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Robert Blake Acquitted of Murder


LOS ANGELES - A jury acquitted tough-guy actor Robert Blake (news) of murder Wednesday in the shooting death of his wife four years ago, bringing a stunning end to a case that played out like pulp fiction. The jury also acquitted Blake of one charge of trying to get someone to kill his wife, but deadlocked on a second solicitation charge. The jury voted 11-1 in favor of acquittal and the judge dismissed the count.

The 71-year-old star of the 1970s detective drama "Baretta" dropped his head, trembled with emotion and sobbed heavily as the verdict was read. He hugged his lawyer and later almost fell while reaching for a water bottle. The adult daughter of Blake's wife sobbed quietly in the back of the courtroom.

The jury of seven men and five women delivered the verdicts on its ninth day of deliberations, following a trial with a cast a characters that included two Hollywood stuntmen who said Blake tried to get them to bump off his wife. Blake had faced life in prison; prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

Blake was charged with shooting 44-year-old Bonny Lee Bakley in their car outside the actor's favorite Italian restaurant on May 4, 2001, less than six months after their marriage. The defense called it a weak case built largely on the testimony of the two stuntment

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Guest ranster627

I watched Larry King last night and was shocked at the interview of one of the jurors who is already selling CD's of his trial experience. It is disgusting to the extreme ... I thought there was a 90 day period where they couldn't profit?

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Janet: Stalked and Stalker?

By Joal Ryan


California - Janet Jackson, the alleged stalker, was named in court papers by a novelist of the "first Internet fatal attraction story of lust, pride, greed, sloth, hate, wrath and envy in its most rarest form."

Just another day on the dockets for the family Jackson. The California case saw Jackson win a three-year restraining order against Robert Gardner, 39, of New York. Per the ruling Thursday in Santa Monica, Gardner was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the pop star and her business associates.

The development was perplexing to Gardner who, according to reports, told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Linda K. Lefkowitz he had business and personal matters to discuss with Jackson. "She apparently does not want to have contact with you," Lefkowitz explained to Gardner.

The explanation was likewise perplexing to Gardner. "I do not want to be considered a stalker," Gardner said, per Reuters. "I'm one of her fans." According to court documents filed by Jackson's camp, Gardner has been much more than a fan, bombarding the singer with faxes and letters for nine years.

In 2004, her restraining order request said, Gardner requested Jackson get him a ticket to Saturday Night Live so he could see her host the show. Later, it is alleged, he showed up at the studio armed with assorted sharp, pointy objects--a box cutter, a pair of scissors and a "multi-function knife."

Jackson, 38, was not present for Thursday's ruling. (And, no, she wasn't up in Santa Maria at brother Michael's ongoing child-molestation trial, either.) Outside the courtroom, City News Service reported, Gardner said he planned to get a lawyer and fight the restraining order.

In Cincinnati, Angela Whitterson is engaged in her own Jackson-related court battle. On Tuesday, Whitterson filed a request seeking protection from the "tyrant Janet," accusing the singer of "actively harassing and stalking" her, as well as being a "complete nuisance."

According to Whitterson, Jackson has badgered her for nearly six years by "home phone, cell phone, email, laptop computer and PC" in an effort to arrange "trysts and in-person meetings." She accuses Jackson of hacking her personal computer, bugging her telephone, hiring a private investigator to trail her, and orchestrating repeated acts of vandalism on her 1992 Honda Civic and 1992 Honda Accord, among other "tyrannical things."

"You people have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea what she and this has been putting me through. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea," Whitterson wrote on her Website.

Whitterson is the author of In Control--Like Janet, described as a novel and a true story of a "fatal attraction relationship between megastar Janet and a fan." A request for emergency civil protection was denied by the court. Another hearing on the matter is scheduled for Mar. 29.

Jackson's reps could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

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Alex Trebek sued in connection with missing horse

A woman has sued "Jeopardy!" TV quiz show host Alex Trebek in connection with the disappearance of a $100,000 broodmare she delivered to his central California horse breeding farm.

The lawsuit demands that Trebek and Creston Farms return the mare named BeBe Trando, or reimburse the woman, Marion Warner, for her loss plus damages and legal fees.

The suit, filed March 16 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, says Warner believes "that defendants ... sold, traded, gifted or otherwise disposed of BeBe."

A spokesman for Creston Farms could not be reached for comment.

Warner sent BeBe Trando to Trebek's 700-acre (280-hectare) facility in Paso Robles on Jan. 21 to be bred to Trebek's stallion, Iron Cat, court filings say.

