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7/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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This was at 8:29pm BBT (sorry it's late but I had to keep replaying it) so maybe a mod will want to move it back to the previous thread but...

Dani and Rachel are talking in the Purple Room - Dani whispers really low so I can't hear some of it but I have my speakers way up and can catch most of it. Anyway, Dani is definitely telling Rachel to put up Dom/Adam so they can get rid of Adam. Rachel thinks nominating Dom will mean he won't want to work with them but Dani says that's not true.

Rachel says she really wants to keep Dominic but he acted so differently this past week - something about Cassi & Shelly but I can't hear. Dani is assuring Rachel it's better to keep Dominic.

Rachel thinks it would have been totally different if they (jorf) didn't put up Dom/Adam last week.

Dani explains that they if Dom/Adam don't try to win veto that Adam will go, but even if Jorf wins veto, then Lawon would go. Rachel says that's smart.

Jordan comes in and they talk about why it's better to put up Dom/Adam - so that Dom/Adam can't pull Lawon/Kalia off the block and force Jorf up. Jordan is all for putting up Dom/Adam. Then Dani talks about evicting Adam over Dom and Jordan says she doesn't care, she doesn't trust either of them.

After Jordan leaves, they talk about Shelly and Kalia being with Jorf - Rachel comments that she thinks it's because they (Brenchel) keep winning but Dani explains it's because Jeff/Jordan are playing a better social game and Jordan is so nice. She cautions Rachel to be calm and not rub anything about HOH in people's faces. She tells her she needs to play smart socially.

It's a long convo but, basically, they end up counting the votes and they think even if Jeff/Jordan try to keep Adam, they won't have the votes. They think they will have Brendon, Dani, Porsche, Lawon and Rachel would break a tie if it comes to that.

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Rachel and Brendon in the hammock, Brendon whispers in the hammock that Dani did talk to Rachel but they will wait to talk about Dani, now Rachel is bragging on her win, Brendon says he would like to have won as he would like a letter, then they are talking abou tif they don't win next comp they will be f'd, then they say that the comps are designed to certain ppl. her sister and her letter from last year was a waste of time, whispering

here we go Rachel had a dream, final 3 was Brendon was in f 3 with Dani and Adam, Dani kicked him in the ankle, oh well it was her dream, talking if the wrong person wins Brendon does not trust Porsche, then Rachel had to put in that Dani trusts Porsche (I don't believe that) Brandon is saying Shelly wont be on their side because she doesn't like Rachels behavior, I'm just trying to be honest "baby", but they could turn Shelly around. Mumbling about Porsche, Brendon thinks Porsche acts like she has the mentality of a 16 yr old, Brendon preaching to Rachel she HAS to keep things in perspective, on and on, Brendon asks what is wrong, Rachel start saying about him always schooling her and starts to go into it , but he cuts her off and says "Rachel, we are not gonna fight", and shuts her down, then changes the subject to silly stuff as to keep Rachel off track about getting on him about constantly on her,, how he told them( his profesors) how him and rachel are going to prolly get married and are doing this for money to start their lives, and for them to hang tight he will finish his research. Rachel says "don't you think this game would be different if ED had stayed in the game?? Brendon thinks there is still something weird about Dom

Dani joins them in the hammock, say they are talking about the Dom thing, Dani says something is night right with Adam, Dani says she will tell Dom not to win veto, then saying jeff wants Sadom and not Don, she whis[ering and talking so fast cannot make it out, she is however really talkin up ''dom as far as I can tell, Dani saying you have to trust ppl to a certain extent and then let that takes you wherever it takes yo and then when the power shift takes place they have to make sure it is going to their sid

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looks like they are saying to put up Dom and Adam, and then if they win veto, up will go Lawon and Kalia, with the idea ogf putting up Dom and Adam, Adam would go(Dani is clearly pulling for Dom), Brenchel is asking if she really trust Dom, Dani says do not repeat this, that Dom says when it comes down to it he will be with them, and Dani then says Brendon has got to keep Rachel in line, Dom is 3 steps ahead already and this has to be played cool

talking that Adam knows alot about this game, Dani is getting clearly annoyed with brenchel that they do not get what she is sayin

