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You have got to check out this show Filthy Rich


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I caught a show on A&E last night that was by far the funniest reality show I have seen yet. It's called Filthy Rich;Cattle Drive. It's about a group of "kids" in their 20's and 30's who happen to be the children of some of the wealthiest people in America. They are in 2 teams and are going on a cattle drive. The whole thing is for charity. I laughed so hard watching and listening to these people. The warped sense of reality that they have was amazing. At one point they were having dinner and comparing allowances, which ranged from $2,000 to 20,000 a month. :shock: None of them actually have a job or do anything worth while in their real lives. They are trying to ride horses in designer clothes and checking the cows to find out if the are pregnant and making complete idiots out of themselves.

Anyway if you get a chance to watch it! It's a riot.

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