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7/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:09 PM BBT

Jeff and Jordan are moving into the HN room after Jordan drifted off and got yelled at by BB. Jordan now in HN and Jeff went to his own bed. We see Adam asleep in the HNBR.

Jeff turned out the lights in his room and Jordan turns out the HN lights. Shelly says it feels like daytime although it's almost time for bed. Jordan goes and lays beside Jeff in his room. Jeff grabs something out of his side table drawer then goes and changes his shorts stubbing his toe along the way. Jordan takes her jumper top off and puts on a bra )Underneath a shirt - no flashing from Jordan)

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9:24 PM BBT

"you have to cheer up, this isn't the end." Jordan tells Rachel "This is only the first day."

"I just feel horrible." sniffles Rachel (who is crying again)

"It's because you're on your period, that makes you more emotional" Jordan consoles her "When I'm like that, Jeff can say just one thing and I"m crying. This isn't over, anything can happen, someone could come back, don't lose hope."

Upstairs Lawon tells Dani "I really don't like your attitude."

"I had a long week!" Whines Dani "I don't think you understand just how stressful it was. A really long week."

Porsche joins Rachel WCA. Rach doing her evening ADLs "What girl besides you can beat her?" Porsche asks.

Dani/Kalia talking about last nights HOH.

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9:32 PM BBT

"She put your key last to scare you because she knows you're close to me." Rachel says to Porsche.

"Do you think if Brendon leaves Jeff will cook for me too?" Rachel asks Jordan.

"Don't go there yet, we don't know what will happen." Jordan says

"We're not going to campaign against you. " Rachel tells her

"Don't say that Rachel, you don't know what's going to happen. You have to do what you have to do to stay." Jordan answers

"But you an Jeff never get to see each other." Rachel offers

"We don't know what's going to happen." Jordan says with finality and the subject is changed to odd-nothings.

Jeff called to DR

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9:41 PM BBT

Kalia has followed Dani into the HOH WC where Dani is trying to wash her face/brush her teeth. Rachel and Brendon snacking in seaweed crisps Brendon made.

Prompting BB to ask for their microphones to be lowered.

Jordan and Kalia are now chatting in the living room. Looks like Dani sent Kalia packing so she could get some sleep. Shelly is up making pancakes - Jordan said she'd eat if there was any extra.

Brendon is making Japanese inspired dishes with the sardines and seaweed.

9:46 PM BBT

"I am going to win the POV anyways. Anyone who thinks anything else. I will drop my balls on their face." - Brendon

Dani laying in bed listening to music watching the HOH spy cam. Which we can see on camera 4.

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9:52 PM BBT

Brendon making jokes about butts then quickly says "There's only one butt for Brendon to look at around here."

Lawon in HNBR wearing Dani's robe, orange crocs and an afro wig. Takes off wig and heads to brush his teeth.

"Elf wants beer." says Adam as he walks into the KT. "That's elf-tastic!"

Jordan called to DR.

8:56 PM BBT

Rachel ticked off that someone (Kalia?) started drinking the wine Porsche put aside for her while she's been on slop. "There's no reason to be such a bitch. It's my one simple pleasure of life."

Kalia and Dani saw this exchange on the spy cam and now Kalia explaining it.

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10:12 PM BBT

Dani talking about how you act in the house affects a lot. They go back over somethings Kalia has done "OMG they wanted to kill you." Dani says

10:14 PM BBT

"Do you feel like you're fighting an uphill battle?" Kalia asks and carries on without waiting for an answer.

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11:11 BBT

In purple parlor Rachel is paranoid that J&J who are talking to Kalia and Dani think that they turned on them..Brendon getting upset because he claims they are in this position because "we stood up for them"

Rachel trying to figure out who she cam get and she is trying to put her rag tag team alliance ..she says she can get Porsche and maybe Adam...

11:13 BBT In the LR Dani talking about her season and a veto comp ....Jordan says giving up the clothes..saying she couldn't borrow underwear...

Jeff hopes it isn't one of those Vetos where they have to give stuff away..Jordan Kalia and Dani could never shave their heads final two...

they talk Uchena and Joyce when they shaved their heads in AR...

11:17 BBT Porsche cooking up a storm in the kitchen while Brendon and Rachel mope at the sink...

