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7/25 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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10:38 BBT: Rachel, Dominic, and Dani are in kitchen not really talking about much. Dani doesn't seem to be giving much eye contact to Rachel. Everyone else is outside hanging out and Brendon, Adam, Jeff and Lowan are playing Pig. Dani has yet to step outside and join everyone all night.

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10:40 BBT: Dominic goes outside to join the guys and start their pool tournament. Dani and Rachel awkwardly sharing a bowl of edimame in the kitchen. No talking and one will occasionally look up at the other.

Dani gets up and leaves the awkward moment. Porsche is washing dishes and she and Rachel chit chat. Outside Dominic and Jeff start pool while Lowan, Brendon, and Adam finish their game of pig. Dani comes back in the kitchen and the three ladies discuss their tans. Outside Jordan and Shelly are having the same conversation.

Not much to entertain going on in the house.

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10:50 BBT: Dani continues to avoid eye contact with Rachel in the kitchen. Rachel to Dani: "What are you thinking?" Dani just mumbles in response. Lowan enters and we get a full sentence from Daniele. Rachel teaches Lowan how to eat edimame.

Meanwhile outside, Shelly talking to Jordan about a conversation she had with Daniele. Apparently Daniele asked Shelly who she would nominate if she won HOH. Shelly didn't give her an answer but said to Daniele: "I know you don't want Lowan and Kalia." Daniele said no, she wants Jeff. Shelly says Dani's rationale was so that Jeff would be one less vote that wouldn't go her (Dani's) way in jury. Jordan thinks it is rather arrogant for Dani to assume she is getting that far. Jordan thinks the reason Dani likes Rachel and Brendon more than Jeff and Jordan is because Rachel and Brendon go to all the reality show star parties that Dani does.

Daniele told Shelly she wants to vote out Adam so Shelly says it sounds like the votes are 4-4 so Rachel will break tie. Shelly also says that the truth about Lowan is out. He is a major tv network's attorney's assistant. Shelly listened in on Rachel and Kalia's conversation in the storage room from an hour ago about Kalia ensuring that she has the votes to stay if Rachel puts her and Lowan up.

Jordan is worried because in the next HOH Daniele is playing and she will fight hard. This scares Jordan. Shelly agrees that they need to make sure Dani doesn't win. Shelly: "She (Dani) grilled me about how close I am to you guys (J and J)." Shelly says everyone wants to sit next to Brendon or Rachel in the end because they would win against one of them. Shelly reassures Jordan she is good with her and Jeff. Lowan is sitting on the couch now so I don't know why they continue game talk.

11:00 BBT: Shelly and Jordan switch talk to general talk about how everyone is freaking out and include Lowan in the conversation.

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11:02 BBT: Rachel and Dani still in the kitchen. Rachel asks Daniele about PoV competitions where you give things up and if you only give things up if you win but Daniele is giving one word, monosyllabic answers.

11:05 BBT: Shelly to Jordan: "Why does she run to Rachel, does she really think Rachel is loyal to her?" I think they are talking about how Daniele ran to Rachel after talking to Shelly this afternoon. Jordan reiterates how upset she will be if Daniele is HOH and gets rid of Jordan next week. Jordan would campaign to leave instead of Jeff. Shelly calls what Daniele is doing unethical. Shelly doesn't like how Rachel continues to question if they really have her (Shelly's) vote or not. Shelly says if she continues to doubt her, she will dump her (Rachel). Jordan sticks up for Rachel and says that is just the way it is in the house you don't know who you can trust.

Shelly telling Jordan more about her earlier conversation with Daniele and how Daniele criticized Shelly on being too emotional in the game in regards to Cassi and now she is doing the same with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly was very annoyed with Daniele for acting like she knew anything about her relationships with other people. Shelly says Daniele only talks to Lowan, Kalia, and Dominic and therefore she doesn't trust those people either.

11:10 BBT: Jordan tells Shelly she told Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel about Daniele's statement about not being here to pay for someone's dream wedding and someone else's summer vacation (in regards to Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan). Shelly hopes Rachel doesn't tell Daniele anything about knowing that Daniele said that or else Daniele will know Shelly told them.

