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Dear American Idol - Regarding Season 10


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Dear American Idol:

I tried to give you a chance but not sure how much longer I can hang in there.

You appear to be jumping the shark this season with too much Chris Mathewesque Seacresting, really poor sound quality, pandering judges, warbling without direction and contestants that are just too young.

Jonbenet Ramsey Syndrome

I personally do not want to feel responsible for helping launch another Lindsey Lohan. 15 is just a tad too young for me (I actually think under 18 is too young for AI). My rule would be if you are old enough to go to war then you are old enough to be on American Idol. This show is a pressure cooker and really soulful singing (whatever the genre) requires a bit of experience and maturity. I find this season to be like watching Jonbenet Ramsey waving to the pageant crowd from behind her Tammy Faye Bakered face. When did AI become like America's Next Top Model where being over 20 is just too old for success? Thia Megia has a beautiful voice & great name; Lauren Alaina appears to be loaded with talent & charm but both their talents skew older and I really hope that we give them a bit more time for their age to catch up with their voices. And I am not sure if others feel this way but while "Baby Lock the Doors and Turn the Lights Low" showcases Scotty McCreery's baritone brilliantly I am not sure that I can stand to listen one more time to this 17 year old try to sell us on Sexy...I feel like a bit of pedophile when he tries to go Al Green or Barry White on us. And, if there is a need for another tween/bubblegum POP Superstar then I would like to leave "the next Justin Bieber" to the parents and studio moguls to negotiate the sell out of their waif-like souls.

Best AI Ever - NOT!

Ryan just because you and the judges repeatedly tell us that this is the best talent pool and AI EVER does not make it so. It doesn't work on The Bachelor and not working for this Season of AI.

Judges Start Judging

While I find many of Steve Tyler's comments LOL funny, most of his quips are not really constructive nor seemingly appropriate for network primetime. I do miss Simon because all we have so far this season are judges not providing feedback that really enables the growth and evolution of talent. Pumping contestants full of sunshine and rainbows does not guide them to improvement. When contestants bristle at the word "pitchy" and the best they can say is that they don't like that word then something is wrong in AIville. Simon's feedback challenged the contestants to improve with each performance. I fear that contestants are missing out on the opportunity to grow into a Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood as we experienced in other season's.

What's Up with Bad Sound

Ummmm isn't the music industry all about sound? Shouldn't the show have sound worked out by now? Last week's show was a perfect example of bad sound. Contestants can't hear themselves sing, microphone coverage appears to be spotty, audiences are wondering if they need hearing aids. C'mon AI your are in your 10th season and this DAWG just does not hunt.

C'mon AI get with it. I am currently watching a 2 hour show in 15 minutes. I fast forward thru everything including the performances and judging. I am on the verge of removing AI from my DVR schedule list so that I can get 3 hours of my life back each week.

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