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7/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Guest 6Borders

9pm BBT: Welcome to the Big Boring After Dark Report: Kalia regales us with the facts that she is really good at painting her nails and makes a mean latte!!! Rachel feels "prettier" when she gets a manicure.

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Guest 6Borders

Cassi and Dani are talking about having to campaign and getting to know everyone. I think they were bashing Keith.

Cassie is feeling a little crazy today and Dani says "a little claustrophobic"...Cassie feels the campaign if over and people are going to do what they are going to do.

Dani says it sucks just coming in and hanging out..it's lonely sometimes. Cassie says outside is really simple and she has great friends but inside is putting herself through a lot of bs.

9:07pm - Fruit Flies in the storeroom (maybe Franklin is behind the oranges).

Kalia and Jordan talking...Kalia says Cassie was talking to Brendon for a while (long time).

Adam & Lawon talking...Adam says he might be paranoid but his gut is telling him they (vets I guess) might come after him because he would not commit to a vote.

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9:01 BBT: Daniele and Cassi in the lounge talking about Porsche and how apparently Porsche has said if she wins HOH she will put Cassi and Shelly up. Cassi says she doesn't care which of the two nominees leaves because she dislikes them both in different ways.

9:04 BBT: Cassi: "Shelly can't stand her as far as she can thrown her." Cassi agrees about Porsche and hates being a grown woman stuck in the house with someone as immature as Porsche is. Daniele agrees that it is hard to live with people you don't like because she also isn't the type to be fake about how she feels about someone.

9:07 BBT: Jordan and Kalia in the storage room discuss what they think Shelly would do next week. Jordan thinks Shelly will agree with her side and nominate Dominic and Adam. Dominic comes in and stops the game talk.

9:08 BBT: Kalia thinks the obvious choice is to get rid of Dominic first between Dominic and Adam. Kalia is worried about why Cassi was talking with Brendon for so long today. Kalia thinks Dominic will do what she wants in the game.

9:09 BBT: Adam and Lowan in the have not room. Adam telling Lowan that Jeff asked Adam if he was with the vets. Adam said he didn't know and Jeff gave him a warning that he is either with them or against them (the vets). Adam is now worried that the vets are after him because he wouldn't commit.

9:10 BBT: Keith enters have not room. Keith tells them that Jeff came to confront Dominic about whether or not Dominic said he would put Jeff and Jordan on the block. Apparently Dominic did say this and he started back pedeling with Jeff. Keith is worried Cassi is turning. Lowan said he will do whatever he needs to do. Keith says the two most quilty people are those that aren't saying anything and that is Cassi and Dominic.

9:12 BBT: Keith is telling Adam that Cassi tried throwing Adam under the bus and accused him of turning to the vets side. Keith didn't fall for it (or so he says to Adam).

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Guest 6Borders

9:ll BBT Keith is still campaigning and says he thinks Dom might have flipped. He tells Adam he believes him and believes he will keep his word. Adam thinks he is the next target and the vets want to get rid of the strong players (gee, ya think?). They are both kind of hyper-ventilating. Adam decides he needs a shower.

Cassie tells Dani Porche's plan was for her to get HOH and send Cassie and Shelly home. Dani wants to know when Porche thinks she's going to play HOH and Cassie says "after the golden key thing is over". Dani asks "so she's walking around on her high horse already...?" Cassie mumbles something in agreement.

Dom brings Cassie some nuts and she asks if he owns any ankle socks (must be a correlation but I don't get it!). Dom walks away and calls them a-holes which they seem to think is pretty funny.

9:15 BBT: Shelly, Rach, Keith, Porche and Bren are in the BY. Jordan is working out (I think). Porche is admonished for talking about production and says "accounts...c'mon...cut me some slack"

Rach asks Keith who he played pro basketball for...he says he didn't play pro....

Brendon is working out and Rachel and Lawon look like they are going to fall asleep any minute from boredom.

