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7/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Guest 6Borders

9pm BBT: Kalia and Lawon are having a private chat...Lawon thinks the newbies are the college-educated ones in the house (what this had to do with the game escapes me). Lawon says it's the girls who are messing up the game...they are playing against each other.

Kalia thinks they (she and Lawon) need to go for HOH next week because "nobody down here" (newbies?) seems to be able to win anything. Kalia says the only person who might put them up is Cassie. Kalia does not want to get "picked off" helping them (the others) get there (further in the game or final 10). There was something about helping herself and her stipend I missed.

Kalia does not trust Cassie...she says how she "does not like" Cassie (it was all in English but it might as well have been expressed in several different foreign languages saying the same thing!)

Kalia gets called to DR breaking up the conv.

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Guest 6Borders

9:12BBT: HOH Rachel and Cassie are discussing their faces breaking out. Cassie broke out and thought it was heat rash but her doctor said it was adult acne! Rachel says she does not like to put on face make up (what?????). Jordan said maybe change what you are washing your face with. Cassie says she takes pills for acne but since she's been on BB she has not taken them. Jordan says she has bleaching cream for her face. Jordan is going to wait until November and get "that laser thing done".

BY: Jeff and Porche discussing how tired they are. Brendon has the hose out (maybe filling the pool) and Jeff is setting up to play bean-bag toss. They are all doing their terrible accents...I think it's trying-for-Italian but it's so bad it's hard to tell.

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Guest 6Borders

;22pm BBT: Let the games begin...bean bag toss in the BY. Jeff & Brendon vs. Dani and Kalia (beauty vs braun)...the lousy accents continue (there goes any thought of lasagna for my dinner). Jeff misses and says it's "bs". The score is 3-0 in case you are interested!!!

Dani says the camera person is on crack (where did that come from???). The girls are catching up but the camera is messing up their game. Jeff (I think) tells Kalia "step it us sista". She says don't call me sista. Jeff says he says "fuck" a lot but not "GD". Score is 10-5 (or six) in favor of Team Braun! The bad accents are back.

Inside Cassie, Rach and Jordan are chatting about nothing much. The talk about how cold it is outside (I can confirm that....it's a brrrrr chilly Calif evening here!). Cassie heads for the kitchen. She and Shelly are talking game...asking each other if they know anything specific. Shelly is washing dishes and Shelly says "right now you have to ride the wave" and "don't get caught in the hoopla". Cassie doesn't know what that is but says she will stand up for herself. Shelly says she doesn't want to be in the room when things go south and have to be a witness!

Shelly says "he" is shady...(Dom maybe??). Shelly says if you are honest you don't have to say 15 times you are honest. Cassie says she (Rach I think) says they offered Dom and someone else deals (maybe Adam) and they didn't take it so that is why they are both up right now!

Shelly says Adam is completely stressed right now and Cassie says "they did it...the newbies". Shelly says it's their (the vets) experience that held them together, not liking each other. Cassie says she feels bad for Adam and Shelly tells her not to..."it's a weird game". Shelly asks if Dom is all freaked out and Cassie says "he working out"

Cassie says as long as the vets are in power..Shelly says we have to make sure we don't get played. They say they have to stick it out until they are singles. Cassie says it's weird that the vets didn't put them up and now she feels more safe with the vets than the newbies.

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Guest 6Borders

9:45pm BBT Shelly and Cassie still talking game. Cassie has joined in washing dishes. Shelly says she "works with people like that all the time" (No clue). Dom comes in and the conversation turns to friendly banter.

BY: Jordan and Brenchel are talking at the hot tub. Jordan keeps saying "she" and Jordan told her "I only know how my team was voting". Jordan decides to go pee and Brendon is exchanging banter with the bean tossers. They refuse to abandon the "accents" game (I may never eat Italian food again). Rachel says she sucks at that accent but her laugh has not improved!!

Jordan is told to put on her mic. Adam joins Shelly in the kitchen. She asked where he was an he said in DR. Shelly asks "was it rough" and Adam says no. Adam is told to reattach his mic...he does a testing of it and says "I'm not even talking".

In the kitchen Shelly continues to work at scrubbing several years of BB off the stove and counters (If she lasts more than half the season they may not have ants this year) Outside Rachel is showing off her UCLA shirt and says a selling point of the shirt was "the glitter comes off and gets everywhere".

