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8/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:00 BBT Adam/Jor discussing when the finale is. What day of the week etc. Law doing dishes in the KT

HG in BY creating a game with nail polish and HG initials

9:33 BBT In the BY, Adam continues to make a memory game. Jeff cooking in the KT

Dani joins Kal while she is in the bath in the HOH. Seems the wax strips were okay but not great - she needs touch up

9:44BBT Dani/Kal want to talk to Rach soon. If she won't take the deal she is out.

Dani tells Kal that they should have talked to Rach before they put up Law. Rach convinced she is staying and they don't know why

9:48 BBT Kal wants Rach to swear on Bren's life she wont come after them. Kal asks Dani if they should make it one week or open ended?

Dani telling Kal that she dumped all the tarter sauce on the fish. SHe said she told Jeff it was good but it wasn't at all

Dani says she doesn't have deals with anyone..anyone she says

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22:06 Kal, while shaving her bikini line, says she will ask Shell who she has a deal with. Dani leaves as Kal shaves. Jeff/Dani are trying to remember what sauce you put on eel, Adam gives his nightly shoutout to Farrah, says they better have partied for his birthday.

22:11 Rach gives Bren a shoutout and fills him in on the days events..TicTacToe/Memory Game/Jeffs cooking/Veto.Dani tells Adam Law said 80% of straight men have acted on ideas of being with another man. Dani thinks that's crazy. Crazy as in she doesn't believe it. Adam thinks it's true for women, not men. Dani doesn't want to eat Adam's ice cream cake, she doesn't like frosting. Adam says she's mean. He does a creepy Cruddy voice.

22:31 Law/Por playing name card game, Shell commentating. Kal is a little wound up, making loud growling sounds. Dani reenters HOH, Kal out of bath and wanting ice cream. She heads to KT for a spoon. Dani says she needs to sleep, she hates being awake sometimes.

22:34 Kal says she wants Dani's period to hurry up and come..and go. She says Dani is in a shit mood and doesn't want to talk, Dani says she's not that bad. Dani hates talking game all the time.Dani wondering why Rach doesn't like her. Kal says b/c she's fun/pretty/secure and Rach feels jealous and insecure. Kal is horny and wishes she could even just kiss someone. Wonders if Shell & Tony have sex. In BY, Rach is playing Adam in pool while Jeff does laundry.

Por/Dani begging for alcohol to cams gets BB "You are not allowed to talk about Prod"

22:48 Kal wishes she got a fun twist like Pandora Box, not one that keeps Rach in the game. Dani says prod announces when jury starts, maybe they're not really in jury yet.

Dani/Por/Kal discussing ice cream ingedients. Jeff/Adam setting up another pool game. Dani thinks she found something gross in Kal's bed, Kal checks it out and says it's probably slobber. Dani imitates Rach telling Kal her bf is hot. Dani asks Kal, if could only watch 30mins of TV, what show? Kal says Modern Family, Dani exclaims "me too" Por doesn't watch it. Jor/Law called out for talking Prod, Dani is surprised they're talking to each other. Convo switches back to Law's actions earlier

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11:01 BBT

Outside Jeff Adam and Rachel are discussing her past relationships prior to Brendon...

In the HOH Dani Kalia and Porsche talking in the HOH..

Mostly bashing Lawon for his odd behavior since his nomination...

11:03 BBT Porsche going through what's left of Kalia's snacks...Kalia "oh man" when Porsche says Lawon took "the regular" of some snack..then she starts going "mooo" "mooo"

Talking TV shows...

Outside Rachel and Adam playing pool laughing at Adam's take on women "just lay there and be warm " brought laughter from Jeff and Rachel as Adam disusses "sex" "in love" "make up" ....

11:07 BBT Upstairs they are talking about Booze and Rachel hide it"she's got good hiding spots"..Dani whines she can't do that "as a have not" and Porsche "that should not be allowed"...so they wanna send there low man on the totem pole Porsche to go to DR and ask...they discuss how many "tweets" they get..

Kalia talks she doesn't know what she's gonna write in her blog and switches to the crappy job BB does of cleaning the HOH...

11:11 BBT Pool game breaks up momentarily as Adam tends to a scab....

