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August 10th Live Feed Updates

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rach and ivette in BY talking qbout eating late at night and R says that she had bad dreams last night cuz she ate ice cream late... ivette says that she slept well cuz she drank benedryl.

They continue to talk about an alarm clock that they found in the house...

i - who would be such an idiot to turn it on

r - i hope it wasn't me cuz i would be like uuuugh!

i- we aren't supposed to have one but thank God for Kayasr they put it in there...

sarah has joined them outside, sits down and gets up

r - good morning james

r- who sings that song, i should know it but i don't

j-it is sting, everyone knows it was sting even the kids because puff daddy stole it and made the different version for that fat rapper

i- for biggie

j- i think it is funny how all of those poeple think that tu-pac and biggie got assinated, uuum nope Kennedy got assinated, MLK got assinated...

i - i don't like rap but i do like r&b

j- i still listen to onyx... i listen to everything

i- i liked bones, thugs and harmony, they did complicated rap

j- i miss being up in the morning

r- i am up at this time every morning... it is calm and relaxing

j- have you worked out this morning?

r- yes

i- no

j- i am gonna work out this morning

talk about all of the planes that fly overhead and different flight times

r- in the car... the guy that picked me up to come here, got in an accident and they had to call a cab to come get me. and the smell was sooooo gross, and then her wanted to argue with me

j- how you like all of them tickets f*****

talk about cabbies trying to rip you off cuz they think you are tourists

sarah talking about cabbies in chicago and how they try to rip you off...

seriously smashing taxi drivers...

club opium is right at Ivettes back door...

i - when is the last time u went to miami?

jam - april may, it was raining

i - they had already built it by then... (some club)

i - i have to go to the bathroom, i'll be right back...

jam- well i might as well get some coffee

i - no i will be right back

sarah left alone outside

james, ivette & rachel in bathroom...

jam - we had them next to us, it was those damn puerto ricans...

(they are talking about ticks)

jam - stop talking, they are watching you...

rach in shower

jam & i in kitchen

jam - it is prob howies

jam - you are not gonna wash all the dishes are you

i - no i am gonna wash my own

jam - ouch that cup was hot, i'll be outside

jam in BY, allright so she just jumped in the shower... (to sarah)

you gonna talk to her when she is in the shower

jam - it is one thing to lose a friend, kayasr, i consider you guys... i mean i am madly in love with sarah

i - i know when you said that you love her being here but it is a distraction, you can focus on yourself

jam - i am not heartless

i- should i plug into reality what i do here?

i - cuz it is not reality

jam - of course not

i - i wonder if i am biting myself in the ass by vol. to be the pawn... reality is that you are gonna go for sarah... for people to say that you have an alliance... hello!!!

jam - people want to hold things to rumored things, i know exactally which two ppl you are talking about

i- it bother me how you can still be linked to these things, you see, the fact remains that sarah is james gf... yes, we might be honest w/ each others...

jam - i told howie, next time u r gonna do something really f****** stupid, you need to do what i do, step away for a sec.... and think!

i - just FYI, maggie didn't convince anyone to do anything, i can guarantee you and the world that she didn't convince...

jam - every person in a group have a roll, some could be snipers, some recon, etc... just like you don't shot the messenger, you go for the head of the demon...

jam - i am well aware of everything that took place, ppl have a lot of balls and want to talk Thur & Fri when it comes to ____ it is a different ball game, has been for 3 wks in a row

i - last night is the first night i slept i drank 2 benedryls

jam- last night i slept good, i woke up early as i was thinking, thinking, thinking

BB - GM HG it is time to get up for the day

jam - that is the funny thing about coffee, it makes you have to go to the bathroom

i - yeah that is just what i did and it was only gas, had to release air

jam- well ladies i will bbl coming back 10 lbs lighter, going to bathroom

i - what did he say

s- something about coming back 100 lbs. lighter or something like that

i & s just kickin it outside...

s- its no fun huh

i - nope

s- welcome to my world for the past few weeks

i - but you will get over it on sat

s- but you have only had it for 1 night

i - hmmmm

s- it is a hard thing, it is just hard, it just sux to have to fight for your life all week, it is almost not worth it

s- it is so nice out

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Ok, page back up

J, I, S & R are the only ones up now, and we learn:

J hates rap, but hears it all the time in "HOT"Lanta

R loves Chris Rock.

