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August 10th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest rogle34

Howie and James are talking about how the game is just one week at a time.

James: Howie no matter if you and Rachel believe me, I'm not putting you up.

Howie: Just like I told you today, I love you and Sara and will always be friends.

Basically it's big 'ol love fest..... And also James is bs'ing his way through this.

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Guest rogle34

James say's that if Sara goes he's a player on his own,

Howie: And you are a stronger player.

They are talkin' about Maggie causing a problem in their (Howie and James' group) and that James will get rid of her, that he knows whose at fault.

James say's they need a coach and their coach left last week and how surprising it'll be if "he" comes back.

James is worried that others will hear him talkin' to Howie

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Guest rogle34

Whisperin about Jennie and that they need to split up the April, Maggie, Ivette thing....

James say's, whisperin'

"you think Eric will come back?"

Howie say's the fans are just like in this house, you have your Cappy clan and you have those that Hate him... Who know's.

Howie explains how things change each week.... again.... Yada yada.... and you know the rest

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Guest rogle34

Howie and James continue talkin inside...

Outside April and Maggie are in Hammock talkin. She asked Rachel about somethin' she'd heard about Rachel sayin' about April, and April confronted her and found out that RAchel didn't say it. THen Rachel asks her "where's your heart, where's your gut right now?"

Then Ap said " We all make a promise as a F'in house, and I wanna believe that makin' that promise ......" And then Rachel say's I'm glad that's what you said..... and then A say's "You f'in bitch" but I don't think a said it to Rachel, she just thought it

I'm not sure where this convo is goin'... And don't really care.... to be honest....

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Guest rogle34

James and Howie (J and H) are talkin' inside

J: I still like the odds even if S leaves.

H: I like Janelle over all of em

They are talkin' abut April not competing in any events

That who's gonna pick her.....

H: It's like half time

Talkin' that Eric might hold a grudge... (Really???, Ya think??)

Sayin' that Ashlea would be the only one that they wouldn't be targeting.

J: Just think about if everyone had of played strategically.

Now they are talkin about a 10 year BB reunion.... and then about Spring Break and how they loved it.... (I think H is older than what he say's, cause he just slipped up and said that it sucks to be in the office all day while everyone else is out partying).

Okay, it's gettin' borin' they are talkin' about Spring Break and some DVD's that H has of some spring breaks....... Okay, time to go to bed for them....

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April and Maggie in hammock

April saying how nice its been not talking to Ivette the past couple of days.

Maggie knows that they are trying to get A & Jennifer to vote off Ivette

April tells her James and Sarah started it

Maggie says Rachel, Howie and Janelle are contemplating it

April says no...Sarah asked her to play chess and as soon as they sat down Sarah started making promises...Sarah and James followed her around all day...telling her they only need her vote, they already have everyone elses. Her and Janelle went to do their hair to get away from them...

Maggie: Janelle keeps approaching Sarah

April: No, no , no! Sarah keeps approaching Janelle

April tells Maggie she thinks James & S made up the whole story about Rachel telling them they will keep them if they can get 1 more vote...Maggie agrees.

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12:36 BBT

F 1 & 2: Jen & Sarah in BR chit chatting. Sarah seems to be trying to convince J to vote her way.

F 3 & 4: April and Maggie in the hammock. A is going on and on to Maggie about anything and everything that is poping in to her head. (it seems to me she just likes to hear herself talk) Maggie is just shaking her head and saying "uh huh" "yeah". (its actually very amusing)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Feed 1 / 2 on Sarah Jen

Sarah trying to seed some doubts in Jenn's mind about Maggie in reference to her occupation (lol). Saying that James interrogates ppl alot and that he is sure that she is a cop being the way that Maggot is.

Jen: Maggie told me she took classes

Sarah: She told me she took training or some crazy kinda classes. He (James) was talking to Maggie about what kind of training and she slipped up *ed: I think thats total b.s. unless thats what mag wants james to blv*

Jen doesn't really care

Sarah: but you know by that time he was already suspicious. He was like he got her and he never said she was a cop. She knows about this stuff he never said she is a cop... she mustve had some training because she seems to know about it

Jen: What name was under Eric's pinata ?

Sarah: Eric, James doesnt like him

Jen: The way we feel is that James was a part of our group and as soon as he got nominated boom he (betrayed us). We were like whats taking you so long in the HOH (james). ... Anyways I gotta go to bed

Sarah: So I'll talk to Rachel.

Jan: So Rachel's only problem is if we dont wanna do it then she wont do it... she just wanna f'n play both sides!

Howie walks in the WC

Feed 3/4 on Maggot/Ape/BO

12:54 PM BBT

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I came in on the end of James in the GR alone and he was ripping something, did anyone else get what he was doing???

I went back and watched it again, it looked like James was ripping some ones (girls) underwear. Did anyone else see that?