In the HT Lawon sitting in the HT with Jordan talking...Lawon says when he was straight...girls weren't "over beaast" with "guts" like today...Lawon gonna do his "was up baby"..hit lines...Shelly completely lost 'what's he talking about" and Jordan says his "high school" days when he hit on girls..Shelly "mack daddy"...

Jordan asking questions..and Lawon says he's not "mack" with the guysand total opposite...Jordan asking about his Gay Bay act..

11:18 BBT Back in HOH Dani has he rpouty look on.....while Porsche is playing with the spy screen....Porsche says "what if" they could switch out HG with New people....Dani asks with evicted HG and Porsche says no new people..

Porsche watching spyscreen and says "shlly's stopped cleaning" and talks who they would trade out...basically she wants to trade out everyone...Rachel ..Jordan not agreesive enough "a girl with more attitude"...Lawon "not flaboyant" enough..Jeff if he were single and "two inches taller"

11:22 Downstairs in Kitchen Shelly talking about porsche and her switching.....and Kalia says lets see what happens if power swiches..a

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11:23 BBT

Outdoors the pool game has resumed...as BB really calling HG out about talking about production.....

Rachel telling adam JC doesn't go to the BY during the finale...and Jeff says to adam "because of people like you"

11:25 BBT Back in HOH Kalia saying "shelly is getting so skinny" and says she's not eating and Dani says "neither is Jordan" and Porsche says she ate ate "maple sryup and powder sugar" and warmed it in the microwave..saying she drinks 5 cups of coffee every 5 hours...

Porsche wants to do "masks" and Kalia says she doesn't have any...

11:28 BBT Dani saying she has never seen someone with so "much zit stuff" about Rachel...

11:29 BBT Outside Rachel and Lawon dancing.."come on Lawon Break it down low" Jordan encourages...Rachel going and Jeff "yeah"....

Rachel does the jump splits...Lawon getting the crowd going....Adam prviding the clapping..Lawonlaughing..."i wish I was a better dancer" rachel says Jeff says "you're doing a good job"

Rachel dong some kicks "you look like a donkey" Shelly says.."i can't break dance" Rachel laughs...

11:33 BBT Jordan tries to stand on her head and spin...Shelly says she can....Jodan wants to do carwheels..Shelly gets on her head....with jordan on her side doing it..seeing who can last....Shelly up......."i'm never coming down" and gets applause"

11:35 BBt more backyard fun continues..

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11:36 BBT

Back to the BY dance troupe...Lawon wishes they had "a board"

"lawon showing them the "the dougie" and teaches it to Rachel...

Rachel doing her sexy walk for her clubbing.."heeeey' and Shelly says "in baton rougue you might get shot" doing it..

Jeff gets Lawon to do the "jackson 5"

Jordan says she loves watching the dance off saying it reminds me of the movie "white chicks"

Talking about the splits Jordan or Lawon can't do them...

Jeff "porsche you got any moves" and says she doesn't want to...and does her club walk.....Jeff wants to walk and do the walk off from different starting points.... and says "oh hell no" and Jordan "no one comes between me and my man" as the bump and grind lawon....

Jordan wants to do "single ladies"...Adam does his version...

11:43 BBT rachel says Brendon "is really good" at dancing...Lawon "he got rythem"....

Dancing has died down....and talk as turned to "happy days"..and Shelly says she enters a club "like a normal human being"...

Shelly saying 'i'll dane all y'all under the table...I love to dance"..Jordan says she can't dance "but i do"..Adam says when he has enough "beers"..

Jordan gets on the hammock with Jeff...he's lamenting about tomorrow being "another nothing day".....

Jordan says on Thursday "we should make hamburgers" and says she saw Adam's today....they discuss thursdays menu..

11:49 BBT Jordan saying she's gonna work out...they discuss where the first BB was...Jeff says "i don't think it was here" ....

11:51 BBt

Kalia and Dani still holed up in the HOH...as K starts singing "you're such an idiot" Dani says {i concurr}

Kalia says Rachel "is not much without him" as Dani pouts "i just want her gone" as Kalia says it won't be hard to get Rachel out but it will be harder to get Jeff out......Dani says she doesn't think so since he's only won one POV out of all he was in...they discuss the POV..Kalia says she couldn't beat them....

