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August 14th Live Feed Updates

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Guest BigSis

This is my first time posting, hope its okay!

James is in GR by himself looking up at the ceiling.

I & K setting up M electronic BD gift.


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Guest BigSis

BBT: 4:33pm

J,I,A, in HOH.

I listening to music.

A & J talking about how it must have been to have been sequestered (I guess for K,E & M)

A to J If you weren't HOH would you seriously asked to be sent home?

J, No.


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Guest BigSis

BBT: 4:45 pm

I,A,J,M in HOH talking about how special there cards are that they have received from home.

K in kitchen area, H & R at table. Looks like H is cleaning table.

B is in HOH sleeping

Can't see Jan or James.

M loves everything about her card.

K to the DR

James now talking at table to R but I cannot hear what they are saying.

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Guest BigSis

BBT: 5:00 pm

I "I can't believe how I'm sick, its not just about Maggie, I would give anything to see my Mom. Im such a Mommy's girl.

J Its just getting so close now to any day now one of us could leave.

M Nothing to loose! Im going to go out with a bang!

(They are all talking about home, their families, they are all teary eyed)

(Nothing much else going on. Other feeds on table and LR)

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Guest BigSis

BBT: 5:10 pm

A to Jen, Has anyone ask you today if anything has changed?

J No.

A You'll probably start getting asked that question.

I Im going outside. Im getting really homesick.

A to J Lets turn this game upside down. Lets get this party started.

R is sitting in LR.

James is sitting at DR table

K at table (I believe looking at his presents.)

Outside I is now laying on hammock by herself.

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Guest BigSis

James now outside with I

J Are you okay? I think I know whats wrong.

I No, James its not about that, I miss my Mom more than you can even imagine.

J You have to understand, right now your Mom and them want to be your strength, they want you to do well.

I I know, its been such a hard week.

J It'll be better next week.

I Maybe Ill win HOH. I miss my Mom so much, when ever Im sad or anything, I can talk to my Mom, I just need her so much right now.

J Ivette, its going to be fine, you are an amazing person, they are all cheering for you.

I Thats why Im not going to fxxx up.

J Your strong, your fiesty and your firey. Your doing better than I am.

I, Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. I just can't promise you anything.

J I know, Im not worried about being Nom, Im justed worried about the vote.

I Alot has happened.

J Are they thinking about putting up Kaysar?

I I don't know.

J Don't tell me, don't tell me your strategy/

James now giving his pep talk about how they are good people, you can't second guess things. (Basically still talking grap to both sides)

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7:58 BBT

Janelle and Kaysar walking around BY, Jen and Howie sitting in yard...H giving J back rub.

Janelle and Kaysar talking about religion.

Kaysar went to a Catholic service and accidently took communion.

Janelle loves midnight mass on Christmas. She loves all the songs and music.

Janelle's parents divorced when she was 11 and they weren't allowed back in to the Catholic church. Her mother is re-married and her dad is getting married this month. Her mother is now Lutheran, her sister and dad are Catholic.

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Guest BigSis

8:30 BBT

Everyone except James and R in Kitchen area cleaning up after dinner. James is in the GR laying on bed talking to R about S. HG's had a very pleasant dinner, talking, laughing, lots of singing (fish). I is in a much better mood tonight. Looks like some are preparing to go to either pool or hottub. Jen is picking H back, (gross, she's reminds me of a monkey)

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Guest BigSis

8:40 pm BBt

J & A talking in BR. Jen tells April she better enjoy tonight, the quiet before the storm.

Switch to hottub.

M,B,A,J in hottub, H laying on towels in grass near hottub but not joining in convo. Talk about everything but game.

(Sorry, I can"t cover James anymore tonight, tired of same stuff different people) I will post that he told R that he couldn't see K family sending a picture of the Sov6 if he and S had did what they thought he and S did. (Wrong)

K & J in house, but can't see them.

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