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8/4 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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4:21 PM BBT

Feeds back

Dani & Adam chatting in KT

Porsche putting on some weird black mini tutu. Brendon and Jeff in the shower together (Separate stalls)

Rachel whispering in Jordan's ear. Now in Jeff's as he is out of the shower and getting dressed.

Rachel goes over to where Brendon is in the shower and grabs herself and eyeful. "Hey, no free shows around here, you've gotta pay like everyone else!"

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4:26 PM BBT

Porsche and Jordan getting dressed, she thinks she can't wear one of her necklaces because it is too loud.

Kalia asking Porsche if she knows where the ??? is. Porsche says I don't know maybe they took it away so we don't fuck with it. Kalia saying are you sure? Porsche says that sometimes before the competitions they move stuff. (Does this have anything to do with her and Dani hiding stuff yesterday?)

4:30 PM BBT

Kalia asking if Porsche has ever seen the "Spin Pins" girls can use to make their hair into a bun. They sell them at CVS.

4:31 PM BBT

Adam tells Jeff in the SR he thinks that all of the spatulas have been moved or are gone.

Lawon and Dani wondering about him, "Where do they get these people?" she asks Lawon who laughs. "I volunteered remembah?" jokes Adam.

4:33 PM BBT

Porsche and Lawon talking about what's missing. The chess pieces upstairs, the oranges in her room, they've got to figure out what else is missing.

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4:38 PM BBT

Jeff is the one that took the orange balls, he takes them out of the cupboard he hid them in. He gets Rachel to move them for him, she hides them in the plant beside the chess board/picnic bench upstairs.

4:40 PM BBT

Jeff ironing if you like that kind of thing...

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5:02 PM BBT

Kalia doing Dani's make up. Dani is worried she'll look like a hooker. Oh stop - you asked for the liner. Kalia admonishes her.

5:06 PM BBT

Lawon and Jordan chatting in LR. Dani and Kalia chatting about tonight, who is going to be HOH, who thinks they are going to be HOH.

Earlier Adam told us that he hopes his letter from home is from Tori. {Spelling}

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7:25 PM BBT

Lawon, Kalia, Dani and Adam exchanging high fives in the KT.

Jeff and Jordan bracing Rachel up.

Kalia will be so happy if she gets the Legally Blond or one of the Adele CDs, maybe Pearl Jam or Rick Ross. She needs some hip hop in her life right now.

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7:34 PM BBT

Rachel and Jordan talking out the HOH game. And what is going to happen next week? Two HOH's? Something, it's got to be something.They've got to win the next HOH.

Kalia asks Porsche how Rachel is doing.

Porsche and Dani and Shelly talking - lots of whispering "Give me a break" is all I hear.

7:37 PM BBT

Dani says that she might get called in on "that one" - discussing the HOH game.

In all rooms of the house everyone is talking about whether or not the game was fair, who knew what answers etc

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7:42 PM BBT

Kalia, Dani and Shelly just chatting, music again, much ado about nothing.

Jordan and Rachel talking still - they don't think the Pandora's box will be in Kalia's week. They think next week. Jeff and Jordan have to win HOH next week and get Pandora's box. They have to open it but they can't tell anyone!

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7:46 PM BBT

Kalia getting kudos from Shelly and Dani that she did really well in the house.

Dani sad to be leaving her little haven. "You are welcome anytime." says Kalia. Dani reminds her to fill her fridge with alcohol.

Jordan saying that Shelly will be good for them on their side. They have Rachel, Shelly... no one is going to vote Rachel out because she's never won before.

Shelly asking if Kalia knew she had won the HOH.

Kalia thought that Dani would have been able to pick who went first for the game. Dani didn't and she said it was Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Dani says BB was trying to fuck with her.

7:53 PM BBT

Dani doing a little happy dance. Lawon says she's so stupid (as in silly). Shelly tells Kalia that she can dance around her, it doesn't bother her at all.

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Kalia: Everyone in this house knows that I'm going to put Rachel up. But she's pissed because she thinks I'm going to put Jeff up.

Kalia: Last week I was like "Fuck all of you." This is a different week.

Lawon: I just want to eat and take a shower again (A hot shower)

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