11:54 BBT More HOH talk....

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23:00 Kal asks what is Law even doing here? He has done nothing. In BY, Adam just realizes Rach says Bren's name with no D.

23:02 Rach dated a guy for 5yrs through HS and college, then dated a guy for 2yrs in Vegas. Adam dated a girl for 4yrs, ended up hating each other.

23:06 Por would watch HIMYM, 2.5men and Ice T & Coco...then they all give CBS shout outs. Kal is making plenty of stupid noises.

20:11 Por is going to ask for alcohol and Midol. Kal is planning her HOH tweets, going to try @ her friends.

20:20 Jor/Law talking music in HT, Jor trying not to get in trouble with singing. Por making jokes about each HG, not good ones. In HT Jor says she would be scared to walk into a Club and make an entrance like Law does, getting attention.

20:22 Shell/Kal in KT discussing how much to trust Por, then Kal sings about her butt and we get WBRB.

20:24 Kal is yelling "Penis! Vagina!" in HOH. Kal thinks Shell is getting too skinny. In BY, Jeff is frustrated with another pool game.

20:30 In BY, a dance off is beginning. Law vs Rach. Rach does splits and a twist, Law shakin' booty. They try breakdancing, Shell says Rach looks like a donkey.

20:35 Jor tries to spin on her head, inspiring a hand stand contest. Jor/Shell seeing who can hold pose the longest. Shell wins.

20:37 Dani misses her pet, Law and Rach resume dancing in BY. Rach/Law show their "ready to party" entrance at clubs, Shell is not impressed.

20:44 Dani/Kal still in HOH, discussing dogs. BY crew has calmed down a little, discussing TV shows. Jor asks Shell how she walks into a club. "Like a normal human being and go to my table"

20:53 Jor/Jeff in hammock, watching BY crew, discussing Law's nom a little. Kal keeps singing despite BB asking her not to, repeatedly.

21:00 Jeff/Jor in Hammock, talking about having Adam's vote for Rach. Hope he doesn't win HOH, they don't know what he'd do.

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11:55 BBT Dani wants Porsche to win HOH or "shelly" and will thrw it "to them" if she has the chance...Dani the jokes watch she goes out on "my birthday"

Back at the hammock..J&J talking...."i can't take her little baby attitude"..about someone...Both talking they don't want him to win HOH....Jeff says they have him and says he told him they know he's with em..and Jordan says they have Shelly "100%"....

11:58 BBT Jordan going on about shelly "she 's like the mom away from home".....

Jordan says the cushion gets moist they stink...and Jordan says "i can't wait to get out bed back"..Jeff "what if we win HOH" ...and Jordan says she's getting "irritable with her" about Rachel I assume....and I start my "period in a week"

12:01 BBT Jordan says it would be "creepy" if they transformed into a haunted house..

Jeff: "i can't believe we're back here" and Jordan says "i know" and says if there has ever had a HG come back a "third time" and Jeff says no and Jordan says she could never do it a third time...

they says "we are doing good"..and "if we can get Danile out I would feel so much better' and hints to Porsche "and this fucking loser" and agrees she will put them up...

Now Jeff says "they're fucking dumb" to put Lawon up as Jordan wonders if Rachel has adeal and then she says Kalia might have got scared and says Danu didn't look to happy...

Talking about Food comp..."shelly should have won that one"....Jordan bummed she didn't get "saurkraut"...

12:07 BBT Jeff calling Porsche "that loser" and runs up and tells them "everything" and back to food comp talk...

12:08 BBT Shelly upstairs...talking...

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12:09 BBT upstairs in HOH Shelly talking about Josie and says she took a lot of pics of her......

they talk about how there pic are displayed in Shelly's house and in Kalia's parents house...

12:12 BBT FOTH

Back at the hammock...J&J talking about when Jeff was evicted..his season....saying he didn't "make a mistake".."i didn't want Russell here"...."you won....it worked out perect"..Jordan "that would be awesome if you and I never go split up"

Jordan asks "do you think people hate us this year....we look crabby" and Jordan says she "bashes a lot".....and Jeff concedes they have..and Jordan says she's embarrassed about the way she acted at the nom ceremony...Jeff "i don't care that you said it" and was glad she did...

