she had the votes. Jor asks if they made a deal, Rach says no. Jor is surprised.

24:00 Rach asks what Shell said to "them", Jor says she was campaigning for Rach. In HOH, Dani/Kal discussing Shell's trustworthiness, again. Dani rinses her hair, Kal listens to music. In HNBR Rach plays dumb some more to Jor.

24:10 Shell tells Rach not to listen to "them". Rach says she felt threatened. Rach keeps almost slipping about deal. In HOH, Law is joking about feeling alone & sad about being voted out.

24:14 Law says, can you imagine if Bren came back? Kal says, why would Bren come back!? They move on to bashing HG's for bringing out manual to figure out the twist. Kal says "They said the person evic this week, not last week"

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12:12 BBT

Rachel confused 'you don't need to understand" shelly says because "we have your back" and says tell them 'you're done" and Jordan "be the bigger person" and says Shelly "everytime you go up there it makes ma alittle nervous' and Jordan says "me too"...Shelly you just got to ignore them

jordan says if we win HOH "kalia will be crawling back"

Rachel "i wanna win so bad to stick it to them"..Jordan says once those two are out "i'll drop" in HOH..

12:15 BBT Shelly leaves and Jordan says if she wasn't "confident"..and says "with porsche" and says "can I have a sympathy vote" and Rachel wants to use the guilt and says she kept her here.....

12;16 BBT talking about it beinga 5 to one vote....

rachel "I don't know whats up their sleeve...unless they are just scared they don't have the numbers" and Jordan says she gets scared because she can easily be "swayed" when she goes to HOH....Rachel says "i'ma good game player" Rache; says "dani is very arrogant' and was "rude the whole time I was up there"

12:19 BBT they head out of the HN room to Kitchen...Jeff asking what up with Shelly and Shelly says "just thinking" and Jeff sings 'thinking 'bout people" and FOTH

Jordan filling in Adam and Jeff about the convo she just had with rachel...

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1211 BBT Kalia, Dani, Lawon & Porscha in the HOH room. Lawon just told them that he got the bottle of wine that was with the 6 beers they were given. Lawon going off about the others looking in the manual to try to figure out what the twist could be. Lawon saying that there is no way that BB would bring Brendon back and how crazy Rachel is for thinking that. Kalia is nervous about ants crawling in her butt crack when she is outside. (yuck! - Cinomin63)

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12:21 BBT

"i don't fucking know" when Jeff asks where Porsche's at...Jeff asked if she's talked to her..."what are you wating for" Rachel says "for her not to be around her posse"

12:22 Jeff and Adam back to playing pool but asks Rachel "what do you think Porsche's gonna do" and says she's finally gonna have to ame a stand and basically asks if she with them or us..and Jeff says "makehe make a decision"

Rachel says she wants to want her to make a decison..Jeff asks what was said in HOH....rachel says "i think s they are trying to make me frazzled"..Jeff says it doesn't "make sense" to tell you why they would tell her they control the votes and she sits around and listens to it....

12:25 Rachel getting grilled....Rachel says "i have two votes" Jeff says "me and Jordan" and Jeff says if they told me they ha dthe votes "go through yourself off the balcony' and would "never listen to that shit"

Jeff says she needs to talk to Porsche...

12:27 BBT Rachel says they are scared they don't have the votes or the scared of "the twist"..Rachel says "they didn't try to cut a deal"

Jeff says he doesn't under stand buly me 'what do they have a family member" locked in a basement and Jeff turning to asshole jeff about they're bullying upstairs..

12:29 BBT Jeff and Adam want to keep talking about game....Jeff "we have to keep her quiet" and "she breaks like that"...Adam she doesn't want to tell me everything....

Rachel says she doesn't understand why Jeff is being mean and heads to DR....Jeff "i have your votes for you you fucking loser" about Rachel "calm down' Jordan says..Jeff pissed Rachel is a basket case not getting the votes she needs.....

12:32 BBT Jeff says "they are trying to buuly me" and gets all mad..."she's oh my god..we have the numbers and we have this loose canon..can we get some kind of medication down here to help us out" about Rachel

Jeff says "we have the votes" ....

