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8/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Jor tells Shelly that she has no clue what Josie looks like but she has this pic of her inside of her head. Shelly trying to describe what Josie looks like along with her husband

Shel telling Jor that she had a blast at her high school reunion. Jor is interested about her upcoming reunion

Jor talking about ice cream places in her home town. Dani and Kal talking in HoH. Kal gets in trouble by BB for talking about her DR sessions

Dani explains her dream to Kal that she had to get 4 people to push on a door and it was a whole different world. Kal says your dreams do not come true...my night mares come true.

feeds switch from HoH to BY with all 4 cams on BrenChel kissing and sweet talking. Rach is crying...

Shel in the shower. Bren, Adam on couch in BY talking and Rach on the elliptical

Jor ask Law if she has his vote? Law says yes, and says he likes J/J before they do not talk behind his back.

Kal in KT she says she has a dog that barks at everything...Shelly out of shower and putting stuff on her face.

Law,Por,&Adam in Tarot room. Por in a cop uniform strip teasing to a beat Law is making, sounds like some kind choreography for something. Jor and Kal talking in BBR.

Jor tries on Adams elf hat and says she looks like a "WHO"...Talk moved to Sponge Bob and Jor thought he was cheese at first.

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10:55 BBT

Well the bachelor Party is minutes away

Lawon has come out to have the bride and groom get in their seats..

Everyone in the BT except the lap dancers Adam and Porsche who are inside getting ready...

Party about to begin

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10:57 BBT ...they are taking about blinfolds {wouldn't mind having one}

Lawon: "introducing the exotic erotic lawon don dancers"

The stripping begins Porsche in her one piece and Adam in his swim trucks complete with hairy back....

People laughing and really liking Porsche cop outfit into her bathing suit....

11:00 BBT Adam backinto his Elf and Brenchel please with the dance....well received by the other HG...

rachel; "that was awesome encore encore encore" Kali and Rachel thought Porsche was gonna wear her bikini...but rachel says this was way better..

Lawon says BB said to kkep the dance short that's why it wasn't loner gett BB warning to stop talking Production

Rachel says tomorrow is the "white trash wedding" and says ooops her "trashy wedding"

11:04 BBT bachelor party continues...

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11:06 BBT

Inside Porsche and Jordan discussing games they can play....toilet papper wedding dress is what Porsche...Jordan suggest she talk to shelly "she's good at" knowing everything...

Outside Brendon talking about his bachelor party from his first engagement..

The dancers are know toating with beer about their "good job" as Rachel says if she had "45 bills you'd be rich" and Bren says "you'd have $10"

This bachelor party is losing steam fast...

Rachel talking about her wedding "everyone has a job right" and lists everyones jobs for tomorrow...

11:09 BBT...Everyone outside just chatting away...Rache; says "it made my big brother experience" about her dance....

"Cruddy" (Adam) does a canon ball into the pool...Shelly suggest they go swimming since they have never went night swimming..Adam says it feels good to be outta the elf suit....

Shelly saying "you look so funny" {if you call pasty and hairy funny} without his Elf suit...

11:14 The party continues to lose steam...Rachel wants "extra wine" for that "show we put on for showtime" {the commercial missed half of it}...

11:15 BBT...Rachel talking about "write our own vows" Shelly says "memorize them" since they don't have pens or paper...

Rachel says her vow will include "I promise to never evict you" and Jeff says "this is real" and will probably put them in their real wedding vows..

11:17 BBT Many criss crossing convos going on....

Lawon doing something for Rachel...oh I guess he's wedding planning...

11:18 Kalia sucking up oxygen...and the bachelor party continues....as Rachel asks if the Cameras were on them when it was hapenning...

11:19 They are talking about games..Danisays she liked play "match game"

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11:21 BBT

The party is pretty dead now...the booze has dried up...and everyone just sitting around wondering if BB will give them some booze for the wedding...somesuggest "champagne" and they say yeah including their regular booze rationing...

11:24 BBT Brenchel in kitchen smiling and hugging and kissing [im puking} telling each other they love each other..

Buzzkill shelly want to make sure that adam's canonball didn''t get the windows wet and has made it her job to clean them...

More Booze arrived...

The party may be picking up...."more wine" and excited Rachel thanks BB...Shelly "can i get more window cleaner" as she cleans the window...

