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August 17th Live Feed Updates


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Howie and Jen are out by the hot tub. Howie is rubbing her shoulders. Hurricane Howie no more.....

Rachel is in the HT and Beau is sitting out with them.

They are talking about the all the competitions the have done and how boring some have been.

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11:18 BB time

Maggie, April and Jen are all in bed together in the HOH room. They are talking about how the other side is a bunch of pathological liars.

In the living room, Ivette is talking to James. Ivette yells "Sorry America, we didn't want him!" She also says that it wasn't her birthday (so she is giving the present back). Earlier, James told her that he has given up all hope of winning the game, and he is now just trying to "take care of business." Ivette seems to believe this.

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle, Rach, Howie, Kaysar chatting in backyard.

Janelle starts ripping on Beau:

"He is a male prostitute disguising himself as a 'Personal Shopper" and not only that - He is a complete Coke-head.

Thats all he talks about is doing Coke."

Howie asks "Really?"

"Ya, thats all he talks about to me"

Rachel and Howie mention that is something they are bothered about with 'those guys' as they often talked about doing drugs.

Howie is fantasising outloud about how he or Janelle will win HoH this week and then find out its 'Double Eviction' week.

He is laughing to himself at how great this will be.

Earlier he speculated that BB is rigging it to alternate winners from each side of the house. "The BB Charity Foundation" he called it.

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Janelle, Howie and Kaysar in BY

Howie was mimicking (sp?) Janelle telling Maggie "fuck you"...

Janelle said Maggie was a waste of a fuck you... (lol)

Janelle: Would you get a penalty nomination for throwing water in someones face?

Howie & Kaysar: Yeah

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Guest Shockalot

Howie goes inside and Kaysar and Janelle are doing laps around the backyard.

Kaysar tells her he has worked on a real 'nice' speech.

He says its going to be intelligent and turn the house upside down.

Janelle asks if Kaysar will help her make a speech.

Kaysar: "Well, first off.. what do you want to say?"

Janelle: "I want to stand up and say 'Fuck You!"

Kaysar: "Ok. well.. you .. we dont need swearing so much.."

Janelle asks Kaysar what he think will be the outcome.

Kaysar says he knows. He knows.

He is leaving.

He knows they are so threatened by him. They are so threatened and they know he is better than them.

"They hate me with a Passion".

They can not stand the fact that I can be voted in here and put my team together.

Kaysar then chides Janelle and Howie for 'Not covering their tracks' last week while he was gone.

He Coaches Janelle on some (many) possibilities.

Howie returns to announce "Triple Nomination"

Kaysar says he doesnt know that but Howie insists "Yes I do.. Double Eviction Week!"

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K and J walking in the BY

K tells J the basic feel of his speech that he plans on giving on Thursday at the live show. He says he does not want to give her specifics about what she should say for hers, but it should come from the heart. He says that he is going to talk about promises, and how promises should be kept.

He says he knows he will be going, because they all hate him

J: why do they hate you?

K: because I'm better than them. Because they can't find a reason to hate me in anything that I am doing.

(ed:Kaysar really is very smart and can stay level headed enough to remain intuitive in all this)

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Guest Shockalot

Kaysar and Howie are now doing laps in the backyard (Janelle too)

Kaysar is 'Coaching' Janelle about almost every combination of possibility and what can be done with each.

Howie interjects some ideas.

Kaysar rejects them.

Howie and Kaysar actually get into quite a heated banter. Not so much arguing but very strongly insisting what will happen.

Kaysar is becoming noticeably upset and really starts going off on a rant. Several times just shutting Howie down "You are Wrong Howie!.."

Kaysar goes on quite a long rant about James and how James needs to be taken out.

Honestly I have never seen Kaysar so emotional (not counting Ivette incident) and he is really letting Howie have it!

"Come ON Howie!.. Think! James is the problem.. LISTEn To Me Guys!!"

Finally after a bit of a sustained 'browbeating' Howie concedes "Ok, Your right .. you opened my eyes, you are right Kaysar"

Janelle and Howie are literally 'sat down' by Kaysar who stand in front of them to really make this clear.

James needs to go!!

Howie and Janelle look at each other and agree Kaysar is right.

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K tells J that they need to leave themselves options

K:they're going to think that I am going to say

that I am going to be so pissed at Jenny

that my speech is going to be about Jenny

and then you go for Maggie.