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9:27 BBT: Rachel and Brendon are in the HOH room and Rachel is complaining about how Cassi is moping around the house. Brendon warns her to stop hanging out with Porsche who keeps following Rachel around. Brendon tells Rachel to hang out with Jordan or Daniele. Brendon thinks it is bad game play if Rachel hangs out with Porsche. Rachel defends her by comparing it to if Jenelle was in the house Rachel would follow Jenelle around. Apparently Porsche is going around telling everyone that Rachel is giving her (Porsche) the golden key.

9:29 BBT: Rachel is complaining that Daniele is complaining about everything and that Cassi is following Daniele around like a puppy. Rachel is mad that Shelly gave her word to Keith to keep him. Brendon thinks he and Rachel were dealt a "shitty hand of cards." They were on top and now they aren't.

9:30 BBT: Brendon raises his voice over the Porsche issue and the same old bickering ensues between Rachel and Brendon.

Rachel: "Cassi is driving me absolutely insane!" "No matter what, we have Kalia."

Brendon: "She (Kalia) knows she is at the bottom of the totem pole."

9:32 BBT: Rachel and Brendon now move on to strategizing for the upcoming HOH competition by comparing it to games they played last season and to games in Jeff and Jordan's season. During the conversation Brendon picks his nose which distracts Rachel. Apparently Rachel gets to decide the order of when each player plays in the HOH competition. She wants Jordan to win HOH. She wants to put the newbies' best player first, which Rachel thinks is Cassi.

9:35 BBT: Brendon keeps second guessing where everyone stands comparing it to last year how he didn't listen to his gut and he doesn't want to repeat that.

Rachel: "Cassi doesn't like me!"

Brendon: "NO, duh, she is just like every other girl and she will get you out as soon as she can."

Rachel: "She likes Daniele, but she doesn't like me or Jordan."

9:37 BBT: More Brendon and Rachel bickering. Rachel: "I'm just venting to you Brendon. You are the only person I can trust 100%"

9:38 BBT: Brendon gets in the shower as Rachel lays out his clothes for him like she is his mother.

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Guest 6Borders

9:21 BBT: Rach and Cassie in the Kitchen...Rach goes to the storeroom to get vegetables but they won't let her in.

Production says "attention HG's...the storage room is temporarily unavailable"!

Backyard..Lawon is now working out. Shel comments to Keith how he's so confident he's not leaving. Some yelling back and forth about gatorade and leaving the fridge open. Dani says "they should not let 15 year olds in the house...so annoying". They decide Dom gets a 15 min time out for leaving the fridge open. Dom says it's not his fault. Shel tells Dom to "give mom a hug and go watch Nicklodian"

9:26pm Brenchel talking about how Porche is moping around the house. Bren says they need to distance themselves from Porche...Rach says she likes Porche. Bren says it's the worst F'ing game play ever. Rach says "I like her"...Bren says he knows but it's not good for game play.

Rach keeps telling Bren she's not stupid and stop yelling at her. Bren says they were on top and got screwed (cos Dick left). Bren is frustrated and Rach keeps trying to get her point across...she is obviously getting frustrated too because she can't complete a sentence. This just goes back and forth, back and forth...de ja Brenchel!!!!

Brenchel interupt themselves to see who fed the fish, then away we go again..Now they are discussing past HOH comps. Rach says she remembers all the comps is trying to explain and starts crying...Bren back-peddles the hammering and says "I'm listening to you...."

Bren says his gut his usually right and Rach says she's not playing emotional this year (really? I must have missed something!!!) They are now going off about Cassie (not sure why so I hope someone can fill that in)...Rach can tell "as a girl how girls act" . Brendon goes to the bathroom and Rach laments that he is her fiance and the only one she can trust (de ja Brenchel-2, ad nauseum!!)!!

9:38 BBT Backyard discussion is about laundry (I think cheap soap). Discussion about if Adam will dye his goatee for the live show. Dom loves 20's style clothes.

