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7/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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10:02 BBt

Jeff, Jordan, Kalia and Lawon in lounge room just idle talk, a minute ago Porsche was with Rachel in one of the rooms raggin big time on J/J I mean Rachel was being sooo snobby, talkin about how Jeff and Jordan have been dating 2 yrs and they aren't even engaged, and they got to travel the world on amazing race, so why cant they let others have a chance,bith her and Porsche are complaining about how ppl just looovvvee jeff anf jordon, like that is something bad

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they all seem to be in one room now, Shelly talking really loud

Rachel is just looking on at all this with a look of disgust, I can see that Rachel is not interested in any of this, she lays back on the bed acting really bored. Shelly loud and Dani just let out a scream a loud one

omg, thee is some hair in Kalias bed, she is whining that they know how she feels aobut the hair thing and now it is in her bed, and now she says no, she is not moving out of this be, then Kalia says you cannot just take stuff off of someones bed, someone says lets have a gladitor pillow fight, OMG is right Shelly, loud, loud , loud and yelling, over the noise

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they are all being soooo loud, like maybe they are drunk on the small amt of alcohol they were given, but it is loud, then they are saying that Kalia has a major hair phobia, and Dani says if I am playing with my hair she has a major freak out, she acts like she is gonna trow up any time she gets around hair

Adam and the rest of them are in the lounge room Jeff and Jordon, at least they are not screaming, just talking about questions that were in the comp

Adam is star struck that Julie Chen said his name he says it is a lot easier watching it then living it, and he Adam would not change it for anything in his life, he so loves it, Adam says we will see what tomorrow brings , another veto

Adam is saying Brenchel is telling him different plans, but it does not make him feel secure, now whispering, Jordan is saying try your hardest tomorrow , that is all you can do , they are talkin about crashing the other party

in the kitchen with Brendon doing the stupid accent, now talking aobut Kalia's hair phobia

now in the room where everyone is, saying don't do it Kaloa will have a heart attack, stupid juvinile convo going on, no game talk

music because someone mentioned production and what they call the purple room, the gypsie room I guess

ok where is the late night crew, I have to go to work tomorrow, so I am out it is after midnight my time, take over luvs

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11:14 BBT

Kalia and Shelly talking in the bedroom about sleeping arrangements and hair in the bed..I guess kalia has a hair phobia about hairs in the bed {i assume crumbs are alright}

Jeff asks how she got a phobia like that and Kalia says she's been like that since she ws little...

Kalia still looking for a hairless bed..Kalia says "Daniele has hair all over the bed" as Porsche asks her to her bed..

Kalia saying Dani "stole my bed" and just blabbers on and on as they talk sleeping arrangements..

11:18 BBT Jeff and Jordan just talking in the LR...talking about ET...as Jordan does her ET immatation..."ET phone home"...Jeff "I love ET...I forgot about" and Jeff wants to watch it and says "i haven't watched it that movie in forever" as the reminisce about ET..

11:21 BBT Still talking about ET..

Back in the bedroom Dani and Kalia making fun of Porsche I think...Kalia says Porsche askingabout her BF and Dani says they broke up and Kalia says she has a BF becasue she has no one here...

Dani talking about her black rats nest...and dying it..Dani telling her a secret..and whispers and even Kalia can't understand her..But Dani telling Kalia how she was able to turn on the fortune teller machine and got "yelled out" by BB abd FOTH...and Dani says "i figure things out"

11:26 BBT Kalia saying I have a personal vendetta against Lawon or Adam.. I think and can't wait to see him leave

Kalia "who is the true target this week" and Dani says she didn't know and Brenden told her they will talk after to see who's playing POV..

Dani talking about Brenchel starting to turn on brenchel and Kalia says if they backdoor Jeff they need to before Jury and Dani tells that she told them it would be a bold move...Kalia says they will be upset because the only reason they did the show was because the other one is here...

Kali saying she doesn't want to play POV..Lawon walks in breaks upconvo..

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11:33 BBBT

Brendon comes into the bedroom and Porsche comes in..and Kailia says she needs a shower..and sniffs her pits..

Shelly says she's gonna brush her teeth and debates to take shower..

Back inthe bedroom Kaila working on her skinned knees..

In the LR Adam and Jeff talking about grilling as Adam says she would cook so much more "if I had a grill".....

