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Jeff Conaway


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As many of you know, I interviewed Jeff and his then girlfriend Vikki Lizzi. We talked and had been pretty close, having never met each other it was as close as you could get. The interview happened around the time my son was involved in a road blast from an IED while fighting the war in Afghanistan and he was injured. I got several calls and texts from Jeff and Vikki about the prayers they were praying for my son and myself, and they really did feel like friends. This comes as a great shock and a very hard and sad loss for me and many others.

http://img.rasset.ie/00049dce-314.jpg The actor who participated in the reality show 'Celebrity Rehab', had been in a medically induced coma in critical condition after he was found unconscious earlier this month.

"Jeff was taken off life-support Thursday afternoon," his manager, Phil Brock, told People. "His family chose to take him off of life-support based on advice from physicians. They thought for several days that the situation was hopeless."

Conaway died early Friday morning at a Los Angeles-area hospital. He was surrounded by his sisters, nieces and nephews, Brock says.

Conaway got his start when his mother, a struggling actress named Mary Ann Brooks, brought him along to her audition for Broadway's All the Way Home. He ended up getting a part, but his mom wasn't cast. More stage roles followed, then modelling jobs and TV commercials for Clairol, Fab detergent and other products.

At 15, Conaway tried out for the singer's slot in a rock band and within a week was on the road. It was then, he later said, that he got his first taste of drugs. Although he insisted his own habits were limited to coke, pills and pot, within two years "all my friends were junkies," he said. "I figured if I ended up as a musician, I'd have died."

Shortly before graduation, the lead role in the Broadway production of 'Grease' opened up, and Conaway was back onstage. A supporting part in the movie version in 1978 - his role was Kenickie Murdock, of the T-Brids - became his springboard to 'Taxi' later that year, playing cabbie Bobby Wheeler.

After hearing the news of Jeff Conaway's death on Friday, John Travolta warmly remembered his co-star.

"Jeff Conaway was a wonderful and decent man, and we will miss him," Travolta told E! News.

The actor who participated in the reality show 'Celebrity Rehab', had been in a medically induced coma in critical condition after he was found unconscious earlier this month.

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Yana: Thanks for the touching tribute - your post here is more than just "another" link to celebrity gossip.

I never met or had any kind of individual interaction with Jeff Conway but more than other reality celebs, I felt like I knew him. Your words reinforced what I thought/hoped/believed to hold true, that he was a decent, kind and caring person cursed with an insidious disesase.

This is just layered with so many shades of sad.

By the way, I did not know about your son...your son and family are in my thoughts this memorial day weekend.

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Thank you so much. My son went through a lot when he was in Afghanistan. He was blown up by the IED, sent to Germany, told he only has post traumatic stress, and they sent him back, two weeks later we was on a mission and shot in the shoulder. He's had to have his ankle reconstructed, knee surgery, and now they are working on his back, all from the IED blast, and he's had to have surgery on his shoulder too. Believe it or not the whole thing was "nothing" to the Army, they put him back in action even though his ankle was shattered and his back hurt pretty bad, and his knee not as bad as the rest and yes he could've worked through that, but then the shoulder, all they did was remove the bullet and send him back and he's had two surgeries on it now since comeing home too.

The thing is that we thank GOD every day that he is alive and as healthy as he can be. His back will never be better and his knee will get worse, and I'm sure the shoulder too, but it's nothing he can't live with. We have him still and his children still have their father.

But about Jeff, if you'd only ever had the chance to talk to the man one time, you'd seen the same person I knew and had come to love. He and Vikki are wonderful people, and I hate that they were split up at the time of his passing. I know she's heart broken. I e-mailed her and she's going to call me when things get better. Jeff will be missed, and the world lost a really great actor and person Friday. I only wish he'd had children. That way the world would still have a part of him to hold on to.

Jeff Conaway I miss you and pray for your soul daily.

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