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7/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:59 BBT: All houseguests in the BY playing the dating game. The guys (minus the host, Lowan) are blindfolded. After the ladies answer the questions each man will choose who they want to date based on the answers. Once they start playing they are doing it wrong and having the guys decide which girl said it.

A blindfolded Dominic asks how they got suckered in to this when they could be playing pool.

First question: If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

This isn't very organized or entertaining.

They then switch and the girls are blindfolded. The guys are a bit dirtier. They asked if your girl could be a car which would you want her to be and why.

The first bachelor said, a Prius because they are easy to fill up. The second said a kia sportage because they are cheap and easy. Third said, toyota because they can have high mileage and low maintenance. And the fourth said, a lotus because they are exotic and have a big trunk.

The bachelors are revealed as: 1. Jeff, 2. Adam, 3. Brendon, 4. Dominic.

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11:16 BBT

Everyone sitting outside just talking different things right now its whale wars and whale hunting..

Jordan decicides to hit the hay or go "lie down" and wishes everyone a goodnight...

Shelly sitting at the hottub suggest they should go in...no one seemed to take her offer seriously

11:18 BBT The guys minus Lawon decide to play pool... "let's do it" Jeff says as he gets up to play...

Lawon still sporting his dynamite fro with his 70s checkered blazer with a ruffle dickie...

The pool game gets started..

Daniele talking softly about something Kalia can't keep her big fat mouth from singing and we get another FOTH..

BBAD Pool game...

11:24 FOTH

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11:25 BBT

Kalia is talking diet...and says all she eats a tuna subway and a salad when she is on weight watchers...and explains points for each thing she eats....

"i only did it for a month" she admits before she came to BB while Lawon knows people who it actually works for...while Kalia says she knows people who done for years and lost only "10 ibs" and she explains the cost and we get a FOTH...

BBAD 11:28 BBT Pool Game

Feeds back and diet talk and food continue...and Vasaline from "flaming Lips" and Dani sings a few notes and no FOTH..

Lawon admits he's tired and Dani decides to get her jammies on before Jordan falls asleep..

Kalia "i feel so like dumpy" in what she wear..and Porsche talks about her comfortable and workout clother ..."I don't like running in shorts" Kalia says so she tend to cover up..."i work out in pants"

Talking about bugs and Kalia attracts ants as she says the "usually get me" ..Kalia talks production and FOTH...

11:32 BBT Kalia says they Dom and Jeff argues earlier and were able "to put it aside" and play pool together and she thinks its good...they talk stress of being on "the block"

In have not room Dani and Lawon talking votes.."i don't know how we can save him" as Lawon seems they need to vote him out..."shelly won't vote to keep him" Dani says and Dani sats the need to convince brenchel and J&J and Lawon says "there's no way" and Dani says "i know"

11:36 BBT the Pool game must be over becaus ean excited Dom comes in and talks his pool game and gets ready for "pajama jam"

"dani am I gonna stay here" when he told Lawon they have "only 2 days"..Dai says "we were just" talking about that....Dom asks if they will "cry' in his goodbye messages...

11:38 BBT Dom wants them to talk about what they were talking about but Dani and Lawon don't...

"your about to" he tells Lawon..about a "buck wild' go off in the comps..about Dani..."after thursday..Big Brother is dead to me" and says he's not watching "any of this"

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11:41 BBT In Have not room Dom seems to be certain of his eviction...."i just wanna be in jury to party with people" "kalia wouldn't be a good juror" she would sleep too much while Dom says she wold be "bitter"

Rachel comes in to get Dani "can we talk " and they head to HOH

Dom whisper "i think I'm gone" becaus eJeff thinks it was his idea to backdorr them...and talks about votes "its all up to brenden and Rachel"...and can't get shelly that shelly is "not trust worthy" and will tell him about shelly before he goes..Kalia enters and joins about Shelly

11:44 BBT In HOH the vets are getting ready for their meeting "how's dominic" Rachel asks "does he think he's gonna go home" and Dani says "yeah"

All the vets are in HOH...