On Feb. 24, Creston Farms staff called to tell her the horse would be bred the next day. Then on March 2, the farm's manager informed her the horse had become sick during the night and had to be euthanized.

The suit says she later learned that the veterinarian who had supposedly put down the horse had not euthanized any horses at Creston Farms the day that BeBe Trando was said to have died, or in the previous week.

A horse listed as "BeBe" was euthanized on Feb. 17, but the animal's description did not match that of Warner's horse, the lawsuit says.

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DUI for "Pie" Guy

By Charlie Amter

Bye, bye, American Pie...hello, DUI.


Pie jock Chris Klein is facing two drunken driving-related charges following a February arrest in San Diego.

San Diego's finest confirm that Klein, behind the wheel of a 2003 BMW cruising on San Diego's North Coast Highway, was pulled over by sheriff's deputies back on Feb. 5.

The 26-year-old actor was given a Breathalyzer test on scene and, per the police report, blew a 0.20 or higher, more than twice California's legal limit of 0.08.

Klein was arrested and taken to Vista Detention Center around 10:30 p.m., according to a clerk at the jail. He was booked under his full name, Frederick Christophe Klein, fingerprinted and processed at the facility, where he remained until 4:30 a.m. the following day.

A mug shot of the actor has been published on The Smoking Gun, which broke the story of his arrest on Wednesday. The Website surmises the news hadn't been previously reported because Klein was charged under his full name.

Klein has been rung up on with two misdemeanor counts--driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and driving with a measurable blood alcohol level. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail, along with a fine and suspension of license. He is scheduled to be arraigned later this month.

The Illinois-born actor, who was discovered by Oscar-winning writer-director Alexander Payne in a high school hallway when the filmmaker was scouting locations for Election, was last seen in the 2004 indie flick The United States of Leland.

His alleged booze crusie came just weeks before his high-profile split with former Dawson's Creek cutie Katie Holmes. The couple, who dated for five years, called off their engagement in early March.

When not making court appearances, Klein will next be seen in the upcoming comedy The Long Weekend, about a pair of brothers--one an uptight careerman (Brendan Fehr), one a wild playboy (Klein)--who have different ideas about the right way to spend their weekend.

Klein will then shoot Just Friends, which costars Alanis Morissette.

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'Webster' Actor Gets Warning for Speeding

WARWICK, Ga. - Emmanuel Lewis, the former child star of the '80s TV series "Webster," got off with a warning for speeding after giving his autograph and posing for a photo with police, officials said.

Officer Ron Kirk said he stopped a vehicle Tuesday afternoon in rural southwestern Georgia that had been traveling 70 mph in a 45 mph zone. Kirk immediately recognized Lewis. "Well, I grew up watching him and he was very nice and professional, so I just gave him a courtesy warning," Kirk told Albany TV station WALB.

The officer asked for his autograph, and Lewis, 34, agreed to pose for a picture with Kirk and the town's police chief, Randy Howard Jr.

Kirk said Lewis, who lives in the Atlanta area, was probably unfamiliar with the road and didn't realize there were speed-limit changes.

Warwick, a tiny lakeside town about 30 miles northeast of Albany, gets most of its police department revenues from speeding fines, Kirk said.

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Gary Sheffield takes a punch

Gary Sheffield turned to the Boston fan who hit him, his fist cocked and his temper hot.

Then, the New York Yankees outfielder stopped himself from doing something foolish. "We have to give Sheffield a lot of credit,'' Boston's Johnny Damon said, "for him to restrain himself the way he did.''

Sheffield was fielding Jason Varitek's two-run triple along the low right-field fence in the eighth inning of the Red Sox's 8-5 victory Thursday night when a fan swung a short uppercut in his direction, appearing to graze the side of the slugger's face with his right arm. "Something hit me in the mouth. It felt like a hand,'' Sheffield said. "I thought my lip was busted.''

After Sheffield picked up the ball, he shoved the fan before throwing the ball back to the infield as two runs scored. Another fan's beer also sprayed in Sheffield's direction. "I tried to get his hand out of my face so I could continue on with the play,'' he said. "To get punched in the mouth, you don't expect that in a baseball game.''

Sheffield then whirled around with a cocked fist, shouting in the face of the first man -- but restrained himself and did not throw a punch. A security official quickly jumped over the three-foot wall to separate the two. Players and more security officials gathered in the area, but order was soon restored. "I guess there's always one idiot in the stands,'' New York captain Derek Jeter said.