Shelly: "Dani is brave enough to get blood on her hands so we just have to win, it's that simple!"

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11:13 BBT: Kalia is on her way up to HOH to hang out with Rachel and she invites Daniele but Daniele refuses. Daniele starts talking game with Porsche about how much they need to fight for the HOH. Porsche thinks Kalia wants her out. Daniele says she doesn't.

In HOH room Rachel tells Kalia she is paranoid and doesn't have anything to worry about. Rachel says she is trying to find out who left the bible open in the HOH room open to Matthew verse 6. She wonders if someone is making a point or it was just an accident. Rachel said it is a good verse. Kalia continues to complain about how if she hangs out with someone, then people start to think they are scheming.

A quick WBRB and Rachel saying: "It's weird that she was listening to our conversation." (Referring to Shelly). Kalia thinks that is a stupid move because Shelly isn't in harms way this week and doing something like that could make her a target. Brendon comes in the HOH and Kalia leaves. Brendon tells Rachel to get downstairs and keep Porsche away from Daniele. That was the one thing he told her to do.

Porsche is in bubblegum room with Daniele. Kalia joins them. Rachel enters room to break up Dani's influence on Porsche.

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11:32 BBT: Sex talk going on in bubblegum room between Rachel, Porsche, Kalia, and Dani and Porsche says the first time she and her current boyfriend had sex they did it for 5 hours. Rachel says she trained Brendon to keep going after he is done (that's the polite way to say what she said). Flashback for more sharing of too much information on feeds 3 and 4.

Porsche says she always wanted to "be dessert" (put food on you). Rachel says she does it all the time. Apparently the edible creams at Victoria's Secret taste horrible. Rachel's tip is to stick to the real whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Rachel says she and Brendon feed each other all the time then go at it. Daniele says she would never have sex right after eating.

Kalia asks Porsche if she is on birth control and she says she isn't. Porsche: "I like condoms because it is the only sure thing." Everyone hollers in disagreement. Rachel says she really wants babies but Brendon says they have to wait four years.

Kalia says in her experience that the stereotype of black men's size is true. Rachel says her fiance is very well endowed [sadly the world all knows exactly what he is working with!]

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11:54 BBT: In the backyard Jordan asks Lowan what it is that attracts him to a man more than a woman and Lowan says he just feels it. Right now being with a man is what feels right to him. He isn't going to do what some people do and be with a woman because that is "the right thing." Jordan asks how his family feels about him coming out. He says they are okay with it, but it isn't something they talk about. He says his grandma already knew and that is who he was more concerned with how she would react because she is southern and religious. He said he was crying when he told her but she said "baby, I already knew that, and I want you to be the best black gay you can be and live your life." The next day he left for college and she died that day. He was happy he was able to tell her before she died.

Jordan said that if she was gay she wouldn't have a problem telling her mom because she is so close to her mom. Lowan has friends who's parents don't accept it. Shelly, Jordan, and Lowan all agree that deep down parents know if their child is gay. Jordan feels like in our time now it isn't as hard to come out as gay as it was in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

12:01 BBT: Brendon and Dominic join Porsche, Rachel, Kalia, and Daniele in the bubblegum room.

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12:12 BBT: Porsche says she has stripper heels that have fish in them. Rachel says every girl that wants a happy boyfriend has stripper heels. Dani: "I have had many happy boyfriends and I don't have stripper heels."

Shelly walks in the bubblegum room and Rachel is rubbing Brendon's head and Kalia is rubbing Dominic's head. Shelly pretends to call to her husband Tony as if he is in another room to come join the cute head rubbing. Rachel and Brendon talk about carmaggedon in L.A. and wonder if it was a big traffic mess.

12:15 BBT: In the BY Adam asks Jeff "What's with Daniele?" Jeff has no idea. Adam says Daniele has been weird with him and not straight up, sometimes she says she is with him and other times not. He says actions speak louder than words. Jeff tells him if the veto isn't used, Daniele is trying to round up the troops to get Adam out. Adam was suspecting that. Jeff warns Adam not to tell anyone, but he has the votes to keep Adam. Jeff: "Daniele is blowing smoke up your ass, but I don't want to talk shit about anyone else, just wait and see." Jordan warns Adam and Jeff that Lowan was about to come outside and game talk stops.