Brendon talks about being gathered to figure out "where we are all ate" and says they are a "dysfunctional" family...Bren confused "why we are all not on the same page" why they don't trust each other...and talks about communication break down...letting "newbies' getting "bewteen" them and all should be making decision about the group to "get to the end"

Rachel talks and says if the got to "war" a floatie like Lawon will make it to the end and slip up and they will take us "all out"

Jeff asls "where are you at" and Dani whines she's the "odd man out" ...."people just assume" Kalia Dom and lawon are plotting 'we don't talk game" and just talk "utter nonesense"...and Dani lies...says she "100%" on board for one of them "to win" and Jeff says "you still down for the final 5" and Dani says "yeah" and Jeff talks about her indiffernce to him and Dani apologizes and lies she wasn't feeling good ....Jeff says "you stopped talking" to him and she was avoiding him...

Jeff goes on about final 5...as Jeff says the odds they make it are slim and wants that if he gets "knocked out" he want Jordan to have someone to play with...

11:52 BBT Jeff talks about Dominic being shady..and how he never asked for a vote...and were "comfortab;e" and Jeff was wondering why..

Dani sticking up for Dominic..and talks how he was told to thrown the veto....Jeff says Dominc told he "never mind" about The "plan and Jeff took it as a "fuck you"...Jeff says he's real real "suspicious" and doesn't want to keep dominic...

Dani complaining that she worked to get Dom on their side and "a switch" out of nowhere...Dani says she had been hear 'wierd things" after Jeff says he was hearing 'wierd things"

Dani accusing shelly is being wierd...and acting like "a spy" and Dani swore on "fer life" and earlier her "grandomther's life' she doesn't talk game to lawon or other newbies...

11:57 Jeff says maybe misunderstanding and was "paranoid" and "shitty' that they would try to keep him and Jordan apart for the summer...

Jeff says he's here to have fun and be "loyal" and thinks its stupid "to break up"

Jeff says odds are that they are better players and would make it past final five and can't figure out why she wanted to break the deal..."i'm a little hurt and baffled why"

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12:00 BBT

Rachel says she agrees with Jeff and says they should stick together..

Dani gets heated about The dominisc thing saying she is not here to "have a showmance"....Rachel saying she was 'pro Dominc" and rachel says 'we can't have" him if going after one of them...

Dani doing "when you watch the tapes"..about Dom was loyal and says "i know what i'm talking about' and says "i tru;y don't care" who they vote and says as a group if they are suspicious about Dom then "that's fine" and will agree with the group..

Jordan doesn't want Dani "left out" and she has "no chance" and says that all of them are better competitors and Dani says she can't say that because "you won"

12:04 BBT Bren apologizes for having Dani being "left out" and complains they get "sketchy" for hanging out and Jeff brings up that happened to Jordan about Cassie and Kalia..

Dani says then she can't hang out with anyone else besides them and Jeff says no as long as they can trust each other..

Jeff "do you want this final five" he asks Dani and she says yes.....and Dani apolodizes and takes "full blame" for the awkwardness...

12:07 BBT Bren talks Trust and felst after Dick they had a "blood pact" and tals about making it far and slim to none odds and when each gets picked off the other will take over as a partner and he talks about Dominc distrusts...and says their relationship with Dom is different from hers and can't base one opinion about Dom and ignore other..

Dani back to make excuses for Dom...and Dani says its "a lack of communication" ..when Jeff says he was left 'ot of the loop"

Bren says time to mend relationship and allowing their differences to make wedges..and doesn't want to end up in the JH and look back at "lost opportunities"

Jeff goes on why he doesn't trust dom..hiding info,,,and his general attitude.."it has to fester from somewhere"...and says "its best for everybody" that he heard he was getting backdoor that he imagined it and wants to move forward...