11:35 BBT Adam heads back int the bedroom with the group...as they discuss sleeping arrangements as Dani asks where Dom "is bunking"...

Kalia wishing for cooking dough and says "i'm getting fat" and not "phat" but "F A T"...

11:37 BBT Jeff has covered his eyes with his mic back..Dani comes in and Talk Baywatch as Dani claims she's never watched it...Dani says "i wanna go outside" as she heads to the kitchen...Dani brings Keff a drink and says she's getting "kalia chocolate milk...it has to be chocolate" and Jeff says "of course it does"

11:40 BBT Feeds are FOTH

Come back and Dani asking about "are they going to bed"...Jeff just still laying on the couch...

11:42 BBT Kalia complaining "this a " a long night.....and they wonder if showtime isstill on...Adam says yes..

Rachel is asleep up in HOH as Porsche asked Jeff if she could head upstairs to listen to music and Jeff says she fell asleep with the headphones on..

11:45 BBT Kalia talking about Rats and how they scare her...Brendon talking about how bad he felt trapping rats in his rat infested house and how he didn't want to hit em..they discuss about trapping rats in their {filthy} homes..

Nothing too intersting right now..

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11:49 BBT

talking SNL and SNL alums whose funny and whose not ...

Jordan in the bathroom getting washed up for bed...

In the SR Dani getting fruit out with Adam...Adam holding as she pile stuff on..."I'm running outta hands" and Dani says she has some...and they head to the kitchen to put the stuff in there..

11:52 BBT Dani and Kaili and BR talking about Ellen DeGeneres and her "dry" wit and they both love her...

Adam and Dani in the kitchen snacking it up..only adam running to the bathroom to grab something for Jordan who's in the shower...Adam grabs the razor for her after a little difficulty finding it...

11:55 BBT talking about breaking into the business ...and expert Brenden says you can only make it if you "treat it like a job" and start small....and talk about actors first parts ...before they became big stars...

Rachel has come downstairs and joins adam and Dani in the kitchen..Rach gets something to drink and heads back to HOH....Dani says she came downstairs to get a glass for wine when she has a bottle upstairs...

Dom is up from his nap and Dani peps up...

Brendon comes in and Dani snitches and Brendeon says "we have POV tomorrow"..

Dani "not touch your weiner when you talk to me" and have a "better attitude" when he wakes up..and obvious grumpy Dom ignores Dani's screecht "Hi PT"..."Hi PT" and when he just walks bt "how rude"...

12:02 BBT In HOH Bren is pouring peroxide on his skinned knees and Rachel and him bicker about bath...as Rachel says that Bren's nice to other people and not nice to her..

Rachel gets in the tub and is obviously in a new foul mood.She keeps giving Bren the eveil eye...Pissy Bren "grab my stuff" when she asks what he is doing..and says he'll "leave you alone" "give you your privacy" and complains she is "trying to start a fight with me"....."what did I do wrong"..and she says "don't yell at me" and she says he didn't "want to spend time with me"..

Brendon says if he stays up there and gets in the bath will she stop trying to pick a fight with him and she tells Bren.."yes"..

12:07 BBT Bren heads out to get some toilet paper...

Brenden back with his TP...

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12:11 BBT "good Rachel says in her tub when Bren asks how her bath is...

Bren talking about their fight and everything was "all good' and says he didn't know what he did wrong and is confused about him being nicer to "other people"...

Bren says he was in the DR for anhour and she says "thats a long time to be in the DR" and Bren asks if she was just gonna have the one glass of wine because "we have POV tomorrow" and Rachel says yes and says he's not trying to fight he was just asking...

12:13 BBT Rachel shaving her legs as Bren wants to go into the tub in his underwear and Rachel warns he look naked and he gets in anyway..

They start up their bickering when he gets into the tub..as Bren explains his disappearance from HOH and he just wanted to have a beer and if he knew she was awake he never would have left..

12:16 BBT FOTH

Bren rubs Rach's feet as they seem to stop their inane bickering...

12:18 BBT Bren says they DR asks about all the stuff going on...Jeff and Jordan Daniele what they are going to do....Bren says Fans want J&J around and Rach says "if fans had their way" they would be "tortued".....

They talk about potential twist...Rachel says she asked Adam and Dom come talk to her and they went to the other room and she told them they need to put them up because they don't want to put up J&J.....

