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August 14th Live Feed Updates

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Guest Peaches

James talking about his epiphany (sp?) during the HOH comp and about H/R and Jan being greedy and becoming monsters. He realized he didn't want to be like that.

Same old propaganda he's been feeding Ivette this week.

*** If someone here is good at transcribing, please feel free to take over.

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Guest Peaches

James relaying his convo with Rachel after the veto comp last week. He says R kept hounding him "what are you going to do about it". (meaning, aren't you going to fight to get votes for Sarah)

James claims he told the other team "they needed to take care of it (the votes), not him.

ed. Not how it happened at all.

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Guest Peaches

Jen to James: Why did you look at Rachel before you let go of the button? (hoh comp)

James: I don't know.

Someone: Because they were trying to tell you they made a mistake last week?

James: Yeah.

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James is talking to the friendship about how he is so bothered by what the other team did to give them false hope.

James says he wants revenge on them for makign them lose Sarah.

Jen calls him on it and says he is contradicting himself because he said last night he claimed he no longer needs/wants revenge after his epiphany. James defends himself.

Beau asks if James feels bad about what he did in the past. James says there is nothign he can do now, and he has apologized for some things and the other things they are going to have to agree to disagree (James voice seems to be squeeking quite a bit throughout the convo)

April asks James what if Howie or one of his side won HOH, would he run over to them and team up. He says no, that would be going against everything he now is aiming for. Jen wants to know why James asked Rach if he was safe then if he was so against him. Jen is asking some very good questions and the others seem to almost defend James and offer answers too him.

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Guest Peaches

April wants to know if H or R wins HOH next week, is James going to go over to that side.

James says no. He's not playing to win now. He's playing so they (S4) don't win.

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Guest Peaches

James claims he's being used. S4 is so desperate to get him out of the house.

James says S4 surrounded him earlier when he was trying to work out.

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Guest Peaches

Ivette interupts and wants to know what James has to offer.

James: It's not about getting M out of this house. I will not rest until I get them (S4) out of this house. If you want to put me up as a pawn against them every week in case you change your mind, I am happy with that.

B: Would you not win the veto?

James: I will not rest until R/H/Jan and most importantly, Kaysar is out of this house.

Maggie: Why most importantly?

James explains because he had a talk with K and K admitted to being responsible for what happened to him.

ed. Sorry feeds died.

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Guest Peaches

James says he'd be honored to go into battle with them.

He wanted to have fun here. They made it personal. They took the fun out of it. He could go home to Sarah but he wants to stay. He's "sincere in what he's telling them."

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Guest Peaches

Maggie wants to know if James would be willing to give them the HOH everytime until they get down to the 6 of them.

James says "Why, you don't trust me with HOH?. Hell yeah, I'd be willing to do that."

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Guest Peaches

James promising to give them HOH and veto comps in order to stay (everything but his first born).

April talking about how they "are all personally scarred from last week. We really enjoy you and Sarah".

*** I'm out. I can't listen to this any longer.

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James and Howie talking from bed in common bedroom - James starts talking about how he didn't apply for the show - that he got an email from a website....immediately fish....

when we returned from fish, James was talking about Maxim magazine (dont know if that had any connection to his "email".....

Janelle and Kayser are upstairs playing chess.

James is going on with Howie about the police exam....

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James telling Howie that he refuses to get pissed off over this game. He says that losing a game of basketball is more to get pissed over than this game.

Kaysar telling Janelle that he knows that she will get everything she wants from marital bliss. Janelle asks how he knows that...

K - "i know Michael"

J - what are you concerned about Kaysar

K - nothing

J- why?

K - should i be concerned about something?

J - yes - that i beat you so much at chess.

K - I'm concerned about your happiness Janelle

J - I'm always happy

K - I'm concerned that you and Michael will be happy togeter

J - quit teasing me...you are making fun of my feelings

K - no i'm not...let's talk about something else then...Let's have good conversation..what do you wanna know?

J - nothing <laughs> dork

(K looks like a lovesick puppy)

K says J that she does dorky things all day. J says that she used to be a geek . K likes dorks. K says there's nothing wrong with being a dork..that he's one...he likes and respects dorks...as does Janelle.

K is going on and on about how he thinks Janelle wants to be cuddled and taken care of. He's flirting and complimenting her quite a bit. They joke their way through it.

J - I'm just a buxom blonde.

K and J start to head downstairs to the living room couch.

K - you are the biggest dork right now...i love it

J - what?

K - you are the biggest dork right now. I dont remember what we were talking about

J - me ruining people's lives and needing to be taken care of....