Lawon comes out and everyone asks how he is feeling. He says fine cos he's got his "handsome snack". Lawon reiterates he does not wear his mic in the WC. They discuss a kids book called "everybody poops".

9:58pm BBT. Dani is called to DR. She makes a final bean bag toss and leaves. Kalia is still at war with the backyard camera which is interfering with her game. The game is tied 11-11...a "real nail biter" according to Jeff.

Kalia grunts with every throw so I'm thinking she's related to the Williams sisters and maybe tennis is her secret game.

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Guest 6Borders

10:03 BBP: Jeff and Brendon win the game. They call for new players. Rachel asks if she is on-deck. Brendon says he has something to talk care of inside. Rachel's radar should have gone off like a space shuttle but she just asks 'what", lets it go and stays put.

Inside Bren is talking with Shelly in HOH but they are interrupted. They come down the stairs with the big cover of they have been reading everything from the toothpaste tube and act like they were not discussing any game.

Rach is quizzing Adam with past season trivia questions at the hot tub (obviously sizing up how well the competition with do in Q&A/remembering stuff and Adam is obliging hook, line and sinker!!)

Rach says she took her ring off for the competition...she always takes it off for competitions!! Rach tells Jordan her HOH bathroom gets more action than Rach's did. Adam wants to know if that is a good or a bad thing.

Jordan wants to know who long they have been there..."2 weeks?". Jeff says two weeks and Shelly says 21 days since sequester. Porche can't even remember the first week it seems.

Dani and Kalia are in the hammock. Kalia comments how much nicer it is with just two people.. dani laughs and says "instead of 8". They are whispering and with the clanging of the weights it's hard to hear (again...I call unfair whispering!!). Kalia does sing-song out "PT (Dom) is a little bit disgruntled".

Warp-whispering but it seems the gist is who would Kalia rather see put up...her team of Jeff and Jordan...Kalia says Jeff and Jordan, so it seems she's done a 360 from begging for the block stragedy of last week.

10:20 pm BBT - we had a black out screen for a few minutes so I missed prob the only good game talk of the night!

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Guest 6Borders

10:26 BBT Kalia wonders if she will still have a boyfriend when she gets out. Dani wants to know why she would think that and Kalia says just nothing else to think about. She wonders if her boyfriend is watching. They discuss the comp and Kalia asks Cassie if it was hard because she's small. Kalia says it as hard...Dani says getting smashed like a pancake.

Adam, Shelly & Brenchel are talking about how kids don't know how to spell anymore because they have "spell check". Adam says pretty soon people will only have a couple of fingers (those they use on the keyboard I guess but don't know how he came to that conclusion!)

They are rehashing the food comp and how banged up they are. Adam says his knees don't feel so bad after seeing Brendon's.

In the hammock Cassie, Kalia and Dani are discussing POV tomorrow. Kalia says everything has been physical so far and she wants some Q&A. Asks if you would go on slop for 974 days to get the veto. Conv is mostly about eating after being on slop. They are wondering how Adam can eat a pound of bacon every morning and still be losing weight. Dom comes and joins the girls in the hammock. Kalia is admonished for singing (that was at least 3-4 minutes ago).

Kalia talks back, sort of and gets called to DR...everyone says "ohhhhhh" and she says it better be her DR session and not for singing.

HOH Jeff and Jordan: Jordan said Cassie was talking to Jordan about just stuff and Rachel got really upset and said Cassie was only talking to Jordan cos she was HOH. Jordan says she likes talking to Cassie. Jordan is now getting paranoid that everyone is watching her every time she talks to Cassie. Jeff says Rach gets paranoid over every little thing.

Jordan is starting to babble now (you need multiple personalities to follow this). Jeff says "what...you are not supposed to talk to people".. tells Jordan to just watch what she says...talk to everyone but don't tell them anything. Jeff says do I have to act like Brendon and tell you not to talk to anyone unless I am around? Jordan stops for a second and then says ...."OK"!! This ping-pongs for a few minutes. Jeff's kind of had it at this point. Jordan says "that's all she had to say"...brief pause...then continues right on with more of same (she is definitely spending too much time with Rachel- jmho!). Jordan says it scares her when she thinks Jeff is mad at her...(this is just getting too weird!!!!).

Jordan is saying how they have to tell people to throw the veto (this season is just wacky...nobody wants to win anything anymore). Jeff brings the conversation home to the fact that they are getting rid of Adam.