Bren gets mad for Rachel talking to them..and Bren says they need Dom to "trust us" and she has to becare what she says...Rachel doesn't care any of the four of Dom Adam Kalia and Lawon go home...

12:23 BBT They discuss sleeping arrangement..and bren upset they can't figure it out...

Bren says they have to wait to see who gets pulled POV and Bren says if J&J get pulled they (brenchel) will win it...

Bren says they have no choice to work with Dom and Daniele ...and Rach says Dani doesn't want to work with J&J because they don't talk game with her..

Rach thinks Dani will beat them in comps...Bren says he can beat everyone left in the house...and rachel says "hayden" and FOTH..

12:25 BBT FOTH..

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12:27 BBT

Back in HOH Bren talk J&J picking Kalia and Shelly for the TV show and says it speaks volumes what they think about them..saying if they don't want to watch TV with them..then they probably don't want to play with them to the end...Rache adds "she has no reason not to like us"..and FOTH

12:28 FOTH..

12:30 BBT Feeds return with Rachel asking to shave Brens does and he lets her..so disgusting she's shaving his nasty toes and he's picking crap off his knees and both are putting it on the side of the tub...

Bren talking what they would have done if they won the show and they would have been smart to take Dani or J&J..Rachel "i don't understand why everyone thinks she's so sweet"...Bren says she's sweet Rachel says Jordan is not not winning stuff" as Bren says he let her win HOH...and Bren says people will says she gets thrown the HOH win...

12:34 BBT...Of course Rachels HOH was thrown to her because "you earned it" "its not fucking golf"

All feeds on the HOH..Bren says "we are not rude to people"...

12:36 BBT Brenden telling Rachel to let Cassie Go...as rachel brings up her being mean...

They are discussing Brens "disgusting " knees when rachel says "Shelly loves Jeff and Jordan" and she's changed and she says she thinks "they are cuter than us"

12:37 BBT Bren says they still have a cjance to work with them as Rachel says she will put them up...

Bren says "we have to be focused on us" doesn't want to fight"forget Jeff and Jordan".....and says "don't be concerned about anyone else" tells her not to compare themselves with J&J because they are different people and Bren says you "hear the way Jeff talks to her" and Jordan "just takes it" ...

12:41 BBT HOH bath continues..

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12:43 BBT

Rachel we should probably get rid of..."adam" as Bren thinks to early to get them out..

Rachel has doubts about Dominic..

Bren upset Rachel didn't tell her she called Rachel "bitchy" and she could have put them up..and Bren bashes her.."not a good game player" but says "she's a sweet girls from a simple town"

Rachel says Daniele may be trying to be manipulative..and Rachel says "she's in the perfect spot to do it"....and says "she doesn't have to win competitions" to do good..

Brenden says do we pull in J&J..and make sure thay are on board..and rachel says they didn't play when Bren asks how they did their season..."bren 'would Danile be planting the seed to get us to turn on Jeff and Jordan" and Rachel says "totally"

12:47 BBT Rachel says "jeff would keep his word" but Rachel says his gullability from his season he learned not to make the same mistake...

they discuss Jeff and his season and how he got taken out....

12:49 Bren says "i like Daniele a lot" but has concerns about her playing both side and she's probably doing the same about them and Brendon wants to campare notes about Daniele and asks ...both are concern about Daniele....

Bren says how easy is it for them to turn on each other and then got to take each other out and "floaters" make it to the end...

12:52 BBT Bath time has ended..

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12:55 BBT

Downstairs in the LR Dani and Kalia talking about the sexacapades and cum covered sheets of Brenchel

Kalia asks Jeff id they asked "for new sheets" and Jeff and Jordan say the washed the sheets on "sanitize"...

and a FOTH couldn't come at a better time...

12:58 BBT FOTH..

Feeds return to Rachel brushing her fangs...on all 4 feeds...

12:59 BBT They discuss Dani and Rachel says :she doesn't want to go to the final" with Jeff and Jordan as Bren getting more suspicious of Dani by the minute...and Rachels ays that they "don't not not talk" but talk and Bren says "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and Rache says they do talk and she can prove it to him "after the show"

1:02 BBT Rachel "i know for a fact" and Bren says he believes her and hopes she's correct ...Brenden "my gut instict" that J&J feel uncomfortable with us and Rach says you wanna get Jeff right now and Bren says he'll go downstairs to "get bandaids"..and Bren says we need to know what to ask and rachel says she'll let Bren do all the talking...