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Dani says I told you I am not blowing stuff at you, then Rachel brings up Jeff, and Brendon shuts her down quick about Jeff,and says you said some stuff to, Then Dani reinteraites that something about the cpls and Dani seems to be aggraviated with Brenchel, Jordan joining them, talking a cpl Pov, does Jordan think it will be one of those, and jordan says everythng is different this yr Dani says she thinks it will be a cpls pov

Saying Adam found the bacon but is pissed about missing bacon and Adam is very weird, Jordan says Dom and Adam seemed the most upset that Rachel won the hoh

No one trusts Lawon, and think he is nervous cause his side is dwindling and dwindling, Brenchel is wanting to know from Jordan who wanted to put them up, wanting Jordan to say who wanted them up, Jordan is not giving up any info, after Dom won pov was he like wanting to go after them, Kalia said Porsche does not wnat to go to the jury house alone, they are discussing, Jordan says Laon and Adam are dangerous, Dom said he would not put them up. Dom said he was gonna throw the comp today, music, Adam and Lawon Jordan says are her ones she trusts the least, Brendon says Adam he tell them just what they want

to hear, some got up from the hammock cause Rachel farted, and they say ewwe it is bad

Bringing up if they trust Dom, Shellly told jordan that she needs to look out for Dom, there is something about him, Jordan says "he's nice" but they don't think he threw the comp, but they are very unsure about him, and if any of the newbies that they do not get rid of them they are gonna come after them if they don't get them on their side.

Only good thing about adam says Jordan is that he is easy to read

Adam really only says to them what they want to hear, and adam never talks game to Rachel, and then they say can Dom be trusted, (seems they are worried about Dom)

They say Shelly and Kalia are with them 100% but the other newbies do not know that( I wouldn't count on that ,lol)

I am now going to turn this over the the night owl crew, as I am having a sore right arm,lolol

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10:38 BBT: Shelly and Rachel talking in have not room about competition. They are talking about how many gumballs were in the large container. Shelly doesn't think that Lawon and Kalia will ever win a competition. Rachel thinks Lawon and Kalia aren't here to win a half million dollars, they just want to make it to jury and apparently Porsche has said that she doesn't want to go to jury. Rachel and Shelly don't understand that concept and why they would want to sit in a house all summer with no gain.

Shelly and Rachel said that Porsche knows she is the first one out once the golden key is over. Rachel is waiting to talk to everyone once she gets in the HOH room. Rachel is questioning Shelly about what information Cassi gave her (Shelly) regarding Dominic. Shelly said that Dominic would put Rachel and Brendon up and he wants to team up with Daniele to do it.

10:41 BBT: Shelly says Adam will do whatever Rachel asks him to do. Shelly says if Rachel puts up Kalia and Lawon then no one will use PoV on them. Rachel is worried about doing that in case Adam and Dominic win the PoV and save Lowan and Kalia then Rachel would have to put up Jeff and Jordan. Shelly thinks that hasn't crossed Dom and Adam's mind, but Rachel said they have already discussed it.

Shelly reiterates to Rachel and Jeff and Jordan wouldn't turn against Rachel and Brendon or else they would have done it this past week. Rachel says she and Brendon wouldn't do that to Jeff and Jordan either. Shelly says there is a long line of people to get out who have done nothing! She wants everyone to relax and have a fun time while all agreeing to get out those people and Rachel mentions Porsche as one of them.

10:44 BBT: Shelly says she has a different motivation to win and once she is able to play in singles she will win competitions. Shelly tells Rachel to let her know what she can do to help Rachel this week.

10:45 BBT: WBRB

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10:48 BBT: Feeds return.

In the backyard the group is talking about Julie Chen and wondering if she watches the shows or if she just gets email updates about what is going on. Jeff thinks she does watch because she asks them questions about specifics that happened. Kalia says Julie Chen is pretty and Brendon agrees: "She is very pretty!"

Kalia says being in the house is an odd experience because in your head you know the world is going on but you forget for a while until you hear the people outside cheering. The have nots are counting down until midnight so they can eat.

10:52 BBT: Back in the have not room Shelly is telling Rachel to be happy she got HOH again but don't go around the house rubbing it in. People already see that she is good, she doesn't need to gloat. Shelly says she will watch her back she doesn't need to keep reminding people how good she is. Shelly: "It is way easier to have someone's back when they are humble." Shelly tells Rachel that down the road people will do something to deserve being put up, there is no need to go after people that don't harm you.