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Guest 6Borders

10:521: Jordan thinks Dani would stab you in the back. Jeff says Dani has not started playing yet. Jordan says Dani would turn on Bren/Rach and Jeff thinks that's about the best idea since not being on slop (he didn't say that but I was thinking it so I think he was too!).

Lots of yawning in the hammock. Dom is telling the girls he really really hates them. Dom wants to know why the pool table is being covered...he wanted to play some pool. Cassie says so go talk it off. Cassie wants to know when veto is used and Dani says "maybe Monday".

Dom wants to know the first concert they would go to when they get out of the house. Cassie wants to know who's playing.

Shelly, Bren, Lawon discussing past seasons. Brendon imparts his vast knowledge of how and who who would and would not vote.

The J's are still on the same hamster wheel in the HOH room. Jeff says it's good to just let everyone else pick each other off. Jeff says nobody knows it was Shelly who flipped and says no one will ever know. They are watching the spy screen and taking inventory of where everyone is.

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Guest 6Borders

11pm BBT: In the hammock they are playing the "would you rather game" (again...heavy sigh!!). Dom has added 20-questions to each choice, brining the excitement level of this game up to about whopping -10. Rachel calls out with one of her "heyyyyyy...hiiii's (I don't think there are letters on the keyboard to duplicate that). The hammock hamsters echo the shout out back to Rachel. Dom is bummed with a "really bad 'would you rather"".

On the couches Shel says she feels bad for Lawon because "he didn't do it".

Apparently Kalia is really really in trouble with BB this time for singing. Shelly says she's been warned so many times. Kalia comes out of DR and is offered food. She declines saying her stomach is doing wonky things. Kalia does not act any worse for wear if production gave her what-for's.

Rach and Porche discussing DR's. Rach asks if Porche already did her's and we get a camera switch followed by "you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests".

Kalia thinks she should totally get an "acting thing" after the show...Jeff says she's not doing a very good job. Dani wants to know what they are doing for entertainment tonite (been wondering that myself for the last 2 hours!)

Brendon is doing a Franklin update for the cameras...Big Brother has stolen his best friend to which the others quickly remind him that Rachel is his best friend, so he immediately recinds and recovers...Franklin is his best animal friend. He cries for the safe return of Franklin (pretty touching actually!). Brendon really does a pretty great skit in my opinion but apparently BB does not think so and gives a stern "Brendon...stop that!"

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11:18 BBT

Dani asks what are they doing fun tonight and jeff and kailia says "this is it" which is pretty much nothing...standing around the backyard.

Dani Cassi and Don are on the hammock...

brendon dorking out about franklin his "animal best friend" as he dramatizes his pleas for his return...a lot of polite giggles from other HG as he gets dorkier as he pretends to cry {and this tool is worried about rachel demasculinizing him}

11;22 BBT Dani and Don taunt kalia to get on the hammock as she complains abour her shoulder from the food com as she plops on some concerned "wow" from Dom and Dani as she sags the whole apparatus to the ground..

She is worried other HG thought she was faking her injury....

11:25 BBt Jeff and Brenden at the hammock messing with Kalia saying her acting for sure proves she was faking...Kalia jokes she was faking and did it to not be on slop but just laugh about it.....Kalia talks about "what's her name' in The Dr so she can go back in....FOTH

Brenden "my shoulders...my kneess' as he mocks Kalia.....Kalia wishes she was smart enough to think of it jokingly...about faking her injury

11:27 Jordan returns from HOH saying she came down to socialize....

11:28 BBT At the couch Brenden still doing that obnoxious voice as they discuss the jellybeans "popcorn flavor" and Jeff likes "the black ones" as the discuss it with Adam Rachel Jeff and Jordan..

Rachel talking the drum circle "mad the show".....

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11:32 BBT

In the kitchen cassie and Shelly discussing the noms...and now they are discussing how shelly is hungry as cassi is hoping tomorrow is not too physical being "hungry and shitty sleep"

In walks Lawon as he says 'i'll take one for the team' about Shelly hoping him and his partner would have been picked as a have not..

Lawon says he feels like he's been "overaanalyzing' everything and says he knows he can trust and who he can't..

Lawon wants to tell Cassie something....oh man Shelly ate it on the chair when she says she will give cassi and Lawon some time..

