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August 14th Live Feed Updates

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K says he feels sorry for Ivette cause she is retarded..the way she goes on and on about Cappy..."what does she like about him anyway? - retarded"


K - they've gotta realize that they've been going after james for such a long time and james is still.......Jenny mentioned in the pressure cooker that James wrote Erics name under his pinatas shoe. If they really loved Cappy...how could they keep someone that would disrespect him like that? Maggie wouldn't allow it, and if Jen cares for Cappy the way she says she does...she just can't do it...She'd be a moron to do that. I dont know what the hell kinds of conversations Ivette has with her. Ivette seems to be getting along with you and everyone else..right? Even after all the drama last week.

J - yeah

K - she never confronted you guys about wanting to switch the votes?

K - I hate them

J - me too <laughs>

K - I can't believe i let go of that button..I"m such an idiot. I gave the power to the biggest morons in the house. I just gave it to her....She's like..I mean, you saw what happened to me during HOH, and Howie..there's a lot of pressure and stress...I dont think she will do anything out of the ordinary. If she does, she knows we will be gunning for her.

J - She knows right?

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Janelle thinks that Jennifer has multiple personality disorder and Kaysar thinks that Dan isn't even her boyfriend..just some guy she stalks

J - some guy that really broke up with her 4 years ago


K was telling J before that when he asked Jen why she broke her word that Jen smiled at him and said "you didn't really think you could trust me now did you Kaysar?" And so he asked Jen "I can't trust you now?" and Jen said no....that he could ..Kaysar thinks that signifies that she is truly crazy .... (lol)

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Kaysar thinks that Jen really played up the hug after he let her win HOH for the cameras. He tells Jan that it was ridiculous...that she wouldn't let go of him in the hug and when the camera swung in, she started shaking uncontrollably and acting really dramatic.


K - It's funny to see you working over so many people

J - it's ridiculous, I shouldnt have to do it

K - yo'ure good at what you do though

J - thanks

K - I think I'll keep you around..Make lots of money off you

J - thanks Kaysar <laughs>

K - I'm sorry..

J - about what?

K - I feel like I"m responsible

J - i dont care

K 0- just say you hate me <joking>

J - i dont hate you..I won a fucking plasma <both laugh>

They go on some more about how they think Jen is crazy

J - for all I know, she'll put beau up with me...She's just crazy

J - I should have brought out the bible for her to swear on <laugh>

K - yeah, seriously, stupid ho

(they are never going to bed - lol)

K - I'm not in to trash talking, seriously...but I"m gonna embarass her..I'm gonna SO embarass her.. I want revenge

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Strange...Kaysar and Janelle are on the couch..still talking..and all of a sudden Kaysar scooches toward Janelle and then goes to whisper something in her ear...he whispers for a second and then looks at her..she laughs and calls him a dork, giggles and like drapes herself over his shoulder hiding his head, like she's embarassed..then, he whispers some more.....more giggling and laughing....more whispering ..."K - i'm serious...(something about lining up at the door)...then more whispering.... J - "who??"..acting all excited...K starts to whisper back and you can hear him..."i'm serious, i'm not supposed to say anything"...then....FISH

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Back from fish

J - oh who cares Kaysar??

K - I hate making mistakes

J - I'm the buxom blonde <giggles>

K - sorry guys, it's late and I'm acting stupid....FISH (looks like he was apologizing to BB for ....saying something and messing up?)

K - i'm gonna go to bed after I pray

J - Ok, let's go to bed...g'night...

they hug

K - have a good night's sleep

J - you too

K - you buxom bussomed blonde you

K heads to the bathroom..Janelle to the GR


F1 & F2 - Sleeping HGs in the HOH

F3 & F4 - kaysar in Bathroom

Kaysar sets up his prayer rug in his normal spot and begins to pray (prayer time.....1 minute)

K heads to the kitchen to fill up his water bottle. Carries his rug and bottle of water back to the bedroom. Lays down to go to sleep in common bedroom

5:13am - All HGs snuggled in for sleep

(i'm out too)

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Guest wolfie
K telling Janelle that he doesn't want to put himself out there emotionally with girls because he doesn't want to ge tplayed

J - why dont you just take a risk?

K - I hate hurting people or being hurt

J - if you never try anything, then what's the point?

K - i've been in situations (feed cut out)

Kaysar said he'd been in situations where girls went overboard, threw themselves at him and he couldn't handle that. He doesn't like that. Says he wants a girl who can think for herself and be independent. He wants to care for her, sure but he says "think for yourself, you're smart, you can do it." He doesn't want a girl who throws herself at him.