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12:20 BBT: Rachel and Brendon telling everyone in bubblegum room about Kathy from last season and how she was the ultimate floater, going from one HOH to the next each week.

Dominic: "Kalia, you're my new best friend right now." Because she is rubbing his head.

Rachel jokes that she and Brendon should take a nap right now so that they can stay up until 6am with the "Late Night Crew."

All feeds on Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Lowan in BY wondering where everyone was. Talk moves on to food. Jordan loves chocolate and starts running down a list of all her favorite, snickers, milkyway, chocolate cake, etc. Adam said she would love a zeppole, an Italian dessert. Jordan was talking about the best Philly's cheesesteak she and Jeff had in Philadelphia. Food talk continues.

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12:43 BBT: Rachel and brendon talking to Dominic in HOH Shelly walks in on them but quickly leaves. They tell him they don't agree with backdooring Jeff this week because they think he is with them atleast for a week or two. Dominic says he wants to work with them. He thinks him, Daniele, Rachel, and Brendon will run the house. He is scared about being on the block this week because Jeff wants him out. Brendon starts his rehearsed talk about trying to get Jeff to keep him that he and Jeff planned earlier today. They are trying to get Daniele comfortable with them.

Dominic saying Shelly is acting sketchy. Dominic: "I have pure allegience to you guys. The second I have a chance I want to backdoor Jeff. I don't know if that's bad for you guys but the blood wouldn't be on your hands." Brendon plays along and says that would be good. They talk about how Jeff wants Porsche out and that isn't good for any of them. He keeps bashing Jeff. Dominic says he talked to Porsche about working with him and she is on board. Rachel asks who Dominic has lined up to vote for him. Dominic says the only people he has for sure are Dani, Brendon and Rachel. He says Dani is close to Kalia so maybe they can get her. He says not Shelly because "she has been up Jeff and Jordan's ass all week."

Brendon asks Dom if Adam stays would he stay with Jeff and Dominic says yes he has a deal with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel asks who is worse, Lowan or Kalia and he said Lowan, but Kalia would never put Jordan up. Rachel: "I don't think Kalia will ever win anything. Maybe a PoV if she had to."

Dominic: "The four of us have everything we need, we have brains, athleticism, youth and we all have connections in the house"

Brendon: "Leaving you up on the block without knowing we have the votes is a risky situation, we need to make sure Adam is going home."

Dominic throwing Shelly under the bus saying that she told him she would put Brendon and Rachel on the block.

Dominic: "It's a tough decision because it is a big gamble but it would be worth it if we could get Adam out."

Rachel and Brendon reiterate that they don't want to backdoor Jeff yet and that Dominic can't do it next week either or else they will be target number one. Dominic says he will do whatever they want him to.

Brendon: "Even though Jeff has his doubts about you, I still feel like he will come around or go with us." Dominic says he is up for playing as the six of them.

Dominic asks why they don't want to backdoor him next week or the week after. Brendon says that they can survive another few weeks out of Jeff even if he won HOH. He says if Dominic is working with them then Brendon could make sure she was safe. Brendon told Dominic that in talking to Jeff earlier, he wasn't dead set against getting rid of Dominic. Brendon: "He still is not convinced one way or the other." (Adam vs. Dom)

12:59 BBT: Jeff and Jordan in purple room worried that Brendon and Rachel are entertaining whatever Dominic is telling them now. They say if Dani can flip on them, so could Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says if they do flip, the reason why they would flip would be because of Rachel.

Meanwhile upstairs, Dominic says if Rachel and Brendon didn't want to go after Jeff yet, Shelly would be target number one. Brendon still saying he doesn't want to backdoor Jeff.

Dominic: "I don't have a problem with Jeff at all" [Not what he was saying 10 minutes ago]. He stresses working with J/J, B/R and he and Dani to "cruise" to top six.