11:36 BBT Brendon goes through to the DR...Lawon just picking through the jelly beans as Cassi returns "wanna talk her" and Cassi says here

Cass says "i've been told some stuff today"...and says she heard stuff but didn't ask for specifics...as she says "its a game" so she isn't sure if she can trust Lawon...

Lawon says 'people are going to try to lie" as he accuses her 'at one point" she lied...saying Cassi took "him for granted"....and Lawon thinks sometime her and Don talk abouit him....the whole once "we get outta her" talk as she says she never said anything negative....just what she heard about him and said he was the last person he expected it from.....Lawon is jealous saying they could play the game but outside the house they "can be the bomb"

11:41 BBT Cassi doing her dignity talk no lies head held high blah blah blah...all "these girls that don't like me" for "no reason"....and its just been cassi "hanging out"

Cassi says she feels closer to lawon than with DOm...

11:42 BBt more talk between Lawon and Cassi

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Guest 6Borders

11:30 BBT: Food talk in the backyard. BB hollers that they are not allowed to talk about DR with other HG's...Adam says "we were talking about food" and Shelly says "it's not you". Rachel covers up her glitter shirt and whines mildly about not having alcohol. Jordan came down "just to be social". Rachel thinks last year they drank every night...Brendon says no and Rach says "we got alcohol every night"

Cassie and Shelly in the kitchen. Shel says first time she's been hungry. Lawon comes in and says he overthinks things...says he thinks he knows who he can trust. He asks Cassie if she trusts him. Her gut says she should but she's "heard some things today"...Shelly leaves them alone to talk. Cassie and Lawon say all they have is their word right now. Lawon is jealous when Cassie spends so much time with Dom. Cassie says she has to keep being herself, all the girls hate her and if they want to kick her out fine...go watch the footage after 3 months, that she has not lied to anyone. Cassie is just going to be herself and that's the way it is. Lawon agrees...and agrees..and agrees!! (this looks like it could go on for quite a while!!)

(11:45 BBT I can stand no more of this excitement tonite so I'm signing off for now...see ya on the flip flop!!)

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11:43 BBt Lawon talking about the vote "i did not" when she accused him of voting Porsche he cried "what happened" and Lawon thought Cassi was "one of the votes for porsche"..."i did' and says someone "lied to my face" and the "you'll see" the tapes...

Lawon "to be honest" he talks about being "hard" sometimes to trust Kalia...

Lawon talks about people being in their ears and reassure 'i never talk bad about you" but he did "doubted you".....

11:46 BBT Cassi say sI'm "grateful I got shelly" and is good with her...

Lawon says he knows people talk about me and its probably "people I trust" and Cassi says nothing until today...and Lawon says he doesn't want her to avoid him....

Cassi says even if he is "playing a game" she won't let affect her friendship with Lawon...

11:48 BBT Lawon says if she wouldn't have asked her about what was said "you wouldn't have approached me"...Lawon says he "won't take it personal" if she doesn't want to hang with him.if she believes what she hears its cool its a game...

again cassi 'that's all we got" in 3 mos they get to watch "the footage"

Jeff comes in "what's up I didn't hear nothing" and leaves..

Lawon promises not to "slide her under the bus"....

11:51 BBT Cassi asks where his doubt comes from and Lawon "because of the vote" as he reiterates he voted for keith to stay and she says "i'm walking away now" and says "watch the footage" like she didn't believe him..

11:53 BBT she heads to the have not room

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11:54 BBT

Back at the hammock Dani Kalia and Dom accusing people of being in alliance...they are joking "the hot tube alliance" Dom aks why is when hes not wearing a shirt "jeff rips on me"

Camera swithches to brenden doing the obnoxious voice about bananas

11:56 BBT Talking what decade they were "established"....lawon was "16" when Rachel was born....Adam talks how his dad took him to NY to learn to drive

Jordan born in ** the same year as Shelly graduating from high school..

11:59 BBT Jordan trying to get Jeff to take a shower and go lay down to relax...he talks about maybe getting in the HT...Jeff tells Jordan Cassi was talking to lawon and tells Jordan 'you shouldn't have fucking never said that" as she said something earlier about Adam not being the person who voted for Porsche to stay..

Cassi joins them at the HT...and in go her feet..."day 14 huh" as she tries to stop a convo...Jeff saying hes "wiped out" and wants to "lay down" in quiet and Cassi says she's with Dom and Jordan warns he snores so loud and offer lemons to just "throw at his head" and Jeff says "if he was right next to me I would die...or he would die"

12:03 BBT Jordan says she feels bad she has to sllep with Dom in the have not room...