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9:50 BBT: Rachel tells Jordan that Cassi is driving her crazy. They head upstairs to talk but run in to Jeff. He says he will join them upstairs to talk about the order of HOH.

9:53 BBT: Jordan tells Rachel that the reason the newbies are acting weird is because they are back tracking. Rachel complains that Cassi won't talk to her at all, she just gives her smug smiles and then goes to talk to Daniele. Rachel complains that the only thing that comes out of Cassi's mouth is complaints about Porsche. Rachel noticed that the other day Cassi was talking to Jeff and Brendon but still ignoring her and Jordan. Jordan tries to rationalize and say that maybe she is just more comfortable talking with guys. Jordan said she did talk to Cassi last night.

9:55 BBT: Apparently Cassi refused to take the group picture with everyone today because of Porsche. Jordan says it is just because of all the tension of the upcoming HOH competition. Everyone was practicing late into the night last night. Apparently Lowan and Kalia are doing better at the golf game. Rachel said "good" about Kalia doing well. Both she and Jordan don't want Lowan to win HOH.

9:56 BBT: Rachel thinks the newbies are after her and Brendon because Cassi talks to Daniele and Dominic talks to Jeff and no one talks to her and Brendon. Rachel thinks Cassi is adament about getting rid of Rachel so she can work with the guys.

9:57 BBT: Jordan calls downstairs for Jeff to hurry up and join them and he jokes that Jordan is spending too much time with Rachel and getting bossy.

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9:59 BBT: Rachel definitely wants Cassi out this next week and apparently Daniele agrees. Jordan says that they are all nice and Rachel back pedals and says that she agrees that everyone is nice.

10:01 BBT: Jeff joins Rachel and Jordan in HOH. Rachel tells Jeff that Shelly gave Keith her word, but apparently Brendon wanted her to do that but really not vote to keep Keith. So Rachel is worried about where people will turn. If Shelly votes with the vets then they know they can trust her.

Jeff: "Don't believe everything you hear in this house."

10:02 BBT: Brendon joins and they talk about the order of the HOH competition. Jeff says to put Dominic or Adam first because they will be too nervous to do well. The four of them start speculating what the game will look like exactly. They all agree that Jordan should go before Jeff and Brendon so that if she does better than all the newbies before her then Jeff and Brendon will throw it and give HOH to Jordan.

10:05 BBT: Rachel's proposed order for the HOH competition: Dominic, Adam, Cassi, Shelley, Lowan, Kalia, Jordan, Jeff, and Brendon. She says she can then tell everyone that she just did the order by pairs to keep it fair that way she looks good but she is still getting the order she wants.

10:09 BBT: Rachel is telling Jordan, Brendon, and Jeff that once Porsche wins the golden key she is going to go off on Cassi about trying to get her out right before the HOH competition to hopefully mess with Cassi's game. Jordan doesn't think this is good idea because it just creates drama. Rachel likes it because she thinks they need every advantage they can get. Brendon says he doesn't care because it doesn't affect them. He tells Rachel not to get involved and don't push Porsche to go through with it because it could come back to hurt Rachel.

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10:14 BBT: Jeff and Brendon don't trust Porsche but will still vote for her to stay. Rachel says Dick trusted her for a reason and they should respect Dick. Again Brendon says that Rachel shouldn't associate too much with Porsche.

Brendon and Jeff agree that Cassi is beginning to be buddy buddy with Daniele. Brendon thinks it's because she wants them to put her at a good position in the HOH competition.

Rachel: "Anything we can do to mess up their game for HOH is good"

Jordan: "They are already nervous because of how we did on our HOH." [season 11 HOH golf game Jordan won]

Rachel and Jordan want the other girls to wear heels on the live show so that it messes up their game.

Rachel: "Jordan I can't wait to give you the key tomorrow."

Jordan: "No pressure!" As Jeff knocks on wood for luck.

