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Episode 10 - Exile Island

Guest conniejoe

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Guest conniejoe

CBS Web Clues for April 21st:

1. An unexpected performance by a tribemate during a Challenge results in a victory for the team.

2. One castaway confronts her tribe, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable and leaving her feeling alienated.

3. A twist at a Challenge brings very bad news for one Survivor.

4. In danger of going on the chopping block, a Survivor makes a heartfelt plea not to be voted off. Will this plea fall on deaf ears?


JP: Next time on Survivor...

Janu: What are we, junior high Katie?

JP: ...Janu reaches her breaking point.



Janu: If I had something to say about you I swear to God I'd come up and say it to your face.


JP: A reward to remember.

JP: And the tribe can't believe their ears.

JP: <speaking to tribe at challenge> The first person to bail will be abandoned to live on your own.



Let's discuss....

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Guest XandraSkye

The "will be abandoned" part totally stunned me. That's awful, but will definitely make it interesting.

And I wonder who makes the final plea?

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I was stunned by it, too, Skye!

I hope it's not Steph! I'll bet she doesn't let that happen, though!

The final plea? I can see Katie begging. Or Jennifer. I hope it's not Steph here either.

I think Katie will be the one left feeling alienated. Maybe due to the spat she and Janu. Maybe again, having something to do with the final plea.

Sure gives ya some things to think about! :wink:

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I think Janu will be the one left alienated. She has lost Coby who actually seemed to enjoy the "spats" they had together. They were like "two peas in a pod". She has not pulled her weight and does not do too well on challenges. Now she has no one to be her Champian. :idea: She may even walk away or Quit :!:

Do you think someone will really go to "Exile Island" :?:

Steph is my HERO!

Tom is my HERO, but he can't drink :!: :roll: :!: :rofl

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Guest cappy

1. It has to be somebody weak or it wouldnt be shocking. Im gonna say that its either Katie, Jenn or Janu.

2. Promos show Janu.

3. For this one... Im leaning towards.... Katie.

4. Janu

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Guest Willa


Do you have the link of the preview where Gregg and Ian are talking and one of them says "I'm going to miss her"?

I enjoy your links to the previews each week.........thanks for posting them. :)

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1. they are split into teams and gregg/tom/caryn/janu team wins i am going with caryn who has an unexpecting performance.

2. Janu makes everyone feel uncomforable as shown in previws.

3. its the one who gets exiled which is Janu not suprisingly

4. stephanie makes a plea to stay in the game not janu, janu quits the game but is still on jury.

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Do you have the link of the preview where Gregg and Ian are talking and one of them says "I'm going to miss her"?:)

No sorry i cant find that video.

Gregg quote could mean that the exiled person is a woman.

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Janu's Final Words


Janu: Well here I am, the showgirl turned Survivor. Ummm biggest cards dealt me this opportunity and as my father said, it gave me endurance and my mother said, no matter what, you walk away a winner. I did lay down my torch today but no one will ever be able to take away this most unforgettable experience, no one.

This experience taught me that I can survive in any given situation, even though my body was depleting and my mind was just kind of going, I was able to gain something from down deep inside the fire that's inside my body and just run with it, and nothing can stop me, even thought I lay down my torch, I have walked away with something no one will ever be able to take away.

I take away an unbelievable experience of living like I have never lived before, without any essentials, without any anything, down to the very raw state of my being and being deserted on the island by myself, that gave me a whole other idea what life is, what things mean, and how important things are to me.

Throughout this whole game, I did feel that I needed to go home for whatever reason and I wasn't feeling well and what not, and I asked them to go home and it didn't work. And I started feeling as if I was a pawn piece in a chess game, unfortunately, I just made the last move, I decided to take myself out of the game, now they are going to have really think about what next move to make because they don't have me an excuse of me anymore.

I guess I have made the power play, not willingly, not wanting to hurt anybody but I guess I did make a major power play, and I guess I did ruin their plans so I they're just going to have to see how strong of a Survivor they are in order to continue.

Satisfaction because I was honest and straightforward from the very beginning and I didn't get that in return even though they claimed that they did, and now it's just the satisfaction that I was able to lay down my torch and walk away with this experience, them not touching it, and knowing now they have to be the ones to struggle.

Yes, it does feel good actually that I can still be in the jury, I can still have a voice in what's going to happen and see how this whole game plays out.


Janu The Day After


~ Part 1

Janu: Today I am feeling great. I got to eat a lot last night after tribal and I've eaten a lot today, and at the same time that I am feeling fabulous, it's almost surreal to me because I am back in civilization and not stranded on some island, I am out of the game yet in the game because I am part of the jury, so I guess surreal would be probably the best word, it just feels like I am in an in and out zone between reality and game.