11:26 BBT They devide one bottle of wine in four wine glasses...Rachel adds her frozen grapes.. as Porsche wonders if they were the "moldy" ones from the fridge...Rachel insists it doesn't matter since they're frozen

Outside Shelly bitching they are out of "diet Coke" and "coke Zero"

Brendon telling Jordan not to turn on Rachel and to work with her and he insists she won't turn on them....

Bren telling Jordan and Shelly it will be a "knoc out" HOH...and they "need to work together" and says Rachel kills at the quizes..

Bren says if they don't get Dani out next week she may very well "win this"...

Rachel come out...as the Vets and Shelly talking...

11:34 BBT Jordan working on her toes while Bren goes over his HOH for Thursday..

Upstairs Kalia "you use mens deodorant" Dani says she sweats a lot and then shuffles to "I want some of your port chese" and Dani suggests they don't stay up in HOH....

11:36 BBT Kalai stuffing her face again licking her doughy digits with cheese..as she says she doesn't know how she does it every time on BB to get a cute guy...Kalia talking about "my boys"...as they discuss guys and girls being friends....as Dani says one will always "hoping for more"...

11:38 BBT Kalia blabbing...about her "one of my boys"..how he really like her...and her BF told her guys and girls "can't be friends"

Downstairs they discuss the frozen grapes in wine and "coors light Lemonade"

11:41 BBT Back in HOH Kalia bashing...the vets...{and we all know she will never have the guts (no pun intended) to say it to their faces} as Dani asks for more Zingers...Dani "i wanna call Porsche up here" as Dani says she feels bad ditching the party....Porsche eneters after they lure her up with cheese...

Dani kissing Porsches ass saying she loves her makeup...Kalia shoveling food in and talking witha full mouth talking boobs....Dani "i awlays said I liked your boobs"..Kalia talking about her saggy melons...as they discuss "white wine"...as Kalia licks her fingers and wipes them on her pants...

Dani asking if she's laying out....

Back downstairs the party is done as Jordan asks if "are we playing " any other games....Rachel goes to check on Porsche and her ring...but Porsche is in HOH..."porsche".."where you at girl"..Rachel says "maybe she's upstair in the HOH" after checking the HN room..Rachel heads to HOH...

Rachel enters and Dani offers her cheese and asks "why did you get this".....as they discuss cheese...

11:51 BBT Porsche explains she was working on the ring...and Rachel tells them "there on;y 7 minutes of Showtime" as Dani says they were thinking of stuff for "match game"...

11:52 BBT Rachel asking if she already drank her wine and says she chugged it..since she didn't "like it"...as Dani offers snacks...

11:54 BBT Dani entertaining maybe future alliance members....in HOH...

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11:56 BBT

In HOH they discuss possiblr match game questions and Dani says Porsche should be the Host since Lawon couldn't

Porsche says "you totally couldn't tell we were doing Single Ladies"...as Dani says she doesn't find the attraction of Beyonce..

Downstairs Pool game complete with stupid voices...Bren Jeff and Adam at the pool table talking SNL...

11:59 BBT Back upstairs more celebrity talk....Rachel leaves and Dani asks "does she hate me?" as Dani says "i'm really obsessed with your makeup".....Porsche says it will get "intense" as Dani asks "where are you" and Porsche says "nervous of the gripping" from Rachel...Porsche saying "its gonna fuck me up" having Rachel hanging out with her all the time..and Dani says "people will associate you as the new Brendon" and Porsche "ewww"

12:02 BBT Dani says its not personal...Porsche talking it will be "100 times harder" as Porsche semi bashes Rachel...Kalia giving advice..like she knows what she's talking about....

Porsche wants Rachel "to get her head back in the game" and says "she plays emotionally' and it will "drag me down"...saying "it just sucks"......Dani continues to add to her worthless alliance....as they discuss Brenchel.....as Dani says it isn't personal...and she isn't breaking them up.......Dani BSing "i hurts" to make people hurt.....

12:06 BBT Downstairs Jordan telling Rachel how to act...as they wonder why porsche is up in HOH as rachel says she's up their lauging and being "buddy buddy" and Bren says "take note Porsche's not down her and it HOH..suprise suprise" and Rachel bitching "i thought she was my friend" and Rachel "she must have made a deal with Daniele"

Shelly come out says she's aboozer.."coors light" and "tequila"...Shelly chimes in "i can't believe she's up there"...Porsche comes back down...and sits with them on the couches...and Kalia is there with her whisk..or "whisp" as her dumbass calls it...

