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8/4 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:40PM BBT: There's a whole lot of nothing going on. Jeff and the elf are playing a game of pool. Jordan is watching them. Oh, Jordan just joined Porsche and Lawon in the kitchen. They're just cooking and eating. No sign of the others.

9:45PM BBT: Shelly is heading downstairs from the HoH. Jordan says, "Listen to the whole thing already?" Shelly asks what they are eating. "Slop Chips," Jordan, Lawon, and Porsche reply in almost perfect unison. Shelly asks if she can make them anything and they politely decline.

9:55PM BBT: Brenchel are in the hammock. "You're so beautiful. I'm so proud of you, everything you've done..." Meanwhile, back on feed three, Lawon, Jordan, and Porsche are still scurrying around the kitchen, cooking and eating. WBRB. Jordan: "Tomorrow will go by fast."

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10:00PM BBT: Jeff, Adam, and Shelly are whispering on the BY couches. Adman thinks if Kalia wins HoH, she will put up Rachel and Jeff. He says if that happens, they might consider putting Jordan up again to insure Rachel goes home (if one of them wins the Veto and pulls Jeff off, that is). Adam thinks the next HoH will be question and answer. Jeff disagrees and thinks it will be true/false. Adam agrees with Jeff. Shelly gets them started on remembering the order they fell off the bananas. (This could go on forever!)

Adam: "There's thirty red sunglasses, nine surfboards... There's four, no, seven bicycles." They say it could also be a "before and after" competition. Shelly says she's good to go if it is, but she may struggle on the "banana thing." There will be eight HG's playing for HoH tomorrow. It could also be a "majority rules" competition. Jeff heads inside. He looked like all of this talk was making him think too hard.

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10:30PM BBT: Brendon and Rachel, with the back yard group, says, "Do not let a floater win this game, if I leave." Adam replies (to Rachel, I suppose), "Earn it." Brendon says, "Okay." An awkward silence follows. Now they're trying to figure out how many days they've been in the house. Brendon says he was in the house for 55 days, last year. "It's too much to handle, back to back years... It's just the environment." Porsche joins them. Daniele is in the HoH bathtub chatting with Kalia. I haven't been following their conversation.

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10:00 BBT - 11:00 BBT (Really not much going on)

Adam/Shel/Jeff going over things in the house - Thinking about HOH comp

HG in BY talking about what type of comp will be tomorrow - they ask Rach - she doesn't know

Dani & Kal in HOH Kal: The white cheddar ones were stale obviously something edible) Dani abt Rach: I am so over it

Dani has run a bath and Kal is sitting on HOH sofa belching

Gen chit chat in BY - DR, sports, etc In HOH, Kal telling Dani what she will save when she evicts Bren

Dani votes to break up the marriage - She says she hates when she can't evict who she wants to

Kal has taken up her usual post at the tub while the HOH baths.

Kal wants to know why they can't let people know that they (Law, Dani & Kal) are an alliance. Dani says so no one knows for sure

Law & Kal watch Dani shave her armpits - seems she just shaved off a mole under her arm

Dani replaying the Rach/Dani fight from earlier while Kal & Law cheer her on. Kal wants to ask her if she is allowed to shut up (Rach)

Bren/Rach head off for the hammock leaving Jeff/Por on the BY couch. Jeff /Por talking abt flatulence

Shel kills a flying cockroach while Jeff & Por scream like little girls

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11:03 BBT

Feeds are FOTH

BBAD Dani with half of her alliance of Lawon...She's blow drying her hair so hard to hear the talking...Lawon talking how they "talked a lot" the first night while Dani says "we were close" then they wern't close but are close again....She says he was getting along with Cassi between the time they weren't close

11:05 BBT FOTH

Feeds back Jeff and Jordan talking in bathroom..how Rachel is so upset because "she knows now"...Jeff upset "we have to deal with her" and tomorrow she's not playing about Brendon saving her...

11:07 BBT..Jordan saying "shelly wou;dn't lie about that"....Jeff agrees..as he asks "how is it in there" they head outside...

Jeff announces "i just took a wet and wild ride" from his time in the bathroom...Adam's ready to play pool again "rack em up"

11:10 Jordan heads to the HT....