As Sheffield walked away, he rubbed the side of his face and then looked at his hand. "It could have been worse if I didn't hold my composure,'' Sheffield said. "I almost snapped, but I thought about the consequences.''

There had been plenty of action before that -- three homers off Randy Johnson, the ejection of Boston manager Terry Francona and hitting coach Ron Jackson after questionable calls by plate umpire Greg Gibson and three hits and three RBIs by Hideki Matsui.

The teams already have seen plenty of each other, meeting six times in their first nine games with many memorable twists -- a walk-off homer by Jeter, two blown saves by Mariano Rivera, a pregame ceremony where the Red Sox got their championship rings and two homers off Curt Schilling in a poor season debut.

Despite their rivalry, the teams had played clean, exciting games. Yankee pitchers didn't even retaliate when Boston pitchers hit four of their batters in the opening series in New York.

That emotion has erupted beyond the field's fences before.

During the 2003 AL playoffs, two Yankees players got into a brawl with a Red Sox groundskeeper in New York's bullpen. Relief pitcher Jeff Nelson and outfielder Karim Garcia were charged with assault but agreed to a deal last October that called for the charges against them to be dropped in six months. "We have two great teams and two great baseball cities and a lot of emotion,'' Francona said.

Johnson got pounded -- although he allowed just five hits -- and reliever Tom Gordon (0-1) gave up three runs in one inning with the score tied 5-5 after seven. "He had good stuff,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said of Johnson, "but, again, when he made pitches not where he wanted them, they cost him dearly.''

Two-run homers by Jay Payton in the second and Edgar Renteria in the third, and a solo shot by Varitek in the fourth left the game tied 5-5. New York had scored on Matsui's RBI double in the third then added four runs in the fourth on a bases-loaded walk to Sheffield., a two-run single by Matsui and an RBI single by Rodriguez.

Damon led off Boston's eighth with a single and scored the go-ahead run on Renteria's double. David Ortiz was walked intentionally before Varitek lined his triple, putting right fielder Sheffield on a collision course with the unruly fan. "These people shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets much less come to a ballgame,'' Torre said. "It was an ugly incident.''

There have been others in sports recently.

On Nov. 19, players and fans exchanged punches in the stands near the end of a Pacers-Pistons game in one of the worst brawls in NBA history. The mayhem left several people injured and prompted a police investigation.

Last September, the Rangers got into a fight with fans in Oakland, and Texas reliever Frank Francisco was arrested after throwing a chair into the stands that broke a woman's nose.

On Sept. 28, Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected after slamming a plastic bottle down in the front row of the right-field seats after a fan threw it onto the field. He was suspended for the rest of the regular season.

Then, there's Fenway's fanatics. "People here yell at you and throw things at you, all kinds of things all game long,'' Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams said. "But what that guy did was different, totally unexpected. It was dangerous.''

It could have been worse. "I just tried to point the guy out'' to police, Sheffield said. "They were telling me to calm down.''

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Reese Snaps at Paparazzi

By Josh Grossberg


Was Legally Blonde babe Reese Witherspoon illegally trapped by a swarm of shutterbugs?

That's what the actress contends happened Friday, after a routine trip to the gym Friday ended up with her filing a police report for false imprisonment at the hands of particularly pesky paparazzi.

After a morning workout at her Brentwood gym, Witherspoon says she attempted to get to her car but was immediately surrounded by camera-clicking types, according to a spokesman for the LAPD. "Her trainer came out and had to help her get past them so she could get into her car," an unnamed member of Witherspoon's camp is quoted in the New York Daily News. "Then they boxed her in on all four sides."

The actress eventually managed to pull away but was pursued by a half-dozen vehicles "driving aggressively and almost cutting her off at times," the police spokesman said.

Upon arriving at her home, one of the vehicles blocked her front gate, preventing Witherspoon from entering her residence. Eventually, her own security detail chased off the paparazzi and escorted Witherspoon into the home she shares with hubby Ryan Phillippe, 5-year-old daughter Elizabeth and 18-month-old son, Deacon. At that point, one of her reps called the cops and filed the false-imprisonment report.

The complaint is currently being evaluated by authorities. No charges have been filed. Witherspoon's publicist did not return phone calls seeking comment Monday.

Her run-in with the overly aggressive paparazzi--dubbed stalkerazzi by celebs and their reps--is the latest in a string of increasingly brazen encounters between the star-obsessed shutterbugs and their prey.