In the Purple Parlor Brenchel are really suspicios of J&J and says she can't believe J&J would talk to them...Brendon tells her to just go back out there

Shelly and Bren talking...Shelly telling him he will stay and why doesn't he want to stay...and in walks Jeff...and Bren wants them to get Dani out...and says he doesn't want all his work for nothing..and fall for her "smooth talk"

Jeff says trhey should wait til after the veto...Shelly asks about Jury and Brendon says "i'll go home"....Bren call dani "bitter" for sending Dom home...

11:22 BBT Shelly says Bren is thinking with his heart and not his head...because he wants to leave and leave rachel in....

Jeff says ifbren or Rach win he's going up...Jeff says "stick around and find out for yourself" about making sure that Dani goes...

Jeff says "the best thing right now is to be cordial" and maybe it may work they tried the fuck you approach.......Jeff says he was going insane about BB and says just "accept my fate" and "fight when I have to fight' he was just making himself bananas...

11:25 BBt Brendon saying his nom was "personal" and says he doesn't want them to fall for her BS and she will 'stab them in the back" if they don't get her out..

...Shelly and Bren continue talking as Bren says he would love stay and get Dani out and "kick Kalia out the door" but "it makes more sense for me to leave"

Bren says "its the reason we are in this spot" for saving J&J ans says "we went to bat for people" and feels they are not going to bat for them.....

11:28 BBT Bren whining about Dani's nomination speech...Jeff says "we are not fucking idiots" and know where the numbers are.. "we're not bozo buckets"

Jeff tries to figure out the POV...Shelly thinks it will be the how bad you want it...because its "a huge veto"....and Bren says "if they are building all that shit" then it wouldn't be that simple..

Jeff says it might be OTEV...while Shelly says it may be the license plate one..

Bren "whatever...I wanna destroy daniele"...and says I wann destroy watermelons on peoples head...Jeff says he can't help believe either him or Rachel will win....

Shelly wishes they would put Kalia up...Bren says he feels the whole thing was personal because of Domonic...Jeff says he's just gonna have fun what am I gonna do "choke a bitch"..they laugh...

Shelly "we gotta have fun either way"

11:33 BBT Bren complaining Dani had the gold key and wins a HOH "designed for sopomeone small" and he's getting it because he told someone "they were getting backdoored"

Shelly saying they have "great chances" to being pulled for veto...

Bren mocking her choices of kalia and Lawon..

11:35 BBT POV talk...."her mouth grates onmy very last nerve" Shelly says about Kalia....Shelly says "ignoring her" would be better..

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11:37 BBT

Back out in the LR Jordan talking about her pandora's box with the money falling....Jeff says "close to $3000" he collected while Jordan got "$1200" and makes fun of how slow she was going Jordan says "i thought it was to good to be true"...

11:39 BBT Jeff says then he found the key and he thought he was safe..and said he collected more money..before he went to HOH to get Kevin out...

11:40 BBT..Jeff says if he knew it was just to unlock Kevin "I would have ...left him up there"

11:41 BBT Feeds FOTH ..BBAD commercial

11:43 BBT BAD back...Brendon sitting in the kitchen distraught....Porsche still cooking up a storm still....Shelly babling about something....Jeff talking about Natalie..saying she wasn't "as bad"..Jeff says he didn't watch his season....Adam says he won't watch their season..no one believes him...

11:46 BBT Shell says "you may make the soup this week because of that costume" as they discuss the elf costume...Adam says he probably made the soup for his "Donna Martin graduates"

11:47 BBT..Back in The LR Dani talking with her allliance of her Kalia and Lawon talking booze...Jordan there too

11:48 BBT..Rachel returns from DR while Porsche gets called and asks the to "save me some" pasta alfredo..

Rachel has "7 minutes" until her have not is over.....

Back at LR Dani talking about losing weight when she was on slop and says she couldn't "handle it"..as they talk about getting put on slop the whole season...Kalia asks if the have access to the AC of food...

Back in the kitchen Brendons mood has lightened up...Shelly "how I would love a ciagarette with this coffee" as her nicotine withdrawl is taking hold...

11:53 BBT Rachel says she has 3 minutes until midnight so she can eat...

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11:54 BBT

Everyone in the kitchen eating except Kali and Lawon...

as Rachel prepares to eat..Adam says he will wait for 'solidarity"...Kalia in the kitchen stuffing her face...

11:55 BBT Rachel says the clock has struck 12 and digs into her pasta Porsche prepared....Lawon walking around in the bedroom messing with his lips in the mirrors..and heads out...

11:57 BBT Bren saying "your lean cusines didn't cut it" as rachel says her pasta is good and Porsche is really a 'good little cook" while Jeff says anybody that throws that much cheese in anything it alwys taste good...

