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7/18 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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11:51 BBT the convo about Rachel between Kalia and Jordan is broken up whe no other than Rachel comes in to "gossip" with the girls...

Now they are talking board games...."Life"..Kalia loves it...Rachel brings up "mouse Trap".....while rachel drops her father went to Princeton..and Jordan asked where it was as Rachel talks about her fathers international furniture co...

Jordan talks about a guy she talked to on a plane.. who went to a "really good school in Indiana" a Kalia says "Purdue".....as Jordan says she tried to "sound cool" trying to act like she knew what that guy was talking about when she didn't...

11:56 BBT Jordan talks about seeing a "glee" celeb...Kalia talks a about the "bad...funny bad" reality show to find the new Glee member..

Jordan thinks Glee "is stupid" {hear hear to that} while Kalia talks a mile a minute since shes an expert "in musical theater" how Glee is bad "lip synching"...

"babysitters club" talk ensues as all likes it...

11:59 BBT..Downstairs outside pretty much the same going on pool tourney....general chit chat and a brief FOTH..

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12:09 BBT

Rachel won the Pool Tournament "by default"

Dani complaining about her sunburn while Lawon asks if its "gonna be hot tomorrow" and Dani snidely laughs "i don't know ...Google it"

Talking about Adam in POV and Lawon says he comends him for doing it when he could have quit..Dom says "i would have kicked him"

Jeff and Brendon walking around looking for Daniele ...finds her ask her to "come here' as she follows him"...Brenden takes her to the room and shows her Dom's shit stained underwear on the floor... Brenden doesn't "want to embarrass him" Dani laughing...as Brenden says "what do we do"..

Brenden picks em up and puts them besdies him bed and dani says no becasue she wants them outt there...

The two cant figure out what to do {just say Dom pick up your skidmarked underware off the floor} but they seem to can't to do anything without embarrasing him ....

12:17 BBT

Upstairs Kalia and Jordan talking..Kalia talking about her "talented" sister in Atlanta.....

12:18 BBT Downstairs people sitting around talking or playing toss across

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12:26 BBT

So Underware gate continues... so they palnt the underware which in reality is chocolate planted by Jeff and Brenden... to joke with him

Cassie "that's a cute joke"

Lawon says thats what he would do to his little bro and Jeff says he did it to Jordan's lil bro...

12:29 BBT Dom is upstairs talking to Kalia and Jordan...telling them about a kiss with a girl his "first kiss"...

Jordan asks if he misses his GF and doesn't and says shes really a BF but both are on rebounds....and won't admit "on camera" they're friends..

Kalia "he likes Daniele" "it so obvious" and Jordan says its either Cassie or Dani and Dom says "definitely not Cassi" as Jordan tries to matchmake...

12:33 BBT "i already have a girlfriend" and Jordan says "oh yeah..."...and says she would kill Jeff if she watched him and he was flirting with girls..

Talking how time in BB house is like month rather weeks...

Rachel ruining the joke by setting up Jeff and Brendon pranked him "don't tell me I told you"...

Dom wants to rub chocolate on "the toilet seat" and Jordan says to rub it on "his underwear..he did that to my brother"

Rachel says don't do that and Dom says he did it to me..and now Dom knows...

12:37 Prank busted...

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12:43 BBT In HOH Jordan lets Jeff know that his chocolate skidmark prank might be busted...

Fish talk..and feeding...

12:44 BBT jordan fibs "he doesn't know" ans Jeff doesn't believe "you fucking assholes" and Jeff says "something of mine"..

Dom prank is the tea Porsche warns "don't drink the tea"

12;46 BBT everyone at the kitchen bar talking about jokes...and where they went wrong it was busted...

Upstairs they are talking about pranks..."minty toothpaste" on Doms lip when he's sleeping or shaving cream...

kalia "i love pranks they make me sooooo happy" "i love iiiit"

12:50 BBT Prank talk.......as Dom says "i'm gonna fuck you guys up" and warns Jeff to "watch your back" and asks "who idea was it"..as Jeff says "its a failed prank"...

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12:55 BBT

More talk about Pranks this time radio show pranks up in the HOH..

12:56 BBT

Downstairs they are talking pranks and jellybean eating...they are trying to figure out how to get dom and jellybean flavors..