I has a brother, and he is in love with Janet Jackson.

BB: IT's time to get up for the day HG's.

No sign of movement from H, Jan, B, A, Mag or Jen

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i - what did he do? fall in the toilet?

s- have you never been in the bathroom with him???

i - nope

s- omg he just sits here and just plop, plooop, squirt....

s- omg when i was with my ex there were mags all ovre the counter, in the sink, by the toilet... he would sit on the toilet and have all these mags.... james will sit on the toilet with his George W. Bush mag and all of his political stuff... I don't get it... i try to pay attention when he talks about it, but i doze off... i just don't get it... that is why he liked Kay so much... they would bicker back and forth

s- i think that is what got him in trouble in the beginning, they thought he was stradeging against them... remember when we were in the Bedroom and Kay started that huge convo about it

i- those need to be folded?

s- what are they towels?

i - i'll help

i- you would think that who ever smokes would clean up their damn ashtrays!!!!

s- i thought they were out of cigs!

jam, I and S folding towels... and having laundry folding chit chat

s- i can't attach my thing to my pants cuz they will fall down...

BB- april please go to the DR

jam - man that was F***** fast!, they always lie....

s- i am gonna shower until i get called in there

s- we won't be called till later tho

i - we prob won't get called till tomorrow

i - g'morning guys (goes inside)

s to jam - you think we got it or no???

jam - maggie is talking to rach right now, i need u to talk to jenn, i'll talk to rach you talk to jenn

s- ok

jam - no cursing

rach - in BR that will be the 3rd contact in a week!

jam - again?

lotsa ppl in the BR talking about this that and the other....

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Its 11:04 BB time....

Ivette,April,Beau,Maggie outside at the table.

April and Ivette are in talk to mend the fences.

April saying " You know, I think we both had some life changing things happen.Me stopping smoking, and you losing Cappy who you had become very close to.Add to that, the stress of this game and we kind of had our fight."

<Just when it gets good, Rachel walks out and they stop>

Rachel wondering where Howie is.The groups says he is probably up in HOH. Rachel is frustrated because she can't even go up and talk to Howie because hes locked in the HOH w/Janelle.

Rachels" Janelee has freakin' moved IN up there!"

Beau "No, she, well yea, her shit is everywhere in this house."

April"Rachel, look if you want to talk to YOUR partner, then go up there.Tell Janelle you need a moment"

Maggie offers coffee to everyone.

Rachel "Can you just start an IV for me?"

Maggie"No, I don't do IV's, I'm a cop remember?" (ROFL!!!)

April "Thats anothert thing Maggie.......James said another reason he thinks you are a cop is because your hair curls up on the ends and thats where it must curl up over your cop hat".

Maggie"Geeez, cops don't even wear hats anymore".

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They are currently all outside taking the HOH pictures for the week. Janelle is talking to Ivette by the pool, but Ivette doesn't have her mic on, they are talking about james, janelle is saying he is cocky, sounded like ivette was saying she heard people were throwing competitions.

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James:We got so played by kaysar and his group, probably got played more than anyone in the big brother in this game

Jen: we never thought you played dirty, but what got us is when you swared on the bible

James: I respect the bible, I think the story of adam and eve is crap and isn't to be believed word for word. the story is crap but not the bible. i was talking to ivette, and beau came in a gave me the bible, and she said she wanted me to give her something

Sarah: they threw their balls down the ramp (saying ivette and beau threw an HOH competition)

James: I assumed what I was telling ivette, was not between friends but as the game, especially when maggie turned the tv off. I let ivette know that when i swore on the bible i was raging as i talked to her, if they handed me a sandwhich i would have sworn on that. i haven't had an ally in this house since eric turned on me.

