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7/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Guest 6Borders

9pm BBT: Big Boring After Dark starts with the fascinating work out plans. Rachel says she did a few crunches!! Lawon seems pretty impressed!

Kalia is missing everyone back home like crazy and she's had to pee for "like 72 minutes" (I know there was more in between but she talks and even whispers at warp speed so it's hard to get it all)

Some discussion of what games they are going to play tonite (oh joy, I can hardly wait).

Uh oh...singing! (production must be alseep cos I didn't hear "stop that")

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Guest 6Borders

9:10 BBT: The Quest For Franklin: The Sequel....Brendon is offering up ransom of household items for the safe return of the AWOL testudine (get your mind out of the gutter - that's the order of turtles).

Dinner is underway. Jeff is defending his spicy vs. non spicy cooking. Looks like they got libations a little early (I'm sure Rachel is happy). Jordan and Shelly are having an in-dept discussion about what color jewelry turns your ears and (I think) stealing in the BB House. Apparently they feel production is not going to go thru hours of tapes to see who took what unless they just happen to see it.

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Guest 6Borders

9:18 BBT: Jordan, Cassie and Shelly just admonished for talking about production (guess production took exception to being called lazy and not catching pilfering).

Jeff is regaling Brendon and the others about wine parties in the Napa Valley (that's in Northern California for those who don't know and is considered "wine country")

9:24 - Kalia just found out she gets to eat tomorrow night. She was jumping up and down screaming...about a 4.2 on the richter scale!!! Dom is talking about his "ton of nappy super thick hair" (Kalia is too excited about eating to be grossed out apparently...score one for Dom!)

Rachel is sunburned and sequined...not sure which is brighter!

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Guest 6Borders

9:30 BBT The "Bacon Boys" discussion is going strong in the backyard. Adam admits he has actually met people more passionate about bacon than he is (that's frankly a little scary in my opinion) and he took a bacon cooking class. Bacon recipes abound...aka 101 ways to cook and bake with bacon!

Drinking games are in the planning stages. Looks like they are going to combine "Big Booty" "Dice" and something else to do with making out with your pictures on the memory wall (I'm on the edge of my seat here to see how this plays out!)

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Guest 6Borders

9:43pm BBT Rachel just informed everyone they are on Showtime...let the games begin!!

Outside discussion about who cleaned/didn't clean last season and how Hayden and Lane were squishing cockroaches with cans rather than clean. Brendon says the house was "disgusting" when he left (aka voted out). Shelly gives a play-by-play on scrubbing the shower (this from the woman who was not going to be mom and clean up after the kids and is cleaning every time I tune in)!

Dom/Dani were asking Rach if she'd ever been in a fist fight. Somehow this led Porche to tell a story about being in a limo and a fight or something (sorry, I lost track of the topic trying to count how many times she said "like")...bottom line, she knows she can "take a punch"!

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Guest 6Borders

10pm BBT: Rachel has been trying to rally the troops for an hour and the drinking games have finally begun. Looks like pretty much everyone is participating and having a good time.

BB calls Kalia into DR, causing "awwwww" from everyone for about 2 seconds. How quickly they forget and the games commence. Whoever messes up has to kiss a pic on the memory wall...Rachel loses first and kisses Porche's pic amid boos because it was only on the cheek. Lawon is next and kisses Adam's pic, followed by Adam who slobbers on Dani's pic (clean up on Memory Wall Isle 2).

10:22 BBT: The game morphed into last night's game. Jeff suggested they shake it up by switching numbers (good idea Jeff). Jeff finally loses and has to propose to Jordan amid cat calls and whistles!!

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Guest 6Borders

10:28pm BBT The game has disbursed but not the "big booty" shout-outs which continue to echo through the house.

Kalia and Lawon doing the "happy food dance"...whoops, 'cuse me "quick praise dance". Have-nots are discussing having a beer tomorrow night outside.

10:38 - Backyard concert using household items. It's kind of a cross between New Orleans Jazz and somewhere south of some border but they are pretty good actually!!!

10:40 - Conversation between Rach and Dani in the storeroom...Rachel says she needs "a banana every day" (apparently the banana does not fall far from the Brenchel!)

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Guest 6Borders

10:46pm BBT Lawon does a "backyard shimmy" to the beat...I give him a 9!!! Rachel gets into the act and is so into it she does not even realize Lawon has left the stage!! Lawon came back for a 2nd round and Adam joined in!

Seriously...this is good stuff and I gotta give the HG's credit for makin' music here and getting away with it...(as production says "6Borders...STOP THAT!!!)