12:10 BBT "don't walk away from me" Porsche says they trapped her with "cheese"..and says "they are referring her weeks down the road" as Porsche says Dani doesn't want "drama in the house" and Dani comes out...and parks it on the couch talking about her toes...she needs to redo them...

Rachel's mood has turned to annoyed...guys playing pool and they are playing a game guessing animals...

12:13 BBT Bachelor Party is now a bust.....

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12:18 BBT The animal guessing continues...Rachel doesn't look like a happy camper.....Poor Jordan didn't know what "nocturnal" meant....

Rachel mood has lightened up....

Shelly says Shelly looks like "whitney Houston" with her hood on and Porsche "she's black"

J&J in bathroom talking Porsche Jordan says 'thy're probably telling her to put up" as Jeff says she'll win a "shitty HOH"....

Jeff heads back outside.....Jordan into the kitchen watching Adam eat away....Jordan looks for pickles in SR as Shelly says she had an english muffin...

12:24 Jordan "i want a big one".....a pickle...as she finds one and heads back to the group....

Everyone back outside...playing pool or playing at a game at the couch....animal game continues....

12:28....BBT not much going on

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12:32 BBT

Dani telling Lawon they are pulling Porsche in....and warns Laon "rachel's coming after him" and Lawon says "i know ..she is pissed" as Lawon wants to make them think "i have no one to rely on" and say it to Rach and "see what she says"...and wants Lawon to play the lost dumbass.....

12:33 BBT Dani plays with Lawon bags for a few minutes and leaves...."to go pee" but stops to do her dishes instead...

Kalia and Dani head back to HOH..."she's buggin" Kalia says as he dances and sings around like the dancing hippopotami from Fantasia......

Kalia dumping a load while Dani breaks out another drink as Kalia starts bashing Rachel....Lawon says "she's pissed"because Porsche was in HOH....Dani says she needs to talk to Porsche alone because she makes her nervous...Kalia talking with a full mouth of food.....and talking foods...

12:40 BBT all feeds on HOH as he tells Kalia to get porsche...Kalai says who am I gonna get her...

Dani says they have Lawon as a lap dog to break up private convos up...Kalia really shoveling it in...FOTH..

12:43 BBT FOTH

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12:44 BT

Kalia boasting she lasted longer in the game than Brendon Dani lying "i genuinly like them" and says "what goes around come around"

Kalia says "i miss you"...and bitches Dom would go to 'final two with my final two"

Dani sends her pet whale down to go get porsche...

12;46 BBT Porsche goes upstairs...as Dani says we're having "a late night snack".....

All feeds on the HOH....talking movies actors.....

12:48 BBT more movie talk.....Dani kissing ass overtime "you look like a sext witch" and sings and FOTH....

Feeds come back with Kalia complaing if she eats "it will make me fat" {shold says fatter} and says when she wins HOH she has red velvet cupcakes...

Porsche says she was super pissed and didn't say anything....about Rachel.....

12:52 BBTPorsche "can we lock the door I'm scared"...Dani being as obnoxious as Kalia talking how she never backed out on Rache'ls friendship...

Dani doing her "feel bad" .....Dani lies she wasn't screwing Rachel....as Dani says she would never trust the vets...and "lied all week long"..Porsche jus listening to Dani pitch....Porsche saying people got up and she smoked a cigarette with Adam and says now I get to "actually play"....as Porsche concerned Rachel upset she talks to Dani....Porsche says "the didn't tell anybody" about saving her with POV..Dani says she knew something "coy" was going on...

Kalia leaves....Porsche says it will be rough as Dani asks where she stands and says she's really nervous for Porsche..

Porsche says Brenchel doesn't trust her....because they didn't use the veto and didn't tell her about HOH

Porsche says "i need to play it safe" with HOH...and nominate "a kalia or lawon" maybe shelly and says she wouldn't put Dani up..and will homor their "one week deal"..because she didn't nominate her...

Dani "i have you back in the game" and Porsche says she trusted "your dad" and says she trust her...

1:01 BBT Porsche and Dani talking as Dani keeps repeating "its a game"......Porsche says America sees as putting Jordan up as personal...Porsche wants to be a friend to Rachel buts says she isn't gonna be "my guy" the whole summer...