James: She said she didn't trust either one of you, and she wanted jen to sign in blood. The two women kept pushing at us, and saying they are sorry, and wanted to try and keep sarah, so thats why we came to you guys, but they sunk to an unfare level by giving me and her hope

april: she came in the gym and was raging, he i need to ask you a question, did you tell sarah that you were sorry, 'tell me what your gut says"

s: she didn't know what was going through howies head, if she won she said things would be different

James: i thought i had one side and they turned on us

s: they said they were going to put up ivette and maggie

A: she told me in the gym that she didn't talk to you, i told her we made a promise to evict sarah and we have to stick to it, and she said thank you thats what i wanted to hear, we are on the same page

James: i told eric day one, that howie and rachel were dangerous

Sarah: when have i not tried to be your friend

James: they used sarah as a tool for their aggression

James: you guys(jen&apr) could be my only friends in here

Jen: you have to understand that we cant vote one from our side out

Sarah: Janelle came in here smiling from ear to ear and said she didn't want to get my hopes up, so we had to ask

Apri: who do you think started this

James: kaysar

A: no who said that we would vote for you

They did

Jen: we never said we would

(which is a lie, since this all started as their idea to get ivette out)

Apr: when howie got HOH we went up there, they said if we do this we want safety for 3 weeks, thats when they tried to play both sides, cause they don't want you to nominate him if james gets HOH.

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James: Its one thing if they just came to us and apologized

Apri: they said they didn't make a mistake, that he has to go

James: Maggie has called you guys weak

James: when you guys are at home watching this you will see that I didn't try and back stab, i was just playing a game

Sarah: he's not trying to make himself a saint

James: I have a mission next week

April: they say who'd they put up next week if they win

James: they are now saying maggie, and that they will go with the original plan

James: april, you don't have to make any apologies

April: our group has an understanding, but the other group look at rachel this morning cussing up a storm about janelle

Sarah: when a deal is made because of a lie, it is void

JameS: the 3 most scared people are rachel, janelle and howie

april: he thinks you'll go after me and maggie, they maybe jennifer, and that he said that you(james) said i was the most annoying person in this house

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james:even if one of you two are hoh, or ivette or maggie, i don't care if i'm up, cause atleast i know now

april: lets promise that i won't say anything bad about you, and you not say anything bad about me,lets be adults (ed.um, wasn't she saying he is evil every day this week)

James: kaysar was trying to convince me that eric was backstabbing me, and he kept me up in that HOH room so that it would put doubt in your guys' minds

apr: why are all of them willing to sale your asses out

james: cause we had a bond, and i was the easiest one to go after

sarah: howie and rachel have always tried to play both sides, if I have an extra vote, we know its janelle

april: rachel is already prepping everybody that if there are 2 extra votes then it is not rachel or janelle

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jen: we need to get ivette away, maggie said janelle, rachel and howie are drilling ivette

(switched to the other camera)

Looks like ivette and beau are just casually talking to maggie and rachel

gold room

april is now speculating that they are out side talking crap about her.

april: just cause i say james is a motherf**ker to rachel and howie, doesn't mean that i mean it, howie told me that he kisses your ass because he doesn't want to go home

janelle has entered, april has stopped to tie the back of her bathing suit, janelle says that she has exposed her breasts twice now


ivette: so all votes are in

Rach: yeah

Iv: he's gonna have game face tomorrow, like howie said if he can out do 9 people tomorrow, we should all just go home

maggie: but luckily he can only be it that one week and not the next

Iv: he's like a bad stomach virus that you cant get rid of, evertime you think you have

maggie: you vomit again


Jen: i feel like we are in prison, and constantly monitored


Rachel and april

Rach: so i'm really curious as to what he is saying

april: same o'l crap, we agreed not to talk bad about each other

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April just put on an amazing show for Janelle with James.... She and James had like this 'skit' about how they don't like each other and how she said she would put him up if she got HOH and that she knows he would put her up.... after it was all said and done she walks out and says whew... good job!

