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Shows you Dislike?

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I was just wondering out of curiousity what people had as shows they really dislike. One or more of them. I will be interested to see if I get any replies. For myself it was Mash...I know it was really popular and I was just very young when it was on but that is one I could never watch then or now. I also can't get into the office also popular.

Well best wishes to all!

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Entertainment Tonight. Makes me cringe. Every few years I think I can handle it again, give it a shot, and can't do it after a few minutes.

Never could get into a lot of the sit coms that were popular like Diff'rent Strokes or Who's the Boss, Full House, and so many others.

I thought MASH was awfully good but it bothered me somewhat, so I never watched it much.

So many bad shows out there. Cheers is a favourite all-time sit com, and it wouldn't have been given a second season today due to its low first season ratings. Sad.

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All the Lucy shows are god awful.

Betwitched... was pretty bad.

Happy Days and pretty any other show produced and\or directed by Garry Marshall, which includes Lavrne and Shirly, Odd Couple, Love American Style.

Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, Voyage to bottom of the sea. All produced but master hack Irwin Allen.

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Today the worse show is the Goldbergs.   A cast of annoying characters with a dire need for an adenoidectomy.

I loved the Any Griffith Show but hated any episode with either Goober or Gomer, they both were terrible characters, especially Gomer, hated Jim Nabors.   The Golden Girls had a few good episodes but had a habit of making fun of White people, "Isn't there a cousin you should be dating?"   "I can trace all my relatives back to the same brother and sister."    The jewish writers made sure to portray Rose as a dumb blonde and they did a good job, she was the worse character and I found myself wanting to eat a bullet every time she opened her mouth on that show.

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