I am glad to be out, I am glad that I made the decision to lay down my torch last night at Tribal Council, I am happy the way in the way that it did turned out, not realizing that I would have been or that I was being played as a pawn in the whole game. I kind of twisted everything up and by laying down my torch, I messed up the plans of those that we're trying to keep me in that I had no idea about, I just didn't know about it. After I reflected on it, it kind of a different twist.

I was actually under the impression that I was going to be voted out just as the night Coby was voted out, hence why, both Tribal Councils, I looked like I had luggage with me. I had Coby's shoes, and the paddle from the Koror tribe and from our outrigger, and my goodies that I collected. So I was prepared, genuinely prepared to be voted out.

My experience in Survivor I could say very easily that it was like a roller coaster, it was up down up down from the beginning. I had really hard days and then I pulled myself together, and said, okay, I can do this, 39 days is not a big span in the whole shall we say, the space of a lifetime, 39 days is very small compared to what I am going to live, so I can do this day by day, even though I am sick, we'll see what happens. I came to the point where I wanted my tribe to vote me out because I was feeling so bad then I said okay, I will just stick it out.

So then came last night and I really thought I was being voted out until tribal started and the questions started and the confessions started and the confrontations started that I realized, I am not getting voted out and I don't want to be in here anymore because after having spent the night on the island by myself, which was the night before tribal, my reason and purpose for being on Survivor came in a complete circle. So in my heart, it will never have a price that a million dollars can buy that experience and I was done and I decided to lay down my torch and it wasn't after I laid down my torch that I realized oh my gosh, now I know what I just did to these people that are left in my tribe, it almost just hit me in the face, pretty interesting, the way the dynamics work themselves out.

~ Part 2

I had two, instead of having just one bad day I can remember, I had two bad days. One being the day after the storm, which was about day 14, I had a if you will many breakdowns where I had to pull myself completely away from everything that was happening and just lost it, I just wanted to be swept up, no questions asked, didn't think about if I would ruin the game, if it was proper to do that, if the rules would be broken, how I would be looked at by the public, I didn't care, I just wanted to be taken out of the game. That was one. And that being how my body was feeling and how the night had been with the storm, just didn't want to be there, the million dollars just didn't matter anymore.

And the second one was the night that Coby was voted out, I was in complete, speechless state of mind. I just felt like it was a bag of emotions, that at the moment, it was a blur, but I remember him getting up to have his torch put out, everyone saying, good bye Coby, good bye Coby, we'll miss you Coby, when they just voted him out, feeling in my head, you hypocrites, and me still speechless not being able to say, good bye Coby, it all went super fast. And me being the one thinking I was the one going, it was horrible, I had a really bad night, I got back to the island and omg, it was like an alien inside of me because I was just "rawr" because I wanted to devour anyone who came near me. I remember getting back to camp and we were all wet for some reason, I don't remember why but all of our clothes were wet. And I had just went to grab a towel, we had won towels from a previous reward challenge, we had won products from Pantene, and Crest and Scope and towels and what not and I had used a little towel and Coby had a little towel, and that was what I was using now, I was going to use his towel as a cover. And some of the girls neglected to let me use the towel and I was just ready, like I said, I was ready to bite somebody's head off.

It was a very strange feeling because I said from day 1 that I was not going to come into this game to make friends. I had my own kind of strategy, not a strategy, quote unquote, but I would be under the radar, I wasn't going to talk to much, or become too friendly, just wait out to see how the game would play out, day by day and I ended up bonding with this person Coby, and did not realize how much it affected me until he was voted out and felt completely isolated. I felt like I know him my entire life. Now out of the game but still in the game, I think my goodness, of course, I spent, 24 days with a complete stranger, 24 hours a day, is more time than you spend with a normal friend when you are at home and so I got to know this person and it had to do with the game, the initial encounter, but everything we experienced, had nothing to do with the game.

~ Part 3

I don't know if anyone will ever be able to understand what I got, they would probably have to contact me and talk forever you know. I would really have to reflect, last night I got up at 4 in the morning and wrote in my journal, I don't want every moment to escape me. I am scared to death that I am going to forget something in the process of getting back into civilization, so, it's amazing, I'm very blessed to have had this experience, and you know when I say it, I think of people that may watch this, that are die hard Survivor fans, it's all about the game, it's all about the strategy, it's all about winning, kind of like how Stephenie such a go getting and Stephenie is such a competitor and she broke down last night because she was so angry that she did not understand how someone like me would be able to put down a torch when she was trying with all her might to actually win this thing and that's why I had to explain to her, it was okay that she felt like that and that I felt different. So I think that when I say these things, or in the future I have to explain

this at anytime, there will be people who will criticize me because there always is, there are always different opinions and reasons why they like somebody and why they don't and there will be some people who will not be able to understand how I was able to give up a million dollars. That's okay, I am fine with that.