10:18 BBT: They want to practice all night but Jordan is nervous when all the newbies watch like hawks at how she does.

Jeff leaves HOH and Brendon asked Jordan if she agrees that Cassi ignores her. Jordan doesn't agree she says that Cassi does talk to her. Rachel says that Jordan just admitted that Cassi doesn't talk to her. Jordan says she does talk to her but she talks to Jeff more. Rachel is still paranoid about how Cassi wants first Rachel out then Jordan.

10:20 BBT: Brendon warns Rachel to not play the game based on who she likes or dislikes like she did last year with Kristen. Jordan says she will pay more attention to how Cassi acts around her and leaves HOH.

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Kalia/ Porsche play chess.

Kalia confirms that she will be voting to keep Porsche, but if the vote comes out weird, Porsche cannot tell anyone! She wants to blame it on someone else.

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Guest 6Borders

Note: Glad to see hekll27 here...my last 1/2 hour of posts somehow bounced back into 7/13

10:28p BBT Keith & Shel talking...Keith is freaking out. Keith says "why isn't she (Porche) packing"...Shel says she packed. Shel is trying to get him to calm down. She's not making any sense or headway out of the conversation (I don't feel so bad now).

Shel is trying to explain to Keith that part of this is a social game and his social game went downhill (mom version of "your game sucked"). She's pointed out his triple paranoia but he's not getting any of this (neither am I).

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Shelly owning a conversation with Keith

Shelly saying he had to FIGHT to stay, and he didn't want to fight because it will hurt his pride, and that's it

Keith saying he doesn't want to because he already tried, they want porsche to win

Shelly: it's a bad decision, it's a 500,000 dollar mistake. go knock on their door!

K: I'm not going to beg Shelly, I just can't do that.

S: But WHY? WHY! Get the answers you want. Have them tell you WHY. get the answers you want, if you're that convinced. It's going to bother you if it happens.

S explaining things change, why is he just taking it?

S: Why aren't you using your life logic in this game, you're not a quitter.

K: I'm not.

S: then why are you quitting right now?!

K: I'm not! you're not hearing me.

S: I hear you crystal clear.

Shelly saying he's not willing to ask why, or even make a deal

K thinks he has nothing to offer them

S saying he does, they have 5 people, why wouldn't they want him?

S: go make a deal. why aren't you looking out for you. why aren't you willing to make a deal? you're supposed to look out for you!

K: but I don't think it will work.

S: you're willing to throw it away without even trying?

K: It won't work. maybe it's pride.

S: do you WANT to go home?

K: no.

S: you don't not try because you think it isn't going to work!

K: I don't wanna make a deal if I can't stay loyal to people I said I would be before [the original 8]

S: this isn't a game of life.

Shelly is befuddled because Keith is willing to stay loyal to 8 people who he doesn't believe are being loyal to him.

S saying he might regret it if he doesn't offer a deal.

K: I don't know what deal to even make?

Shelly: I'm not going to tell you what deal to make. think about what's in your heart.

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10:40 BBT: A long lecture from Shelly to Keith about how he needs to fight to stay in the house, not just roll over and die. She wants him to go upstairs to the HOH room and make a deal. He needs to form an alliance to protect himself and stop making himself such a big target.

Keith doesn't think it will work so he won't even try. He says he is too prideful to go talk to the vets. Shelly asks him if he wants to go home. He swears he doesn't want to go home, but she doesn't believe him because he isn't trying to stay and fight for the money.

Shelly is getting frustrated because he refuses to admit that his strategy so far isn't working but he refuses to fix it.

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they leave, and join the backyard. as they go, Shelly says "You don't walk out on yourself."

Meanwhile, Kalia and Porsche play chess.

Kalia got reprimanded in the DR today for too much singing in the house.

Adam joins chess

Most HGs are in the BY

Shelly now talking with Cassi

Shelly to Cassi: I've never seen anyone give up like that before.