1:03 Feed switch to Rachel crying "i don't want you to go" in the bathroom....sayinh she can't stop crying and "be strong" and says "i love you so much" and Rachel says they are gonna try to make Jeff cry as he's called to DR...and tells Jeff to bring tissues as DR is doing goodbye messages..

1:05 BBT In HOH talking about America's favorite Juror as Dani goes no one will any AC because Jeff is around....Porsche says Dani should have put up Jeff and Dani says she already enemies with J&J and Dani says Brenchel tried to cop a deal and warns Porsche she will get screwed over by them...

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1:08 BBT

Dani doesn't think Jordan has a chance to win Porsche says she does...and says this will not be another season where she will win..and says "put me next to her" at the end...and says "people thre her an HOH".....People keep Brendon in "over her".."they do not want to win the game"

Porsche saying she's stuck voting for Brendon and says she should but will be the only "other one" vote for Bren...and worried what Jeff would say or do

Dani says "i feel people think Kalia" are close and says "i genuinely" feel they her and Porsche "can make magic happen" and Porsche says "if you and Kalia " were really close and "let her have this HOH" and be able to play in the next week....Dani "why would I let her have it" saying they are not that close....and Porsche saysand in walks Rachel ..and says "i did my goodbye message.....

Rachel says "no" when Dani offers her a hug...and says "just wanna see what you guys are doing' and Dani offers to have "girl talk"

Rachel leaves "i'm gonna spend some time with Brendon' and leaves even though Dani insists she stays...

1:14 BBT Porsche worried..."you just wanna to break my only friendship" she says to Dani...and wonders why Dani didn't tell her she didn't say she was downstairs...."where's your cheese" as Porsche starts eating Dani's food..

Feed switch to Brenchel reporting that it was just the two of them as the "other minion' is heading back up...Rachel is repeating her short convo and Rachel is pissed....sitting outside...

Back in Porsche is ver noncommital and said she was hoping she "at least" she had a deal with Jeff for not putting him up calling him the biggest "male threat" but Porsche says "shelly" isher biggest threat....

Dani says "we can kill her" about shelly at final 4 and shes untrustworthy.......Porsche watching the spyscreen..because she was caught od suprise with rachel coming up...and Porsche says "she's feaking out" being caught "twice" and Dani "she didn't even knock and just walked in"

Dani "i have you back" and Porsche says you're funny and believes she can work together...Porsche tried playing week by week....and says she got rid of Cassi..and says if Dani and Brenchel with Dom she would have been screwed...

Dani says "they turned their back on me" ..doubted her..as Dani calls her liars and Porsche says Rachel holds grudges...and Dani says if they get mad over game..then they are not really friends...

Dani talks Eric from her season and after 2 yrs after their season he apologized and have been "besties" since then..."its a game...its a game "

1:23 BBT Dani says "they are playing a game "of desperation" and Porsche "why..its just a game"

Dani says she has to find a way to seperate herself or she will be screwed...

1:25 Dani saying she will be "guilty by association"...Dani says "please don't say anything..." when Brenchel came up and cop a deal..."porsche is Rachel's little puppy dog" and Dani says they told her her they called her a waste....and ambarassment if she makes final two with another newbie...

1:27 Dani's HOH convos continue...Dani:"if you don't like the hand that your delt..shuffle your deck".."its a game"

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1:30 BBT Dani's full court press to get porsche on her side continues...Porsche says she trusted Dick....

Dani Please don't say anything to Rachel...and Dani is nervous she blabs to her and Porsche says OK she won't tell Rachel and start trusting {until Rachel wins HOH next week}

1:32 BBT More Rachel Talk....

"for the next HOH" and will "kill you" if she says anything and says it will be "knock out" and wants Porsche.to pick her fist two.."one of them will be Rachel"...and says on quizes she is good and ask swho should she put up against her....Dani wants to promise Dani she will try hard...."would you promise me" she would try to beat her and Porsche says to go ahead...to put her against rachel.....Porsche hedges..."i would try"...buts says she needs to study....Porsche wants to try...

1:36 Porsche lets her know that Brenchel knows her deal with Dani....Porsche thinks she can be AC juror...Porsche says she will put Lawona nd Shelly Porsche says Lawon is a strong player but Dani says no 'what you see is what you get"

Feed switch Jeff at Hammock with Brenchel calling porsche "an idiot" why would she wanna leave them for dani feeds switch back to HOH mid sentence...

