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AI 10: Milwaukee Auditions


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let's go

scotty - i am not a fan of country. nice kid but wont win american idol

emma - pitchy shouldn't have been put through . randy should have stuck with his gut instinct of not ready for competition

naima- good vocals

jerome- way over top karaoke like

thia- good vocals

molly- ok not great

haley- too over top for me and pitchy .

tiwan- good vocals but i think he needs to tone down the antics

steve accountant- i didnt think he should have went through.

i thought he would be more train wreck but still wasn't good enough

scott-very good vocals

alyson- average vocals

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I like it all at this point - the good and the bad. I try to keep everyone pretty anonymous by the next day. Just can't pack all those details into my aging brain anymore. :pixiedust:

A few thoughts after last night, tho --

My cat perked up, sat up, and left the room over that shieking 'opera'.

I enjoy the mix of these judges. Tyler's compassion/lusty mix is very appealing to me; the Lopez love couldn't be prettier to watch or hear; and Randy seems to be very comfortable in the first chair. A fun group.

So many yung-uns! I'm thinking AI has to go all or nothing. If production assumed an upsurge of young talent, then why not plan a whole floor for them at the hotel(s)? Teachers, parents, chaperones, general abstinence -- all coordinated as one big group on one monitored floor.

But it's expensive to do all those minors. So they get a trip to Hollywood to help build their dreams - then send them on home to eagerly await the next, and the next .... Good neighborhood PR for AI even if/when they get sent home.

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