Jeff talks about moving on and wants a "fighting chance" and says if none of this shit happened..he was willing to "keep" him but now he doesn't trust him and "it did happen' and the trust for Dom is gone and asks Dani if she can understand...Dani sats that if either Adam or dom going home will be "fine"

Dani starts he defense of Dom and says she doesn't trust "adam"..and says she won't "bitter" or "mad" and but will be unhappy..

Dani says if they talked before this but know he can't trust him and Dani goes on...doing her best to try to keep dom and Jeff countering her argumnents that what dom did other newbies did...Jeff saying his BD came from somewhere and says it can't be anyone is "my crew" and its came "from him"

Jeff says Adam will go "what's best for him" after Bren asks...and Jeff says "i really really can't trust Dominic' but without Dom he will be "a lost puppy" and will vote anyway "they want" and Jeff says he never had a final 6 deal and he told Dani that he didn't have deals with anyone of the newbies..

12:18 BBT Jeff senses Dani is still upset even more upset....and Dani says she isn't as Jeff goes over why and what should have done by talking to him and he never did..

Dani says "i know where you're coming from" and Dani gives "i'm fine" as Rachel says she isn't sure if he even threw it..."you don't spella 9 letter word if you're trying to throw a veto" as Dani defends him...

12:21 BBT HOH vets meeting continues as Bren says 'we have to do what's best for the group"...."we protect each other"

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12:22 BBT

Rachel talks scenario and says "we don't know" what they will do..

Jeff says Dani is in a great position and Dani says 'frienships" don't win you the game while jeff says "they don't put you on the block" ..

jeff says they ahve to play for another person...Dani says people are terrified of her and wanna put her up and rachel says 'no way' and Rachel says she told her everyone doesn't like her and Dani and her get testy over what exactly what was said...

12:25 BBT they talk about going on.."the veterans come in' and "destroy all the newbies" and talk about the long odds from the beginning..

basically repeating themselves about making to final 5 "our greates strength"will be "sticking together" Bren says "we are in a great position" and their biggest mistake is not "sticking together" and Jeff agrees....

12:27 BBT More sticking together talk..and not turning on each other...

More "big maybe" one of them will be final two if they don't trust and stick together...

Jeff says all in the jury and one of themake the jury "you win" and "whoever is in that chair" and Rachel says ""that picks the winner" with them being majority..

Daniele "you cool with this" and Dani says "yes" and says she is with them Jeff asks for reassurance and Dani says "yes best friend" and Bren says they are "beating a dead horse" but continues on beating that poor horse and just starts repeating why to get rid of Dom....

12;32 "forgive and forget" Bren says...Meeting ends..Dani says should we "awkwardly hug" and they do...but Bren seem that it isn't and meeting breaks up and they head downstairs

{looks like Dani's losing her boy toy as of now}

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12:35 BBT

Bren and Rachel hang back to feed the fish and Rach asks if Jeff trust Dani and Bren thinks so...he says Dani was upset being up there since she "lied about all that shit" with Jeff..

They head downstairs..to BY...

Jeff called to DR..

Now nothing too intersting going on...

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12:47 BBT

At the hammock Dom telling Dani he should be gratefull for the "extra week" as he gets up to pl;ay their game of pool basketball without the pool ....

Upstairs Rachel and Jordan talking Daniele..Rachel says she worried she'll "bring it and bring it hard" as Jordan talks about the golden keys and "the curse" and the blessing and says the blessing is they have been safe and "haves"

they discuss what the twist will be...and Rachel "what if there is a fast forward eviction" and "they can compete...they are worried about Dani wanting to break the up "right now' and she is "jealous' and if she evicts Jeff "she won't have my vote" and would eve vote for Rachel over her...

12:51 BBT Jordan lies to rachel "America doesn't hate you guys' as rachel can't figure why Dani has these idead "in your head"

Talking about their mistrust of Daniele and Rachel saysing she doesn't understand and Jordan says she was in getting Jeff out because of Dominic and Rachel says even Jeff is about Dominic...they talk about how pissed Dani was when Cassi hair was washed by Dominic...as Rachel says :she might like him" Rach says and Jordan says "she does like him" and that explains her behavior...