1:39 BBT Dani says "please don't repeat this" ...."if you and I" have an agreement it will "put us in the best spot ever" but Porsche says she needs to keep her friendship with Rachel.."she hates me right now" "me hanging out with you" its the worst thing she can do {yet the dumbell does} and says she will know its not "girl talk"

1:43 BBT All feeds on HOH ""you didn't make a deal with Jeff" and says they have an understand" and Porsche "oh no"....Porsche says they talkes "it wasn't personal" Kalia back in "why would you wake up at two" Dani asks...Porsche asks where everyone is at....

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1:46 BBT Kalia saying she is so sleeping....Dani says she missed Dom "not talking game" ..

J and Brechel at Hammock...Bren says lawon is a watchdog..and suspect Porsche has been working with them....

1:48 Feeds switch back to Kalia saying she passed out....Porsche says she can sneak out...Porsche wants to kick out all the guys...and have an all girl season...

1:50 HOH talk continues about zits blackheads...

{i'm out}

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0156BBT J&J and Brenchel in the BY talking about game play. Brendon is talking like he knows he is going home. Discussing putting up Daniele and Kalia.

Brendon goes inside to see what Daniele and Porsche are doing. He catches Daniele doing her eye makeup in the mirror down stairs and Porsche must have ran into the bathroom. He seen something still moving.

Brendon starts to explain to Jeff the rope challenge from last season. Brachel and J&J have figured out that Porsche is playing both sides. They are going to remind her how they saved her. Rachel is going to confront Porsche tomorrow and ask her why they keep calling her upstairs. Now they are discussing what the next challenge will be.

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0213BBT Porsche joined Jeff and Brenchel in the back yard and they are discussing Daniele trying to be friends with Porsche. If Porsche wins HOH she would put up Shelly against someone. Daniele offered Porsche a deal that she would put her up or back door her if she would promise not to put her up next week, if she wins.

They are trying to explain to Porsche that she would not have been a target regardless. Rachel came out and asked Porsche who's side she is on. She said that she is on Rachel's side, but she can not keep making people mad at them. People see them as one person.

Daniele told Porsche that her (Daniele) and Kalia are not as close as people think they are. Porsche would put up Shelly against Kalia.

Brendon is explaining to Porsche that Daniele is trying to make everyone do her dirty work. He also questioned her about not putting up Daniele if she did win HOH, even though they had an alliance with her.

Porsche assured Brendon that she will play with Rachel if Brendon is to leave.

0223BBT Jordan is making beds.

0223BBT Jordan is whispering to Adam, who is in bed.

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0231BBT J&J enter the purple room alone. Jeff is telling Jordan about Brenchel drilling Porsche. He is telling Jordan about how Porsche has made a deal with Daniele so she would be safe this week, even though she was not a target.

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0239BBT J&J invite Adam to come joke with them in the colorful bed room. Jordan in bed and Jeff is upset that he took the sheets off the beds to wash them and Porsche just threw them back on the bed. Adam took awhile to get into the room, he had to put his elf outfit on. Jordan is whispering to Adam telling him how Daniele is trying to get Porsche on her side.

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0306BBT Daniele and Kalia in the HOH bed together. They are discussing how Rachel tries to do everything Daniele does. Daniele starts singing and again we get FOTH. Feeds come back and Daniele is whispering to Kalia. Whatever she is saying Kalia agrees.

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0313BBT Bubble gum room discussion with J&J and Porscha about Brendon's gas & how bad it smells. Adam walks in and they tell him to go by the Have not room and smell. Adam comes back just as disgusted as the rest. Brendon's gas smell has traveled from the have not room to the bubble gum room. Brendon's farts smell like Jordan's brothers.

They are now back to playing the question game.

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4 am BBT: Jeff, Kalia and Porshe are the only ones still awake; playing “Animal 20 Questions.”

Talk turns to food and how much they’ve been eating. Jeff says he’s been snacking too much and the girls tell him he looks like he’s lost weight and that he’s “medium Jeff” not “big Jeff” anymore. (chuckles) Jeff really wants some pizza and mentions a few of his favorites but, Kalia isn’t familiar with any of them.

Jeff talks about how he wants to put a boy he met in Cambodia (from his “Around the World” gig) through culinary school. And, since Porshe was mentioning wanting to go to Cambodia to help people he would pass along the names and contact information that he has.