K - how many times have you gotten out of trouble from twirling your hair or batting your eyelashes

J - depends on what kind of trouble.

K - just getting your way in general

J - they always fall for it, or i get mad and walk away


-K gazing over at Janelle-

J - I'm a buxon blonde..sorry <laughs>

K - <laughs>

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K asks Janelle how long she's been using her looks to get what she wants

J - 15

K - when were you this huge dork?

J - 9-13

K - did you have braces that early?

J - when i was 13

K - oh

K - so at that age, you decided you wanted to be pretty?

J - I didn't try to be pretty, I just was...<laughs> ...serious. I was a huge dork til I was like 14 or 15. I didn't get contacts til i was 13 or 14. I had glasses and braces and my hair was nasty. My clothes were awful

K - I was there too. I would have been your friend

J - really?

K - yeah

J - My best friend was a gay guy, but i didnt know he was gay.

K - How did you find out?

J - I found out on the (sounded like she was gonna say internet)...FISH

3:21am bbt

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K and Jan talking about "fitting in"

K says that it took him a few years to get to learn how to deal with people. He says that he has goals and his passion is business. He thinks that his life became much better when he decided that he didn't care what people thought about him.

K - I used to run around trying to appease everyone. When I stopped that, people started coming up to me instead of me chasing them.

Janelle says that she doesn't really get along much with girls due to jealousy.

K - so....

J - when i get out of here, i'm gonna go to minnesota

K - to visit your family?

J = yeah, i didn't go for x-mas

K - did you feel bad afterward?

J - no, I dont like x-mas that much

K - why?

J - it's all about presents and stuff

K - I hate the music and the presents (lol)

J - it's really horrible

K - I hate gifts in general

J - me too. I feel obligated when given gifts.

K - I hate it cause x=mas is so fake. Yeah, yets play songs..Everyone is warm and cuddly and people hate each other the rest of the year.

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K tells J that he likes her so much "it feels weird"

J - maybe cause i'm a buxom blonde?? <laughs>

K - I dont care about your looks. Whatever I say, dont take me serious unless I'm looking you in the eye

J - I know when you're serious

(but I think he is - it's a real flirty/uncomfy convo)

K - do you think ashleah would go for me?

J - yeah, but you wouldn't go for her...


J - I cant think of a nice enough girl for you

K - that's really nice

J - I'm serious

K - thanks - that's so sweet. I cant believe you just said that


J - I'm just a buxom blonde

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K wants to know if J is gonna be "drama" her whole life

J - yes lol

K - oh gosh....would you be open to change?

J - how could i change?

K - therapy


K - you're never happy, you always want more

J - no, i've been happy

K - when?

J - i've been very content

K - really? must have been an amazing guy - can you be content without a guy?

J - no

K - that's not good

J - why?

K - poses a lot of problems

J - I can be happy for a while, but then I start looking again

K - do you consider you have a guy right now?

J - well..michael hasnt proposed to me or anything <laughs>

J - I've pretty much had a boyfriend my whole life

K - a couple of questions....what is it exactly that you need that really draws you to boyfriends?

J - I dont look for them actually....

K - someone just comes up and sparks your interest?

J - yeah pretty much

K - one thing leads to another.....and you're fine with it

J - I'm very picky about who approaches me

K - someone high caliber like myself

J - mm hmmm <giggles>

K - what is it that you need from a man? someone to talk to? to hold you? what is that feeling of void?

J - you mean if i dont have a boyfriend?

K - yeah

J - I think...I need one quick

K - why?

J - I donno

K - do you wanna get married someday?

J - yeah

K - cause of the fairytale of the wedding?

J - I already know what it will be like

K - you're a mess

J - why?

K - because...

J - I've been single for a few months and stuff and it's fun for a while..I dunno.

K - what's the longest youve gone

J - probably Miami beach...single for ...a while

K - 6 months?

J - Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, ...maybe 5 months..if that..actually, it wasn't that much.. I'm lying


K - Oh geez Janie

J - I'd like to be single for a while, caus eI know this is a problem I battle with.....I just can't help it

K - want my opinion?

J - mmhmmmm

K - you know....whatever I say, I have your best interests in mind...

J - mmhmmm

K - and I sincerely feel....if you go down this road that you are going down you are going to be unhappy

J - how do you know?

K - because you are never going to truly fall in love with somebody

J - I dont htink that's true

K - I think it is

J - for once you're wrong...ok?