They talk about Rachel taking the two weeks of slop. Shelly says Rachel should have taken 3 seconds to think that she didn't need to get the veto that Brendon had her back in the competition and it is okay to lose a competition. She tells Rachel to be friendly and "high five everyone" etc.

Shelly tells Rachel that when she had her daughter she realized there are so much more things in life than money and friendly goes over so much better than arrogance. Brendon interrupts and their "counseling session" as they called it starts coming to an end with a few more inspirational words from Shelly.

10:56 BBT: Adam is in the kitchen preparing his bacon for his midnight feast. Shelly says she will absolutely be joining in the feast.

Rachel and Brendon in bubblegum room rehashing her conversation with Shelly. Brendon: "I think Shelly is very wise and I'm glad that you see that you need to think before you talk." Rachel starts complaining that he didn't save his glass of wine to drink with her when she gets her HOH wine. Camera zooms in on Brendon's gross knees.

Brendon: "When we get married we have to be adults, not children. Children can't get married. So when you get mad at me you need to act like an adult, no stomping off, pouting, punching me in the arm..."

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11:01 BBT: Brendon thinks it is so weird that Rachel got the blame for Cassi leaving even though she wasn't the HOH. They leave the bubblegum room and join people in the kitchen.

11:04 BBT: In the BY Shelly is telling Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, and Porsche about her wedding. Apparently the minister forgot the marriage license and it started late and she was really nervous. She says her parents did a really great job throwing her wedding. Brendon comes out and mentions a prank on Adam but I missed what it is he is planning. Jeff says it sounds like a good one.

11:08 BBT: In the kitchen everyone is talking about what time would you show up to a party, would you be fashionably late etc. Rachel says Dominic is the type to make several plans and at the last minute go with the one he likes best and she asks if that is how he plays the big brother game too. Everyone ooohs at that and Dominic plays it off then we get WBRB.

11:12 BBT: Kalia is not looking forward to the food competition because of how bad the first two were. Jeff and Jordan say it will be fun. Kalia hopes she isn't tied to anyone this time so if she gets hurt it will be her own fault. They all joke about "faking" her injury. Jordan says everyone who has been on slop have been good sports about being on it. Kalia jokes about Enzo hiding his face in the fridge eating food.

Jeff and Jordan reminiscing about have not competitions last year.

Jeff: "Remember when you almost put me on slop, when I had hypothermia."

Jordan: "You make me sound so bad!"

Jeff: "I'm exaggerating!"

Jordan is telling a story about her best friend and right in the middle of the story Porsche interrupts to talk about her best friend she has known since seventh grade.

Same friendship conversation going on with the rest of the house in kitchen but there are so many side conversations and too many people talking at once to know what is being said.

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11:16 BBT

The feeds are FOTH

ON BBAD Jordan talking about her friends ...

Feeds are back and we have Rachel sitting on the kitchen counter and they are talking about friends...with Adam Shelly Lawon DOm Brenden...

11:18 BBT...Jordan Jeff and Porsche head inside and the topic is how many "best friends" do the HG have...Basically everyone talking over everyone..

Jordan doing Laundry as Shelly heads outside to light up...plops down and just stares sitting on the couch outside alone...

Inside Jeff and Jordan getting their sleeping arrangements in order..."you wanna flip the mattress over" Jeff suggest and Jordan says "yeah i wanna make sure everything's clean".. and continues fixing their bed.....They continue just talking bedding....

They finish and head out of the bedroom...back to the kitchen

Shelly is in session outside with lawon and Kalia talking about Cassi..."felt horrible" she got no votes...hpoing some would have thrown "her a bone".....Kalia blaaber on she wanted to but didn't want to stick out...

11:26 BBT Shelly saying she hurt...Shely saying she'll make it "she's golden"...and Lawon told her "dream big boo"....

Back indoors HOH comp talk ...and whether Adam is evil but Dom says no way could think that...

Pretty boring as the have nots prepare for eating....Adam added bacon to the burgers...Rachel is not allowed to eat anything other than what she gets in her HOH basket and must remain on slop otherwise Rachel tells the HG..

11:30 BBT Outside Jordan joins the three talking...talking what it will be like getting out..seeing people blah blah blah

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11:32 BBT

Daniel stops Brendon before he uses the bathroom and whispers something to the effect she's still a team player...Brenden says he knows...