Cassi believes K will go anyway. Cassi says she will still vote Porsche out.

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Guest 6Borders

10:43 pm BBT: The un-fascinating and seemingly endless conversation continues between Shel and Keith. Shel asks him if he wants to make an alliance and he says of course he does...finally asks why Keith wants to stand out like a sore thumb. There was actually a golden moment of silence while Keith pondered that. Shel is doing the best Mom-School Counselor-Cheerleader pep talk she can. Keith is making no sense at all in his answers and this conversation is going nowhere faster than a speeding bullet. Shel finally tells Keith "you don't walk out on yourself..that's not the way life is".

10:48pm BBT BY - Rachel is moderating PT (?)

She says Dani is wearing full glitter body paint and 6-inch stiletto heels...Dani says how slut-ish!!! She finally has to give up the mic to explain the costume to Dani and Dom....including silver glitter to cover the obvious area, especially her "V-dazzle", which seems to be the new run-away word of the evening.

10:54: Shel and Cassie are having a conv about eviction and counting the votes. Sounds like they are still voting Keith to stay but they think Kalia is with the vets vote. Shel says she's never seen anyone give up like that before. Cassie and Shel both say nobody is coming and talking to them about the votes and why. Shel wants to know if Dom switched...Cassie says no..I don't know. Cassie thought for sure it was a done deal last week and now she doesn't know. Shel says "it's the first week and ppl are freaking out". They both agree its paranoia! Shel says it's to the point where she wants to put up all the panicky people!

Lots of DR calls!!

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10:54 BBT: Cassi and Shelly in BY: Cassi thinks she will be surprised if Porsche ends up leaving because all the vets are voting to keep Porsche. Shelly asks Cassi if she is planning on going with the house (voting out Keith?) and Cassi said no, she is sticking with her original plan. Shelly agrees and Cassi said Dominic is still on board too.

Shelly says she hasn't promised anyone her vote [not according to Rachel who thinks Shelly gave her word to Keith].

10:56 BBT: Shelly said Porsche has come to her saying she too thinks she is leaving but she promises Shelly that she wouldn't put Shelly up after the 4 weeks of the golden key are over. Cassi says that Porsche hasn't come to her to campaign for Cassi's vote. Apparently Keith hasn't campaigned yet either, he just assumes he has her vote. Cassi says he does have her vote just because it is better for her to get rid of Porsche, not because Keith has played a good game. Shelly and Cassi question if Dominic is still on board and Shelly hopes that Dominic isn't playing Cassi and her.

10:58 BBT: Shelly: "It's only the first week and people are absolutely freaking out! I don't get it!" Cassi and Shelly question what Kalia, Adam, and Porsche are doing upstairs and they wonder if anyone else is with them. Shelly: "I've never seen a first eviction be so...I don't know maybe they all were. I'm going to put up the panicky people who run their mouth. I've never seen so much panic in my life! It's ridiculous."

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Guest 6Borders

11:04pm BBT Shel and Keith talking live show with Cassie and Adam in the backyard. They are also talking about roller skates & skating. Shel and everyone got new roller skates. Adam and Shel both say they can't ice skate at all. Shel's dad proposed to her mom on a sled and her mom was afraid she was going to lose the ring in her glove.

Shel and Cassie discuss showering tonite because it might be easier to be ready for tomorrow (live show). Shel says "tomorrow is gonna be crazy".

Competition practice continues on the putting green. Shel gives a "nice...green for money" shout out of encouragement to the practice session. Shel says Lawon's (I think) pants look like Urkel.

Shel says she hates it when production yells her name...she hates being screamed up but she understand that they are doing their jobs. Shel says she's still in absolute shock that she's sitting there (on Big Brother). Shel says she's never been a rule breaker (welcome to Big Brother Shel). She can't understand how "they" can tell stories for hours (me either).

Adam has joined Porche and Kalia for chess.

Jordan is filling the HOH bathtub

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Jordan in hoh bath, Kalia and her check in. She informs Kalia of the order in tomorrow's competition.