12:56 BBT..Jordan talking about her convo with Kalia..."where do I stand with the jury" she asked about making it...Jordan says everyone was walking around all confident that J&J were getting backdoored...and Rachel says "do you think" they really believe

Jordan says "if shelly gets hoh shes putting up Dani" and Jordan says if they lose Dani Shelly can take her place...

Rachel says she is "worried about Lawon" working out every single day...and sits down at every convo "and he doesn't leave" Jordan says and Rachel says he's trouble...

1:00 BBT Rachel says they may get Adam to put up Daniele and Jordan now says they wanna backdoor Dani and not put her staright up...

Rachel says Dani yelled at Brendon and blames him for Dom

They are both sure Dani would put them up...Jordan thought they were close and Rachel says she met her in Vegas and talked for "5 mins" and "never hung out with her"...Jordan thought they did and Rach says

Jordan says she will never team up with her she would go to the other side...

1:04 BBT Jordan in HOH talking about their Dani distrust...

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1:08 BBT

Jordan worried what people would say about them in HOH Rachel says "what sre they going to say that " jordan and Rachel are in an "alliance"..and Jordan says I guess it doesn't matter

More talk about the golden key curse....adn whether couples are really broken up...."this a season of dynamic duos"

talking "double eviction"....Jordan'ss eason didn't have one becaus eof Chima and rachel says Brendon was evicted in theirs as she explains to Jordan what happen..

1:12 BBT they talk about Rachel's season...Rachel says her and Bren are "really good friends" with Andrew...

1:15 BBT More BB12 talk...

Jordan talking about giving her opinion about their season Jordan says she did it with Janelle and didn't know who will and boogie were as she tries to remeber who season 2 was...and talks about training for the opinion show and says she knew will dron "dr 90210"

Rachel talking about season 1....and how differnt it was "different house"..."america voted out who would go home" Jordan says no veto and Rachel not sure and {i really don't think she watched it} ...and talks about "america's" voting...

Jordan tells Rachel aboit the "really good clothes" and the comp at final 4...

1:22 BBT Rachel and Jordan continue talking up in HOH

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1;25 BBT

Rachel Jordan talking prizes....

Lawon Dani and Dom are getting ready for hammock time...

they try to get in...and having trouble getting just right...

1:28 BBT not really talking about game...but about a game they played earlier..

Dom asks Lawon if he ever put peanut butter on himelf and Lawon says yeas and fruitcocktail and ate fruit off with somebody and Don says "out of somebody" and lawon says "i don't like that"

1:31 "i'm getting sad" dom says "i never came in her expecting to win" and camera switches to Kalia and Porsche talking sound slike Kalia is crying...actually she is....talking casting why the pick certain people and FOTH

1:34 FOTH

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Feeds return to Hammock

1:35 BBt Dani reassures Lawon "i didn't tell anyone"...Dom says to Lawon "friend to friend" "you know I'm leaving" and asks him .."can you please start playing the game and 2. trust everthing she tells you" to Dani and do what she says....

Dom says that's enough of game talk and Dani "i'm sad you're leaving"..Dani tells Lawon he needs to start winning...and Dom says whatever they talk about he needs to talk to Dani..Dom says Dani is gonn ado "some crazy shit' and Lawon says he s not stupid and Dom says people think he's just "relying on his personality"..as Dom says "don't make its as obvious as shelly"

Dani says "its about that time" to play to Lawon and win stuff

Dom says "looking back on everything" Dom says Adam is "trustworthy"...Dom says to "throw it to her" and Dani says "don't throw me anything".....

Dom coaches Lawon on his game..."on the line of targets you're number's coming" and hsi came faster because "apparently" he was trying to backdoor people..and tells Lawon not to trust anyone..