Rachel: "If Adam has to go, he has to go."

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1:05 BBT: Dominic asks Rachel and Brendon if Adam threw the PoV like he did but they say no. Dominc says it was the easiest competition to throw. Brendon says they will wait and see if they are going to use the PoV. It all depends on if they have the votes to keep Dominic. They don't want to waste an HOH on Lowan. Dominic trusts Rachel and Brendon to get the votes for him.

Dominic: "I just want to play the four of us so bad! We would destroy people! Except Jeff, he could win one." Brendon says they need to make sure that Jeff doesn't catch on. Brendon says Dani is acting very weird. Dominic says it is just because she doesn't want to lose him. Brendon says that they need her to mend things with Jeff and make it right so he doesn't think they are against him.

Dominic wonders if it would help to sit down as the six of them to reassure Jeff. Brendon: "It might, let me feel him out, we still have time."

Dominic says everyone in the house is in agreement that putting Rachel and Brendon up and having one leave is bad because the other one would be coming after them. Dominic says right now it looks like Jeff and Jordan are with Shelly and Adam and maybe Kalia.

1:11 BBT: Dominic leaves HOH. Jeff and Jordan in hammock. Jeff is visibly pissed off specifically about Kalia. Shelly comes over and says she is going to talk to Brendon and Rachel when Dominic leaves.

Dominic comes out to the BY being playful with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff plays along.

Shelly asks for reassurance from Brendon and Rachel asking if they are falling for Dani's game talk when she sees Dani talking to Rachel forever. Brendon says 100% they are still on board with everything. Shelly was worried because Daniele has been pressing Shelly to join her and the only reason she wants Brendon and Rachel now is because she thinks she can win in the final two with one of them. Shelly said she played along with Dani but wanted to assure Brendon and Rachel she is with them.

Daniele asks why she has flipped on the veterans. Brendon tells her his theory that Daniele thinks they would all 5 make it in tact to final 5 then the couples would kick her out but Brendon says realistically a couple would get split up before that and then Daniele would join the other person from the broken up couple but Dani didn't trust the couples.

Shelly says the only reason she was nervous seeing Rachel talk to Dani was because Rachel has questioned Shelly's loyalty and she wants to reassure Rachel of it. Shelly says that Daniele has talked to her one time about game and that was today basically strong arming her to join with her (Dani) and go after Jeff and Jordan.

Rachel says she is upset because she likes Daniele and is hurt she did this to them.

They all agree that Daniele is basically threatening them to get Jeff out. Brendon: "She thinks she is this impervious Big Brother player that can win everything but as much as I know that she is a strong competitor and Rachel is a strong competitor, I know that no one can win everything."

1:22 BBT: Shelly reiterates what Daniele said about not playing for a dream wedding or a couple to have a dream vacation in jury but Shelly says on an emotional level she doesn't think it is right to split the couples before jury. She admits that that can be a bad emotional game, but that is how she feels.

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1:23 BBT: Jeff and Jordan in hammock. Jordan is worried about Rachel and Brendon because she worries seeing Dominic talk to them. Jeff: "Well they didn't do anything yet, so don't think like that yet."

Meanwhile, in the HOH, Brendon again reassures Shelly that the only reason they are acting like they are on Daniele's side is to make her comfortable like they are unaware of what she is doing so she won't fight so hard in the HOH competition. They all agree that talking to Daniele is frustrating because she never gives up any information, she is only trying to fish information out of whomever she is talking to. Rachel is scared of how good a player Dani is but Shelly reassures her that she kicks ass and Brendon thanks her for telling her that because he tries all the time.

1:28 BBT: Shelly leaves and a fight breaks out between Brendon and Rachel over Rachel thinking Daniele is better.

Brendon: "I'm going to smash her, I'm going to destroy her."

Rachel: "She will give you a run for her money."

Brendon is revved up about how he can beat Daniele. Brendon: "She has started a war, and if she wants a war, then guess what, we are going to fucking bring it!"

Rachel: "I didn't want to turn on Daniele and I like Dominic."

Brendon reiterates to her to not doubt her or him.