Jeff saying Kalia is trying "to cover"

12:34 BBT "They are trying to scare her and its working"...and Adam; "she has to turn the emotions off and she can't"

Jeff when you tell her to stop she keeps going and does the opposite of everything they tell her....Jeff 'it doesn't sink into her brain cells" and says "she runs to the DR" and Adam says she goes in there to "cry" and Jordan says "jeff I don't think she likes you because you're mean" Jeff "mean?"

12:36 Jeff says he doesn't talk to her mean "you have to talk to her like a baby" Jordan says and Jeff "i have to eat 500lbs worth of shit and I can't give her 1 spoonful"

Jeff asked rachel earlier "what are you doing up there" and Jordan says shelly is up there and get the scoop...

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12:39 BBT

TJ&J and Adam on the couch talking about Porsche's vote and want to make sure she votes and will be "busted" when the vote comes back "4 to 2"

Jordan "maybe they need to give her nerve medicine" Adam says BB "loves the drama" and likes Rachel like that...

Adam "i need to win HOH" after this week "i'm gonna be outed" and says Dani Kali Lawon and Porsche haven't asked them anything this week..."you and ShellY' Jordan says and Adam says they

12:43 BBT they are talking about Adam voting for Lawon so he can save himself....and even blame the vote on Porsche..

they discuss the votes....

"if dani beat us all agin I would throw up" Jordan says....and Adanm says they would put up Rachel and Jeff and amybe backdoor...Adam says he put up "Daniele and Kalia"

12:45 BBT Jordan "i would never trust" Dani based on her season voting out "her showmance"

12:46 BBT Talking about blaming Porsche...for Adam's vote...

shelly "they are all a bunch a fucking liars upstairs" and Adam says tell us first and Adam "rachel is starting to feak out" and

shelly says she called them out on all their shit.....and says he was pissed and now he's laughing..upstairs....and they all avoid her..."i'm better now" lawon says and Dani says 'i'll talk to you tomorrow" and kept asking if she found the grill and chess pieces...

12:50 BBT Shelly says she aske dto know what's "going on" and Dani jumped outt her chair to do her hair....

Jordan talks bout her dumb plan to vote for Lawon to stay....Shelly agrees ...."lawon is using you as a fatcat"....and says she was watching him when she was pretending to be asleep on the hammock and looks and watching Lawon watching Adam....

Shelly "i don't like to be played a fool" and shelly calling people "dumb"...

Shelly sucks "rachel comes smelling like a rose and she's a wreck" and Shelly says "write a prescription" and shelly says "what part of shut your mouth doesn't she understand"

Jeff tells them to talk quietly

Shelly mocking Lawon of his bad acting ...

Jeff asking what shelly heard and goes over the convo....in HOH..

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12:57 BBT

More convo outside...shelly telling her hoh convo....she sais "stay up here for an hour..and watch them pace"

Thursday'is gonna be fun"

Shelly says Rachel "was threatening them" and Jeff says "she said they were threatening her" nad shelly says if she goes up to the HOH she will Vote her off calling Rachel "a sissy" for running to HOh

They are reall frustrated with Rachel...

1:01 BBT Jordan says Dani is the only one that can win" and remembers Porsche...

Jeff says they all beed to calm back.."and if Lawon comes back so what"

1:02 Jeff calling it "the stupiest move"

Jordan calling them "the liars" and the the strait forward..

Shelly "you can't hear "jack" from inside..

1:04 BBT Shelly said she called them out for sleeping....calling them "little kids" and out comes Kalia..."you come out from the cave" Jordan says to Kalia

Kalia munching on "twizzlers" saying she loves her bed...

1:05 They are telling Adam "he should manscape"..Adam says no real man have hair...

1:06 BBT Feeds switch to HOH Lawon "shelly you crazy" and says "michele is her real name" Porsche and Lawon bashing Shelly...mocking her.....about never lying "you keep saying that all the time my radar goes up" Lawon says about Shelly always saying she never lies...