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Jan, B & H in HoH room taking provocative pictures... PG-13... being hilarious.

H- tres chic tres chic

b- it looks like you are jacking off

h- i haven't jacked off in o long that who knows

h- 1 2 3 oooooh you sexy b****

b- thats hot, thats hot

j- that was perfect because it was like we were in love w/ you

j- do one w/ me and h

h- yeah

b- get on his lap

Howies is LOVING THIS!!!!

b- ok get on the bed

j- both of us on the bed

h- oooooh i'll get wood, what about mike, he'll get pissed

j- don't worry about it

h- making funny kissy noisez

b- that is a good one, the best one ever

they then tell BB that they have to put that one...

janie is gonna take some shower pics

they all go in there!!!

howie has wood!

b- what did you do with it

h- i just adjusted it...

h- oooooh janie is giving me a hand job

h- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? where did that water come from?

j- it is from the brush!

h- omg I thought i was leaking!!!!

h- let me hold your boobie janie...

j- ok

taking massive pics

b- howie get in the shower...

h- clothed

b- yeah

b- you get in there with janie

h- give me the loofa... oooh michael is gonna be pissed jainie

b- it looks like you are wet

h- i am!!!

j- erase that one i have one eye open

h - what the shower one?

j- yeah

h- no

now rach and howie are sitting on bed talking, beau and jan anre still fooling around with the camera... they quit all of the antics when rach came in

rach and howie laying on bed getting pic taken....

b- thats cute

everyone looking at pics

r- oh that is disgusting

b- he had wood

h- she was giving me a handjob with the brush

r- of course she was

cams change to BY

jenn, mag and ape in BY....

april is tallking about when she and james were in the room and april said she walked out and said damn i am a good acrtress...

ivette joins them...

a- can i tell you something real quick

m - i said can we make this as least obvious as possible

a- bottom linbe again, i don't want to hurt feelings... you are on the radar, rach and janelle wanted to vote you... they want sarah and james again to increase their numbers

i- did janie come and tell you that we wanted to increase our number... jan was gonna say that I had a plan with james

m- then why would they back it

i- jan was gonna tell you that so you would not trust me...

a- they were trying to get us to believe it... she said rach told her not to forget that ivette is on our radar...

i- james said tell your lil friend maggie that you are safe

mag - f*** You, F*** you... don't ever tell me

a- sarcastically... I want michael back...

b and h joins them

i- where where you? taking pictures???

howie goes into detail about all of their *sex antics* pictures...

h- come over here and give me a massage, i have a headache...

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apr: i can't wait for this week to be over

rach: you?, huh, we just put our asses on the line for you guys

april : we all did


sarah: its the fact that we thought we might have 2 extra votes

james: here's what happened, janell walked in looking depressed, and i said you? we are the ones going home, maybe not she said, and that apr and jen might vote to evict you (ivette), now i know this is all kaysars plan since we kicked out michael,

sarah: we didn't do anything, we didn't campaign against you, then they told us apr and jen are going back on their words, then they said well have you talked to them, so i was like i guess

james: janelle came up with the story that we had a pack, i told jen that we don't have a pack

Ivette: i won't know the truth till the votes, we need to see 6-1 to know, i'm not gonna doubt jen and april