1:30 BBT: Jeff enters to stop the fight except Brendon tells Jeff to tell Rachel they can take Daniele.

Jeff asks what their options are but Rachel says they have no options and they have to get her out ASAP. She says they need to win HOH or else Jeff is out of here.

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1:32 BBT: Jeff says Daniele isn't as good as Rachel thinks. She would have been out of her season so soon if it wasn't for her dad saving her from the block. He wants to call her out so bad, but Rachel says wait until we win HOH. Jeff says if she was so great at this game, she wouldn't be in the mess she is in now.

Jeff asks what happened with Dominic. Brendon said he just pretended to play the part. Rachel thinks it isn't Dominic that wants him out, it is all Daniele. Brendon said that Daniele schooled Dominic on exactly what to say when he came up here because he said everything that they expressed to Daniele earlier about worrying about keeping Dominic. Brendon finally agrees that Shelly is with them.

Jeff asks if Daniele knows that he knows she wants him out. Rachel doesn't know, but they both think surely she has to know. She won't stay in a room with Jeff for more than a minute or look him in the eye.

Rachel: "She fucked up big time!"

They want to get her out this week so she goes home and not to jury. Jeff: "She (Dani) is 100% thinking she is going to final two" by counting her jury votes.

Rachel: "She is probably trying to copy her dad's game a little bit, but the funny thing is, is if he was here I don't think he would be doing this now."

Rachel says she doesn't doubt their ability because between the 4 of them they have won every competition except one. Jeff makes the valid point that the reason they lost that one was because they were busy attacking each other and not working together. They all didn't know how the game was going because the host of the game who is suppose to keep people players up to date on the leader was Daniele and she wasn't talking loud enough. They wonder if that was part of her game if she had already turned then.

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0115 Jeff and Jordan in Hammock discussing Jordan's decision not to choose Brachel to attend the luxury challenge. Brendon told Jeff that it made Brachel doubt their loyalty. Jordan said that they just need to grow up, it is not like they left the house.

They discuss Jordan telling Brachel that Julie even asked her why Jordan did not back door Brachel. Jeff tells Jordan not to tell them any thing like that in the future. Short FOTH

Jordan tells Jeff that if they get put up on the block she is going to campaign for Jeff to stay. If she should stay over him, she is not going to play the game. She will beg for them to vote her out. Jeff does not understand why Brachel is going against Jeff and Jordan. Jordan finally decides that it is probably because she did not chose them to go up there. Jeff wishes that Jordan did not pick Kalea to go up there and then starts talking about her shoulder injury and what a faker she is.

0126 Brachel in the HOH room discussing Daniele. Jeff enters HOH and Brendon tells him that they need to convince Rachel that they can get Daniele out. Jeff does not know why Daniele has abandoned their alliance. Jeff is trying to perform damage control and turn the focus on Daniele.

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1:43 BBT: Jeff says they need to study everything about the HOH and PoV competitions for future HOH competitions about the game. Rachel says it could be a knock out competition and that will really show everyone's true colors.

Rachel says that she knew Kalia was playing Jordan because she didn't talk to Jordan for two weeks until she was HOH. Rachel said the same thing happened to Rachel last year and she fell for it.

Brendon says they will not use the PoV, they have the votes, and they can sit back and study while everyone else runs around trying to get votes all week.

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0200 SHelly, Jordan & Jeff in the back yard. Jeff has returned to the yard after having the discussion with Brachel. Shelly thinks that Dominic is not in the game. Telling how Dominic has told her he does not trust Daniele. Jeff "it sucks that he got tied up with the wrong people. He is a great kid..." Still bashing Daniele and Kalia. Jeff keeps going back to an incident that occurred in the kitchen today where Kalia approached him and asked him about the plan. He kept asking Kalia who told her this plan and she would not answer him. Just kept saying she heard it was the plan.

0403 Brendon enters the backyard with the rest. Shelly keeps telling everyone how Porcha has said she would rather go home then to the jury house, since there are no cameras. Porcha has told her she would rather go spend time with her friends.