Dinner prep continues as Rachel called to DR to get her HOH key no doubt...Jeff eating cookie dough saying "tastes better than the cookie"

Dani saying Dom mom will be "proud of you" because he finally learned to makes his own bed and do Laundry..

11:34 BBT Back outside Motivational Coach Shelly talking with a bored Kalia and Lawon...Kalia says "in my house I barely have clothes on"....but goes on she's either relaxed or she's "out"

Daniele comes outside I wants to throw pillows at Rachel or "do something funny" when she gets her HOH "should we do pillows? Knives...Bombs?" Dani suggests..to throw at Rachel...

11:37 BBT evryone goes to the purple parlor and loads up on pillows...and evryone heads upstairs to wait for Rachel to leave the DR..

11:38 BBT Kalia trying to hijackt the gag by telling everyone what to do...everyone sits except kalia who finally plops down and now the waiting game ensues...

Talking out last minute details....

FOTH and empty backyard shot on BBAD so BB must be telling them something...

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11:28 BBT: Kalia, Shelly, Lowan, and Jordan in the BY talking about how it is so hard to put emotions for people aside and vote them out. They were all expecting the hard competitions etc but not how hard it would be to put morals aside and do what you need to do.

Jordan says the longer you stay in the house the further your emotions get from what happened the first few weeks. You will forget about those people in a way. Kalia agrees because she was looking at the memory wall and saw Dick's picture and felt like that happened so long ago. They all agree that it is starting to feel empty in the house, more room on the couch, empty space on the table etc.

Jordan says it gets so boring in the end when just a few people are left. Jordan says it was worse for her because she was with people she didn't like so she would lay out at the pool by herself the whole time.

They talk about all they miss from the outside world. Kalia mentions hearing a phone ring while they were getting directions for the gumball veto competition and it brought her back to reality [i'm surprised they didn't get a warning about talking about production]. Kalia talks about how this house makes her more appreciative for what she has outside the house. Lowan: "I will stop and smell the roses now."

They joke about Kalia missing a question about Mother Theresa [must have been during practice for the competition]. Kalia was worried it was shown but Shelly reminds her it wasn't.

11:33 BBT: Rachel called to DR (HOH key probably).

Kalia says good about Rachel getting her key soon so she can go to bed. Thursday live shows exhaust her. She feels down after the live shows because she knows her family is watching her and she is missing them.

Jeff, Brendon, Dani, Adam, Porsche, and Dom in kitchen talking about funny things they can do when Rachel comes out screaming who wants to see her HOH. Some suggestions are to hide and not be there when she comes out, walk in slow-motion, hide upstairs and throw pillows down on her. Dani goes outside to ask the others what they can do. Everyone enters the kitchen to wait.

11:37 BBT: Camera on DR door...

Other HGs are getting pillows in parlor and going upstairs. HGs warn one another not to hit the hanging mics when they throw pillows. They hope she isn't doing an hour long DR session and they will sit there like with their prank on Adam. We get WBRB [maybe production telling them to not do anything stupid].

Feeds return and HG are downstairs hiding in living room and kitchen with their pillows [looks like production said no to throwing from above].

11:44 BBT: Someone farts very loudly as they await Rachel's arrival illiciting giggles from the HGs.

Jordan is in the bathroom not participating in the prank apparently. She comes out and another fart and she calls out Jeff.

11:47 BBT: Rachel comes out and gets silence to her question of who wants to see HOH. She spies Shelly in the corner so they all attack her with pillows.

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11:41 BBT

Feeds return and everyone is downstairs so BB must have thwarted the high above attack so evryone is just waiting and hiding all around the LR and Table..

The attack plan will happen when Breden says "i do"

11:43 BBT Brenden getting annoyed if you're talking "it won't go over well" and them someone rips one.....Poor jordan has to pee and again the waitng game ensues..

11:44 everyone still waitng......

Jordan finishes and heads back to her attack position...

11:46 Jeff rips another one "jeeef you're nasty" someone says...

"who wants to see my HOH room" Rachel belts out and after a few second pause the pillow attack is launched...Brenden miss his cue so Shelly yelled it...

Everyone heads upstairs to HOH...but first Jeff puts the cookies in the oven...