James: you can guarantee your buddies that they are safe this week, the reason i was thinking maggie was bad is because of howie rachel and janelle, i'm mad and howie and rachel cause they could have let her go peacefully, but for her and janelle to come in here and gives us hope, took this from strategic to personal, now i'm after them,

sarah: have a conversation with jen and april after i am gone, you can trust them

ivette: they (h,r, jan) think that april and jen are bendable

james: i don't understand maggie at all, but i think you do

ivette: people do set ups here

HOH Room

Rachel: her communication style is going to get her kicked out of here, what did she say i was starting, i mean i need to know

howie: that we came up with the idea and ran with it, and ran to james

rach: we didn't go to him, he's trying to save sarah

howie: its cause you apologized

rach: i did do that, and i told april, they kicked us out of the gold room, obviously i need to talk to jennifer

downstairs now

rach: if shes outside grab her

Howie: i don't want to start looking like a liar, i want to give you information but not look like james

rachel alone near kitchen planning/mumbling what to say

howie gets jennifer

rachel: you guys kicked me out of the gold room, and i saw them on the couch crying about it, so i told them i was sorry all this was happening

jen: i'm avoiding you cause i'm mad and i don't want to blow up, and i don't like how you talk to april in the gym

rach: i apologized to april for that, it wasnt' how i wanted it to go

jen: you were being a bitch yesterday and i did't appreciate that

rach: well everyone has their days

howie: well i'm just here for both of you

rach: well this is a stressful situation

jen: i couldn't get over it cause it was late at night

rach: and the alarm kept going off

jen: i haven't been mad at you in this game, til yesterday

jen: i hate complaining about this, cause people in america will be like well why did you sign up for it, this is hell

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howie, rach and jenn in BR

howie is giving jenn a massage

j- i have never been mad at you in this game till yesterday

r- thats fine

j- so u know it takes a lot

r- ok thank you

howie is whispering... i can't understand

they are saying that they hate this house, and they get pissed off and that they want to go home and they tell them to quit their bitching... they say it is hell...

the others minus james, sarah and janie are in the BY talking...

a- they want them out

i- i knew it

a - they definitely want them out

a- they have been trying, i don't want assume thing... i want safety for a week...

mg to iv - i don't trust anyone but us 5... i don't want to give ppl info when it is not necess..

m- you guys... i love you... i hate you but i love you

i- i remember when cappy was here and he said don't piss in my ear and tell me it is raining...

m- yes

i - F****** gross

a- it is bad, it is not pretty it is not nice, it is really sad

s- cute top (to m)

a- i'll be back

s- i can't wait to go home and watch the feeds...

s- i believe in james, i can just enjoy the beautiful day...

m- but none of us know the votes, eric and i didn't know the votes when we were on the chopping block

s- yeah but i don't believe i will be here tomorrow... i can't wait to get home and watch the tapes

m- we all want to get home and watch the tapes, but we can't play with that possibility

b- that was a REALLY low flying plane

s- everytime i think i have something figured out I hear something else...

april and ivette in common room

a- i don't think anyone can lie that f***** well

a- rachel is running scared

i- i thought i saw you put it somewhere

a- here is the trick to the whole story... like when i was talking last night jan and h were flipping they were trying to make jenn and i second guess you, they told us to just sleep on it , they think you and him have a pact and the fact that james kept saying that i can't put her up ...

i- i have always told them the truth... u understand?

a- yeah

BB- howie please come to the DR

i - i was up all night cuz i could not sleep, you guys were very quiet

a- we were up at leavt an hour

a- we did it to get info

i- i didn't like how that went down... he said they told jenn and apr that it is best to get rid of me now and you guys have nothing to worry about and it will break up B and I...

i- did u ever think about it for a sec?

a- no, i was acting like i was thinking about it so that i could get info, h- said don't make a decision yet and i said i would think about it... then she whispers stuff I cannot hear...

a- i kept saying guys no... we were going back and froth... i was like maybe you are right we will think about it, i went to go get my shose cuz i left em up there

i- that is when they got upset...

a- u mean after the veto

i- and i got all upset cuz you went running upstairs

a- the next day i went up there and rach was sitting on the bed and i asked her what she thought about it and i said i dunno what do u think? in a round about way Jan has told me that it is a numbers game and that they want to keep jam and s on their side in case eric comes back... u understand?

i - uh hu

a- i said we made promises and we can't do that... i have to stick w/ the plan... James just said that rach just said that maggie and jenn are gonna go up, there are 20 million stories and i don't know which ones are true, jan told me that rach told her that she doesn't trust her and they want you out...

i -- she told you that?

a- they think jenn is the smartest one out of the group cept for maggie

i- what do they think we are f***** idiots?

a- yeah she was pissed the way that R was talking to to me, she was gonna kick her ass

a- rachel is a sneaky f****** b*****

i- jan walked in there and told jam that she was gonna walk in there and make up the story about u and i having the pact...