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1:10 BBT Lawon says they should be nice because "you don't know what that twist might be...and i won't tell them...let them suffer"

"you better be careful whatcha say to me" Lawon says because they don't know how..why..he's coming back [oh this poor pathetic fool}

1:11 BBT Lawon says he tells them he was putting Dani and kalia up and they don't believe him...

"they crazy"

Porsche says Shelly tells the veterans "every' deatil and makes it seem "you're the bad person"

Dani and shelly whispering during a feed switch...and sheely announce she "scared the crap" out of shelly..as they head outside...

1:14 BBT Feeds switches back to HOH...Lawon and Porsche talking about Jordan and her mock interview with Shelly saying 'she's so young" Lawons says he will keep Jeff and Jordan and says "my target is Shelly and Rachel" and Porsche says "me too" and says Jeff is the only thing with personality left in the game...

Feed switch to J&J whispering about Porsche and Lawon In HOH and wonder if Rachel is up there Jordan doesn't think so but will go check.."if I don't see you goodnight" she says

1:17 BBT Jeff walking around spitting in the trash can..

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1:19 BBT

feed switch to outside and talking about "grease 2" shelly liked it [figures}...

Adam says he's tired and may fall asleep during pajama jam...

1:21 BBT Kalia talking about food with shelly

Adam talking to Dani and Adam wants to make something with "the beef boullion cubes" and discuss what they can make...

1:23 BBT Kalia talking SATC movies...Adam "so horrible ..fucking terrible..loved the show....."

Kalia loved the "love letters"

Jeff confusng SATC and "Desperate houswives" as Jeff says Jessie Metcalf got "layed out flat" outside a club...

Talking Desperate Housewives...

1;26 BBT talking TV shows..outside...

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1:30 All feeds on Adam Shelly, Kalia, J&J Porsche and Adam talking..

Shelly whats the plan to throwing the silverware in the mug..doesn't matter as she washed them all anyways...

Adam says Jeff a witness he washed dishes even though he didn't eat...Jeff said "thanks for taking one for the team"

1:32 BBT talking about nothing interesting..

shelly insists "it doesn't affect me" drinking tons of coffee

Kalia says she didn't workout today and Adam says "tomorrow we may not get to"

Zit popper talk...and strips...to remove balckheads

1:36 BBT Everyone talking pimples and balackheads.."everyone gets a zit now and then"..Dani "everyone gets a ton in the big brother house"

They are discussing Porsche's tan

1;40 kalia says 'they have to do a speedo challenge" for the guys...talking about what the HOH will be Shelly worried about a LD when she says "if its questions" they alreadu have the booth built..

Rachel has come out to the BY "is this the "late night crew"...

Whre you been and Rachel says she went to DR..Jeff asked she talked anhour and a half...Rachel says was it reall that long...

1:43 BBT Everyone except Jordan is outside...talking

{I'm out...tonight was more exciting than I though be back tomorrow night}

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more from last night...

1:50am 30 minutes of talk about nothing, now talk of Double Dare and a closeup of Shel removing a splinter from Rach's hand

2:05am Rach/Jeff head to HNBR with Jord, Rach excited for Thur, Jord says just don't talk to them and you'll be ok

2:07am (for those of you who say J/J are never romantic) Jord:hi lover. Jeff:what's up love?

2:09am Rach doesn't like her daily disposable contacts. She thinks they are the reason she has done bad on the comps this season. Jord asks Rach about getting lazer surgery on eyes. Maybe end of summer. Jeff had it done. Rach contacts are -5, 5.5, Jeff had 2.5 before getting surgery.

2:13am Jord to Rach:Wed you need to get Pors alone tell her, you gave Bren vote, you should give me vote, I kept you safe.

2:15am Jord:they are trying to belittle you, make you crazy, work you up, feel frazzled, so others don't want to give you vote

2:16am Rach:I think Dani hid all that stuff. Jord:I said honestly I don't care I'm on the block so I don't care what's missing.

2:30am Shel joins J/J/Rach in HNBR, talking past BB seasons, and if they are half way yet. Others start guessing game in BR

2:50am Jeff/Jordan go to the purple lounge. Jordan suggests going to Lawon on Wednesday, tell him they know Rachel is getting evicted, but she has been in their alliance and their friend, so the feel they need to vote for her to stay. This is all just in case they need to smoothe things over with him later.