[i'm bored enough to call it a night...be back tomorrow..}

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6:00 am BBT

Cassi, Dom & Law went to bed about 45 min to an hour ago... Cassi just woke up Dom and told him that his snoring is HORRIBLE. Dom, doesn't think it was him and points to Adam, Cassi assures him that it was indeed him... They lay back down to go to sleep...


Cassi had confessed to Dom that she was indeed a model and that is the only job she has ever had, they start talking modeling gigs and she said her best shoot was with Marie Claire... Dom states that he wants to be a pediatrician and that he is really in medical school....

6:03 am BBT

Dom just waked up Adam by smacking him, Adam says "What" Dom tells him he is snoring really loud... Cassi and Dom giggling...

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9:00am BBT-- Brendon and Shelly outside on couches talking about Rachel and Cassi's tiff last night. Brendon is saying he knows Rachel didn't fight back with Cassi. It was basically all Cassi's fault. Cassi is like Brittney, in his opinion, nice to your face but not behind your back. Brendon assures Shelly she is safe.

Talking about Kalia faking her shoulder injury. How she's fine now, throwing cornhole bags and being okay. Shelly is saying that Kalia's pride was hurt so she played the sympathy card. Brendon says Kalia is inconsiderate. Shelly says Kalia is a diva. Says every word out of Kalia's mouth is negative. Says everytime someone cooks, Kalia is trying to get it on it so she doesn't have to. They're really ragging on Kalia (rightfully so, imo).

Shelly says she would be mortified if she lost a job. Brendon agrees. He's now telling an old job story where someone ratted him out about applying for school while he was working. His boss asked him and he told his boss he hadn't been accepted to any program yet. He said a short time later he was contacted by HR and was going to be let go. He thought they were joking at first. He thought his friend was jealous and just wanted to wreck his life. He said the next day they decided to keep him because they had no one to replace him and they'd be stupid to fire him. Brendon signed the paperwork and left his job. Told them he couldn't work for a company that accidentally fired him.

9:11 -- Adam comes outside. Standing around smoking. Brendon going on and on about his past job.

9:15 -- Brendon says his dad, grandfather and great-grandfather are/were all bricklayers. Shelly is amazed.

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9:07am BBT

Brendon and Shelly are sitting in the backyard slamming everything about Kalia. Shelly was very ticked off when Kalia was crying at the comp. She could tell she was faking it because of the way she was acting. She says she'll never cook for herself. She always come into the kitchen when others are preparing food and worm her way into getting some of the food. She's lazy, sleeps all the time and doesn't have consideration for anybody else in the house. She now realizes she's a diva, very self-centered and only focused on herself.

Brendon talking about a job he had at a bank. He worked at the main branch and coordinated a good relationship with the 13 other branches. They let him go for some crazy reason. He was asked to come back down and sign some papers the next day. While he was there they told him they didn't mean to let him go. He was pissed because they had fired him and were now wanting him back. He told them no, they fired him and he didn't want to work there any more.

I missed the beginning of this but there was a job Brendon did that was based in Scientology. The training was based on their principles. He said some of them were alright but other angles of it were odd.

Brendon's dad is a bricklayer. Shelly thinks that's neat. He says he thinks he's one of the most talented people in the field.

Adam has come outside and joins the conversation. He says the way they have to do things these days is build it cheaper, faster and don't pay much attention to detail. Shelly said they use a lot of synthetic materials today which they didn't use in the past.


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9:30am BBT

Lawon and Cassi come outside to join Brendon and Shelly. They're talking about their first night in the BB house and how there were so many shocking things to hit them all at once.

Shelly is trying to build herself up mentally to take a cold shower. Cassi asked her if she wants to take one outside in her bathing suit but Shelly says that shower is colder than the one in the house.

Brendon said last year when he was a have-not he went upstairs to take a shower in the HOH, leaving the hot water off but BB told him that wasn't allowed so he turned off the water and went downstairs. Brendon bragging about being a have-not for a long time last year. He said if he had stayed in the house he would have been a have-not for 6 weeks.

Brendon telling long story about how he used to help the high school swim coach to train the kids. If you want to hear story, go to flashback on feed one; 9:35am.