12:16 BBT Jordan talking about what her family thought about her outburst or "breakdown' as Jordan put it...Jeff says he did too "i snapped on Kalia"

They talk about next food is a "house " comp....

12:18 BBT Back in HOH Kalia and Shelly talking about Family life....and talk about there parents creid or will cry if they won HOH...

Shelly grabs the trach and heads down to smoke....

12:20 BBT Shelly leaves...Dani whiney "is it time for pajama jam"

Back at the hammock....Jordan says "i only ate cookie dough one time"..

Jeff says look at porsche going upstairs to give her report..

In HOH Porsche says they are not being "social" and Porsche gives her report what everyone is doing....

12:24 BBT she asks "did shelly come up " to tell them to "stop singing"

On hammock Jeff says dam won't try for HOH "he's more scared of putting someone up than getting put up" and Jeff says Adam is good for final 4...

12:26 BBt Jordan says she warned Rachel to do her campaigning privately...and Rach said she doesn't plan to campain "til wednesday"

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12:31 BBT

On the Couch outside Shelly bragging about Josie.........how smart she is and how she reads "chapter books"....they discuss what they liked reading as kids...

I'm getting HOH audio with downstairs convos...

12:34 BBT Rachel says its good "to look stuff up" it teaches you and Rachel says kids look up on WIKI and its "not factual"..

Porsche back downstairs..

Upstairs Kalia nd Dani ben bantering back and fort about giving each other attitude...

Shelly yammering on about Josie...and projects and her "A" says "i enjoy" doing it and says "help" her and go "way over the top"..."i'm one of those moms that want A's"

12:36 BBT Shelly estimating how much longer josie will sleep.. Talks about the pick up process from school and Rachel talks about picking up "my nephew" and FOTH...

12:38 BBT J&J back at the hammock...and Jeff says "when we get out of here we'll watch our season and this one" and drink wine and drunk dialing people...

Jordan talking about comps after Jeff left...

12:40 BBT {feeds acting up}

12:41 BBT FOTH

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12:43 BBT

J&J having a spat on the hammock....Jeff "i want to get final two"..Jordan says if they both get to final two togther she's fine with "2nd place" and she can asks what she wants with Jeff's winnings..and Jeff says not to Jinx him...

12:45 BBT Jordan wants to put alcohol with the nose trimmers "adam wants to use it" and wants to santize it..

Back at couches Adam talking how he loves grilling...and his "boy scouts" and says "i sound like a fucking nerd" {that's about right}

Lawon said he got to "eagle scout"...and then "rebeled"...

12:48 BBT more boy scout geek talk...on all 4 feeds...

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12;52 BBT talking about hating their shows...."betheny takes New York" JJeff says and says all she wants "Bravo"....and both like "storage wars"..

they discuss comprimise.....Jeff asks how they do their laundry...

Jordan says "jeff "can't stand" because Jordan doesn't put the lid on it..Jeff says they will have to have "his and hers everything"

12:56 Jordan says her aunt almost got divorced because the fought over simple things Jeff says he had roommates that he wanted to kill and they wanted to kill him..

Jeff says people need their "own space"...and said he needs "jeff time"

Jordan "what if you and tony lived together" and Jeff said it would be "a crime scene" and one of them would be a "chalk outline"

Jordan talking about cheap rent in "charlotte" ....

12:59 BBT all feeds on J&J heading to the group and not being "antisocial" and get "hot tea"

Adam talking about his fat past and health...

1:01 BBT Jordan at HT...the rest of the group at the couches and Dani and Kalia up in HOH...Jordan doing her trumpet noises and its was so funny and she tries to teach em....everybody laughs and says it awesome "thanks very much"

Jordan does "he's a jolly good fellow" and it was soo funnt..everybody enjoyed it...

1:03 BBT Adam sais he could make a fart noise when he was a kid with his underarms but does a snap noice with his finger webbing..

Jordan wishes she could do the loud whistle..Porsche able to do it somewhat..

1:05 BBT slow night in the BB house..

Adam asks Jeff about Jordan's special trumpet...BB FOTh for this round...

none of them can whistle...