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2:16 BBT: Brendon, Adam, Shelly, Jordan, and Jeff in BY and Brendon asks what deal Dominic ever brought to Adam. Adam said Dominic told him him, Adam, Dani, and Shelly will team up. Adam says Dominic never mentioned putting up Jeff, but then he back tracks and says that Dom told him they will put up Lowan and Kalia and if they win PoV, then Jeff and Jordan go up.

Lowan comes out and game talk stops. They ask what is going on in the bubblegum room and Lowan says just hanging out.

Jeff draws everyone's attention to a big moth. Jeff says it is the size of a bat. Brendon goes to touch it but it hesitant. [it is massive!] Brendon touches it and shakes the awning it is on but it won't move.

Jeff: "Why is he (the moth) so confident? Because he is the size of a fucking seagull?!"

Adam gets a decoration to get it but BB says stop that. Brendon gets a pool stick and another stop that.

Jeff: "PETA is gonna be all over you!"

Brendon: "It's like a prehistoric creature." Brendon suggests putting it in the bubblegum room and scare everyone.

Lowan brings Dominic out to see the moth. He tries to get the courage to touch it. He slaps it and it moves it's wings but doesn't move. The guys try and get Jordan to touch it. Dominic wants to catch it. Dominic gets the pool strainer and they tell him to hurry before BB calls him out but ofcourse BB beat him to the punch.

2:25 BBT: WBRB

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2:26 BBT: Feeds return and they have the moth under a glass container. Another WBRB.

Feeds return and they say the moth is vibrating and he is mad. They take the glass off and the wings are vibrating really quickly. Jeff is really scared of it, he hates bugs.

Dom: "What is he doing?"

Jeff: "He is telling you not to fuck with him."

Dom: "He is like batzilla."

Jordan wonders if they sting. Brendon goes to get Rachel.

Dom: "It looks like a bat fucked a butterfly."

Dom: "Give him honey" (in reference to the bee earlier)

Jeff: "Give him a sandwich!"

Shelly comes out and she isn't scared of it so she goes and touches it and it flies all over the yard and everyone screams and runs away.

Dom: "It's like a dragon flying around."

Pretty funny, flashback to 2:25 feeds 3 and 4.

2:42 BBT: The people in the BY separate and get ready for bed.

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2:45 am BBT: Jeff and Jordan go to bed back room where Kalia is telling a good-night story that she

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4:24 have not room feeds 3/4:

Lawon and Dom talking game [i just tuned in, so they are mid convo, but not sure what is being spoken about... some mentions of Cassi, but not sure what they relate to]

Lawon says if the veto isn't used, theres a lot of game left, and advising him what to do. Basically, get in good with Porsche and have her essentially sway Rachel.

D doesn't think Brenchel trusts Adam, but also isn't sure if they trust him, either.

If the veto doesn't get used, Dom plans to go to Brenchel and tell them that he never once went after them [duh, he hasn't had a chance!]

Lawon wants to know why Dom was targeted by J/J to begin with. Dom says before when there was 8 of us, and he said he needed to target the couples, and "the two hinky votes" told j/j that Dom wanted to split them up "they had to of"

Lawon is going to go crazy if the veto is used. He is planning on winning either hoh or veto each week from here on out.

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Shelly in the BT talking to Bren, I just tuned in so not sure what the convo is yet, he is saying he likes Dani alot which made him blind to her behavior, 10:01 BBT

Shelly says that lawon is perfectly happy to be just where he is at and thinks if him and Kalia and him get put up he would be 100% safe, so Brensaid I gotta get with him today to school him, Adam has joined and now htey ate talkin counrty music, boorrinngm (not feeling well today ppl so if not here much sorry)

Adam says he could use his massuse,a nd Brendon says when you get done with him let me know, I oculd use some deep tissue massage, Adam gets called to the DR and we have music

we come back into the kitchen Kalia, and Dom, Dom says Lawon cornored him in th wee hrs and was telling him how nervouse he is, funny I was up then and I didd not see htat, saw then talking, but did not hear Lawon saying he was nervous( I was up at 6am with a bad stomach)

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