Back upstairs Lawon and Dani talking but the blowedyer drives me nuts and I really can't hear...

Jeff and Adam playing pool no game talk..

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Brenchel on the hammock while shelly tries to sneak over.....they are being bitter about Dani "trying to play everyone in this house"

Bren "at this point I don't trust anybody in the house" and says he's (Jeff) just focused on winning "he'll do anything to win"

Shelly still sneaking over..unnoticed...

Brendon and Rachel in full bitter mode...as Shelly gets closer and closer...she literally is army crawling with a smile of mischevious on her wrinkled face...now she's in ear shot while Rachel is blabbering on about the house being "scared of him"

11:16 BBT Brendon now says "1/2 million dollars" isn't worth it...as Shelly is literally listening to their convo under the hammock unnoticed...

Rachel is muffled so inaudible....Shelly is now under them....Shelly pushed the bottom...and Rachel "how long have you been under there"...Brendon politely laughing how funny her little trick "it was me just trying to cheer you up"...Rachel says "that was not funny and she just heard everything we just said" when Shelly walked away..

11:20 Brendon says I just want you to compete " and have fun"...Brendon says "life is too short" to scream yell when someone is trying to get her out and its just a game...

Rachel thought her mic "was vibrating"....when Shelly did her trick....Now BB tells her not to "obstruct" her mic....

11:22 BBT Brenchel hammock time on Eviction eve continues...

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11:24 BBT

Rachel talking about losing in without him here saying "if it gets me to the final 4" and says "i only won HOH because Brendon let me" and "I hung onto the banana because Brendon let me"

Rachel says "if I compete" I will be "stressed out" and says "if I sit back and not do anything" and says "i'm gonna be in jury no matter what" and Bren says maybe plaing the "defenseless" player will work since the house doesn't like players...as Rachel goes "i tried" in a Jordan accent eevn Bren picked up on it..

"don't talk to Daniele" "sleep all day" Bren says "like Kalia" and says "just don't gain 30 or 40 lbs like her"

Bren likes her new floater attitude.."i like your plan"...Rachel says "it would be nice to get a letter from you..." and says she'll just keep the one "in my heart"

Brendon turning to sensitive douche starts writing his letter to heart..

11;29 BBT Rachel going on about being a floater and the lack of stress and talks throwing te comps...saying "everyone will nominate me"..saying she's lucky if she doesn't win HOH or POV and will do the same next week...."i like this plan" Bren says again...

11:31 "so don't be upset if I don't win tomorrow" Bren says he won't saying the harder they fought the more they wanted them out and Bashes Jordan for not being taken seriously....Bren now saying "we honestly shouldn't have comeback unless it was Allstars" saying their "arguments" would have made sense "to people who had played the game"

11:33 BBT Rachel says Adam will keep Jordan even though she's a "bigger threat than Brendon"

Bren says Dani will not make it to the end...Rachel says she will try to "work with Jeff" and even if she gets nominated all her deals will keep her in the house...Rachel says everyone will say she's a grat player because she got Brendon out

11:35 Worthless Rachel talk...but Bren wants to finish his douchey letter and find a time to talk to him on the feeds..so Douche time will be "11:11" everynight {get your vomit buckets ready folks everynight at 11:11}

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11:37 BBT

Rachel practice her 11:11 letters to Brendon talking about talking prizes in POV comps...

"can I write my letter to your heart now" but Rachel cuts him off with her little updates she plans to do...

11:38 BBT Shelly dives over the hammock overshoots and faceplants on the grass.."are you alright" Rache; asks....and jokes "thank you Shelly for Cheering her up"

11:40 "dear little pumkin spice...." {heaves and gags} as Brendon recites his letter to her heart....Rachel asks if he fixed her car window and says "haven't got my check yet" from BB and says she isn't suppose to interupt his lame letter and takeing care of "the ticket nonsense"

Back in the Kitchen Kalia "my stomach is so jacked" {stretched beyond repair no doubt} as she and Kali head upstairs to play chess....Porsche talking about what she wants in her HOH basket..."If" {and thats a pretty bifg if} she wins HOH....Dani comes up from the DR and asks if Lawon was still in the HOH and Kalia says yes...