Feeds are FOTH...

11:58 BBT FOTH

12:00 FOTH

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12:01 BBT

Feeds back with Porsche getting compliments for her food and Shelly getting ready to clean up..

back in the Purpe Palor Jeff says "i don't think they give a fuck about us" and Jeff says he's a fatty for eating that food...Jordan says 'you look good" and Jeff says he doesn't take compliements "that well"

12:03 BBT FOTH..

12:06 BBT Back...Jeff and Jordan talking about someone getting to the show if he makes final two and he's talking about his parents will drive to California because the mom is apparently afraid to fly...Jordan says her grandparents would be the same put her grandmother...would be afraid...

Jeff "it would be harder for me to make the final two then for her to get on an airplane"

12:08 BBT Dani and Kalia talking in the LR talking how many weeks there are..kalia says when you know you are safe this week "you skipp to the next week" their other part of their alliance Lawon comes over..talks POV as Dani says if he gets picked he better win...

Kalia saying that Brenchel in "some capacity" they have evryone in the house on their side...Dani says right now they are safe this week and best to just stay there since they probably will think the power wilo shift back there..

Kalia says J&J are good at spending time with everyone else..Dani says they have always been better at that than Brenchel...

12:12 BBT Kalia says since noms Shelly isn't interested in chatting...Kalia says "i specificially have my eye on her"...and Shelly comes in and talks about Oprah and their reinactment from last week...

Kalia says to lawon he needs to stop "staring like that" and says "it makes me so nervous" and Lawon says he thinking about "kicking ass" ..."violent" and "brendon" saying he's an "idiot"

12:14 BBT Dani says "i need to go to bed" {probably thinking of a reason to get away from them}...

Adam comes in....playing his elf to the hilt....Adam says 12;20 when Dani asks what time because she needs to get to bed...

Kalia wants Adam to do "a show" and Adam painfully obliges half hearedly...

12:17 BBT Adam continues to enetertain..while Dani laughs...and asks for 'lap dance' as Dani "eeewwww"...Kalia "you're a nasty elf"

Kalia talking about her BF..Dani says she wasn't....and now Kalia says "maybe it was Cassi" and realize it was her..

Kalia continues to just keep talking...Kalia sings and her fat ass triggers a FOTH

12;20 FOTH..

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12:24 BBT ADam tells Jeff in the Purple Parlor that he will be a metal (heavy metal) Elf and wants to start Elves in the mosh pit

Adam back in the kitchen says he will cook bacon in the elf costume..as rachel and Porsche continue cleaning up...while Adam walk around like a tool in his costume.."do my little elf pop ups"...shelly :"can you control adam"

12:27 BBT

Adam enjoying the elf costume "if I wear an elf costume can I go outside" sheLly says if a nicotine withdrawl...

Dani says to Shelly can read her letter as she says her Gma didn't say anything and tells Shelly and Adam that she raised her an their brother..."she's kinda like your mama" Shelly says...Dani says her Dad was 19 and 21 when they had her and and her bro..amera switches to Jeff

he's in the purple parlor trying to make it look like someone is under the blanket with the pillows..Adam says he should use "a round pillow" for the head and he does "that's better" Adam says..

12:32 BBT Jeff continues...with his little prank for Jordan when she gets out of DR..."it looks real"..Porsche..and Rachel aren't fooled.."its pillows"..Porsche says 'the non existent arms" and Jeff fixes it "go get brendon" to try and fool him...

12:33 Jeff hides behind the door..and waits for his victim Brendon..the they tell him to wake him up..Brendon says "its not Jeff" and says "you can tell its a bunch a pillows"...saying "big jeff is kinda lumpy"...Prank fail

Jeff insists it will work on Jordan...

Jeff says "i'm just gonnna leave that all night"....Bren says if Rachel didn't "have her contacts in" she would have to go "2 inches" in front of you to see if it was fake Jeff..

12:37 BBT they wait for Jordan to get out od DR...

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12:40 BBT

Jeff, Adam, Brenchel and Porsche in Bathroom talking zits...and what to use for them...

Now they are talking Brendon's "butt zits" as rachel says she would "pop" them ..as she disgusts everyone in the bathroom

They are back to Jeff's nose blackheads...Jeff "i didn't know these products exist"....

12:44 BBT Acne talk on all 4 feeds..

Bren says he's ready to go to bed..Jeff goes to check on "his materpiece" as Adam decribes in in the purple parlor...as they says Jordan is still in DR..