1:42 BBT more game talk Dom "i'm so embarrased of some of the DR's I've done..I hope they don't show any" and Dani says how shocked how little they show...and FOTH

1:44 BBT FOTH.. feeds back...more hammock talk....Dom keeps telling Lawon to play...and "don't overthink"...and "don't go crazy making deals"

Rachel has joined the porsche kalia convo...talking being a couples "isn't always peaches and cream"...she wants to "kill Brendon" sometime...

1:47 BBT Shelly up later than usual..over at the outdoor couches...

At hammock "i don't think its gonna do anything" about talking to people to stay Dani tells Dom...silence...."well we'll kick it for two days have some fun and you guys will move on" Dom says..

1:50 BBT Dom and Lawon talking being "blue balled" and asks if Dani has since he and Lawon have..and wonders if girls get it...

Dom ask what Dani is thinking "i'm not thinking anymore" and tell him to get off her back and Lawon "get off her back and get on mine"..."he's my boy really I wouldn't do him" Lawon admits....Lawon doesn't want to talk game and the "attitude people" running the game ...Lawon says he wears "you emotions on his sleeve" and La won says he can "lie good" and Dani says "wow" and back tracks that he doesn't lie to friends or family...Dani "we get it..liar"

1:54 Lawon never doubted him Dom: saying he was always honest with them "dani: "liar" as Dom talks about the regulators being mocked...

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1:56 BBT

If Dom won HOH Adam would have been his bouncer..I was gonna "wear the robe the entire wee" and Dani says 'that sounds terrible and "pajammy jam" was gonna be in the tube..

1:58 BBT Lawon asks what he's gonna leave them..and Dani says he will wear it everyday and lawon accuse dani of obsessing over getting them to hook up

Dom says does he think he should tell Adam 'he's safe' an "not to make any stupid deals"...."look at them look at us" and Dani says "stop talking game" and Lawon agrees..

Dom says he's gonna have "a big fat italian dinner' with "two" bottles of wine...

2:00 BBT..Lawon and Dom talking about him staying at lawons after BB and does he have a couch to sleep on and they will be drunk the whole time..

Adam comes over and talks stories and Dom has one 'the bearded woman" and will tell him tomorrow..

Adam rocks the hammock..and pretends he's playing the harp with the support ropes on the hammock...

2:03 BBT they talk about jumping in the pool with all their clothes on...

In HOH Jeff telling Brendon Adam wants to win HOh to "prove" to them especially all the other newbies probably campaigning to keep dom

Talk to Dani and Jeff says he can't believe Dani was still trying to keep Dom and they are calling Dani 'an egomaniac" and now Bren and Jeff talking about putting Dani up or backdooring her...and says she will put them up ..

They are talking how Dani told Dom he's going home...and gets an attitude and Jeff says he'll get cocky before thursday...and will talk shit..

2:08 BBT Rachel comes in..and says Kalia started balling she doesn't have anyone and Bren calls her a liar and manipulator and warns " not to get suckered in" and Rachel tells him to stop...

Jeff asks why she was crying...and kalia was wondering why dani and Jordan were her friends and then they weren't...and they talk about Dani acting as their friend and Rachel talks how Porsche is all on their side....and everything they told her stuck in her head....

2:10 HOH talk continues about porsche...even though hopes there was no "prexisting" relationship with Dani simce she knew Dick..Jeff says "it sounds like she's coming around"

Rachel says Lawon "is acting so sketch" and Rachel mentions him sitting in the hammock and Rachel wonders it she is working with Lawon and are trying to get Porsche and Jeff and Bren says yes...

2:13 BBt Bren says to watch porsche and not trust her...and talk about Dani telling Dom he's going...and says Dani will still work on Dom becaus eshe won't "give it up"...

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2:16 BBT

Brenchel talking they really never hung out as Bren says he thought he could trust her...