1:04 FOTH when Bren explains how and what he'll say to Jeff..

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1:06 BBT "for sure" Daniele would set up J&J...

Bren says becaus ethey are stronger she's willing to ride their coattail to the end...

Bren wants to talk to Jeff and play that they are turning on each other and flip and turn on Dani and Dom...

1:08 BBT Daniele wanter "to work with Dominic" and had to get Cassie "out of here"

Bren has figured Dani out and heads downstairs to get Jeff..

Jeff gosses out about the "pussed up" knees of brendon...

1:10 BBT Bren works on his knee" I'm ready to lick it for top 2" Shelly says and Jef says he'll do it for top 2...

everyone grossing out at Brendon picking his pussy skin....Dani describes it as "foreskin"...Shelly tells him to stop as someone is "goig to hurl' and Jeff says he's getting there...

1:12 BBT Kalia is even grossed out...."you got jacked with the whole knee situation"...

Dani says he should keep it uncovered and Bren says he doesn't want to get fuzz on it and she reorts "or blood on the sheets"

Jeff asks if Rachel is up still and Bren says yeah she's getting ready to go to the DR..

1:15 Kalia talking about how she like "crunchy in my smoothie" and Jeff likes nuts in his....debate between crunchy or smoothy...

1;16 BBT movie talk

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1:17 BBT Rachel comes in and Jeff tells her 'you look nice" and rachel says maybe its the fresh bath and Jeff says "maybe its the plain clothes"

pussy scab talk....

foul disgusting talking..

Kalia "you guys have a lot of ucla stuff" as she observes Bren pajamas..

1;20 BBT Feeds return and Shelly it would be cool if the POV happened right now a lot of how cool that would be...

1:21 BBT general chit chat..about past BB seasons..and the dancing fron BB12

nothing to interesting singing FOTh talking...

1:23 BBT FOTH..

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1:26 BBT

Feeds return with everyone talking and laughing in the LR...Talk about fans sites..."hamster watch" is his favorite..and Kalia asks how live updates work...and talk about how its done...

Brenden asks "its that detailed" Rachel whats "the most detailed one"..."big brother online " Adams says...

Rachel asks they type every detail "porsche is snoring"....and ask if live feeders cam hear them pee or fart....

1:30 BBT More hamster talk...

1:32 BBT Shelly talking about college and her dorm and a mouse...and caught by her backwood rommmate with her barehands and she threw it out the window...and for that poitless story we get a FOTH...

1:34 BBT FOTH.....

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1:37 BBT

more general chatting in the living room and they seem to be stuck on Gerbel talk...a lot of FOTH

"i'm America's player" either Jeff or Brendon said and Dani "i thought America has to like you"

1:38 BBT Kalia talking about the movie where the dingo stole the baby and wants to know who played the husband...

Jeff saying people steal his quotes...as Adam on websites "they give you credit for it" and dani says "don't worry on websites they give you credit for it"....and Adam says he just said that...

1:41 BBT talking about porsche now..and her stupidity..Dom up eating at the table...just general chatting...nothing worth typing....

Bren came down to get Jeff but has seemed unable to get him away from the LR convos...

1:45 BBT Most HG in LR talking..Rachel in DR and Porsche and Jordan is in bed...as Shelly is saying she will try to get to bed...

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1:48 BBT So they are talking about David Hasellhoff and someone says comone don't tell me he wasn't 'on something today" and an immediate FOTH...

1:49 FOTH...

Feeds return and fart talk....{slow night for substantial convos}

Kalia "i rarely fart" but admits she's a "belcher" and gets defensive when some calls BS she doesn't fart...