OH THIS IS SO CONFUSING!!! they are switching up the stories like crazy...

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h, jenn, a, m, r & i outside in BY

i- just came back and just started talking about the sleeping arraingments... she just realised that it seriously sux for her...

h- i don't think there will be a secret this week, i think the secret this week is a person coming back...

talking about luxury comps, and pb&j passes, etc.... howie says they haven't old him anything...

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m and jan in Kitchen

m- laughs

jan - what?

m- it is so nice that i can just relax becaus ei'm not on the block

jan - says that she understands

m- i like your idea of staying up all night and going to bed during the day

m - the s***** thing is that everyone keeps bring up people that aren't even here!!! F**** i don't even know and i don't like when ppl put stuff in other ppls mouths... james talked to me about what eric did...

jan - it is f****** ridiculous

m- all of this is f****** ridiculous, its all big circles

talking about the fact that don't have partners to go and talk to.... they are alike and they can join up... laughing and snacking... just giggling without saying anything

just being goofy....

j- how many raves have you been to?

m- you're a bitch

m- i haven't been to a rave in like 7 years.... i stopped going to the raves after i stopped doing 'stuff' winked

general talk about raves and how they have changed over the years....

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maggie and ivette talking in backyard. Ivette telling maggie how she is starting to believe in what james and sarah said about the possibility of rachel and howie being married

rachel and janelle talking about how rachel met howie, they met in Indiana and she thought howie was very cute,

Ivette;If the guy gets HOH and doesnt put you up, you have to believe him somewhat, he kept part of his word

Ivette: I would love cappy to come back, but if its kaysar, I'm worried

M: why

Iv: cause one of us will be pawns with james

Iv: james said, "I have to have respect for you beau and maggie. you guys don't budge"

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r & i sitting in BY talking about friends

i - talking about how all of her friends are in miami

r- i wonder what howie is upstairs is writing

i- boobies

boobies and more boobies

r - yeah

i- u and h have a natural reaction with each other

r- really?

i- when he won hoh u 2 looked at each other and then u kissed, u have a natural attraction, that is not something u do unless u have a natural attraction

r- uh hu

i- that is a natural attraction

r- it is cuz i make him bfast

i- jan u find those sneakers comfy?

jan - no

r- they are upstairs in the hoh room

i- i think i have a pretty good eye for matching up ppl

r- really

i- only 4 ppl got me confused, i swear on everything, i had no idea about anybody in this house... but i could see looks from her

r- i saw the looks too, but i didn't see it as bf gf but as bro and sis

i- i saw his stare at her from the pool and i was like u wanna get ur eyeballs back in the socket?

r- i missed those moments

i- howie is comfortable w/ you

r- i wonder it how it would be if i let him be hoh first, i was like howie you better get of this damn surfboard...

i- there is a certain icecube that i wanted in my mouth

i- alot of things that i said would happen to me happened to me in this house... then she starts listing all of the stuff she predicted...

i - said that she knew that she would one of the 1st people that wouldn't like

r- i didn't feel that way at all

i- either people love me or they hate me, i don't have a gray area, i don't budge, it isn't a good thing it isn't a bad thing I can be too abrupt...

r- i am the oldest woman in the house, it is so sucky

i- i didn't think i would hit it off w/ the oldest guy in the house...