11:48 BBT Rachel makes everyone is up and enters...

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11:49 BBT

Everyone in HOH Rachel got wine "lean cuisine"..and pics of her mom and sisters...

She's opening the letter..she offers up the snacks...

Rachel reads the letter..."Rachel" everything is wonderful rooting for her and rachel...calls her beautiful...excited to plan bachloette party..."perfect theme and setting".....hopes they can live close together and her and Brenden move "to canada Asap' ..Kepp head held high "smile on your face"...love her little sis..

Rachel tells them she never sees her sis because they live so far away... "in search of sunrise" is her "really good wine"..."this basket is amazing" and her "curious by Britney spears" toilettries...

11:53..Rachel happy she doesn't have to be on slop as BB hooked her up witha good basket...

Rachel playing with her "giraffe horse unicorn" purse....

11:54 BBT Rachel happy she got her college shirt since she doesn't really have one..saying her parents are tired of seeing her in ucla crap...and says she really went to Western Carolina and says "i have a degree...I swear"

Jeff asks why she is in Canada and says her finace is from there and works there...

Pic of her Soroity sis whoes her best friend...as she explains all her pics...

Kalia reminds them about "the cookies" in the oven...Rachel says they shouldn't fell obligated to stay up there....People head out Dom and Adam who are ready to haves in 3 minutes...

Jordan leaves saying she needs to tend to laundry "its not like I don't care" as rachel says she understands...

11:58 BBT Rachel is happy about her basket...

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12:00 BBT

Adam and Dom preparing their food..as Dom gets his pasta on his plate..with sauce and into the microwave..as Dom says "i've never been so happy in my life"...Kalia trying to say she moved the clock up a half hour to try and punk them...

Dom and Adam not buying it...as they continue to eat and tells Adam he would be really happy if that happened "there would be a huge fight"....Dom saying "we are not going on slop tomorrow" and joke or not they are putting Kalia on slop tomorrow..

12:02 BBT Adam says he's making a small plate of pasta while his burgers cook as well as "a pizza too"

Dom asks if Adam doesn't mind "if I start eating" and says he has never ate like that this week in his life..Shelly says "i know" about her hot shower she gets tonight....Adam says they have to stay in "the have not bedroom" and Doms says "fine" as they pg out "FOOOOOOD" adam grumbles...

Shelly making sure that Kalia did or didn't mess with the clocks..Adam checks in the DR...and Brenden says "you know we were just fucking around"....

Daniele is there asking how his food is...

12:06 BBT Back in HOH Kalia asking questions about her pics... while Rachel munches on her sushi....Jeff Bren Porsche..Lawon just sitting around while Kalia leaves and says she'll be 'right back"

12:08 BBT Kalia asks about the burgers ..she's in the kitchen eating too...Adam out of DR they are allowed hot showers but have to sleep in have not room...

Shelly heads outside with Jordan and says to Jordan that her and Jeff are safe with everyone and made someone swear that they will not put them up....

12:10 BBT Kalia joins them and Shelly goes over her session with Rachel about gloating and being kinder gentler BB players..They are talking about Rachel...and her antics...and her behavior....

DR shelly talking about her advice she shared with Rachel while Kalia does her usual interuptions to get her word in...

12:13 BBT Jordan telling that "there was white" on the sheets in the bubble gum room and tells them her and Jeff "flipped the mattress"

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12:23 BBT

Upstairs Dani trying to save her boy toy Dom with Brenchel...Brenden questioning if he understands the consequences if he puts them up

Brenden thinks Dom and Cassi knew each other because of their deep rooted friendship..

12:25 BBT Dani trying to keep Dom...and "we're friends" and he has "nobody elese" and Brenden saying he's good at hiding his emotions and putting up a facade...

Dani trying to throw shelly under the bus...as Brenden doesn't want to make a mistake of trusting the wrong person and it coming back to bite them in the butt..

Rachel "its obvious" they need to nominate "adam and Dominic"....and rachel says they need to see who's coming after them more...as rachel says she doesn't trust Adam as Dani says "you already have a deal with" Dominic....and Dani warns he's already working with you guys..and need to make him "feel comfortable"

Brenden saying he's having a hrd time pinpointing who he is....as Dani asks who he wants to go home....as Dani says they are "set them self up" against the whole house...Dani says "100%" Dom wouldn't put them up...