Jordan says she is gonna wash her face and go to bed and says she hopes Cassi doesn't feel like she's ignoring her" cassi asks if she can go up a listen to "indian outlaw" and sings some and FOTH..

Cassi heads to HOH Jeff tells Jordan he'll be up "in two seconds"

12:05 BBT Jordan sits on the outdoor couch...saying she's so tired..Cassi stops Shelly and tells her that Lawon told her he didn't trust her and Cassi is upset and says 'to justify" what he says about me theis past "couple days"..when Shell asks why he would say that...

12:07 BBT Porsche and Cassi at bathroom mirror as Adam says goodnight...Cassi wants to be called next but says when she asks it never works for the DR..Primps her hair and then leaves..

lawon starts whistling as adam is fixing the beds..."tomorrow shouild be interesting" adam says as he helps adam prepare for his stint in the havenot room and is called away by the DR...

12:10 FOTH

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12:11 BBT Talking on the couch Brendon Jordan rach and Jeff talking about how Lawon and Cassi don't trust each other..

Cassie comes out and they talk about what time POV is...and when they pick players Jeff asks if she went to HOh "to listen to her song" she says she never made it up there and Jeff says he's going into the shower and FOTH...

Feeds back..Jeff has left upstairs and brenden left...as her and cassi and Jordan talking about her future name Villlegas..

All feeds switch to the hammock..Dani Dom and kalia talking "get fisted" Kalia says "lets do Adam Shout outs....they are just talking nonsense..

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12:19 BBT

They joke about the two votes for Porsche....and Dom says he knows...Dom wants to have the convo and kalia and Dani just keep joking...

Dom saying he and Cassi trusts each other and feels she has his back....but now says he doesn't trust anyone...as he asks them if she is someone not to trust and Kalia and Dani keep joking around..

Dom asking if his trust with Cassi "in a good location" and Dani says the trust "sings "it has gotten you on the block"

Dom says "you're fucking withmy mind" as Dani and Kalia asks if he is gonna try to win the veto...

Dom says "can you asshole be serious" and Dom "how can you says I'm on the block' because he's a bad player and says he can't win anything "with him"...and Dom jokes he throws comp becauise "i'm the biggest target"

12:25 BBT Dom trying for info "to work with" ..and Kalia "think a few steps a ahead" and Kalia says "i'm not a snitch' when Dom complains their advice is "vague"

he tells dom to "think"

12;26 BBT Dani keeps goofing off trying to avoid the convo..

back at the couch Lawon outside..talking to Jordan Rachel and Cassi about Keith....Jordan though he was strong but says she would have kept him if thet got "to him sooner"

Lawon says he doesn't know who voted for who and accept that and just wait to see at "finale night' and Jordan says by then you don't care....

Jordan says its the fun of the game because you don't know "who you can trust" and soon everyone gets paranoid...

12:30 BBT In HOH Jeff and Bren talking about getting Cassi over to their side...Jeff said lawon pulled him aside and says he "fucked up" and wants 'to roll with you guys" from now on....and says he and Kalia are on board..


12:32 BBT feeds back they are talking about POV timing "early afternoon" and jeff says he talked to Adam "he's gold"...

They talk about they will go after anyone who tries to knock them out...

Jeff says casi is 'already gone" and tells Jordan to talk to her...just in case she does get HOh and they are in a little before....

12:34 BBT..Brendon says 'all the girl;s are hating eacj other" and Jeff says "that's how it goes" talking about them being "catty"

Brendon says once they get to singles all the girls will be "going for each other" and plant seeds by about what they say about each other...

Brendon 'we are 1 week away from getting "danielle back"...

12:37 BBT Jeff really wants to win POv and Talks about Adam says he will easing off the POV...and says "i know" and he''s "100%" he's safe Jeff says when Brenden asks...

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12:39 BBT

Back in HOH Bren and Jeff talking about....Cassi is able to put on a fake face and talk why cant rach....and Jeff says you have to tell her 'to relax" and bren says "she's good" ....Jeff says he doesn't mind talking cassi as long as it isn't game...

Bren leaves "nighty night keep the butthole tight" he tells Jeff on the way out..

12:41 BBT all feeds on Bren walking to his room..heads to his room and Porsche says rach still outside...and talk about something being broken..