Jeff says she lied and she still gonna try to "rally her troops" and Brendon says they can never stop her because she's "an egomaniac' and thinks she's this "amazing player" and mock her "soldiers"..of "kalia and Lawon"

2:18 BBT Jeff says Dani isn't that good and asshole jeff comes out...[pretty funny}

They talk that Dom is going for sure and is the "best way of getting back at her" and Brendon says "it sounds like she's buying what they told her" and they want her out of the house and even off the jury and says her whole plan foiled and Rachel says ;you know she's gonna be so pissed' outside the house...

2:21 BBT Dani bashing....

Jeff says "that's her famous line' about saying she doesn't care who goes home....

They are really bashing Dani as Bren says anyone swear on a living relative "is bullshit"

2:23 BBt Bren says Kalia is just worried and "nervous" she will get caught up in The Don situation

Jeff says watch... "it will be another 9-0 vote"

Kalia bashing...

2:24 BBT talking about Shelly calling Kalia out...Brenden just called Kalia "a fat liar'..."you eat up our food" and can't wait for her and Lawon to get out..

They think they are good with Adam but know that Daniele will be in his ear...

back to Dani..and how she didn't want to be there and how she was "getting loud" and defensive and Jeff says the meeting "did absolutely nothing"

Calling her "a victim" if she goes home "production was against her" and "nothing is ever her fault" Jeff says...

2:28 BBT Dani baching continues

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2:30 BBT

they are talking about possible questions...

2:31 BBT Brendon wants to Jedi train.."tomorrow" {which is today}

Back at the hammock Dani wonders where the cricket sound is coming from as Dani says she doesn't want to go to DR "i hope they don't call me"

Talking about shows..they wanna see "wees" Lawon says "its good" when Dani says she never seen it...Dani though Mary Kate Olsen was it it while Lawon can't remeber Mary Louise Parker who really stars in...

Dani saying how dare Kalia sleep instead of hanging out...

Dani asks why and how Lawon audition and Lawon says his friend tld him to try at and got up for "casting call"

2:35 BBT..More Lawon fighting to play in game "its time to step up" and he doesn't want to be the only one here "that hasn't played the game"

back in HOH trying to figure out the golden key twist and turns back to Dani and her obsession "is she gonna marry this kid" and Bren says its because "he was part of her plan" and was the last strong player...Jeff says if he gived Dom a vote...he will mention she didn't even give her BF Nick her season a vote...

2:40 BBT Bren says Dani is the person to always be "ripping on people" and Jeff says she can dish it out but can't take it..

Dani bashing...."she's just disrespectful" egomaniac....Bren says it was funny for awhile about her ripping...and he finds it annoying...they are laughing..how Dani says "they are all scared of me" and Rachel saying when "no one in the house likes me but they all wann atke me to the final two"

Rachel: Oh yeah she is like super hate" but doesn't get it when "we are all on her side 100%"

they discuss when Dani started turning on then..

Jeff says she had the plan "in her head the whole time".....Bren says he's "over it"..and jeff jokes if he beats Dani next week he'll be the "best player in big brother history" jeff jokes...

2:46 talking "the chances of Kalia or Lawon winning HOH"

Jeff says he's had enough "bashing" Dani and is getting ready to go to bed but start Dani bashing again....

{i'm out be back tomorrow night}

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0315BBT Lawon and Dominic on the hammock and Dom is telling Lawon about Shelly and Porsha having deals with the vets early on. He is telling Lawon how Dani slipped up and told him about the deals. He is also telling Lawon that Shelly said she would never vote out Jeff and Jordan but she would Brachel. Dominic wants to call Shelly out in front of Brachel tomorrow and throw her under the bus.

Dom- "If you get a chance Jeff should be target #1, as soon as you do that who's going to be mad at you? Jordan? What's she going to do? You, Dani, Adam and Kalia have got to make a push. If I stay this week, I will not lose that HOH. Endurance or not." Shelly...Porsh...that original 8 we had that is there fault. I think Shelly was throwing things. The two votes were SHelly and Kalia. I am not guessing I know that for a fact.

Lawon-Why would I trust Kalia then?

Dom-Cause Kalia did it to keep you both safe. That is why you never went up, cause she made a deal.