Rachel says he's ready to head to have not room..and offers Porsche to join them to "hang out"...as Jeff talks about plucking his eyebrow hair and it makes him sneeze..

12:47 Porsche says "was that you elf" when someone cuts one...Porsche says "you look way younger" in his costume "like 5 years old"

they head to havenot room...and stop in LR to chat..

12:49 BBT Jeff tells people to go look at fake Jeff in the "purple room" Shelly "oh my good that is good" and says "that looks just like him"

Feeds switch to Brenchel getting ready for bed in HN room and Jeff says everyone is raving and says he's waiting in there until his "hilarious" joke id over.....grossing out over Brens fart..and Rachel breaks out the spray as Bren goes over his "slop" diet...

12:52 BBT Jeff grossing out as the lingering smell as rachel says "there's not air flow"..Jeff "jordan oh my God i'm in for a long week"

Rachel ask what they should do..Jeff says they should play "the nice card"...and know they will "win the vetO and says do you thinks "she likes to hang out with Lawon and Kalia"..and says make a truce...

Rachel says if that happens she can stop "crying"....Jeff says then he may go up and he'll be "crying"

12:55 BBT Jeff says he played the "fuck you die card" and it made his stressed and says he thought he was going up and felt "at ease when I let it sink in".....Jeff says Dani "is never wrong"....and Rachel says if it was "honky dory" last week she still would have put them up..

They talk why she made the move so early in the game...Jeff says "no matter what" who goes "we knoe what we have to do"

Kailai called to DR and Jordan says "i didn't fall for it" and says "you never lay like that"...America is gonna think she's disgusting because DR asked "tell us about your farts..how bad are they"


12:59 FOTH..

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1:00 BBT feeds back and farts....sparay...still going on in HN room.. Brendon cuts another one and sends Porsche Adam jeff and Jordan out the door..Jordan says "yours and mine combine are disgusting"

Rachel "i like your fart smell...I really do it doesn't bother me" [gross}

1:03 BBT all feed on HN room brenchel getting ready for bed...trying to find a comfy position..and again "i like your farts"..

1:04 BBT all feeds on HN room on Brenchel and no convo...

Nothing being shown except brenchel sleeping and scratching his itchy kness..

Bren says 'don't be upset until we find out what's going on"

Feed switch to Jordan and Shelly talking..in the bathroom..Jordan says she feels bad about Brenchel..as Jordan says "we're gonna keep him" and get rid of Rachel saying Rachel "will be influenced"..Shelly says Bren feels bad she has no job..and Jordan "ooohh" as Shelly goes on "we just have to stick together" and Jordan says Adam is solid with them...

1:08 BBT Jordan leaves shelly andstops in the bedroom talking about her diet...Jeff asking jordan 'scratch my back so I can get tired" and Jordan says aok if he doesn't fall asleep on him..and says he won't but says "sorry" if he does...

lawon mumbling something..about slop...Jordan "The pancakes are good but they go through you like water"

and talks about when she heard lawon blowing out the toilet when he was on it...

1:12 Jordan says she ate a lot today...

Jordan talking about Jeffs blackheads and how she uses the strips..

1:13 Shelly talking with Jeff in bathroom about his balckheads and what to use...

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1:17 BBT

Jordan enters and Shelly explaing her balckheads..

Shelly says her arms feel "fat" .."like the muscles are swelled up"...from HOH...

1:18 BBT Shelly practically bouncing off the walls from nictotine withdrawl..as she walks out....Jeff and Jordan work on Jeff's nose..."i'm done' .."it hurts" and Jordan says 'everyones been using it" about her noxema..Jordan wants to try the stuff for blackheads..

Jeff "i have a big honker" and Jordan says "no you don't"..as they keep talking balckheads..

Jeff passes fake jeff "i love that thing in there" and jordan "it does look good"

1:22 BBT Feeds on Porsche telling Lawon and Adam that's about bedtimes as Adam talks movie..and tomorrow "will be wierd"..that "three random" people will play in POV...

1:23 BBT All feeds switch to Jordan and Jeff in bed saying his "feeling are a little hurt" from the backdoor but feels better ..Jordan says she talked to Shelly about keeping Brendon over Rachel and Shelly told her Dani wants to keep the nom the same..and tells Jeff Bren worried because Rachel doesn't have anywhere to live...