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Guest 6Borders

11pm BBT: I think BB just asked them to turn off their mic's because of the noise they are making, which has to go down as a first in BB history (correct me if wrong but I turned my sound down too!)

All is quiet (and messy) on the inside front as Shelly prepares to call for a "cleaning day" (which should go over about as well as a "calling you out house meeting" but good luck Shel)

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11:04 BBt Kalia laying on the sofa in deep thought in the LR...

Looks like Shelly had enough of the noise and is putting towels away in the bathroom

"you ok" shelly says to Kal and she says shes "tired" and only had a "protein shake"...

11:06 BBT Shellt picking up..and says "i gurantee something is gonna get broke" and thinks they'll get in trouble and mocks BB "stop that"

Outside more noise err drumming going on...Brenden looking more animated than ever while slammig his bucket...up and down..

Inside Shelly lets a "Good God" out as she enter a very messy have not room and just seems like shes just trying to find anything to do hoping from one room to the next cleaning up....

11:10 BBT A chorus of BOOs outside as they noise session is now over...

"rachel and Brenden vs Jeff & Jordan...Showmance vs Showmance" Rachel suggest for pool i assume....Shelly has her broom ready to take off... not really she's just preparing for something breaking to clean up....

11:12 BBT Adam cleaning the slop up off the patio that made its way out of the bucket during the jam session...while Lawon and Cassie play pool

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11:16 BBT Kalia complaining to Dani about her forced diet...as Dani tries to be understanding and tells her when she's off slop to stay away from the greasy foods...

Outside on the Hammock Lawon and Dom having a chat...Dom "has a feeling" Porsche is gonna stay.."afte that we'll go from there..we gotta win" Dom says while La won says "we're fucked" buts says he's good at a "mental thing".....as Dom says "we'll be alright" and Lawon 'i'm good" as they wonder what HOH will be..."mental" seems what they think...

11:20...Dom says they need Jeff or Jordan or Brenchel as Dom says "i want Branden out" not Rachel as Dom says "brenden is the smart one" and controls her...."just my opinion he offers Lawon...

Dom asks Jeff for "more beers" and asks where porsche and rach are "hiding theirs" as Dom says "i want one" to " to rachel

11:22 BBT "i love me some cassie" Lawon says as Dom continues to seek out a beer from the hammock...."you so crazy" as Cassie says "fucking little cunt" about Porsche saying she hates dumb girls....because they were being obnoxious during the game...and cut in on pool and gave cassie "this look"...as Cass says "i'm tired of this whispering bullshit" about Rachel with Porsche...as Dom says Rachel just like hanging out with her

Dom is so sure Porsche is leaving and says "dani is voting with us" as he says Dani hates her...and Porsche "hates you" Dom tells Cassie...

11:27 BBT More hammock porsche bashing..talking about Shelly being uncomfortable during certain thinks like lap dancing as Lawon says "she's a mom"...as Cassie goes back to the look she got from porsche as she says who would you "bet on" if she got into in the yard with her and says when she gets mad watch out as Lawon says thats how he felt when Keith called him out...

11:31 BBT More Hammock talk from Cassie Dom and Lawon while Rachel and Porsche play with the pillows on the Ling room couch...whispering to each other and giggling...inaudible to me....I think they are Cassie bashing...

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11:33 BBT

rachel and Porsche are happy they are the only "white wine drinkers"..."hi dick..I miss you" as Porche tells the camera he was "the only one that knew me" she pouts...

Dani has made her way onto the hammock ..... as Cassie is still steaming over "fucking obnoxious' Porsche and says "i'll sock you in the mouth"... as Dom "bails" to pee...

11:36 BBT Back on the LR couch...as the whisper Porsche blames Keith for him "put us up"...Kalia sloths by wiping her face with her "makeup remover" saying she's going to bed... They are backing to whispering as Rachel says Dom is not voting Keith out as Porsche says he will as a stunned Porsche "i will cut him off right now' as rachel says "don't say anything"...as Rachel asks what she's going back to miami as Porsche says "it depends how much they hate me after the show"...as Dom walked by...

11:41 BBT Dom back at the hammock with Dani and Lawon..Cassie seems to have left..

Porsche say he dog likes california when jordan walks in as Rachel invites her to talk as porsche gives her BFF a shoutout and Tell Jordan she'll let her stay for $500/month..as they discuss the good and bad living LA as Jordan says its "far away from my family" but like "hermosa beach"....