11:45 BBT Dani goes in and Lawon follows her back outside where the chess game is and Dani paintng her nails...Porsche gives the checklist where everyone is at...

Dani pining about when her ant "PT" played checkers "once" with the jellybeans which are still sitting on the game board..

11;47 BBT Back downstairs Jeff and Adam playing...

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11:54 BBT Adam sings "anticipation" from Heinz catsup commercials and Jeff asks "is that Pink floyd" but Adam says its from the commercial...{neither realizes its a real song made famous by carly simon}

Brenchel are at the table because Brendon's playing ..Rachel leaves but didn't see where

11:59 BBT Back upstairs Dani asks if "so Porsche are you gonna win HOH tomorrow" and Kalia I'm gonna win...

Dani talking about springer and maury povich shows about paternity test about "who's the father" saying "who watches these shows"...Kalia admits she watched the Steve show...Dani "is Jerry springer real or fake" {for someone who doesn't watch she sure knows a lot about the shows"

Kalia says "its too ridiculous" to be real when Dani asks

12:03 BBT In the bedrrom Jordan giving Rachela pep talk to "try your best" and "your smart" and a "good competitior" and says shees hear to "play for both of them" to win prizes and even a half a million dollars"

Jordan "if any of us get" HOH "you're not going home" ...Jordan "i promise you and swear to you" she would never put her up..."yopu got six more weeks you can do it"...Jordan ';you're not going home...tomorrow you're gonna try.......everybody is gonna try...who knows you can win HOH again....just because all that happened ...not everybody's against you.....you'll do agin...don't think its over because its not"

Jordan trying to cheer up rachel.."you need to get on the positive train' as Rachel says she's gonna just have prizes...since she says she's going home....Jordan says she has the votes to stay...Jordan ';be yourself..be fun..have fun with everybody..and avoid confrontation with people" and says when she does confront people it makes her "more of a target".....Jordan says if she just keeps saying she's gonna give up she will "jinx yourself" and it will happen.....Jordan says she will not be alone......Jeff comes in to get a sweater ..Jordan says "i'll see ya tomorrow" because she wants to talk to Jeff and he says "i'm playing pool' "don't be like that' he leaves and Jordan back to her pep talk..

12:10 BBT Jordan says it won't be as hard alone because if she takes herself off the block "you have a better chance" as she tells Rachel she needs to have a "positive attitude" and afterwards people say things "in the heat of the moment"...and shouldn't let it bother..

jordan says "who knows" there may be a twist a win 10K for tasks but Rachel says "America hates me" as Jordan says people will see her "in a more positive light" from her seasons...Jordan says she hasn't done anything this season to make America hate her....and says she has the opportunity to not look like a quitter and "proven " herself to be here..

Jordan 'that's it' and Rachel says Jordans words of encouragement...."you just have to try even harder"

12:15 BBT Jordan says "there was gonna be a point when we were gonna crash' after being "on top for three weeks" when Rachel talks how hard they fought..

Rachel says she thought all 4 would make it to JH and says its a waste for CBS to have them back...Rachel says "we fought hard" to get here and so "what's the point" of fighting..

12:17 BBT Rachel says hopefull one of them make it to the end..."so hard that Brendon ' is leaving and saying they "thought" both would make it to jury.."its gonna be six weeks" till she sees him "it sucks"

12:18 BBT Jordan keeps cheering Rachel up saying "you'll be humping like rabbits" when they see each other at the end...

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Jordan says for her "to bite your tongue" if people confront her and vent on her and pretend she them....Rachel "tanks Jordan' and they say "goodnight" and she leaves...

Rachel heads back outside "where'd you go" and Rachel says "just talking to Jordan"...

12:22 BBT Rachel emotional and says Porsche "is hanging out with Daniele"

Jeff wins this round of "cutthroat"....

New game starts Rachel watches quietly from the side "where's Jordan" and says she wants to sleep she tells Jeff and says she wants to hang out with Brendon while she can..

12:25 BBT Bren says "it will be something "non physical" so "Kruddy will be in his elf outfit"

Bren tells Rachel she can come in and "help me pack" when his game is finished..