Okay, now that ive watched it a third time Im starting to think maybe it was his sleeves from his tshirt that he made .... i would hope he wouldnt rip up someones undies. (but ya never know)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Howie, Maggie in GYM

Talking about James. Maggie is pretty much hellbent on James leaving. Saying he may have a secret passage - or he is a super hero - she also mentioned "platinum veto" in reference to James. James apparently told them that if he wins enough vetos he'll get a platinum veto (I find the paranoia tonite absolutely hilarious).

2:19 am bbt

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Guest Shockalot

3:10 BBT

April, Janelle and Howie having a humourous convo about why people (James in this case) might possibly hate April.

April "What can people hate about me"

Howie "Ok.. lol.. you talk about things on and on"

April "Wha?"

Howie "Like the moon comes up and you talk about it over and over till next week"

April "What.. no.. i want more reasons"

Janelle "Like how you go on about April.. too much"

April wants more examples of how she is annoying?


Harping on same things


Wont get off things..

haha.. they have quite a list and April is quite surprised she could be so annoying?

The whole convo is in humour as Howie tries to 'put it nicely' to April why she might be annoying lol.

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Guest Shockalot

April reveals she has never deliberately thrown an HoH.

She asks Howie if he has?

Howie: "Geezzz.. I have a hard enough time winning one.. never mind throwing anything"

Janelle says she never 'threw' an HoH either.

April claims that Sarah confided in her that she (Sarah) deliberately relaxed off answering 'The Eliminator' HoH questions when she saw Rachel and Howie were left.

Sarah reportedly said she 'knew she was safe with Rach and Howie' so was no longer worried about anything.

Howie does not buy Sarahs story (as reported by April).

Janelle reveals she despises being called 'Nelly'.

It reminds her of 'Nell' a retarded character from a Jodie Foster movie or a 'Spoiled girl' from 'Little House on the Prairie' named Nelly.

April agrees not to call her 'Nell' anymore but she doesnt want to call Janelle 'Janey' either.

Janelles family calls her 'Janey' though.

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Guest Shockalot

April asks Howie and Janelle a personal question - "What if Michael comes back.. is that going to be ok with you guys?"

April asks "I mean.. will he be jealous?"

Janelle does not think Mike would be jealous of Howie.

Howie thinks he just wants to do Janey and does not care who did her first.

April asks Janelle about what she said of Mikes Teeth?

Janelle says she was in a really fiesty mood and sniped at Michael once - "Well at least I dont have teeth like a can-opener."

Michael was really offended and told her:

"I was in a car accident as a kid and a lot of teeth got knocked out."

April suggests that Michael might get voted back in if Janelle promises to put on a really incredible 'Show' with Michael.

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Guest raceingal11

late night update

3:38am - jan, howie and april in hoh room

chit chat about michael and janelle. beau caught them kissing once. april says she's rather watch michael and jan kiss than "them"; it grosses her out.

a: god forbid I go before that guy does

H: it's ok. i've takes shots at him, so if he wants to come at me, i'll feel fine. i went after him, i couldn't get him...

A: he wants me cuz he knows he can't manipulate me...

H: i could care less what he says about me. it's what he does on the veto court...

A: sarah said if he gets HOH, he's not even gona have those "meeting" with ya'all

H: he told me the same thing ... "they can all just go pack"

A: we just all have to pray he don't win it...

3:50am: discussion about good-by messages, and speculation on whether the evicted houseguests got to see their messages to them when they left.

talking about whether you HAVE to say a good-by or not, then we got fishis for a minute. now discussion of previous season's good-by's to houseguests.

4:00am - april heads downstairs to bed. howie says his plan for HOH is for rachel to win it, then backdoor james after the veto "it's the only way".

discussion of different ways to backdoor james, who would be pawns if so-n-so gets HOH, and so on. (feeds on 4 different views of HG's in bed. someone is snoring loudly!)

4:10am - howie heads to take a shower after a few minutes of discussion of james and his guilt trips on the house the past few days. janelle goes downstairs quickly for some water and a quick trip to the potty. back to bed with the bible.

4:27am - howie out of shower, flossing his teeth loudly

H: james and sarah - do you believe them? (to janelle)

J: No. I did for that split second...it was so convincing to me, ya know

H: full of s**t, both of them...liers

chit-chat about there may be another set of hits or clues coming for another safe code. janelle still talking about michael coming back. "americe has to like us more than "them"!"

4:40am - howie listening to music STILL picking his teeth. janelle going to sleep. finally turns lights out in hoh room, and lays in bed to listen to more music

5:00am - all houseguests finally asleep.

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Guest Redneck Rookie

11:17AM CST

BB Annoncement: "Attention HG's. Eviction voting starts in one hour".

and now ~~~ Fish ~~~~

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9:15 BB time

rachel in Kitchen making fresh squeezed oj

Ivette in BY eating and thinking

r- to self - oooowww God dang this knife sux

r- f*** (while going through silverware drawer)

i is still sitting outside and looking like she las lost her BF

BB - attention HG eviction voting will begin in one hour

R - bring it!

FISH 9:19

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