Brendon explains how tomorrow is going to go to a few people in the BY, and says they do a mock vote, like Lady gaga vs Madonna, and he was upset that people voted out Madonna.

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Guest 6Borders

11:15pm BBT: Jordan and Kalia having a talk in the HOH bathroom. Hard to hear because of the water and Kalia's warp-speed talking, but Kalia is saying something about if anyone ever finds out (how she voted?).....Kalia babbles another 2 or 3 sentences I didn't get and then says she needs to leave so nobody will think she was up there talking.

Backyard: Bren and Jeff are talking who went out first. Bren says he was on the block 4 times. Bren is explaining how a live show works (I'm surprised we don't get a cam switch or a production warning...whoops, spoke too soon!)

Back in the kitchen Keith is running his mouth about what he eats every day and what made him throw up. Dani appropriately responds but keeps eating. Dani does not eat a lot of steak, Keith says it's healty and Dani says it makes her feel gross! Keith says cheetos are a heart attack in a bag for black people because they have either high blood pressure or high cholestrol..don't know which he finally decided on! Dani is acting interested.

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11:17 BBT

Kalia and Jordan had a quick Convo as she is shaving her legs upstairs but left when she didn't want to get caught up in the HOH talking..

Keith and pOrsche at the bathroom mirror just chit chatting...heads out without accusing each other of who's going home..

Keith heads to kitchen telling Dani oatmeal makes his "throw up" as she eats some nuts...Keith making small talk about food as Cassi just snacks it up quietly...

11:20 BBT..Keith going on about Hot Dogs....their small talk about food continues..

Outdoors Shelly Jeff Brandon Bren..Lawon talking..Brendon explains the Eviction day schedule and what to expect..uncluding the "mock vote" BB has them do..like last season "lady Gaga or Madonna" was one BB asked last season during mock evictions during rehearsals..

11:23 BBT Now Keith and Dani have moved up to Cheetoos as he explains to Dani "black people tend to have high Blood Pressure" and "cholesterol"...Dani seems suprised and intrigued ...and the talk returns back to food and eating...

Keith explains his strange eating patterns and how he seasonally eats when he's outdoors opposed to indoors...6 mos outta the years he's in Chicago so he has to watch what he eats and Dani offers to go see him in Chicago after BB..the other 6 months he eats junk food but doesn't "get fat" because he works out hard...but his body will not be defined...Nutrition talk continues...

11:28 BBT Outdoors on the couch just general chatting while other HG practice golf for tomorrows HOH..Cassi asks about the "steamboat" "music festival" {is it me or does this get asked every season} Jeff and Brenden had no idea but bRenden knows when "Coachella Music Festival' is

11:31 BBT Keith telling Dani he has never been in a fight and they talk about the wierdo fans in BB and the strange calls...Keith seemed excited about it...

Outside Cassi telling the others he bad IBS in high school...the DRs thought maybe it was Chrohns or Colitis..

11:33 Shelly is talking colonoscopy and enemas...and colonic as Cassi describes hers first hand what comes out eve "bugs" and stunned Jeff is "what?" even Lawon is "oh my God"...

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Guest 6Borders

11:26pm BBT: Backyard discussion continues to wane. I didn't see any libations tonite but Brendon was almost slurring words so they must be tired and stressed about tomorrow. There is lots of yawning.

Cassie is discussing her "clean eating" on the outside vs the chit she's been eating in the house. Shel following that up with preparing for a colonoscopy and the before and after of the procedure..."a lot of people do it" according to Shel and you see what comes out. Cassie chimes in with "including bugs...we all have them" (this while she is eating).

Lawon says he heard models have done them (aka "the procedure") and they bet "he (Dom?) has done them and think they should ask.

Bren is back to how a live show works. Bren says Julie's voice is ominous...this leads to ominous vs. omnipotent. I am running for my Roget's and the hg's (well Shel anyway) can't wait to look that up when they get out!