K - I have no problem being wrong.....maybe I am

J - you ARE definitely wrong

K - I hope so

J - you are

K - ok...you win

J - are you saying i should be single for a while? i'm single in here...3 months

k - yeah...

J - right?

K - true, but not just being single....figuring out what you are doing in life, what you want, why you go after certain guys?

J - I dont go after them..they go after me

J - I like people that are considerate, generous, well mannered, that i get along with good...those kind of things

K - well, it sounds like you have it all figured out then

J - i do

K - good....dont let me get in your way

J - i'm not

K - ok

K - lets talk about something else.........

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K telling Janelle that he doesn't want to put himself out there emotionally with girls because he doesn't want to ge tplayed

J - why dont you just take a risk?

K - I hate hurting people or being hurt

J - if you never try anything, then what's the point?

K - i've been in situations (feed cut out)

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K - past situations have made me more careful about how I approach things. He doesn't like girls that are dependent.

K - you wanna take care of them, but at the same time you dont want someone that is lost and cant take care of themselves ' it's like...get it together, you can do it....dont be like that"

J - guys like it when you are like that

K - the guys you go for..the power trip guys

J - just kidding....I'm just a buxom blonde


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K and Jan still having their flirty conversation in the living room.

Talking about what they do to keep themselves busy outside the house. K likes to do things alone sometimes cause people annoy him. Janie agrees.

K - you were the main person? (who brought who)

J - me - i saw michael at the casting

K - so you signed up for this?

J - yeah <laughs>

K - i would have never done this in a million years, but it's for sure opened up my eyes.

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Kaysar thinks that Maggie is beginning to "see her group for what they are"

He tells Janelle what all he and Maggie talked about earlier.

K - she told me...I'm like..what's going on? Everything going according to plan? She said ..." I dunno...Jen will let us know if anything changes" I told her that I stayed in the HOH comp so long because I wanted to make sure that James leaves the game and I want to make sure we are on the same page.

K - I dunno..Jenny is one fucked up psychotic bitch. She's crazy ..I make eye contact with her and I think she's probably the craziest person in this house..Something is weird about her..Something about her eyes...that makes me think she went nuts before

J - well, she's weird..everyone knows that

K - the power is in the hands of a crazy girl right now, let's just hope she doens't fuck it up....Fucking bitch......She's ona power trip...It's hard to talk to her. She likes marching around like Hitler. She has a cocky remark about everything

J - I know.....

K - My god...I'm glad I got to see her true self..and April..Oh god....I"m not gonna wait around and see what Ivette and Beau can do..Do you think Rachel is getting annoyed with me?

J - no, not at all..why?

K - i got this feeling today

J - no, i think she doesn't like the rest of the house though...she can't stand them

K - she seems a little agitated

J - she's pissed at the house cause they are being assholes and we weren't assholes last week

K - I want to get rid of Jenny so bad

J - me too


K - unbelievable ( whispers). What are you thinking about?

J - I'm worried they are gonna put up you or Howie or something

K - that would be so dumb to leave James in this game...SO dumb. SOoo dumb.

K - Let's just continue and be nice to them. Tomorrow...(something about a birthday) - be all buddy buddy with Maggie..Maybe she will give me some info that I can use. Fucking bitch.....

J - does maggie know she made a deal with you in the pressure cooker?

K - i told her today

J - what'd she say

K - she was surprised. I told her that Jen went against her word. That I asked her every 1/2 hour and she still lied to me. I told her I was over it.

M was like...wtf!...I told her at this point I wanted James gone

J - I'm gonna put up Jen and will use the excuse that she can't keep her word

K - she is a disgrace to the game. You broke two records...Endurance and Backstabbing (Jen)

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K keeps referring to Jen as a stupid bitch.

K - she keeps asking me....why dont you trust me Kaysar? ...I'm so furious...stupid little ho...lying to my face..I gave her what she wanted..all the power..I'm gonna fuck her up..She pissed me off

K - I'm gonna stare her down if one of us gets HOH and I'm gonna tell her to watch her ass.....i'm gonna make her cry. Twisted ass bitch. I"m gonna make her cry. You know what? I hope I get HOH, and when she gives me the key from her neck, I'm gonna tell her to pack her bags right now...That's what I"m gonna tell her

J - pack your fucking bags bitch...

K - I want to see them fight. I want to see them struggle for survival. Stupid girl scout group.

J - Why dont you promise Maggie that she's safe then, if James goes

K - Should I do that?

K - Lemme feel around a little bit tomorrow and we'll make the decision at the end of the day. If we dont have to make a deal then we wont. It's already going in that direction....if we make a deal, what's the point?

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