4:22 am BBT: They all say good night to each other. Everybody else is already asleep.

5:30 am BBT: All sleeping.

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10:00 PM Law & Shel talking about how fun it would be to see BB from the other side of the walls. Shel wants to show Josie

10:15 PM Por & Rach talking about games for the party

The dividing up of the alcohol commences.

10:25 PM BBT Dani loves peanut butter. She is telling Shel how to make homeade PB

Bren/Rach enjoying a short make out session in the BY. Rach says marriage takes her breath away

10:31 PM BBT Kal talking about her parent's wedding which was the wedding of the year.

Bren/J/J talked about lap dances. Jeff says that Bren told him men put on sweats for lap dances

10:40 BBT Rach giving Shel advice on stripping for her hubby. Shel think he might have a heart attack

10:45PM BBT Por goes into the WC in her bathing suit. She comes out in a pink robe (still has the suit on) Is now hiding in the purple room

Dani tells Law that he needs to be right next to Bren at all times. Keeps them from doing anything.

Por now getting dressed in cop costume - she may be the stripper for Bren

10:50PM BBT Law & Adam are the back-up dancers.

Officer Friendly and her crazy elf are practicing their moves in the purple room. Bren telling the BY HG he comes home and she is in a french maid outfit.

11:00PM BBT And the dancers are intro'd Por is chasing the elf around the BY. They then break into some crazy moves and Por strips to her suit

The elf has stripped as well. He shakes his little elffin behind in Bren's face and the crowd goes wild

11:05PM BBT Law spills it to the HG that BB said they could do it but not for very long.

Bren tells them it was the best cop/elf dance ever.

11:15PM BBT Kal says its so warm she feels like they are on the East Coast

Now discussion about Bren's wedding vows

Bren promises not to evict Rach. To have and to have-not

11:20BBT The HG decide to play the match game & dating game again

11:25 PM BBT Bren/Rach having a kissing moment in the KT. Rach doing the dishes

Rach gets called to the SR - there is more wine.

Rach finds more wine in the SR. The crowd goes wild. Shel asks for more window cleaner

11:35PM BBT Dani glad the party is not extending longer then it has. Dani doesn't feel like playing reindeer games

Kal heads towards the HOH fridge - tells Dani she wants some of the port cheese. Dani tells her to go for it

11:40 PM BBT Here is the Kal we all know and love. Eating and talking. They break into song lyrics and we get FOTH

Dani telling Kal that she is spending to much time with Rach. Kal says that she just kept talking and annoying her

11:45 PM BBT Kal says that POr coming up for cheese. Kal told Por that they dont want to bring the cheese down so you need to come up

11:48 PM BBT Seems Kal took the triscuits like the pita chips from the KT They hid them in HOH. Dani had to sneak the empty bag in the trash

Rach heads inside to see her ring. Por is supposed to be making it but is in HOH eating with K/D

11:51PM BBT Shel/Jor talking. Shel says she is with Jor. Jor telling about Kal not knowing what Shel will do

Shel tells Jor if they get to the end with what they have done it will be wonderful.

11:55 PM BBT Jor feeling better tonight. She made the slop with water only and not milk. Law is eating sardines

12:05 PM BBT POr tells Dani that B/R know its personal. Dani says its not personal. Its because they are not with her.

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10:35 AM BBT

Shelly and Brendon in the by tlking qqbout his leaving and where he will be staying, he has Rachels car so he has transportation, so it's fine, he can go work in a lab and then Shelly say you gotta make sure you take care of yourelf and are eating, and he says he will be fine.

Talking about his undergrad, and how he had a student loan and did not want to work and he was like every other student lazy, now talking about his Masters and his Thesis being 90 pages long, now going into nano scales, etc, stuff that none of us really would know or really care about.

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I dont know what course he is talking about, and about some professor of his who was supossedly hard to understand with a thick accent but he met her and it was not that bad, now talking chemistry, I'm lost. cannot keep up with all the gasses and sputtering guns, and negitive and positive potential, on and on, then he says electro plating which is somethng we may know,lol, ok back to liquid hellium, temps and super conducting

Rachel cooking in the kitchen so someone else is up, still Brendon is droning on with all the big words and chemistry stuff

Sorry I have to wait for a less scientific convo, Shelly is utterly spellbound I might add

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