11:44 BBT Porsche called to DR as Rachel pretends to interview Kalia as JC ands asks her about slop/have not as Kalia obliges with she can't wait to scarf some meat... Rachel asks Jordan "how does it feel" to be back as she nicely says "its great...as Rachel would like her to expand...rachel hooks Lawon into her interview....and asks about his gstring and s says "its the L string' as she asks Jordan asks her again..and she answers "yes" to all her lame questions....Kalia stands in for Jeff as Rachel asks her questions and Kalia obliges...with her so so Jeff imitation.....Rach asks Shelly about slop...as she says she's a "Slopjun" appose to a Cajun..and says she makes great slopcakes...

11:49 More Rachel JC imitation...Kalia seems only one to play along with this lameness..speaking of Lamness in walks Brenden as she asks him about being in the house with her...Brenden just walks out...Jordan looking like she's lost in a happy thought while Rachel and Kalia play out their mock JC...Jordan just saying yes and Rachel pulls shelly into this....

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11:53 BBT

Rachel finishes her JC interviews...while Keith has joined Dani and Dom in the hammock...with Lawon...

11:54 BBT Back inside...Rachel doing her "no one becomes me and my man" jokingly....as Kalia wants to do a "soap opera" and act it out....and Rachel as said Brenden could be "Mustachio" for their soap opera....Rachel leaves to "tinkle" as Kalia asks Jordan if she wants to leave "you don't have to keep me company" but Jordan says she'll keep her company as Jordan says "i thinks its the slop" as Kalia pines over her BF..."i hope I'm there when I get off" and Jordan "he has you car and all your stuff...do you trust him" and Kalia says yess as she says its nice not talking BB as they talk music..as talks about her days of writing for AOL and get press passes ..talking about "Adele" and Kalia goes on how she "loves her"...Kalia has over 8000 to 9000 songs on her "Ipod" a suprised Jordan can't believe it {neither do I} and goes on about a lot of it being "musical theatre" "pop" and "rap...I think" and says "i have everything"...while Jordan's paltry 400 songs on her ipod are "country' and "pop"..as they discuss Justin timberlake as Jordan thinks he's cute and Kalia says he's not but he's "talented" as they discuss "britney" and Kfed...

12:03 BBT FOTH as Kalia talks exploits from covering her music at AOL...

Jordan "i never get star struck" while Kailia "it depends" as she mentions "edward norton" and Jordan "whose's that"...while Kailia even though she doesn't she did for him while Jordan says its just them doing their job and doesn't "get" when people cry to see their favorite.....Kalia likes "chris Brown"....

12:06 BBT Kalia going on about "aretha Franklin" and would go crazy if she ever met her...someone started singing and FOTH...

Rachel joined the Hammock crew of Dani Lawon and Dom...as talk nonsense...

12:08 BBT all cameras on this ....

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12:09 BBT

More prentending to be JC at the hammock practicing interviews...

All cameras switch to Shelly....walking around the house..and an empty bathroom...

All cameras switch to the hammock again..as Dani gets up and Rachel proclaims "that God daniele is gone so we can talk about her" as they talk about holes i Dani's pants and sequins..."ankleize" and more gibberish...

12:13 BBT Rachel "my last name is about to be Vieagas" as Dom was pronoucing Reiley his way....Asking about it Brenden says he can't concentrate being bothered by her..and Rachel says "butthole" and when asked about Jeff's last name Rach says "schoerder' and Dom says "scrotum"....

Dani is back..as Dom is tooling it overtime...Racchel talking about "annie" encouraging Brenden to say "hi" to her refering to "the original saboteur from last season.....as Dani said she went "kinda nuts" as Rachel says she was picked off because she was friends with Brenchel...

12:18 BBT now they are making up unfunny alliance names...

12:20 BBT More hammock time on all 4 feeds...

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12:26 BBT

Cassi Jeff Brenden and Adam playing their toss across game...

Back on the couch Kalia and Jordan talking on the LR couch talking about her last BF "thug life" aka "wreck and a half" and FOTH..as Kalia describes him to Jordan...6'2 "220 -210"..."brown skin...pretty lips....a big black guy" and was intimadating looking...as camera just switches..back to the hammock..Keith has joined them...as Rachel goes on about what was asked...5 people on that hammock {waiting for it to collapse or rip} Dani Keith rachel Dom and Lawon...Dani wants to get "one more" as they want to weight test and of course Rachel asks Brenden but realizes it will break as Porsche comes over..to get on...but decides not to as they go back to "would you rather" question game...

12:33 BBT Toss across game...continues...

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12:39 BBT

Badmitton game between Jeff and Cassie..Cassies pants falling off and now Adam and Brenden are playing their version...

12:42 BBT Hammock talk has turned to breakfast foods..