Because Maggies is the one who is running it right now.

But they don't want anyone to know it.

Maggie and Ivette.

James is so insecure that he is going to be able to in the end be able to pull it off with you guys, because he

look how he's acting right now - he knows this is it - this is the sequeseter house. He knows that he is not strong enough to sway you guys, but he can make them believe whatever he wants - 'oh, I know how they think, I know how Kaysar thinks, I know what to do...'

His strategy is better than any of theirs.

With his strategy and their numbers, you guys are f*cked.

Look what he's doing - he's acting like an angel - why? because he thinks he can sway their votes!

H: no....

K: Howie, think about it, he knows that this is it!

H: but think about it -

K: first thing he's gonna do is he's gonna blame me for everything that's happened

H: but he knows that they'll never choose him over one of them!!

K: he's already thought of that. That's why he's going to take Jen or April with him to the end, and they will vote for him in the end.

H: maybe...you could be right, you got a good point...

K: look at his behavior - he knows that he can grease tthem over and that it will work - he knows that. He knows that! Why are you guys falling for hiss B*llsh*t?!

H: I know he thinks that he can beat one of them in the end, but he can't do it ...

K: Where did he run to after the fight? he ran to comfort Beau.

H: he did?

K: Come ON man!!!

K:all of a sudden he's playing coasters with them, he's all, hey guys, let's go do bla bla bla open your eyes!

K: He wants to take you out.

H: but it's diff. now without Sarah

K:it's BS, man - he never cared whether sarah was here - it was all about the game! There is no pressure on him, why would he change. You need pressure - heat, a catalyst, to make a real change. does he look stressed to you??

H: no.

Who convinced them it's ok to take me off?

he did.

K: of course. who convinced them that nothing matters

H: I do not believe that he knew that they were going to do this.

K: Do you guys really think that she is rea;;y arrogant to sit there and say "deal is on" and pat him on the knee, and he gave her a look like "what the hell are you talking about?"

K: what the h*ll are you talking about man? You know what that look was? that look was - "don't say tha out loud!, Ivette"

K: I'm telling you. The same way he was trying to convince us that he was a cheat and a liar when he was sleeping back to back with us -

I: what makes you think they don't still want him gone?

K: you think it's going to be so clear that they're going to sit there at the (&* table and tell us . . .??!!

H: he reads the bible now, like he's a bible boy saint!!

H:oh, I don't trust the sob

K: you think he's going to try to roll over you or her or Rachel? It's the easiest 500 grand anyone has ever made.

I think Maggie and J are going to target each other

no they're not. they made a pact to go after you guys. H3e's going to become leader. You need a plan. You still need the element of surprise.

you still need to backdoor him. RTachel thinks we should befriend him - we can use him -- no no no!

K:look what happened last week. I would not be going out the door again this week. You guys can not trust him. You have to open your eyes.

H: I always said, no matter how mad I am at these pple, I am more mad at J

K: - hold on a min. - you have to listen to me. You have to believe me

H:I believe-

K: no, I am serious - you have to BELIEVE me - THIS is the DEAL.

K: you have 3. you need one more for the veto. Don't get blindsighted - that is the worst way to go out. The worst way to go out.

K: you need to play it smart. You need to see things that are taking place.

K: you need to put up Ivette and Jenny. Let them fight it out. They don't know who to pick, James won't know who to pick, he's going to yhave to pick sides, then you backdoor him, take him out. do it, just do it.

You have to take him out. He's gonna keep defending him defending him, and as women they're gonna say 'oh James, thank you, we miss-understood you...' you need to just believe - you need to backdoor him. Maggie thinks shes the target. Ivetter thinks she is. Jenny thinks she is. James is the only one that doesn't. That is what you should have done last week.

That is it - there's your plan. Win HoH and do that. I'm sorry I can't be here.

H: he's gonna continue to lie to us? we're going to continue to lie to him. He's not gonna have our trust again.

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Guest Shockalot

3:20 BBT

Getting ready for bed now.

Howie and Kays and Janelle.

Kaysar joking tells Janelle he thinks its 'romantic' she is wearing Mikes underwear.

Howie is in the mirror telling Kays about his diet.

"and the diet has been Erratical"

Kaysar: "Erratical"?"

Howie: "Ya, you know irregular"

Comparing height now.

Kaysar is 6'2 even.

Howie says he is just under that.

They laugh about how they have left the place a total mess and pledge to clean up tomorrow instead of now.