{i'm out be back tomorrow..night all}

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0114BBT We continue with Lawon, Porscha, Adam, Rachel, J&J in the back yard discussing Actors & famous people. Adam is giving us facts about Derek Jeter. Jordan is called to the D.R.

0119BBT Porscha goes inside. Talk changes to how boring they are.

0120BBT Lawon goes inside the house. All four cameras are on the outside.

0122BBT Shelly joins the crew outside.

0124BBT Porscha and Lawon are in the bathroom. Lawon is flossing his teeth and Porscha is cleaning her face. They are discussing how Lawon has been acting. He is now going to tell them that he knew he was going to be put up as a pawn.

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0138 BBT Rachel, Adam & Shelly in the back yard. Adam is on a personal leave of absence. Shelly was on vacation the first four weeks in the house and now is on leave. Shelly has a mac and hops she gets HOH so she can type.

0142 BBT Jeff returns to the back yard. Kalia's HOH room is a mess and she has forgot to feed the fish like twice. Rachel thinks the contest will be physical. Shelly questions Rachel why she is afraid to tell them what the contest is going to be, they are not going to win by knowing what type of comp it is.

Rachel hopes that she does not go back out

Shelly- "I think there is a whole game going on that we do not know about"

Rachel asks Adam if she has his vote. It would help her game. Rachel apologized to Daniele for acting crazy. There were no deals made.

Rachel asked Kalia if she could talk to her today and she ignored her all day.

Jeff thinks Lawon heard everyone talking about it saying that the person would return, and that is why he volunteered to go up.

Lawon is not asking for votes. Shelly thinks he had to be here a certain amount of days and do nothing to get by and then they will give him cash. Jeff does not think that they would pay Lawon to do nothing.

Rachel thinks it is 100% guarantee that she is coming back, but there is no guarantee that Lawon will come back if he goes out. She does not think that Lawon is a good enough competitor if there is a comp to get back in.

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0154BBT Still discussing Lawon and why he volunteered to go up and is not campaigning. Shelly tells them Kalia says that Lawon has the votes.

Shelly bet Rachel 10K that Kalia is going to try to make a deal with Rachel tomorrow.

Jordan returns to the back yard and Daniele is called to the diary room.

0157 BBT Rachel is going to bed. Adam is not going to shave for several weeks. If he tries to trim it as it grows out it will look stupid (as opposed to how it was before?)

0207 BBT Feeds keep flipping around. Not really staying on anyone long enough to get a conversation. Feeds go to outside where we join Lawon and Adam and Lawon is saying, "why would i do that? that's stupid". They are interrupted by Shelly walking out.

We then go back inside where Jeff is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Jordan and Rachel are in there. Rachel says how she will never turn on them and Jeff tells her she is good with them. Porsche walks by and Jeff states how she is always looking at him in the mirror.

0211 BBT Jeff still in the bathroom. Jordan walks away and Adam walks in. They are talking low for a short time, but the water is running so I can not understand what they are saying.

We are now in the Have Not room with Jordan and Rachel. Rachel is wondering why everyone thinks she will turn on them. Jordan tries to explain it in the Jordan kinda way. Rachel assures her that she is with J& J to the end. She would never put them up or vote them out. Jeff joins them and Rachel continues how J&J are the only ones they trust. Jeff feels that they have such an advantage they need to think things out. The next HOH will be 5-2. Rachel does not think they have Adam on their side. She feels he is just a big floater. Jeff thinks that they have Adam.

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0228 BBT Lawon and Kalia in back yard trying to get their story straight. Kalia does not understand why he was going around saying he did not volunteer himself to go up as a pawn. He gave some story, but still has not explained it. Kalia told him this am to not go around telling people he was mad at her. People would think that they were up to something. She is stating how she put him up because he was the only one that was not upset about going up as a pawn. He keeps talking over her saying, "ya, all right, ya".

Rachel walks out for a brief moment. After she goes back in Kalia tells Lawon that Rachel is going around confident that she is not going home. Kalia tells Lawon that he has to say the same Lawon. He says that is what he was doing. She points out his actions in the morning after he first acted like he found out about it. He apologizes for how he acted and for acting too mad too long.