12:27 BBT Jordan and Shelly talking in the dark bedroom...how "stupid" to save Rachel...and Brendon thought "jeff ws gonna get backdoored".....Jordan says if they win tomorrow..they will be good...they talking about Lawon not really being an assistant to attorneys and what kalia does for a living "is BS" and not sure what she does...

Jordan says Jeff is "up to here" with Kalia ..and Shelly says "she has to go"....whispering...Jordan is getting good at this....talking who Kalia would put up...."Rachel" for sure...and they are whispering about "Porsche" having some deal...

12:31 BBT Jordan says where more catty and Jeff says they are just more ""outspoken" this year...Shelly says Brenchel was on the hammock trying to get one more "last romper room" before they go...Jordan says its so "disgusting"....and heard them looking for something "is that it" and says Rachel was asking "how long " was shelly under their hammock...Jordan asks if she heard anything and she says "not really..they were whispering"

12:34..More shelly Jordan talking...

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12:37 BBT

Shelly says Brendon will not be able to leave without "throwing stones" and it will be "classless".....Shelly "if have to pull her back and says you wanna stay the shut up" about Rachel...

Brechel getting ready for their last night in the BB house...

12:39 BBT Jordan is outside telling Jeff and Adam what she told rachel {see previous post}....Adam says she should win and "stick it back to Daniele" ....out comes Shelly "we were gonna go in and save you" {dani and her kackling alliance invaded the bedroom}

she says she can't sleep...

Jordan goes on about her pep talk..."did anything get through" Jeff asks "i don't know if it did or not" Jordan admits..."she has no option left but to fight...she better fight"

Adam says if its "majority rules" they will all pick "the second answer"...Jeff "i think its gonna be knockout"

Jordan says it will be quiz of HOH Have not veto..Shelly says she has those down and practices the guys....Jeff doing horrible {so if it is this he'll probably win}

12:45 BBT more practicing...for HOH

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12:49 BBT

J&J ok throwing the HOH to shelly if its possible...

Jordan said earlier she should start studying and practicing...

12:50 BBT they wonder in the purple cards will come in play...Shelly says she doesn't know "what they mean"...Jordan "i don't know anything"

12:52 BBT In HN room Rachel sayng "why did we come back" and the sore losers....Brendon encouraging her to just be worthless...Rache saying "daniele screws over people" and cuts her off and tells he not to worry about..Rachel "no one is gonna put Daniele up next week" and people will think "she's this great game player" because she got him out...

Can we "pack" tomorrow Rachel asks and Bren says he needs to tonight as she obsesses over Dani not going up next week....Bren cuts her off reminding her of her new strategy of not caring....

12:56 BBT back outside more practicing "its someing super simple because we're not even on lockdown" Jordan tells them back to practicing..Jordan wanting to talk......they discuss who will Dani choses to go first..

12:59 BBT..talk about past HOH comps..

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1:01 shelly talking about Brenchels pitch to keep brendon..."their pitch sucks balls" as Shelly says Bren was saying Jordan hasn't campaign

Adam talking about Adam and Lawons "dumb" deal on not taking each other to the end..

Shelly calling Porsche "dangerous"....

Adam telling them porsche not trusting Rachel..and where she was in the Brenchel Dani/Dom mix...

1:04 BBT Adam says he never once had an agreement with Brechel to keep them for his Bday and Adam is happy with the final four Adam Shelly Jordeff...talking how "dangerous" Dani is and it being "gold " to get her out..talking about all Dani's deal....

Jodan "daniele is good at making them all think".....as Jeff says Porsche is leaning torwards Daniele

1:06 BBT Feeds switch about what Brendon is gonna wear.."my ucla medicine" as Rachel is pouting...

switch "i think she has a major crush on pt".."he was working his way through all the single women"....Adam brings up how Dani used Nick from her season...Rachel is regretting 'not putting up Kalia and Lawon last week' and now they are skating through "to the jury" Adam offers


Feeds back ..Jordan I would definitely Porsche up..I don't trust her..I can't read her"..Shelly says not to forget about Lawon...

1:10 BBT Jeff says they can't do two endurance "for women" and the next one "pain has to be involved"....

Shelly "when do we get new food..I just want diet coke" saying she would rather have that than booze..

Shelly saying they don't want drunk HG and Jeff agrees...Adam says "it makes for good tv"...Shelly wants to know how many times "the f word" is said...talking about Dick's language...