Last week, Jennifer Lopez said she got "goose pimples" after overly eager photographers tailing her car cut off her driver at a traffic light in Beverly Hills, almost causing an accident.

Earlier this year, Nicole Kidman accused two paparazzi of bugging her estate in Sydney. She obtained a restraining order against them, but no charges have brought.

And in November, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake allegedly struck a Sean Penn-like blow for celebrities, allegedly fighting their way past two photographers outside Hollywood Chateau Marmont. In a twist, the incident prompted the literally starstruck lensmen to file a lawsuit and a criminal complaint against the couple for assault. The suit's still pending, but so far no charges have been filed against Diaz and Timberlake.

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Wanted: Natasha Lyonne

By Charlie Amter


Natasha Lyonne is a wanted woman--in New York anyway. The American Pie actress has a fresh warrant out for her arrest after she failed to make it to a court date on time. Per published reports, the 26-year-old showed up more than an hour late for a court hearing Monday stemming from her bizzare December rampage inside her neighbor's apartment.

The 26-year-old is charged with criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing after she allegedly went postal on a New York neighbor by ripping a mirror off her wall and threatening to sexually molest her dog.

Although the busty thespian did show up in court for about 30 minutes Monday, she apparently lost patience waiting for her case to be thrown back on the docket and left before her case was called.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Abraham Clott was not impressed with Lyonne's lack of respect for the court and ordered the warrant after calling her case three times on Monday.

The actress has had her fair share of tabloid moments in recent years. Three years ago, Lyonne pleaded guilty to a 2000 DUI charge in Miami.

Lyonne was sentenced to six months probation for the booze cruise, which involved fleeing the scene of a car accident only to have her plan foiled by one of Florida's finest who witnessed the smash and tracked her down shortly thereafter.

The actress isn't the only Pie alum to suffer a recent run-in with the law. Just last week, the Smoking Gun Website unearthed the February DUI bust of Lyonne's Pie costar Chris Klein.

Next up for Lyonne is a leading role in the comedy Max & Grace, in which (incest spoiler alert!) she plays opposite David Krumholtz, who played her brother Ben in Slums of Beverly Hills. The film recently had a well-received SXSW screening in Austin, Texas, and is expected in theaters this year.

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Porn Star Mary Carey Arrested

LAKEWOOD, Wash. - Mary Carey, a pornographic film star who ran for California governor in a recall election in 2003, has been arrested in a raid on a new strip club in this Tacoma suburb, police said.

Carey, whose real name is Mary Cook, was among five people arrested early Saturday at Club Paradise. Eleven others were given citations, police Lt. Bret A. Farrar said.

All 16 were accused of violating the local adult cabaret ordinance, some by getting too close to customers and others

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Quinn Pleads Guilty to Drunken Driving

Entertainment - AP Gossip/Celebrity

AUGUSTA, Maine - Aidan Quinn pleaded guilty to drunken driving while he was in Maine for the filming of the HBO movie "Empire Falls."

Quinn didn't appear in Kennebec County Superior Court Thursday, where his plea was entered through his lawyer, Michaela Murphy. Quinn, 46, was ordered to pay a $500 fine, and his driver's license was suspended for 90 days.

Quinn, who lives in Englewood, N.J., was arrested by Waterville police on Oct. 25, 2003, after he was observed driving erratically. After he was pulled over, a test revealed his blood-alcohol content was 0.12 percent. The legal limit for drunken driving in Maine is 0.08 percent.

The guilty plea came as a last resort following unsuccessful motions to suppress evidence and to have the case thrown out of court. In her motion to suppress, Murphy said her client's driving was "marginally incorrect" and not sufficient to warrant a legal stop by police.

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Nick Nolte's Son Faces Felony Pot Charge

Entertainment - AP Gossip/Celebrity

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The 18-year-old son of actor Nick Nolte has been accused of dealing drugs.

Brawley King Nolte of Malibu, Calif., and Aaron Cody Southern, 21, of St. Albans were arrested early Sunday and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, a felony, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

State Police Trooper B.G. Wriston stopped a car driven by Southern in St. Albans for having a broken front headlight, according to the complaint. Brawley Nolte was a passenger in the car.

Wriston smelled marijuana, entered the vehicle and found a freezer bag containing 70 grams of marijuana, according to the complaint. Both were released on $2,500 bond Sunday evening.