Rachel comes back in "everyone is outside talking to Jeff and Jordan " when "i won HOH" as Brenden says she can't be thinking that...

12:32 BBT Bren says he wants to trust DOM...as Bren warns not to get "too attached to him" as Dani says shut up...Bren says he doesn't want peopleto get wind they are starting to double cross "jeff and Jordan"...and Bren says the need to becareful how to get rid of Adam and convonce Jeff..

Shelly comes in...

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12:36 BBT

In HOH shelly left....as Brenden tries to trust Dom and yells at Rachel to not engage in game talk....as Brenden asks if Dom was comfortable when he talked to Rachel...

Dani continues to campaign "he has to trust us"....Dani says Adam will try to work with Shelly..or Lawon...and use them especially J&J as a buffer..

12:39 BBT Kalia enters..plops down...

Outside at HT Jordan talks about losing her only friend when Jeff got evicted and being not liked their season...as he explains the Coupd'tat to Dominic...and talk about Jesse...they talk about their fights..Dom asks if he still talks to tyheir HG and Jordan says no...and Jeff says he talks to casey and Michele went wild and talk to them right after but not now once they get back to their "normal routine"...

12:43 BBT...More past BB season talk...

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12:45 BBT Brenden decides to head outt the HOH to go play pool with Jeff..and leaves Kalia Dani and rachel in HOH....

Kalia talking about getting Lawon out and not trusting him...Rachel asks if cassi told Donm "not to trust us" and Kalia says he's not their "target at the moment"

12:47 BBT Kalia campaigning for a Lawon nom.....and throwing Lawon under the bus....calling him "a snake in the grass"...Rachel asks her what Dom's strength are to Kalia and she says "physical" and rachel wonders if he can excel in a mental comp..

12:50 Kalia has said Adam is like a chicken George type player...Kalia says putting her and Lawon up there is a chance they will not be able not to win POV

Rachel asks that Kalia not use the POV....and Kalia says she doesn't know if Lawon doesn't know...

12:53 BBTRachel says what if Adam and Dom win POV Kalia says they wouldn't use it unles they are nominate..

Kalia uses Dani's line...Dominic "is not a threat"...

12:55 BBT Dani saying if Adam makes final two he's using his speech he has ready for the last 13 years...Kalia says the only one they don't want on the jury is Lawon...

Downstairs the guys are playing pool..with Brendens dumbass voice...

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1:08 BBT

Downstairs the pool game is unbearble with that voice they do that sounds like Mr Bill...

Back upstairs and Kalia is talking about Rachels foods and says toe at sushi in one day...

a lots of I'm so tireds....Dani is happy tomorrow is Friday and we get a few notes of that obnoxious song Friday without a FOTH...

1:11 BBT as the continue to grill Dani why she likes Fridays and dani says no reason she just likes them...

Its a toss up which is more annoying the kackling in HOH or the obnoxious voice at the pool table...Ok that voice wins back to HOH..

1:14 BBT Back upstairs upstairs...Kalia wants to do slip n slide..but the others say now since thay have comps tomorrow...

Talking about Food Comp why they are not on LD....absolutely no game talk...

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1:27 BBT

Kalia talking about her faux pas during HOH practice...as she jsut jumps from one subject to another...back to food and what she loves..to eat..

Rachel says she feels like she got "super hooked up" Kalia says she thinking what she gonna eat tomorrow just in case she's put back on her slop diet..

A lot of small talk...

1:30 The pool game continues with the voice..so its vets vs newbies adam and Dom vs Bren and Jeff..

again nothing interesting...

Back in HOH..Porsche listening to music as Dani says they have all day tomorrow to figure the noms out..."i really don't know what to do" as the Dom nom is the obvious option...

Rachel says she can stay there in HOH as she goes to "grab my pajamas'

Dani whipsers she wants to get rid of Adam..and their convo breaks up..as rachel says she is exhausted...Jordan tells her good night when she heads to the downstairs bedroom to get her PJ and is stopped by Adam...and Rachel says he can come up...and talk...Rachel tells Bren that J&J are just laying down not really sleeping...

1:35 BBT people are getting ready for bed....but Dani is staying close to rachel...

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1:45 BBT

Rachel trying to get Porsche to eats snackss but she wants her to "save em' for herself for the week...