Not too much going on but Dom dis get elbowed in the face while they tried to readjust to add Porsche..Lawon is gone so they still just have 5...Rachel sticks her "relatively clean" feet on Dom's chest.."thanks Rach"

They talk about what they ate during sequester at the hotel...

Jeff says "that was so exciting' as their games have ended ...Adam talks about Roids and "coming off" as Brenden explains roids to Shelly..Brenden "i've never taken steroids" as Adam talks about kids "from high school" he knew that got "fucked up" from them..

12:50 BBT

In the Bedroom Jeff Jordan and Kalia talking Jeff asks "what are you guys talking about" and Jordan says "everything" and wouldn't be able "to keep up" because Kailia "talks a lot" and talk turns to Jordan not being good at puzzles

12:52 BBT Jeff talks about making "medals" for his games he plays outdoors...Kalia tries to come up with ideas for medals..Jeff "rachels' wasted" and Kalia "porche's drunk too" as Jeff says "they're goof balls" as Kalia talks about her "high tolerance" for booze and Jordan says she "use to" but doesn't like to because "it puts weight on" as Kalia talks about drinking 6 months "everyday" because she was "depressed" but goes on for her love of booze..

12:55 BBT Kalia tells Jordan she's really 30 not 27....Kalia wanted to find the "mean age" so she could "fit in" better

they joke about lies "who's gonna know"..

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1:06 BBT (sorry i just lost the last 15 minutes of convo)

But basically Jordan and Kailia talk about their weight ...their poor self image and not being comfortable with their bodies...

They talk about gastric bypass...

1:08 BBT

Outside on the couches..talk about twitter Lawon has never used it..

Talking about the morons trying to break the hammock...

Brenden talks when BB took their pool trophy as Rachel says "your not suppose write" as Adam brings up Natalie's calandar she made...

1:11 BBT Back inside Kalia and Jordan still talking about food..

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1:13 BBT

Brenden rachel heads to HOH while Shelly looks like shes getting ready for bed..

Brenden says he's tired as he brushes his teeth and rach says "are you mad at me for talking to Porsche" and Bren says "I don't want to talk about it"..and says go to bed and tomorrow will be another day.....

Brenden asks Rachel if she's going to bed or going back dow..and asks :what are you doing"

Brief FOTH

1:16 BBT

Brenden looks annoyed while Rachel looks upset and waits for her scolding and says "i love you" and Brenden says "ok" and repats two more times her love and he finallly relnets with "I love you too" and says he doesn't want to get into arguments "we discussed" it and says "its a lost cause" because

They start bickering as Brenden says "I'm over being down there"...as Brenden relents that her drunkenness and "watching my fiance" be obnoxious and hiding beer...as Rachel says it was Porsche and Brenden wonders if "i made a mistake...coming back" as Brenden wants to be "professional" and moving on..and cant be associates with being "wasted" and being part of "asanine" games...and Brenden wants her to be viewed as a mature adult and rachel says she didn't do anything wrong....

1:21 Rachel cant figure to stay or go as Brenden scolds her and Brenden says "porche is ridiculously obnoxiuos" and accuses her of acting the same and rachel "i like Porsche"

1:23 BBT Brenden says she needs to stop getting to the point of being obnoxious as Rachel wants to know "what i do" and Brenden "its your behavior" and people are rolling their eyes and Porsche "hiding beers" and she didn't need "more alcohol" since she was drunk off her half bottle of wine..

Brenden doesn't want alcholol in his life if Rachel cant see her behavior and Brenden says "people are viewing you poorly" and rachel says she can't see what she did and Brenden says he's done and Rachel says she won't either sinc ehe means her too... "fine I wont"

1:26 Brendon keeps scolding Rachel about her behavior ..

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1:00am BBT: Bren, Jeff, Cass, Adam and Sherry hanging out and just having a good time. Gen chit chat in backyard. Rach comes over looking serious and leans into Bren making it obvious she wants them to go inside. Bren doesn't look thrilled with her. Finally he goes inside with her.

1:22am HOH: Bren is quiet and Rach wants to know why he's mad. He doesn't want to talk about it. Then he tells her that he doesn't want to see her get drunk. That he wants to have a life outside of this game, to do good things, be taken seriously, and doesn't want to be associated with dumb games and her being drunk and hiding beers with Porcha. That maybe it was a mistake to come back on the show.

Discussion about drinking and how he doesn't want to be in the house and drinking. Trying to get her to understand that when she drinks she becomes obnoxious; how other houseguests just roll their eyes.

Bren is just worried about Rach and how she becomes a dif person. She's not too open about it. Now its going into nicknames she screams across the yard and how it's imbarrasing.