The guys stop to reflect the picture board.. "James and Maggie thats one person"

[Whispering sorry did not catch but seems they are picking pairs of nominees for future.]

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K showered, H flossed & J did her face cream routine.

In the GR:

Jan & K playing chess. H is still partially awake in bed. R is sleeping.

J says she's gone 9 months several times with no sex. H says if he ever has to go four months again, he'll get a hooker.

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Guest supatah

Maggie, Jen and April in BY bitching about Ivette. They're pissed that she (ivette) is trying to bring James into their "friendship". April is saying that Ivette is using the friendship and James to get herself further in the game.

They aren't happy with Ivette and James' relationship and want james OUT of the friendship and HOH.

April continues to bag on Ivette to Maggie, saying that if Ivette really liked Cappy, then she wouldn't be nice to james and the other HG's.

Ivette walks to BY.. Maggie said that they need to get good sleep tonight, get their game face on and get ready to win HOH

April said, she doesn't care if she goes home next week.

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Rach: couldn't believe maggie asked "did you ever think of using the veto to save janelle?", made me wonder if they wanted to try and evict me.

Kaysar: tells janelle this as she walks in

Rachel: it was before the veto ceremony

K: she's just being a dumbass

H: jennifer had a personal vendetta against you before that

R: right, she was trying to turn everyone against me saying everything was all my fault

H: jannie you go to bed early tonight, big day tomorrow

R: I'll give you benadryl

H: we got the ball, take the shot, put it in, we are as good as anybody out there, and better.

BB: Jennifer please come to the diary room

Howie: we need to take out the floaters

Jan: Jenny and April should have been gone the first 2 weeks

H: lets get her this week

R: I knew she was shady the first week

J: you could see it in her eyes

H: its your time jannie, go get 'em, we need to get these people out of here the hard way...we will get it back this week positive.

Something is being said about a secret and a clue

Jan: what do the numbers mean?

R: this is what our friends and family see

(they are all looking at photos on the wall of them in the different competitions)

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Guest Shockalot

Kays, Rachel, Howie and Janelle up in the bedroom together.

Rachel is cross and is bantering with Kaysars plan to make James the priority.

Rach: "Listen Kaysar, I really do not care what you think anymore! Im sorry to yell at you but everytime you come up with James - we lose a player"

Kaysar: "Well.. look what happened this week"

Rach: "Look, James IS NOT playing for their side, he is playing for himself"

Rachel is really at 'wits end' and can not believe nobody else can see this?

She is refuting any protests and making it clear.

"Very poor decisions we have made.. from the time I gave Howie the HoH.. we could have taken Maggie out, April out.. in my opinion this is just assinine!"

at this point Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are pretty much silenced and dont want to say anything anymore.

Rachel continues chastising them and laying it all out about how James is not the problem - The Friendship is.

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The houseguest are on indoor lockdown and it appears that they are also locked out of the HOH room

In the Gold Room is

Kaysar, Howie and Rachel....they are wondering if Kaysar may actually stay...if that does occur rachel is letting kaysar know that he cannot go after James as they are talking maggie knocks on the door and hands them a deck of cards.

Janelle enters and says they were given two decks.

In the main bed room its hard to follow beau, maggie, ivette and jennifer are having one conversation as april is talking to james

There are planes with banners going over which is why they are on lockdown...april is hoping its her husband and he's sending a message to get the other group to leave her alone.

5:14 the 2 groups are playing seperate card games

Janelle and Kaysar in living room

Maggie, Jennifer,Ivette and Beau playing in Bedroom

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Guest supatah


Rachel: If they win HOH, one of us is leaving. I know that

Howie: We need to put up Jenny and April and win HOH

Rachel: I'd love that - to see the look on their faces

Kaysar comes in.

Kaysar: Just looking at them makes me want to throw up (the nerd herd)

Rachel (telling Kaysar) Just be ready for the real possibility that you may stay - and if you do, we CANNOT go after james - you know that. I told him that even you weren't going to do that. The biggest shock to them (the friendship) is that if we do get HOH, we won't go after james and get Maggie or Ivette out. You have to, you know that - Hands down.

Rachel: I told them (nerds) we have nothing to talk about - votes are in. They've made their decision. Period.

Both groups are playing cards in separate rooms.

Nerd Herd in cot room

Sov 4 in Living room

BB must expect a rather long lockdown

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