Rachel loving her shirt while Adam calls it crap as he jokes...

Adam talking about pool it seems he and Bren were partners so please take not when I incorrectly said in a previous post...

1:47 BBT..Talking about only 3 couples elgible for nominations as they talk about HOH questions...Adam says he would never pee in the pool...but can see his persona being the type....Porsche saying she wouild have picked herself "as the hot one in the bikini"

Rachel chases Porsche out so she can talk to Adam....tells her "come up tomorrow morning" and out she goes..

1:50 BBT Adam talks their two options and "it is what it is" and basically says its up to them and talks about not taking the option befoe and they need to do what they need to do and will do whatever they want but doesn't want to throw the other couple under the bus...Adam says he will not play "as hard" for the POV...

Adam says he would have put Kalia and Lawon up and if they won the POV then ethey would have to put one of them up...

1:52 BBT..Adam talking "i'm open for whatever" and Bren says they need to think "long term" and they need to "trust" and benficial to part of their team as Brenchel will always be the bigger "target" and Bren says its trust..Adam says it was better it worked ou this way that they won HOH and Not him.....

1:55 Rachel asks who the ring leader of the newbie alliance and says they all decided together..and he wanted to keep Keith as he would have been "the bigger target" and Adam says he also said it before talking to Dick and his deal...

1:57 Adam continues to make his case to stay in HOH

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1:58 BBT Adam talking he has been hot and cold about Dom though he and Cassi flipped and then Dom thought he flipped and Adam says he can never 100% trust...Adam says Dom would flip even if says he wouldn't just to further his game...

Adam says it was hard about Cassi and Shelly nominate...Bren asks if Dom was againsts the vets after he won POV and Adan says "yeah" and FOTH...

2:01 BBT Rachel tells Adam she wants to see him in jury...Adam says J&J told him they just wanna make jury...Rachel wants a jury that will vote on game and not pettiness..

Adam says last year they played on "emotion" and Adam basically kisses ass that he would vote for them down the road because of their game play...

2:03 BBT Rachel talks about her season and says Hayden skated through but totally deserved to win over lane { didn't their pety asses vote for lane}

Rachel what if Adam won the veto and id Lawon and Kalia are nominated would he win...Adam says if he was on the block he would use the POV but will throw it if its a couple POV "definitely"

2:07 BBT (i'm out be back tomorrow}

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3:15 am BBT: Danielle and Dominic get some time by themselves and she encourages him to eat a lot of food before the competition, just in case he ends up being a have-not again. She also advises him to stop whispering in everyone’s ear and when he denies that he does that she tells him that’s fine, she just won’t try and help him anymore. She wants the both of them to go to Brenchel tomorrow and reassure them that Dominic is with the vets. Dominic then calls her a “coattail rider” [Damn, Dom… you got some balls son. I’m finally impressed by you! ~CeCiMom] He says that both sides of the house aren’t against you and if he were to totally join her he would become target number ONE.

3:30 am BBT: Dominic tells Daniele that he wants Adam in the jury and Daniele explains to him how that’s a stupid idea, in her opinion. (She thinks he’s skating by and then when they all get to jury time… he’ll play hard.)

Lawon joins them in the fortune teller room. When Dominic farts he apologizes and says it’s because he ate ice cream and he’s lactose intolerant.

Just general chit chat about their jobs, Cassi, etc.

4:30 am BBT: They all decide to move outside to the hammock. Dani does some laundry. Lots of nothing chat and even more Dominic farting comments.

5:30 am BBT: They head inside to go to bed. The guys escort Daniele to her room and the guys head off to their own.

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8:26 am BBT: BB must of woke up the hg's because they're are all up. All yawning and in their jammies, some laying around chatting and others roaming in the kitchen.

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8:30-9:30 Various wake up calls and chit chat among the houseguests nothing exciting [bBNut Note: I was in and out on paying attention to the feeds so it's possible I missed something]

9:45 BBT Rachel and Brendon are having a intense discussion about how Brendon says stuff in front of the other houseguests about how Rachel cant handle things (finances, speeding, etc). Apparently, Rachel got a speeding or parking ticket before BB and the court date is while shes in the house.

Rachel says this is what they mean when they pick their battles, dont discuss in front of other people

Brandon: Im sorry, you are right. What you should have done before we left was

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