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0234 BBT Shelly is telling J&J and Rachel that if if you play Nintendo to long you will have a seizure. Jordan and Rachel are telling Shelly how smart she is. Shelly is explaining the "stagmis test" (horizontal gaze nystagmus).

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3 am BBT: Have-not’s are going to sleep except Jeff. Everyone else is in the Candy room playing 20 questions and random conversations.

4 am BBT: Adam goes to the BY to have a smoke and talks audibly about what is going on with Lawon and his antics today and whether it would be best to evict Lawon or Rachel.

4:30 am BBT: Jeff, Kalia, Lawon head to bed. Daniele goes with Kalia to the BR to have a quick chat about Lawon and what was going on with him today. Eventually it’s just Porshe, Daniele and Adam up and talking in the Candy room.

5 am BBT: Still general chit chat.

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10:00 BBT Rach finishes her talk to the camera and Shel joins her in BY. Shel tells her Adam talks to the camera too

10:10 BBT Kal says to Shel that she told Rach she wanted to talk to her w/ Dani. Shel says Rach hasn't said anything

10:15 BBT Kal tells Shel/Rach that she/Jeff/Dani had a discussion about i the Simpsons were supposed to be people. Jeff says no & Dani says they are creatures. Kal said they were people.

Kal/Shel/Rach talking about missing chess pieces. Kal wondering if they are gone. Rach says Bren didnt hide them

Kal says this is her first fall not on the East Coast. Rach describing Fall in CA (I am guessing that Kal doesn't realize it's actually still Summer - Fall will not start until September)

10:30 BBT Gen chit chat about places to live etc in BY. Rest of HG sleeping.

Shel telling Rach about a couple that they spend time with. Kal getting breakfast. We are getting a lot of WBRB

10:50 BBT SHel/Rach talking about cost of gas and what it costs to get anywhere

Kal finishes eating, takes plate to sink, scrubs it with a sponge (no soap) and puts it in the clean rack.

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Lawon says its "Take your time Tuesday" Outdoor Lockdown. People are slow to go outside

He grabs a towel and goes to the hammock. Jeff and Shelly are on the couch. Jeff has itchy legs. They are talking about how great witch hazel is for skin. Jeff used it on a blackeye. Dani is called for DR. Jeff is telling Shelly how porche goes up and tells Dani and Kalia everything. They agree it is better to keep your mouth shut in life. They give people the benefit of the doubt. Shelly notices Lawon is watching them in the reflection of the window. Shelly wonders if something is broken, jeff says they have to put the keys away. Shelly wishes she put her suit on. Jeff says he loves his swim trunks. lol

Jordan comes out. She thinks they are on lockdown to wake everyone up.

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Adam is talking about how much weight he has lost. Shelly said his rib cage is huge. He says its from being over 300 pounds and it expanded his ribs and now he lost alot and bones dont go down. Jordan hates the tea she made. Shelly tells Adam 'dont look now ,but Lawon is watch us'. Adam is talking about how he loves to sleep with sports center on. Shelly uses her timer on the tv. Shelly has to do skype calls to China (not Brendon :animated_rotfl: ) at 3 in the morning because of the business hours in China. Dani is told to put on her mic.

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Rachel is on the eliptical. She asked Jordan if the hose water cold when she shaves her legs. Jordan says its fine cause its so hot out here. Rachel said they called her to DR but she went in with zit cream on her face, her glasses, her retainer and they told her to come back later.

Shelly is talking about how Kalia went back 2 times for cake and ice cream. shelly says that she never says anything mean :shocked2:

She really cant understand why lawon just watches them. How can he be that lazy. I guess if you buy your stuff at the thrift store ou dont have to worry about it. Shelly apologizes to america for being mean. She said that the producers asked her if she would lie about her age, she could say she is 29 :shocked2::shocking:

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Shelly has been smoking the whole time on the patio. Shelly is doing a mock interview with jordan. I really cant keep up with all of this. Shelly is asking interview questions. Jordan is answering with 'um, I don't know'. Every answer starts with 'um'. Shellys questions are long. Jordans answer is short. Jordan is talking about how everyone knows her. Its like a family. She knows everyone on a personel level. These women come in every 6 weeks and really gets to know them.

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