Jeff's plan if he wins HOH: Nominate Kalia and Porsche, with plans to back door Daniele. Hopefully Daniele won't get to play POV. If Kalia or Porsche wins, they will remove themselves and he can nominate Daniele. If Daniele does play POV, wins, and takes Kalia off, then they can still evict Porsche.

3:10am Jeff/Jord rehash the HOH comp, with Jordan going out first against Kalia. Jordan would prefer that question comps don't require you to answer quickly. "I would like it if they asked the question, and they it was pause... then you answer". Jeff hopes BB puts something in the backyard for them to practice on Wednesday. He likes the 'carnival game' comps. Then they talk about Jordan watching Brendon play the HOH comp with untangling the ropes, and the snow ski HOH endurance. Then talk of the bananna HOH, Jeff thought Jordan would stay on longer. Instead they should have had Jord just jump off immediately (Jord:thanks Jeff! lol)

3:16am Jeff/Jordan review which comps Rachel has won.

Jeff:the spelling veto she lost, the compilation veto, with the 5 different things, that I lost.


Jeff:you know what I'm talking about?


Jeff:the clock one, where I did the cow thing again? And she had to spell the word, and she didn't spell it right?

Jord:<blank stare>

Jeff:are you serious?

Jord:what are you talking about? <pause> Are you talking about this season?

Jeff:I can't believe it... am I asleep right now?

Jord:oh wait, what am I missing? What are you talking about?

Jeff:what vetos have we had so far? Do you know anything, like if we have questions?


Jeff:really? well what vetos have we had?

Jord:we had the... puzzle veto, and then the bubble gum veto, and then we had the spelling veto, and then the ohhh the all competition veto, the all, where we had everything and you had to write down the times? Oh is that what you were talking about?


Jord:oh ok

Jeff:and what else?

Jord:and then this past veto... don't talk to me like I'm an idiot!

Jeff:what about HOH? Now I'm just quizing you... I mean what other compilation veto have we had?

Jord:because in my head I have it as "all games" because that's what Shelly calls it.

3:20am Jeff/Jord wondering if the Fortune Teller booth maniquin is ever going to talk.

3:30am Adam joins Jeff/Jord in the purple room, Dani/Pors still in BR with lights out. Nothing serious being discussed.

3:40am Adam/Jeff try to tell Jord that she has been gripy/rude the last few days. 30 minutes of debate and she finally admits that yes, she's been gripy... she blames it on slop and that time of month coming...

Jeff:if she's on slop another week, where's the exit, she'll rip your head off!

Jeff:America is gonna hate me, because I've taken this nice, litte, southern belle and turned her into a competitive devil!

3:55am Adam returns to BR with Dani/Pors, Jeff/Jord still in purple lounge, back to talk about nothing.

4:00am Jeff/Jord go to HNBR and fall asleep. Adam/Dani/Pors(the 3s Company alliance again!) still awake, talking about what the twist and HOH comp may be.

4:25am all quiet in the house... zzzzzzzz...

(lunchtime for me here... if I get back and no one has started LFU about this morning, I'll pick up there)

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Rachel on the eliptical, Adam is using the weights. Its quiet. (Its weird not hearing Shelly's motormouth.)

Dani is puttering around in the kitchen

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Rachel is getting ready to dye her hair. Shelly is sleeping in the hammock. Dani having eggs for breakfast. Not much going on.

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Adam is telling Dani he is uncomfortable changing or showering next to the girls in the house. He waits til they are done. Dani says its cause he is a creep and he is thinking about them, and he responds 'that is the least creepy thing I have said in this house'.

Dani says that Adam was that kid that was always saying 'I am telling' he says no, I was the kid that told the teacher that she doesn't know her ass from a hole in the wall. A teacher used to pay him a dollar a day if he didnt talk.

Adam is making breakfast and Dani is cleaning hers up.

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They go to the patio and tell shelly that the vaccuum is in the storage room. Shelly is so happy.

Time for Adam to smoke.

