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August 11th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Now Howie, Ivette, Jen, April and Rachel are in the bathroom. Beau is in the shower, and the Howie, Ivette and Jen are peeking at his "pee pee" in the shower and screaming like 2 yr olds. Apparently Beau has a big pee pee. Ivette is screeching like a banshee.

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Guest Shockalot

Wow ya.

Ivette, April, Beau all primping and styling hair.

Beau has some sort of 'whiteface' (a creme or facemask)

They get Howie into the room and agree to make him look fabulous.

Beau will help Howie look great.

Howie "Ohhh Thank you Bobo.. "

Howie then starts caressing Beau, pulling him in close, Beau humours Howie and grinds his crotch into Howies crotch.

Finally Howie 'flinchs first' and back away but Beau grabs Howies short and tries to look down.

Howie "No no.. cameras and 3d housecams..."

Beau reachs right in and squeezes Howies wang (down swimshorts but outside underwears)

(tell me someone got a screencap of this this surreal moment)

Now Beau is in the shower.. Howie wanders over and looks down at Beau.

Beau still in white-face and letting it go.

Howie: "Wow.. that is pretty big!"

OH No... The girls want to see it.

Beau protests...

They sneak up on the shower and then look down at Beaus 'Pee pee'

Beau squeeaaaals!

The girls then start squealing like crazy!

Ivette "Ahhhhhh it has a Mushroom HEaDD ahhhhggggg!!"

"Its chocolate!"

Now April drags Rachel over to make her look.

Beau is now loving the attention and making himself available for peeks.

On the count of three Rachel jumps up and peaks and begins SQUEAlllling like the others!

Now all the girls are in on this and squealing like crazy!

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Guest Shockalot

Oh great.. yep.. the girls now just going on about how big it is.

They dub it 'The Pringles Can' and Jennifer says "Once you Pop .. you can't stop!"

April has never seen a real black one before.

Rachel decides its '8 inches'

Now they want BigBrother to get a ruler.

The girls are very very excited about this whole incident especially Ivette.

Now a whole lot of Penis talk.

You can imagine.

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Guest Shockalot

Howie and Rachel in the backyard.

Howie is giving her a standing backrub.

He is really giving Rachel a Pep-talk and its fairly coherent.

"Rachel, you just relax and dont worry.. we really can do this, there is nothing saying we can't keep winning, start clearing this whole house out week after week"

Howie massaging her neck and really being positive for Rachel.

"We are here, we are fine, many in America wish they were here, you will still have your friends after this, you will still have me, I will still bang you, you still have your Horsies.. everything is going fine so just relax"

Janelle is circling them as she does 'laps'.

Well terrific, April comes out and talk turns back to Beaus 'Chocolate Peepee' and how big it was.

The girls trying to determine the 'Inches' and reinforce the stereotype that women have no concept of 'Inches' and size.

Janelle seems unimpressed and she doesnt care if she is the only one to not see it.

Talk returns to Michael and they encourage Janelle that he might just come back tomorrow.

Janelle says she was listening to a song which reminded her of Michael.

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Guest Shockalot

Interesting game convo now.

April, Howie, Rachel and Janelle now in the backyard discussing who they want back or who might come back.

April says she knew Eric best, grew to love Kaysar but doesnt know Michael very well.

Janelle (in impatient mood) blurts out "IF Eric walks through these doors tomorrow I will fucking well walk right out!"

Now, April says that she does not like this 'returning thing' very much because she is trying to look forward and this returning guest thing is just making everyone go back in time a week to repeat again.

Janelle is very peeved about what is going to happen but Howie sits her down for a big pep talk>

"Now listen here Janey.. dont even worry about this even if Eric comes back - you beat him again. You can beat him because you are smarter, better and you will take care of business"

Janey is bummed and mentions her complaints:

-Eric is so Overbearing

-These girls are so ridiculous, squealing and acting stupid.

-She wishes that they put normal people in here like Howie and Rachel and not these girls.

- She hates the way Jennifer walks!

Howie continues the positivity pep talk: "Listen, we still gotta keep up on the game, we can do it, you can beat them..etc"

Howie stops in mid-sentence: "Well except we gotta backtrack a few steps because of fucking goddamm James and his stupid fat fucking girlfriend!"

Howie returns to encouraging Janelle who is now feeling better and getting psyched up.

Howie is really just giving the full on 'Coach Carter' and Janelle is buying it until she says:

"But as long as Eric does not come back.. he wont right Howie? Right?"

Janelle hates his stupid speeches and attitude.

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Guest childofnite

I'm watching the feeds too.

I'm trying to figure out how Sarah is fat exactly. ??? I am rather disappointed in Howie now. :(

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11:24PM BBT

Ivette, Beau, Rachel, Maggie, & April in bedroom talking.

Jennifer is in the BY with Howie popping the pimples on his back. (her obsession with popping peoples pimples is starting to get really gross)

As SOON as Jennifer leaves the BY....

Janelle : What the hell was she doing?

Howie: Poping my zits

J: She's so gross

H: Grody to the max?

J: Yes

J: Eww what kind of girl goes around and pops guys zits and does their fu*king nails

H: Nice ones Jannie

J: what is she a wanna be cosmpolitan

J: Howie, you shouldnt let girls like that pick at you

H: why

J: Because its gross

H: Maybe its a way to get it in for her boobies

J: ugh, no its not....she just does that cause she wants attention

H: Like a little puppy?

J: Yeah

H: Maybe it'll win a vote

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jen and mag in bed together whispering about an event w/her (jen and a boyfriend)...Howie walks past and they get quiet...

J: Dan's told his family that I cheated on him.

M: Oh, no

(These covers are so loud...Hard to hear them whisper)

Howie back in HOH w/Janie...Moving furniture and walking around

H: when did they first get the spy screen in 5?

J: yeah

H: And they didn't want to tell anyone?

Janie left; Howie checking spy screen, Howie sitting on bed playing w/remote on spy screen

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Howie and Janelle talking about various things....neither one of them trust Jen at all - Jan thinks she is a sneaky player.

Howie points out that the game will change tomorrow when one player goes out and another comes back in.

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