r- u hit it off w/ the funniest guy in the house

i- kay was a great guy but

r- oh i liked kay

i- he was very low key kept everybody in check

i - u like walking out here better

jan - these shoes hurt my feet when i walk on the treadmill

jan is powerwalking round the BY

i- i guess they are not gonna set up for hoh today

r- yep

i - there isn't enought time

r- they will probably make us draw staraws, just like the ball think, it was random... they let us practice but only 2 ppl didn't throw it too hard and that was jan and m, i think it is gonna be random

i - too more days and actually a day and 1/2 that i am on pb&j

r- i if you are not still here i will be one very surprised person and disgusted too

i- that is a good thing, almost everything in this house is a sign, i've watched ppl, when someone becomes hoh ppl who are scared, who are comfortable.... you blink and u miss something

r- unfortunately in this house, there is a lot of he said she said, but it is not rteally being said but it is being said to us to cause problems...

i- tomorrow is a new day

r- yea i know

i- lots of votes

r- tomorrow is a very big day, votes and someone walks back in the house

i - numbers to who walks back in it is all so intense

r- i know that you have had a lot of tough 2 days...

i - would like a lesson to be learned from my experience... when someone goes up as a pawn you need that comfort... you get nervous, you start taking a s*** in your pants...

r- after u told me, it never even dawned one me, i feel bad about it...

they are talking the numbers of the vote with jan and kay

i- jan do u remember the results between u and k

jan - they were 7 to 1

i - that is what i just told her

r- it was james, he said he did it to throw us off, i am pretty sure, i think, i know he did that with ashlea

i - what is with him and that 1 f****** little vote

jan - i have a theory that he wanted it to seem like he didn't want Kay out

i- he wanted to make a difference

i- he keeps doing it with that 1 lil f****** vote

i- maggie and i were just laughing saying when cappy was here they would plan and i told her that i wake up at random times to pee

r- i wake up early so i messed up their plans

i - u didn't do that the forst few days

r- nope cuz i slept upstairs so i woke up at about 9ish

i - then you started to wake up early

r- yeah


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Girls sitting around in kitchen talking about periods. Ivette has missed hers, janie is on hers, april is on hers, mag is getting ready to be on hers... boy oh boy this house is gonna be fun!

sarah just announced that her sister started taking birth control pills since she was 13 to regulate her period

i, s, m, a and jen are sitting infromt of the fish tank watching the fish eat...

the fish have names... buster, pepperoni, bluie, sharky, ursela, tigger, fred, bubba, ellen, lips, rosie, birdie, peanut, bently - he died,

they are doing vioce overs for the fish... it is hilarious.

pepperoni and sharky are the favorites

buster is the grandpa

sharkey is the obedient fish that likes to play by the rules

ursela is the 'b****' fish because she is skinnier and playful...

this is cracking me up!!!!

a- yells BEAU GET UP, BEAU GET UP!!!!

they are still analyzing the fish and still doing voice overs...

howie n janie working out

james walking around in his undies in the GR

beau up, rachel doing dishes

they are talking about the fish bently dying and someone says 'he got flushed' and sarah says no he got taken very quickly to the fishie dr...

james comes to kitchen and asked r if she is making good grub tonight

james - what the f*** am i doing standing in front of the fridge

james - are there any of the good potato chips left?

r - there in there

j - there in there?

r- yeah

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April is talking to everyone(pretty much all day) about rachel and is starting to confuse her story about whether or not rachel tried to get ivette out and save sarah

Howie feels that the competition for HOH will be physical since the one coming in won't be able to answer questions about what is going on in the house.

Rachel is out is the backyard talking to howie, saying she's depressed and wants to go to sleep early.

Rachel: well james wont move and I won't move if its endurance. They are supposed to make the competitions equally fair.

Howie: yeah but they know the whole house is gunning for him

Howie: cant believe janelle drinking and getting drunk the night before power of veto, all she cares about is that boy coming back, 'oh michael', these f**kin peoples brains are so clouded

Rachel: well shes only 25, maybe we can use it to our advantage that she is not focussed on the game

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