Dani wants to watch a movie, Adam does a quick version of Shaw Shank Redemption in 3 sentences. DAni wants to see Horrible Bosses. Adam said Bad Teacher was good. Dani doesnt think Justin Timberlake is a good actor. Adam liked him on SNL.

Shelly comes out and says 'will they get mad if I vaccuum, they are all sleeping. Will I get yelled at for turning it on?'

Dani says by who? Shelly says BB. Dani said she didnt use it so it should be fine. Shelly is so excited she is going to get all that crap off the ground. She tells Adam his bacon has 2 minutes left.

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Time for Shelly to smoke and bad mouth someone. This time its Lawon.

She asked Dani. "Do you trust Lawon? He has told me straight up he is putting you and Kalia up. Last night he was being weird. He was playing cornhole. He thought I was sleeping on the hammock watching him. He was watching them. He started yelling 'wait til you see what I am doing now'. Then he yelled 'i am going in the DR to yell 'WAZ UP' Shelly thinks he is getting 'orders' . He is just 100% an act, all the screaming. I asked him who are u putting up if you get HOH, he said you and Kalia. He was cussing, which he doesnt usually cuss. Then he went upstairs, and I heard him howling up there. So I think Kalia is telling him to go put on a show."

Dani says she doesnt know whats going on. That Lawon is crazy.

Shelly continues with what Rachel told her when she comes down from HOH. "Rachel tells everyone she is freaking out. Everyone but me has acting desires. All of these people go to the DR every ten seconds. Lawon got caught. But I am not sure what in. Something is strange with him. Does he ever talk game?"

dani says not really. He just wants money. He wants to get to Jury.

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12:30 pm BBT

Adam, Lawon, Danielle and Rachel outside and Adam is practicing some different dances for the live show and Daniele is telling him different ones to do, i.e., Snoopy dance, Booty Clap, Ballet, Robot, Tango, Penguin, Cabbage Patch, Electric Slide, Snake, Twist, Funky Chicken, Sprinkler, Shopping Cart, Jerk {he pretends he's um, jerking off}, Fishy Hook, Disco. {Kind of funny if you want to see Daniele ordering Adam to do different dances.}

12:38 pm BBT

Porsche joins the outside crowd and the Adam breaks into dance some more, Mosh Pit and Daniele says, "Ewwwww." More dances: Picking Up Change, Dodge the Fist, Take Your Clothes Off, Circle Pit.

He wants to develop a Mosh Pit workout. Keep your hands over your balls because when people run into him. Daniele asks him what if his beard didn't grow back and he said that he would get a mercan, which he explained is fake pubic hair.

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12:45 pm BBT

Jordan says that someone took her razor from the shower andtook the razor part off and left the "stick." Jordan says that she forgot it but they have "these" razors and workjust as good as she starts to shave outside.

12:47 pm BBT

Meanwhile Rachel is campaigning to Adam in the purple room. Rachel wants to stay in the game because she thinks that she has competed, haven't gone back on deals. She tells Adam that he's safe with her and since they don't talk game together that he's plotting against her. Adam says that he's keeping his distance because she's been emotional because of Brendan leaving and being nominated. He says that every week it gets harder and harder but he has to know if she stays that it will benefit him. Rachel says that he is safe. It's a game and everyone is playing it. Rachel says that Kalia and Daniele make statements that they play together but eventually one of them will turn againsteach other but she's playing the game without a partner now. Rachel says that her game has to be so much different because it's just her name and with a group of people but not for the group of people. They are talking about the twist and what they think will happen. Rachel says that every season has a power and no one knew that the person has the power.

Adam is talking about if he should get out of the floatergroup or the competitors group but once to make sure that the competitors arebehind him if he flops. That'sdangerous and every week it's tougher and tougher. It was a good move to get out a strong competitor. If you had the opportunity to get rid of atough competitor it was a good move. That's why he was shocked when Lawon went up because he thought that hewas going up. Adam tells her that he'snot sure what he's going to do. Rachelis kind of bashing Lawon about how he doesn't play the game but that he knowswhere she stands but that he's not her target for now, not forever. She will always be 100% bigger target than he is so he should keep her.

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