1:26 BBT..Jeff '"if it stays the same..we're keeping Brendon"

jeff say if next week he wins HOh everyone else can put her up but she's not "my problem"...saying they have "a one week deal"

Jeff and Jordan whispering about backdooring Dani..and Jordan says "she's the only one in our way" and after wards take out lawon Kalia...

1:28 BBT Jordan takes off her mic gets into bed and FOTH....

1:29 FOTH...

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1:30 BBT

Feeds back to Jordan whispering about Dani leaving the noms the same...Jeff talks about Bren saying if one of them win they may put up Jordan so one of them definitely go...

Jordan feels bad "she has nowhere to go" and Jeff atlsk about backdooring Dani next week..and Jordan says there are a lot more twists..and says scary she may have "the power" as Jeff says America wouldn't give her the power and wonders the edit..says maybe they are making us "look like assholes" and Jordan thinks that but Jeff says Brenchel has to be way worse...

1:33 BBT Porsche comes in saying BB gave them Ricolla cough drops..she says "they're delicious"..Porsche getting ready for bed as Jeff keeps refering to himself in the "third person" and America may think "he's a dork" for doing it...but his friends will get a kick out of it...

1:35 BBT Jordan not tired and will chill before she goes into the HN room...Lawon is already in there...and Porsche offers her a bandana to cover her eyes..

kalia wants to chat with Shelly in 'the purple room' not game but chat....Shelly grabs her drink...

1:37 BBT Kalia doesn't want to "shut the door"...and says she doesn't want to talk game..

I feel "wonky" and her game was never to have "enemies"...as Shellys ays 'who hates you Brendan and Rachel" and Kalia doesn't want to talk to Daniele all day and feels like she feels unwelcomed when she comes into a room..

1:39 Kalia going on..going on about friendships that they were building....Shelly can't lose sight 'of the Grand Majority" who are playing the game..and most aren't willing to make friends..

Kalai says no way they will win HOH back to back..as Kalia says there will be a time her and Daniele on the block..

Shelly says people are calling her "adopt a perch" for heading to HOH all the time and Kalia knew she would be called Dani's pet....

1:42 BBT Shelly says "when you find out the dominc thing' didn't go through she ran back to Jeff and Jordan..to realign..kalia says her freindship with J&J...isn't building like it was...

Kalia rehashing the whole DOM thing..and says she will never put Jordan "on the block"....Shelly "why didn't you vote for Dominic" and goes that Jeff made a "good point"..that better Kalia show him respect ...Kalia says Dominic..told her not to do it...Shelly says "i wish you take your side and stand there"

Klaia says she doesn't understand why "everything is falling on me" and talk about the "wine thing' with Rachel earlier..

Shelly says "you're right" to Rachel and all she did was "inflame" the situation...and talks about the wine...

Kalia says at this point she has no choice to be cordial....Kalia says to she needs to "lay low"..and Kalia says she's never been mean or nasty about Rachel..and only said she only told her she didn't respect "your game"

1:48 BBT Feedss witch back to Porsche and Jordan talking if her and Jeff will go up...but porsche says what if she puts one of them newbies up..but jordan says she won't...

{i"m out be back tomorrow}

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9:08 AM BBT

It's early morning and the HGs are right back it.

Porsche, Rachel and Brendon in the Tarot Room whispering about Dani's game play. It seems that Dani has been trying to get Porsche to work with her. While upstairs in HOH Kalia and Dani are talking about Rachel and Brendon and how Dani wants to know if Porsche is going to try to win the veto today. "Even though no one would be stupid enough to try to win." Says Kalia

Dani called to DR

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9 am BBT

In the purple room, Porsche, Brendon and Rachel are plotting to figure out a way to save Brenchel. They have figured out the Jeff and Jordan have a deal and that if one comes off Jordan will up. They even say that is smart. They say Rachel is Danielle's most physical threat.

Daniele just got called to DR (possibly picking players)

The whispering in the purple room is hard to hear.

(I'm not good at this so someome feel free to jump in)

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9:26 AM BBT

We've got trivia (Possibly picking POV players)

9 am BBT

In the purple room....

(I'm not good at this so someome feel free to jump in)

You're doing great. Just write what you see/hear no worries about grammar/spelling or punctuation and dont' worry about duplicate posting. The more the merrier!- ZuZu

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9:42 AM BBT

Feeds back. Porsche dancing and high-fiving Adam in KT. Adam worried they'll make him play in Elf suit. Porsche hasn't played in a long time and is excited Shelly is disappointed because she really wanted to play. Names were drawn by chips again.

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