12:42 BBT at hammock.. Kalia joke about Dani and Dom doing a showmance and Dom says "i don't do showmances" and Dani says "it got me to the final two last time why would I do it again"

Back in Bedroom Porsche talking about the vote and says someone told her that they would have voted for if they knew the majority was voting for her...Bren and Porsche talk..as she discusses the POV as Adam asked her how it works if couples disagree on how to use it...

Porsche says if he voted for me "he would say it".....Porsche things Shelly voted for keith...

Porsche says she's "annoyed" how Kailia had the medic come out during food comp and then tonight was chucking "bean bags' like it was nothing..

12:48 BBT FOTH..

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12:51 BBT Feeds return with Bren and Porsche still talkling...about making it to BB....and talk about people really watching it and says Dick says "they do watch' and there are "super fans like Adam and Shelly"

Porsch e says she didn't expect the vote to be that close and got a little nervous when Adam gave shelly a "hand signal" ....

12:58 BBT All feeds on this convo and Porsche says "its gonna be really realy tough to break top 5" and Brenden says "you'll never know"...bren goes over the in and outs of BB

Bren admits the 6-4 vote was what they expected..."pretty sure we would at least have that".....the other side was "was shocked" and porsche says "for sure" and says "lawon was crying a little"

12:56 BBT porsche says "let people just talk" becaus ethey have delt with girls like "cassie"

Feed switch to BR Dom says he is gonna have "another talk" with Joran and says "if tomorrow doesn't work out" Kalia says "you can rally votes" as Kalia tells him "just say you're gonna win"

Kalia says he should go to bed...

12:58 BBT Dom heads to HT and says "i can't believe your're still up" he say to Jordan and sasy "1" when she asks what time it is...

12:59 BBT FOTH

Shelly heads to bed "night dom" and Cassi lawon Jordan and Dom are left in the BY..Jordan doesn't understand how hot during the day and so cold at night..

1:01 BBT Jordan and cassi talking about school...Jordan "i've never been to new york before" ......

Back in BR Rachel whispering about Cassi with Kalia saying she is gonna to put up her and Lawon but assure her if that happens shes safe...talks about she thinks adam was the vote for Porsche....

Kalia says she tried to get Cassie up and hes not "the mastermind"..and says she says he has a 1 in 3 chance to win POV.....Rachel hopes they play the veto and Cassi goes up...Kalia "cassi "swore on her dad" she wasn't putting Jeff and Jordan up and says "that's the biggest lie"

Kalia back outside....Jordan says "finale night we should go to Cabo Catina or Saddle ranch"...and Dom asks what it is and they say a bar...

Jordan talks about going out after fnale 'and get our groove on" and mentions "boogie's place" and Kalia says "it use to be the hot spot" and feeds switch..

in Bathroom Dani and Rachel whispering talking about winning the veto tomorrow to get Cassie out..Kalia and Jordan come in....Dani whispering so inaudible...

1:11 BBT Rachel in bathroom with Dani plotting Cassi's demise..Rachel saying they want Cassi out...

{Dead tired...im out early be back tomorrow}

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1:20 BBT

Lawon and Dom are discussing the votes in the hottub. Dom says he just started playing the game and had no idea everyone else was playing individually, until the votes came back.

Lawon said he's not going out like this, just for being loyal.

Dom says, "screw them all."

Dominic and Dani flirting in the kitchen as Dom heads to bed.

General chitchat in the kitchen between Dani and Kalia.

Jeff and Jordan in hoh bedroom discussing Rachel and Dani hating Cassi.

Jeff wants to know why Dani is always with Dom, then they discuss votes.

Jeff is bent on getting Dom out, no matter what Rachel and Dani say about Cassi.

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1:30 BBT

Dani antagonizing Dom in the kitchen,

"Dom you going to bed?"

Dom said he's tired and Dani replies,

"But I love hanging out with you and you only have six days left."

Dom glares at her and walks away as Dani says,

"Or you can prevent that."

Jeff and Jordan in hoh again talking about Shelly and how sweet she is and how they said if they win pov they will not use it on Dom or Adam.

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5:01 am BBT

Shelly is up and heads to the BR....

Dom rustled in his sleep and gave the HN a shot reprieve in snoring...

Dom - sleeping - points up to the ceiling...

Shel done in BR, and heads back to HN room to go back to bed...

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