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10:06 BB time

Howie is up an in the bathroom

H uses the loo and passes gass, says something but i am not sure what sounded like "holy s***'... washes hands, brushes teeth,

someone is snoring

h- heads to back yard 'it is f****** freezing out here! Jesus!'

rach is sitting up in bed and coughing...

h to stoirage room to get new batteries

r up and in storage room w/ h

r- this was the worst night ever

h- i gotta catch up on my sleep

r- you can never catch up on sleep

h- i beat you today ray ray... i am going back to sleep i just got up to take a leak

h goes to GR

r goes to the loo

h says something to jainie and she says something back, h hops in bed w/ jainie and the yawns loudly

r outta loo and washes hands, leaves BR and heads to DR I think

rach now in kitchen

heads to BR and gathers all the dirty towels from all over the floor, takes them to BY laundry area, starts doing laundry

r starts mumbling to herself...

goes back inside, now feeding the fish

r- too many dishes in the sink * to self*

goes to common room and gets a sweatshirt by her bed

r starts her bfast routine, goes to BR to get her vitamins, goes back to kitchen

r- i asked for orange juice, did they give it to me? nope

r continuing with her bfast routine...

r take what looks like toast & something else and goes out to BY to eat, looks very overcast there today

10:33 BBT all other HG still asleep

jenn stirring quite a bit in the HoH room

r still in BY eating

10:41 BB time r done w/ bfast just sitting there sniffing... possible runny nose

sounds more like r is crying... she is sitting there w/ her hands folded across her chest and has a blank look in her face and is sniffling...

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r finally got up went inside to kitchen and then to common room, getting stuff out from under her bed. being fairly quite this morning

walks out of CR with a hand full of stuff and then turns around walks back in... leaves again and heads to BR. stands in bathroom for a sec. with her hands up to her face, walsk to CR room grabs her towel and heads back to BR. gonna take a shower


All HG still asleep Rach in shower

r comes out of shower after a few secs w/ a towel around her (must have forgotten something) then gets back in shower

stirring in the GR H&Jan

rach is shaving her pits and shaowering up

maggie stirring in HoH room

feeds just got REALLY loud!

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rach out of shower

rach doing morning primping ritual - everything pretty much the same as her normal ritual minus the treadmill

rach back in shower stall but is getting dressed this time... mumbles 'stupid'

rach dressed and towel drying hair

puts on mic, gathers dirty clothes and heads to the CR, puts her stuff away then heads to BY to check on the laundry, starts folding dry clothes from the dryer.

goes inside w/ clean basket of clothes sets clothes on the big round table & starts folding

rach putting up the clean laundry

rach now blow drying her hair....

11:25 BB time HG still asleep

r gets more pills from her drawer and heads to kitchen

r starts doing the dishes

r- good morning

someone says something but i didn't understand (i think it is james)

r- oh

yep it is james, he heads to the loo

r leaves kitchen to follow james

r- god damnit, stupid mother f*****

j- light is off

r- yeah i told em

j- i am so tired

r- want to hear a shocker?

j- yeah

r- i didn't get up till 10!

r- i needed the sleep


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Guest Bunky4Life

i just hopped on the feeds not to long ago:

3ish BB Time

after extended period of fish feeds back on and all are celebrating looking at Maggie's things she got for her birthday.

BB has given both K and M gifts from K-Mart. (K birthday was last Wed i believe)

K got: mp3 player, underwear, shirts, belt, wrist bands.

M got: belt, nail polish, (DAMN!) a sony psp i believe.

M doesn't know what a psp does and beau is explaining what it does.

K is now cutting cake and passing it out to everyone.

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Guest mymancam

Celebrating Kaysar and Maggies bday.

Talk about when they first entered the house.

Maggie got socks, a belt and some electronic thing.

Kaysar talking about his nephew. He is one.

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Something I didn't see posted earlier when Kaysar and Maggie were opening their gifts...

Ivette went to the bathroom and started pouting...crying. April went after her. I didn't listen to what they were saying, but she wasn't celebrating the birthdays with the group. She sounded jealous, maybe.

Everyone else was happy and celebrating for both.

Later, Ivette came back like nothing happened and enjoyed the time with everyone....weird.

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Guest Bunky4Life

all HG's around dinner table eating cake, ice cream, juice and sparkling cider.

K got a cake with a custard filling and M got a choc cake. both what they wanted.

I is charging up the Sony PSP and M wants them to teach her how to use it.

K's nephew's name is Deenah(sp?) and she is married to an Iraqi.

I and K are playing with the PSP programming the date and time. I asks M what do you want your nickname to be? K this will be your name on the network. I Maggie?

H says how bout "Lesbo"(lol)

I putting in "Maggie" as her nickname. M sitting at kitchen bar area reading the instruction manual.

FISH (for 5 minutes plus now)

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