In the kitchen Dani is talking about her obscene caller after her season on BB. Keith wants to know if someone was playing a game. Dani says "when you get out of here you will find out". Keith seems to embrace the idea and he's running away faster than his own ego on the idea.

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11:35 BBt Jeff talsk about maybe he and Jordan should do it together so later they could have something to "laugh" about..

Know it all Brendon gives his take why bodybuilders do it...

11:36 BBt Talk returns to HOH golf...between Jeff and Bren..Jeff says all they need is "one out ogf one" as Jeff says a lot different on the Live show 'monkeys jumping" JC echoing "ominous " voice...

Shelly says ominous is not the right word but "omnipotent" as her and Brendon discuss it and Shelly says she'll google it when they get out...

11:40 BBT Shelly heads indoors and wonders what it will be like when she wont have "24 hr access" to "crap' they eat at BB..

Jordan joins the kitchen snackers fron her "bath" and Shelly discovered the sink is leaking g and Dani says they will be on a LD...

11:42 BBT Rachel has joined the Dani Keith food talk...


Adam and Kalia upstairs playing Chess..as the kitchen crew gets bigger and yell to him to open "a bacon bar" while Shelly is on the sinking leak patrol...

11:43 a lot of slamming as she looks for the source..Brendon has joined rachel Dani and Keith...to eat ice cream...

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Guest 6Borders

11:44pm BBT: I thought libations had arrived but it's ice cream. Bren, Rach, Dani and Adam are digging in. Rachel is telling Keith about her detox session (the things these ppl discuss over food) and says she will prob need one after Big Brother. Rach asks Keith if he ever did modeling and he says "no" that ppl have asked him but he's not into it.

Dani is reiterating what she was wearing to the fake Jr. Prom outside earlier for Keith who is eating up the conversation faster than he did his ice cream. Rach continues to embellish the story. Dom says he quits cos you can't compete with best friends falling in love with you.

Backyard: Jeff says he is more a food person than a sweets person. Shel says Jeff should make a "Left Over Cookbook".

Shel and Cassie are discussing showers. Cassie says she will just take hers tomorrow and Shel says she will get up early. Shel wants to know if they will get in trouble for getting in the hot side.

Shel is being considerate of the production crew I think.

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11:49 BBT

Keith and Dani still in the kitchen talking food..."that was a goood snack" Keith tells her..as he shovels the ice cream in..

Rachel is doing dishes but as keith if he model and Keith says no and has "never thought about it" but wants to get into acting....In walks Dominic..."thanks Rach" when Rach was telling Keith could see Keith "as a fittness model"

11:51 BBT Porsche is now in the Kitchen just standing there...

11:52 BBT Outside Shelly Jordan and Brenden talking about when BB will take the golf apparatus...and set up the real one...Shelly worried BB will let them out "to smoke" Brendon says BB probaly won't give them a chance to smoke "i don't care" Shell says {we all know she does}

Lawon is out there too and says "i'm about to fall asleep"...Shelly admits jeff hits the golf balls "good"

11:55 BBT Brenden brings back the colonics and Lawon says its bad to get a lot as it ruins the intenstinal tissue but Shelly saves us from more of this talk by changing the subject to slleping and Porsche doing the macarena...and the "slumber party" atmosphere in HOH lockdowns...

11:57 BBT IN the bathroom Porsche talks to Kalia over very loud running water sounds like Kalia is trying to get a deal with her to keep her..Kalia wondering if she had any deals besides the one with Dick and Porsche says "no" and its hard to understand with running water and them brushing their teeth...as Kalia jokes she doesn't like Jeff as he uses the bathroom...as Kalia talks nose picking...with Jeff...

12:00 BBT...Kalia leaves and Porsche is left to scrub her mug.. and ready for bed..Kalia returns with tissues..we get an extreme closeup of Porsche's pimple popping..as she leaves...

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