He didn't want to come back in, even though it would be nice to win, but that with the tough year they had he just did it for her because he didn't want her to be alone in BB. That it's time for him to grow up.

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1:28 BBT

Brenden says Rachel screaming "bookie" across the yard makes him feel bad....Brenden not sure if he wants to be here anymore...saying "i came here because of you" and goes on saying the last half year "was a struggle" and its not good for their relationship and just did it because she needs the money and tells her "its time to grow up" and wants her "to grow up with me"...

1:30 He keeps scolding her for running around the house with Porsche being "ridiculously obnoxious"///telling her "i give a lot to you" and expects "a lot in return" and wants her to "watch" her bahavior and when people rip her apart on the internet and she can't take it..and she still reads it

Brenden once he's off the show "i'm done" with all the BB stuff "crazy internet" stuff and wants to spend the next 5 years crammed in a lab working on his PhD

Brendon wants her to asks like she getting married and a future mother...

1:34 BBT Brenden still berating her about the booze.....saying in private its one thing but this is "a show" and its not private...

1:35 BBT Rachel on the HOH couch being mostly silent as Bren tries to get her on the bed.....as Brenden says he can't do it and says either they figure stuff out or they don't and asks her "what do you wanna do" and tells her he will not put up with this when they are married

rachel "what did I do" and Brenden says "you were obnoxious" and says "i'm done arguing"..and says 'if you wanna sleep on the couch' then fine he says "i'm going to sleep" but goes on about her drinking and inconsideration...

1:39 brenden gets into bed Rachel stays on the couch...

1:40 and asks if she gonna sit "over there and out" and like a broken record brenden continues

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1:41 BBT

Adam and cassie now discussing they usual "we need to win" and best case scenario is "3 of them on the jury"

Camera bouncing around and we are back in HOH with Rachel bruhing her teeth getting ready for bed or the couch..

All feeds on this..

Lawon and Cassi talking at the hottub...

1:45 all feeds are on this now..as she talks about winning the "next three HOH" or"worst case scenario" they only get one...and pretty inaudible...

Lawon asking about the last HOH with the key...and asks if that last person will "go to the jury" and Cassi explains and says "no"

1:47 Camera switch to Jeff and Jordan talking about someone not being on their side about keeping Keith and I think he's talking abot Dom or Lawon and told this person if even they flip they have the votes....and Jeff wants to "get out Dominic" before Cassi..

Jeff filling in Jordan about porsche getting on "eveyone's nerves" and still better to keep her...

1:50 BBT J&J talking in bed...jeff: hopefully we win HOH....and talk what the HOH will be...Jordan talking about someone throwing it....Lawon and Kalia ...jeff says getting rid of Dom..Cassi will come over...Jeff says Dani has the best set up "she can't be touched for 4 weeks" and everybody "loves her"

1:55 BBT more J&J game talks Jeff wants Dom out next...

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2:03 BBT

In bed Jordan says it feels like we have been "in here forever"

Camera switch to lawon..and Cassi at HT telling her she thinks Cassi is "the smartest" on the team..just talking about their team...

{im out be back tomorrow}

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3:57 am BBT -- Cassi, Kalia, Lawon, Dom on by couches. Cassi telling them about calling out Porsche. Says Porsche told some "little stupid lie" to Shelly and Shelly told Cassi about it and told Cassi that she (Shelly) said she doesn't believe it anyway. Cassi called Porsche out on it when they were alone. Told Cassie, "I don't know what you're trying to pull with Shelly but it didn't work." Said that then Cassi started back-peddling. General dissing of Porshce going on. <feeds locked up...grrrr>

4:07 -- Danielle and Keith in the bathroom talking about Porsche being up Rachel's butt. Dani telling Keith that Porsche gets on everyones' nerves all day. Giving him a "you need to campaign" peptalk.

4:13 -- by crowd talking about the night Dick left and how badly Keith went off. Dom said he'd never seen anyone in BB history go off that bad. Talking about Keith screwing himself. Kalia saying he should have went to the hoh and tried to make a deal. Cassi said she wants to keep Keith. They're rehashing Saturday's drama when Keith called out Lawon in the backyard.

4:21 -- Keith telling Dani about his oh-so-important job as a human resource manager and how if everyone knew that it would put a target on his back. At a regional level, he's responsible for about 3200 ppl. He investigates sexual harrassment charges. (lol) He knows when people are trying to pull stunts with him. He knows he's got Lawon, Shelly and Adam's votes. HR managers are people managers. He hires and fires. He knows people. He doesn't trust Dominic. Keith's flattering Dani about what an honest, good gamer she is. He's telling her he knows he can trust her. He knows because he can "read" her.

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