{I'm bored enough to call it a night..be back tomorrow}

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8:44 BBT

Most everyone in the kitchen eating talking about allergies, Rachel makes the remark I wonder if slop is glueton free (uh No Rachel, duh) ( I can report for a little bit this am as I dont go to work till this afternoon)

Music because they started talking about the wake up songs and the DR

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Porsche says she is tired, Dom is cold, Adam wants to take a shower, says Dani is in there now, I guess Porsche was doing a lot of snoring last night but she says she never knew she snored, all of her boyfriends never told her if she did, but now she has all thes roomates who will obviously tell her, talking about something they are not supposed to as we get music

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talking about "The Hoff" really nothing being said, water running as Dom is at the sink rinsing his dishes

moved to Jeff and Jordan laying in beds, someone walks in, it was Brendon, and Jeff says "what's up buttercup", then Jeff says we gotta talk, Rachel says soemthing and Brendon cuts her off, says "no talk" and points upstair, then says we will talk upstairs, Jeff is laying there after they just walked and says "now what?"

Music? really? back, j/j just laying there, nothing being said, both of them totally quiet and jsut staring into space

music again, someone in another room must be saying something wrong, back to j/j still sayin nothing

Brendon going into lounge room, Rachel is already in there, she's layin in there with a blanket over here, it switches to the bathroom where hairdryers are blowin and lots of noise, Adam in a towel getting ready for his shower

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I cut back to j/j still no talking between them, more action in the bathroom where ppl are doing the ADL's, all of a sudden Jordan says something about a jelly donut, then Jeff says ya wanna go get one and then go upstairs to see what is going on? They get up, are putting something on and leaving the room they were in (lets hope we get some scoop soon)

they went to the storage room and I hear Jordan say "I got em", they are in the kitchen chit chatting, ( get up stairs y'all,lol)

well Rachel is in the lounge room sleeping right now anyway not in the HOH

the minute they start talkin about wake up songs music comes on, They are asking "Rachel plz come to the DR "

nothing but the same stuff goin on in the kitchen, munchin and crunchin (I have to make a brief outside trip with my dog, BRB)

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9:19 AM BBT

Jordan and Dani chatting in BBR can't hear them through the whispering but one of them said "Throw each other under the bus" then "Who told you/her that?" "She said production" we got WBRB then "Going after stronger players"

9:22 PM BBT


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we have music and trivia so I am thinking POV

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9:37 AM BBT

Rachel/Brendon Jeff/Jordan talking about "their war" and how people are trying to get between them. "People are taking sides" says Rachel

"She's looking for someone to team up with." Brendon says about Daniele. "Obviously, we each are going to take our significant others. But she is looking for someone to go with but at what point does she start to pit us against each other?"

Jeff agrees, says the late night crew are plotting when JeJo go to bed. Rachel says "Other people are saying that there is a rift between us from last week." "Well let them think it." Says Jordan "Exactly, let them think it.Let them think we are preparing for war and start choosing sides because then we can prepare to flip the house."

Jordan doesn't trust Adam but you can read his thoughts. Rachel and Jeff think Shelly is a peacemaker. Brendon says Shelly has been planting seeds little by little here and there, we've drawn it out, it all leads back to her.

Jeff asks how you can believe that - who told you that - Adam? Obviously it's there and they will plot against us.


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9:45 PM BBT

Jeff saying that he's not stupid, he knows she's a going concern. (referring to Dani) Brendon can see that she will stay a part of these cohexive group for as long as she can but sooner or later she's going to make a move.

Rachel says "I know you say not to listen to that shit, but we can't help it when they play devils advocate."

"Daniele is playing both sides, you know when she stays up with that late night crew they are talking shit about us. She's up playing both sides, they've got to get fucked before we get fucked." says Jeff "Have you ever heard anyone say "Let's put Dani up" no, she's got both sides going."

Brendon says that if they go after Dom this week they have to keep it from Dani because she will fight it. Dani is fighting for him not because it's best for their 5 alliance but it's best for her. Jeff isn't sure to get Dom out over Adam because Adam won't get the endurance comps.

"DO you think Dani will put us up?" asks Jordan "No she's not going to play to win it, what has she got to gain by doing it, she can just talk this game up."

"We can't let Daniele feel that we are suspicious, ever. We're going to have to play up that we don't want Dom out." Brendon says

"What's the vote this week?" asks Jeff "4 - 4' says Rachel. They've got Jeff, Jordan for their side, Kalia, Porsche. "Porsche will vote however we tell her." says Rach.

Rachel tells Jordan that she's not as close to Kalia as she thinks she is. "Who told you that?" Jord asks "She just isn't" says Rach. "Oh, ok" says Jordan (seems unconcerned)

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