Bag Lady


Description: Which castaway has a strange habit of "collecting" things around camp? Watch and find out.

Jennifer (confessional): Janu from the very beginning, she starts to accumulate things, she 'hoards' things, and that has annoyed everybody because she doesn't tell anybody that she is going to do this. You find things missing and you're like, where did that go, like things from our reward challenges and our immunity challenges. She'll have them in the bag and she takes the bag with her everywhere.

(Katie and Jennifer walking on the beach)

Katie: Next time she goes to the bathroom and I am going through her bag and I am going to take all of the zip lock bags and yea.

Jennifer: Good. All of us say, she does not need to take everything home, it wasn't never hers to begin with.

Katie: She just has that bag, she just claimed it. Why does she take all of her stuff from all the challenges, she doesn't understand the game and she never has.

Janu (confessional): Well okay, I like to collect things and maybe it gets to be a little too much but it's not like I am a klepto that I take things. I took my oar, my little bag, and my shoes and my shirt, the puzzle piece and Coby's canteen and my canteen and I don't care what they think.




Description: Katie lets it all out about Janu's creepiness.

Katie (confessional): Right before the challenge, Janu was sitting in like the Jack-in-the-box on the edge of the stairs with this really creepy smile and eyes on his face and looking at Gregg because we got the tree mail and Gregg said hey, if it is a matter of one person winning and then picking three people to go with them, I would pick Ian, me and Jenn because really we go the short end of the stick because we had to share all of the cookies from the challenge. So she heard and she was sitting there like this (mock of a creepy face) and looking at Gregg, like staring with that face, and I was looking at her and I was looking at him and he was like Janu is staring at me so bad right now and that is the scariest face I have ever seen, so I was just doing it to every one, that is just what I do, that is how I am.

And she is totally weird and she is hoarding stuff and now she took the shower curtain and put it in her little bag that she was bringing to a reward challenge where she wouldn't need her tying shoes. So um, I guess she approached Gregg or something and they started talking, about, it wasn't really they were talking, she more like attacked Gregg, saying this is such crap, what we're doing, and we kicked out someone that really wanted to be here and she doesn't really want to be here and she not going to play these games and she just talks in these circles and doesn't make any sense.

And then she is like, Katie is here making fun of me, and she makes the face which is scary when she impersonates herself being impersonated. And she's like, what are we in fourth grade, what is that, what is that? You know Janu, you had a really creepy look on your face, I'm sorry, that is how I am ::creepy voice - you ain't sorry, don't lie::, she was just going off on me which was great. So she is just sitting there going off on all of us and then Caryn makes a comment, and she makes a comment to Caryn like you know, you and Katie got into a fight like the first day. But Caryn is like, but yea, Katie apologized you know, it was just a communication issue. Caryn is a firecracker too. If you piss either of them off, they just go. I am by far the least confrontational person you will ever meet, Janu is not a rational human being at this point, I apologized to her for making fun of her, I apologized for making her feel that way, it wasn't fair. I am sorry that I did it in front of her. But I just don't feel like she is really there anymore, I feel like she kind of like this film I'm watching of this crazy person walking around. She talks in circles, and then she wouldn't accept my apology and then she turns into this martyr, and she is going on, and on and on and all of us have just had it. And then we went to the challenge and unfortunately, she was in the group that won. And all of us are just completely irate and then she goes into this big emotional Janu experience, and it's just sickening, I can't even watch it, and she talks about how she's done nothing for three or four days but we are going back to when we won the shelter challenge, she had a breakdown that day, she has one like every other day, she's completely crazy, I don't know why she is here. It makes me so mad because all of us want to be here so bad and we want to play this game (inaudible) and we're playing it with good people but it's a game. She doesn't understand that, I am not going to play the game. I am just not going to do that, well good, go ahead, bye. Then why don't you put your torch down?

Just because it was too much, the big performance last night, I have no idea who that person was standing on the perch talking to Jeff Probst, no idea. I have not heard her say more than a sentence of two, and she blames it for not being, not playing the games that we, I don't know anything about movies, she's just weird, she goes into the back of the shelter, and complains when she speaks. Coby needed to go because he was stirring things between us and had potential of you know, maybe a potential threat later on, but more so that he fed Janu's oh poor me, I'm pretty pretty princess, both of them needed to go, regardless. We're just going to have to bear it for another day or two.


More Tree Mail


(Janu walks to Treemail)

Janu: Come here, Treemail. (Takes out a miniature version of the tower they assembled in the reward challenge and looks at it). Let

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Guest Willa

Thanks unknown08. I particularly enjoyed reading Katie's confessional about Janu.

Please note - This thread is locked for the purpose of archiving.

Thank You

Mod Team

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