1:13 BBT Talking havenot comps

Jeff says if its a knock out HOH "they're fucked" because Lawon is a mess and Kalia gets rattled and Jeff says "when you get too comfortable" then you'll leave...saying Kalia is geeting too comfortable .Jeff says in JH he will tell Kalia to shut the fuck up....Kalia bashing...Jeff putting up Lawon and Kalia" and says"he likes his odds" of her not playing POV....

1:16 BBT more startegizing with the new Jordeff/Shelly/Adam alliance...

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1:19 BBT

Outside more discussing about the earlier alliances....talking about Dani never wears her mic "because she's too cool for schhol" and Kalia does it now...maybe he's lookingtoo much "becaus eshe's annoying me"

Shelly comes out bashin Kalia "no one wants a diva no one wants a pain in the butt" and Shelly says "no one is gonna respect you when you act like a fool"..Jeff "watch the change" in fatso if they are HOH Jeff says..."tears tears tears"...

Jeff bashing "dominic this dominic that I'm gonna take your cup" and more Kalia bashing....talking how she follows Dani...Shelly "when we say dump kalia she (dani) will say no problem" if they are HOH...

1:25 BBT Lastly talking about "pump her up" about Rachel and talk what a mess she'll be...Shelly "we'll grab her" and Adam says to say "get those fuckers who got him"....

Jordeff saying she won't go with Dani.....Jeff "i wanted Brendon to stay in the house" Jeff says in his GY message "good stupid move"

1:27 BBT Jordan says she seeks attention Shelly agrees "we'll have to give it up" and Jordan says they need tobe "super nice to her tomorrow"

Jeff "what's going through her head"..."going to jury an be by yourself" is the worst thing Rachel can do...Jeff says they can't talk to her...."she's gonna be a wreck...I get it..I'd be pissed off too"....

1:29 BBT More Rachel walking on eggshells "everything brendon..I think I saw Brendons reflection in my water glass...get use to it" Jeff says to them...

Jeff says "it doesn't matter what people write online" about them he said to her...Jeff says "they are trying to prove something that doesn't need to be proved" about them loving each other....

Talking "its not fun to be with someone 24 -7" shelly says...and would never hang on her hubby like Brenchel do "its just embarrasing"

1:32 More Brenchel psychoanalysis..saying this seperation may "be good" Adam says ..Shelly "they don't have any money"...he's crashing at his friends and have to wait till 'they get paid" and Jordan says his parents "only live an hour and a half" away...

1:34...Jeff learned something new "what's a buttercup" "a flower" shelly says she's going to bed and says goodnight.."goodnight buttercup" Jeff says..

1:35 BBt Talking "what if Porsche won" and Jordan says he wants to use it to backdoor "jeff" ...Jordan says she's stopping because when she plans ahead they lose

1:37 you "and shelly need to win" Jordan says....

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1:38 BBT

they discuss who Porsche would put up and Adam says "shelly and Lawon" and Jordan says "we need to knock her out"...saying it will be smarter to knock Kalia then Porsche then Lawon...

1;39 More what would porche do...

Jordan says she wants to "pee" and go to the room.."wanna smoke one more" and Adam says "ahh ok"...

Jordan goes in...

1:40 "i really appreciate you you taking me under your wing" Adam says....

Jeff "i'm not a good player" because I don't watching but says the newbies really don't know how to play...Jeff says "you need people to get through this game"

1:42 Jeff Adam talking and smoking..

Upstairs Dani's alliance at the chess table...Kalia talking about her people who signed their relases saying like 12...saying "sorry I have friends"....Porsche had 10.....

Kalia fat big mnouth talking about a friend and FOTH..{must have forgotton to get that 13th release signed}

1:45 BBT Back outside Adam talking about his interview process getting into BB and another FOTH

1:46 Feed comes back Adam says his "girlfriend" will be pissed if Rachel came into the house....Adam 'they must love me because they get a lot of good stuff outta me" and says he can't wait "to watch" and FOTH

1:47 BBT FOTH..