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10:49 BBT: Jordan, Daniele, and Jeff in kitchen, just general chit chat. Shelly and Cassi in the bathroom talking about Cassi's conversation with Dominic and then talking about what happened between Cassi and Brendon this morning. Cassi says she has lost all respect for Brendon after that. Shelly wonders why people have to go there. Now Cassi is wondering about Jeff and Jordan because they are with Rachel and Brendon. She wonders if Jeff was serious when he said he would consider putting Rachel and Brendon up. She thinks maybe he was the mastermind in all of this.

10:51 BBT: Shelly tells Cassi the real part of the game is to decide if you are here to play a game or make friends. It goes against human nature to turn on friends but that is what the "experiment" is all about. Cassi called to DR as Shelly warns: "Keep your class!" Cassi says she has no more fight in her so she isn't going to bother saying anything ugly. Shelly says it is better to have class.

10:53 BBT: Cassi says she shouldn't have said something about the Bible because Brendon took offense to that. It is just something she always says. Shelly tells her it is all about actions: "Some of the things they (Rachel and Brendon) do don't go with the good book too well."

10:54 BBT: Dominic enters bathroom. One last warning from Shelly to Cassi to be classy as she goes to the DR.

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11;04 BBT

everyone or just about everyone in the kitchen talkin about Chicago, Rachel says she could not get the train system down just to get to work, taking the red train and the brown train, then Daniel said she had issues trying to get around in Atlanta and the train sysstems, that she was and is an L.A. girl and felt she would prolly get mugged or shot.

Talking about Atlanta and how they like it but Dani says the ppl are rude, there is nothing to do in the Atlanta airport and that las vegas has a 24 hr fitness to work out in and that is sooo cool, they are now sayin that the bartenders in the airports are cool cause they meet sooo many ppl and they make money too.

Now talkin about Charlotte airport and the Chilis there, they like that, also Rachel likes the Hawaii airport because of the outdoor cafe there, she did not say which Island tho, whether she was talkin about Ohau, Rachel say Maui is the best, then Dani says her Dad used to live there and she loves it, it's so laid back

Every time Rachel goes to the (now she saysOhau) airport in Hawaii she gets a Pina Colada, now talkin Mexio and how they greet you with drinks as you get off the plane, and the Margs there are lime green and expensive,Thought it was Dani that thought ppl are rude in Atlants, but it coulda been Jordon. now it's WBRB

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11:03 BBT: Rachel, Porsche, Dani, Jordan, and Jeff in kitchen talking. Rachel tells Jeff that she lived in Chicago for two weeks [i don't think two weeks constitutes living somewhere, more like vacation]. She said she couldn't handle having to take two trains to get to work. Daniele said she went to Atlanta and couldn't handle public transportation. Jordan thinks the people in Atlanta are rude; Rachel thinks they are nice. Rachel loves the Atlanta airport because she always gets a massage durig layovers. She also likes to go to the gym at airports in between flights. No one has ever seen salons or gyms at airports. More general airport chit chat.

11:10 BBT: Trivia is on Perhaps VETO meeting.

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they're back Cassi and Shelly in the BY talking and both are crying a little and Shelly says she will not hold it against her if she campaigns for herself, that she is way old and can take it. quiet ec=xcept a little sniffling, then talking about Shellys toes look like a little girls toes, then Shelly says Josi love it, sniffling

Cassi says to pray for her that when she gets out there she doesn't end up looin like a bumbling idiot, Cassi says she doesn't want to cry, Shelly says the same, Shelly just wants to make sure Josie knows she is ok

Shelly says you dont want your kid to see you upset, unless there is a reason but she wont understand , then Cassi says Tony will handle it

Cassi says she was happy that she was right about Shelly from the minute she saw her (really?) Shelly says she didn't know Cassi was a fisherman, etc, they will share each other try out videos, chit chatting

Cassi said how she strained over her HOH list and is kinda laughing I guess cause she never got HOH, , Cassi's biggest fear that she will get out of there and see the show and then regret having come on

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Cassi says "You wanna shake?" Shelly says she doesn't want to have ppl see her and does not like to be wearin her shads as she is not some cool rocker chick, and he clothes don't even match, Cassi says she can go in there now cause she is collected, Cassi wants to know if Shelly wants her to get in touch with her family to let them know she is fine, Shelly says yes, let them know I love them

Dom now out with them, wans to know if he can hang with them now that they are not part of the "cool" crowd, Cassi says as far as she is concerned "they are the cool crowd"

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Now Dom say "wanna know something that will cheer you up?" Cassi says yeah, and he says go to my facebook page and look at this 3rd pic on my page, it will cheer you up.