Laon - I owe her for that, sort of.

Dom- You know if it came down to it she would go against you. BUt it was kalia and shelly. and shelly looked casi right in the eye....Most important this is make sure this info does not get out. that would get dani and your only aliance left would be gone. What does shelly and porcha even kalia think is going to happen? They have made their deals and made it to the top ten. they are going to get cut. if it is not you they are targeting those three are doing to be gone. those deals may have kept you safe til the top ten, but is it going to win you the game, no. We should have all played hard and stuck together. You know part of that deal with Shelly was throwing competition.

0330BBT Dani returns to the hammock and joins Dom & Lawon

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0331BBT Dani, Dom & Lawon on hammock talking about late diary room sessions. Dom going to brush his teeth and get rid of his bad breath that Dani pointed out. Dom back in 30 seconds after just rinsing with mouth wash. Dom wants to change the subject to, "How can Dom stay here?". The subject quickly turns to discussion of going to bed. Dom pointed out to Dani that she needs to change her nail polish color, she has has it on now for two days.

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0346BBT Dani, Lawon and Dom still in hammock. It appears the rest of the house is sleeping. Dani discussing how the others were upset when they found out Dick was going home. She does not understand how anyone other than her had the right to be upset. They are now discussion about Keith freaking out on Kalia the night Dick left. Keith went off on Kalia and Porsha calling them out for working with the vets.

Dani- Keith was trying to work with my dad and I.

Dom- Keith made a deal with Brachel that he would never put them up for the rest of the summer.

0358BBT Now they are discussing how long it takes life to get back to normal after they get out of the house. Dani said it took a year for life to get back to normal.

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7:05 a.m. BB Time

Cameras 1,3,4

HG's sleeping away

Camera 2

Dom sleeping in Have Not Room - ALONE, lights on, all by himself.

(could it possibly be no one wants to hear his snoring if they don't have to?)

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9:50 am BBT

Bren, Shel and Adam in BY talking about Kalia and how she continually talks about masterbating and how gross she is

Bren I would rather hear Adams stories than listen to her (they all agree)

10:01 am BBT

Bren talking about the convo with Dani last night and how she was pleading Doms case and threatening Rach...

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2:40PM BBT Jeff, Jordon swimmimg. Shelly, Dani, Lawon sun bathing. All others in kitchen chit chatting and cooking. While J&J and Shelly were the only ones outside Jeff told Shelly he would fill her in on what happened yesterday later and she said ok cool.

2:45 pm BBT Jordon is going to get changed to work out, Brendon comes outside and puts his feet in the pool. Jeff and Brenden playing BBall in the pool. Porshe reports they are doing disney trivia inside.

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3:15pm BBT Dom and Kalia in have not room. Kalie saying she did not decide her game play until she got into the house because she did not know what kind of people would be there. She says her sleeping, laying around, being a little grumpy and crying is part of her game play. She wants people to think she is weak. Dom says he is going to sell his soul to the Veterans but doubt it will help gim. Kalia says Dani and her want to get the 4some out big time.

Jeff, Adam, Shelly and Porshe talking dinner on the BY couches. Brenden up in HOH. Dom told Kalia he was going to try and go talk to Brenden now. Looks like Brenden getting ready for a shower.

Jeff now in bubblegum room getting changed under the covers. Evryone coming inside. Lawon sleeping on the concrete near the pool. Rachel in the hammock, Jordon is working out.

Dom and Adam in the have not room talking about who they think is going. Dom said he is going, Adan says it is tuesday anything can happen. Adam says they did not tell him he is safe so who knows.

Everyone being very cordial to each other at this point.

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3:30 PM BBT

"Ok Game talk," says Dom "I know I'm on my way out the door right now. so I want to clear the air. It was never my intention to back door you."

"I never thought it was you." Brendon says

"I never said to back door anyone. People were telling me Jeff and Jordan were acting weird. They thought they were going to be back doored. It wasn't me though man. Adam and Lawon are my topics." Dom says

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