Feeds back Adam and Jeff cleaning up getting ready to go in....Adam hoping they bring Tori Speilling in Adam saying the "new 90210" is a "CBS production"

1:49 BBT Dani starts singing and FOTH

{on that note I'm out be back for tomorrows HOH aftermath...night all}

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0304BBT Daniele and Kalia just hid the frying pan in the back yard under the rug. Kalia has hid the little red grill in the cabinet that is next to the washer/dryer. After some whispering with Daniele, she has decided to move it. They hid the bottom of it in the corner, by the pool. Now they are in search of a place to put the top of it. They put the lid behind the washing machine. Now Daniele is moving the mat that was by the pool table. She is off camera, so I am not sure where she put it. They enter the kitchen and the whispering continues.

0310BBT Daniele and Kalia continue to whisper to each other, now they are tip toeing inside the house. (Secrets don't make friends)

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0312BBT Kalia has snuck into the bed room and removed two vases or tall decorative thingies. She is now hiding them in the back yard. They are now discussing if hiding the frying pan under the rug is a bad spot. They have move the frying pan into the drawer that is in between the washer and dryer.

They have removed the occupied sign from the bathroom. Daniele is going to bed and Kalia is walking around with the occupied sign wrapped in a towel and we get WBRB.

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Jeff and jordan are awake but still in bed. (I dont think their mics are on)

Shelly is in the Kitchen.

Lawon is awake but still in bed, talking to Porche.

Shelly but her mic on. Kalia is now up. Brenchal still in bed.

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(Brenchal is awake and it looks like they are talking under the covers with no mic. I can hear something with the volume all the way up. then the WBRB blows my ears.) :animated_shocking:

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Brenchal is up. Hugging each other. Brendon asked her if she would eat breakfast

R: no

B:please, Please,

R: no

BB annouces "Danielle please replace batteries" She comes down stairs goes to dairy room. DAnielle kalia jordan and Shelly all have said "this house is freezing" this morning. And Danielle is back in bed.

Brenchal Holding each other.

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Looks like Shelly is reading someone's Bible with her morning coffee. (I am guessing they are in indoor lockdown since she isnt outside smoking with that coffee)

Brenchal has joined her in the kitchen getting coffee.

B: I had some crazy dreams. Just cause I am going home. She is just sad.

Rachel is washing her face in BR

S: she looks sad

B: We got the short end of the stick. We are strong competetors. Its going to be a season of floaters.

S: it better not be.

B: they are going to just pick her off.

S: No they wont. I won't let them.

B: jeff is upset about someting.

S: What is he upset about.

B: Rachel said she was mad about losing the 1/2 a million.

S: i promise we won't pick her off. I cant speak for Kalia.

B: I just wonder how the outside world thinks of us.

S: i don't know but the inside world thinks the world of you.

Rachel is Called to the Diary Room.

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Rachel joins them in the kitchen.

She askes if Brendon told her that no one else will put up Danielle. Shelly asked if she would put her up. Rachel yes. She"dani" will get to play for veto. I have played this before. Dani will get to play for Veto. Shelly asked if bb plans that. Rachel says no, but she knows that Dani will get to play veto. Jeff and jordan wont play for it, they wont use it if she isnt nominated.

Brendon tries to quiet rachel and she says no, 'i have no alliance'. Shelly says yes you do. Shelly telling her that everyone cares about her well being and no one wants to see her hurt. Shelly is doing a HUGE pep talk.

Rachel doesnt care she wants to volunteer to be the first one in jury. Shelly thinks that is stupid. (and the pep talk continues)

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10:29 BBT

Rachel on a huge pity pot going against everything Shelly is trying to Pep talk her, Shelly is giving her hell about her attitude and moping around, and Rachel is going on and on about how they've won everything but something but they are the ones being broken up and they really deserve to be there not Dani and now Dani is sending Brendon home for revenge, Shhelly saying "It's a game" and maybe the way you play your game is different then how others play the game, and that all 14 ppl in here have there own way to play thier game, and no matter how you look at it it is their game to play, and you may not like it, but Rachel is dissagreeing with her and acting like she knows everything, and she says if you want to be competitive you cannot play BB, meaning that is thier game, but ppl who sit around and dont do anything laugh and have fun get ahead and she's going to the jury, Shelly trying to tell her how dissapointed she is in hearing that talk

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