Shelly says that they like Cassi sooo much they will prolly bring her back. Just a lot of general chit chat. Cassi is crying again, thinking that could her dad possibly be there to meet her?? She is really broken up and shakey cryin and would feel sooo good if her dad could be there to meet her especially in the audience, she misses him sooo much, her mom too, but him more

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Rachel and Dani napping the rest in the kitchen, lots of water running and talking all at once, Brendon talking about how you have to just eat a bunch of slop no matter what cause all the physical activity exhausts you

Dom eating at the counter, I think Porsche there too, Brendon talking about his seson and when hayden told him he was going up as a pawn, that pissed Brandon off cause he jsut wanted the truth, Ragen won pov and they voted Brendon out, which was good cause Brittney was notas goos as him, and Dom asks did you all know who was aligned with who, and Brendon say oh yeah we all knew who was with who, talking fast, then sayin there was boo coo floaters his season, Brendon days Matt was dumb by not teaming up with him and Rachel, and he made a bunch of mistakes, he told too much stuff

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ok back to the BY the kitchen is too boring, Lawon on the elipical, have to listen for a sec, Cassi back out there and sayng something about Rachel compared her actions towards Porsche as like the Salem witch trials.

Cassi says that its poss that J/J wants to keep Brenchel for the votes cause they are afraid the others would turn on them and how she Cassi assured them that she would be on their side, ( hate it when they shake the shakes around, too much noise)

Shelly tells Cassi to drink her shake and not let it get hot as she needs to eat, talkin about maybe not eating mexican first meal out, Shelly says "You'll have a room to yourself

Shellysaying she doesn't want the cameras recording her smoking like over and over, Cassi says they don't really show that much of the smoking (I dissagree,lol) Shelly is worried being seen as an avid smoker

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the feed are now all on the kitchen talking still about Brendons season.Brendon asks how Adam liked their season Adam says after you guys left it was boring, Adam says he was rootin for Brenchel(yeah I bet)

on and on about their season, and it wa hard says Brenson says they were mean, ok now we go back to the BY

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Cassi and Dom talkin bout how good they ar at their jobs, modeling, Dom says it's embarassing so i don't really talk that much about it

Cassi says Dom prolly would not have gotten on they show had he not mentioned it on his application. just talking why Cassi is sooo close to her dad, but she says they are all close, but her dad needs her more, music and WBRB

Dom says "so your'e checked out ?" right? Nothing I can do to change your mind? Cassi said she isn't talkin about Shelly or I guess campaigning against her, but her dream did tell her to think hard

Dom says it is for obvious why Cassi is up not just for the catty stuff but she is the strongest player left to get out

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Dom says he could say the "The Regulators" could be the worst all time alliance, and Keith ruined it for them, and Keith should stick to the dating shows

Lawon says he trusted Keith too early and cassi says she though Keith would be the one o fall 1st. Dom says it seems like such a long time ago since they all made their pact, Cassi says when she gets out sh is gonna have to hit the gym, the guys are sayin NO, eat some Cheesebrgers

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Dom says "Well you are not he first to go, and Cassi says, no she's following KEITH

Now Cassi going back talking about what she said to Rachel when she wanted to know why and she I think is talkin about Brendon, that he was told by the others everything Cassi had ever said about Game since she got there, she agreed that she was talkin about going after them cause it would only make sense to try and get a power cpl out there and then that is where the Salem Witch trial comment came up and for Rachel to defend Porsche is ridiculous, then Brendon reminded her it is BB after all and ppl LIE. Cassi told him hey I'm not an idiot and I know that if I make a deal with you all you will stab me later as easy as the deal, he called her a liar and everyone has called her out. She says ok fair enough and that when he gets out and waches , he can then apologize. He said ok if that is the case I will, then he put her down and said do I have to Paint you a picture to which Cassi jumped off the counter and said don't talk down to me, and that he Brendon would believe his fiance over her and Rachel has made a mistake, and she did not make the comment that "we all hate Porsche" and he does not respect her for using her family situation to further herself

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Shelly in have not room crying

someone else take over , I gotta go out for a while

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