Becky Linger Nolte and Nick Nolte lived for a short time in Charleston, W.Va., before their divorce in 1994. Their son, Brawley Nolte, had roles in the 1996 film "Ransom" and the 1997 film "Affliction."

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Rapper Arrested in Assault on Busboy

NEW YORK (AP) - Police arrested rapper Memphis Bleek early Thursday after he and another man allegedly beat up a busboy at a Manhattan nightclub.

The 23-year-old victim told police the assault occurred after he entered a VIP room at the NV club to clean off a table. He claimed Bleek

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Singer Supernaw Guilty of Pot Possession


AMARILLO, Texas (AP) - Troubled country singer Doug Supernaw was found guilty Thursday of misdemeanor marijuana possession and released on time served for an incident in which police found him naked in a hotel room last year. "I am extremely disappointed in the legal process as it deals with people who have no money or the chain of circumstances they keep you in once you get in the system," Supernaw said in a story in Friday's Amarillo Globe-News. He vowed to appeal.

A jury sentenced him to 115 days and a $300 fine after a two-day trial. The singer, who has been beset by numerous legal problems, acted as his own attorney. He was assessed three days credit for each of his 62 days he spent in an Amarillo jail last year.

The 44-year-old Texan, who was in town for a minor league baseball game, was arrested at his hotel room following complaints of a man causing loud noise and disturbing other tenants.

Police discovered a clump of marijuana when they shook out Supernaw's shorts in search of his ID. When he was told he was under arrest for possession of the drug, he testified he said, "How? I smoked it."

Supernaw introduced a copy of the Ten Commandments and pages from an almanac into evidence and used his closing argument to discuss his other legal problems.

The jury returned a guilty verdict in 45 minutes. The jury settled on punishment in nearly two hours, after hearing from no witnesses from either side.

The Bellville resident was jailed last month in Bryan on charges of public intoxication and fleeing an officer.

In 2002, Supernaw was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, public intoxication and resisting arrest after a scuffle at a bar in Brenham, about 60 miles northwest of Houston. Last year he went to trial on a bail jumping charge in Washington County stemming from the bar case, but it ended with a hung jury.

Supernaw still faces a criminal trespassing charge in connection with the hotel incident in Amarillo.

Supernaw scored two hits

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'Sopranos' Actor Considers Plea Deal

By SAMUEL MAULL, Associated Press Writer


NEW YORK - Vincent Pastore, the actor who played gangster Big Pussy on the HBO hit series "The Sopranos," was offered a plea deal Thursday in connection with charges that he assaulted his former girlfriend. His lawyer said he was considering it.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Weinberg said at a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court that his office was recommending that Pastore be sentenced to five days of community service, attend a batterers' program and sign a final order of protection.

As Pastore left court, attracting looks of recognition from passers-by, he was asked why he did not accept the plea deal. He replied, "Because I didn't do anything."

Pastore, 58, is free without bail. He has pleaded not guilty to four misdemeanors

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Country Singer Mindy McCready's Ex Charged


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A former boyfriend of country singer Mindy McCready has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly breaking into her home and beating her up.

William McKnight was also charged with aggravated burglary in the incident early Sunday. He was being held Monday in lieu of $130,000 bond.

McCready, who had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with "Guys Do It All the Time," was treated and released at a hospital following the attack, according to broadcast reports.

Last Friday, McCready, 28, was charged with drunken driving after police stopped her in the upscale suburb of Belle Meade for speeding. Police said the officer smelled alcohol in the vehicle and McCready performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She refused to take a breath test.

McCready was also charged with driving on a suspended license and failure to consent to the breath test, according to police. She was freed on $3,500 bond. McCready later denied the charges, although she did acknowledge speeding. "We all make mistakes. We're human," McCready said.

McCready is on three years supervised probation after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining the painkiller OxyContin at a suburban pharmacy in February 2004, using the name of a friend on the prescription.

She was fined $4,000 and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. McCready's other hits include "Ten Thousand Angels" and "A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)."

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Williams Files Suit Against Look-Alike

MINNEAPOLIS - It takes more than hairy arms and a good Mrs. Doubtfire impersonation to be Robin Williams. The 52-year-old comedian-actor claims a look-alike named Michael Clayton duped a reporter and a charity organizer into thinking he really was Williams.

Williams' federal lawsuit claims the look-alike's agent, Michael Pool, called reporters in September to set up an airport interview.

Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J. interviewed the man and wrote that he "knows how to settle down and blend in; when there's no movie, he changes the hair color. If that guy wasn't blond, he'd look just like Robin Williams, some travelers seemed to be thinking." She went on to quote "Williams" talking about Prince and said he sometimes mimicked a Minnesota accent.

"I was completely suckered," C.J. wrote four days later after discovering the man was really Clayton. "When Pool arrived with `Williams,' I was surprised by the blond hair. My suspicions eased when I saw Clayton's hairy arms."

The lawsuit, which includes allegations of false advertising, also says Clayton duped a woman who was organizing a charity for the Punkin Center Rural Fire Department in Missouri. The lawsuit said Shirley Collins questioned whether she was really dealing with Williams until Pool put a man on the phone who launched into a Mrs. Doubtfire impersonation.

Clayton and Pool didn't immediately return phone messages left Friday by The Associated Press.

The lawsuit asks for an unspecified amount of money and that Clayton impersonate Williams only if he tells people that he isn't the actor.

Clayton's Web site describes his act and says he is commonly mistaken for Williams.


If you go to the above site and look, IMHO he doesnt look much like Williams at all! Would hate to be that reporter.


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Robin Williams impersonator stops after lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A celebrity impersonator sued by actor Robin Williams for being too convincing has agreed to stop posing as the Oscar-winning actor, Williams' attorney said on Monday.

Williams had accused his impersonator, Michael Clayton, and Clayton's manager, Michael Pool, of duping a Minnesota Star-Tribune reporter and fund-raisers for a Missouri fire department into believing he was Robin Williams.

Williams' attorney Gerald Margolis said on Monday that the case has been tentatively resolved. "Each of them (Pool and Clayton) blamed the misrepresentation on the other one and they have each agreed they would enter into a stipulated injunction not to do it anymore," Margolis said. According to the lawsuit, filed in December, Clayton's manager called the newspaper and fire department to offer "Williams"' services, and went "to great lengths to dupe (them) into falling for their ruse."

To convince the Missouri fund-raisers that he was the real thing, the suit said Clayton telephoned them and launched into a rendition of "Mrs. Doubtfire" -- one of Williams' signature film roles in which he impersonates an elderly British nanny.

When the mistaken identity came to light, the Star-Tribune retracted its interview with "Williams." The Punkin Center Rural Fire Department also canceled its December fund-raiser, at which organizers hoped to raise $45,000, the suit said.

The real Williams sued a short time later, demanding damages and asking a judge to order Clayton to disclose that he is not "the real Robin Williams" when he does impersonations.

Neither Pool nor Clayton could be reached for comment.

According to his Web site, www.robindouble.com, Clayton performs as Williams in one-man and musical comedy shows that include dancers and a band. Clayton has "won all the major look-alike contests" and has been mistaken "everywhere he goes" for the "Mork and Mindy" actor, the Web site says.

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Cody Kasch's Pot Bust

By Sarah Hall


High times have given way to low times for Desperate Housewives star Cody Kasch. The 17-year-old actor, who plays troubled teen Zach Young on the hit ABC dramedy, was collared in New York Tuesday night after plainclothes police officers spied him allegedly smoking pot in Manhattan's East Village.

Kasch was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, given a ticket and released. No court date was set. Touchstone Studios, which produces Desperate Housewives, declined to comment on the arrest.

Kasch began his acting career at a youthful age, participating in his parents' community theater group. His big break came when a casting agent saw his performance in the play God's Country and signed him up for a national commercial. Kasch has been working steadily ever since.

Before he was cast for Desperate Housewives, Kasch was a series regular on Normal, Ohio. He also had guest appearances on ER, Nash Bridges, Boston Public and NYPD Blue.

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Oliver Stone Arrested on Drug, DUI Charges

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone was arrested for investigation of drug possession and driving while intoxicated, police said Saturday. Stone, 58, was arrested Friday night at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard after showing signs of alcohol intoxication, police Sgt. John Edmundson said.

A search of his Mercedes turned up drugs, Edmundson said. He did not specify what kind. Stone was released Saturday morning after posting $15,000 bail. A message left Saturday with Stone's agent David Styne was not immediately returned.

In 1999, the filmmaker pleaded guilty to drug possession and no contest to driving under the influence and was ordered into a rehabilitation program. Stone's films include the recent "Alexander," "JFK" (1991) and "Natural Born Killers" (1994). He won Academy Awards for directing in 1989 for "Born on the Fourth of July" and in 1986 for "Platoon," which also won the Oscar for best picture. He lives in Los Angeles.

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