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Saturday afternoon BB finally relented on week 13's task and Let His People Go!

Jubilation was had by all as they finally got to remove their chains!!

At the same time BB informed them what they already knew. That they had failed in their task which he called "Chain Reaction." But they had other names for it which we won't print here.

Vesna says she felt like the chains were taking away her personality but Melanie is just relieved that she can sleep by herself tonight.

Vesna had to get one last bit of bickering in this morning. She got out on the wrong side of the bed and dragged Tim out with her. She yelled at Melanie for making her vegemite too lumpy and, when Tim gave her clothes washing pointers, went beserk, throwing herself on the ground and rattle her chains, telling him to stuff his "freaking f**king" laundry.

Melanie tells Tim: "You and Ves this morning were hilarious." She tells him the washing up, particularly was funny and sighs: "I could have laughed forever." Tim argues that he doesn't think he was being unreasonable: "She just kept pushing and pushing and pushing me."

Well we all react to stress in different fashions. We will have to see if her actions this week have any rection on the viewers eviction voting on Sunday night.

Even BB must have had enough exposure to Vesna's sharp tounge. He relented on his ruling that Vesna was prohibited from using the kitchen and has given her free run of Her Territory. Well at least the HM will eat better with her cooking.

Since this is the final week, BB informed the HM that there is no formal allocation of chores. However, all of the normal duties must still be performed by the HM. How they allocate them is up to them.

Well at least they can do they ALONE if they choose to!!

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Final Three

They always knew that it would have to happen sometime, and her it is - Final Three. A lot of us thought that surely Vesna's antics this last week would get under the voting public's skin, but is seems to have indeared her even more.

After all, what would BB05 be without our outspoken diva. And Greg has become a fixture in the hearts of all of Australia's young girls hearts and they are not going to evict "the Hunk" now are they. So it is goodbye to the svelt young student and sometimes promotions model Melanie.





It truely amazes the rest of the house that Melanie thought she wasn't beatiful and that she actually thought her body was full of faults. It must been a truely reserved upbringing to so inhibit someone who could have a very vivacious personality if she just let go.

Maybe when she sees all of her supporters on teh eviction stage she will finally realize that she does have fans who truely like her just for herself.

So now the house is getting a lot larger with just three left in it. Of course, Vesna is larger than life! She should get along just fine now that she has all of the guys to herself. That is if she doesn't drive them crazy first!!

But they won't be alone for long. BB is bringing them one last houseguest for a short stay. We don't know for how long, but tomorrow night, Nadia, the winner of last seasons BB UK house will be entering the house. She will be staying for at least one overnight but BB will not let us know for how long.


Nadia was a sensation in the highly controversial 5th series of Big Brother UK. For her entire stay in the House the Portuguese born bank clerk kept from her fellow HMs the fact that she was born a boy before having a sex change as a young adult. However, the audience, aware of Nadia's desire to be accepted for her personality rather than her sexuality, rallied behind her and in the end awarded her a whopping 74% of the final round of votes.

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Nadia is In The House

As BB told us on the web last week, Monday night, Nadia, the winner of last years BB UK house entered the Aussie BB house for a visit.




When the intruder alert went off the HMs jumped up from the table and headed toward the backyard to welcome their new friend, thinking she would enter through the arena like other intruders. But Nadia came down the eviction steps behind them and was greated by squeals of delight from Vesna, who was excited to see another female.

After quick introductions they popped the bottle of champagne Nadia brought with her and started firing questions at their guest.

"What fragrance are you wearing? Are you from Spain?" asked Vesna. Nadia explained that she was from Portugal, but lived in the UK. "I'm not an intruder. I'm just a special guest."

She revealed that she was the winner of the UK Big Brother last year and the HMs took her on a tour of the house. Nadia was very impressed with the house and when the tour moved to the backyard she told them the house was much bigger than the UK house.

Although the fact that Nadia is a transsexual never came up in the BB UK house during the entire season, Vesna was Johnny On The Spot in this house. After they had escorted Nadia on a tour of the house to include the backyard, Nadia and Tim had no more reentered the house when Vesna turns to Greg and said..

"She's a man. Why won't she just tell us?" Greg says he's noticed that, too. Tim joins them and Vesna tells him: "She's a guy. Did you know that?"

Tim grins and replies: "Dude, I grew up in Newtown, of course I do." Tim tells them to just relax and asks Vesna why she'd want to ask anyway, adding: "She's a person!"

Well Vesna is not one to let a question go unasked. Later in the evening while they were all in the Spa Vesna broached the subject again.

The HMs were in the spa after dinner with their house guest to chat about living in the BB house when an uncharacteristically awkward Vensa told Nadia she had a question to ask her. "I have to ask you something, and it probably has no relevancy to anything...."
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Goodbye Nadia

Although she had a difficult welcome with Vesna in the house, Nadia seems to have enjoyed herself rather well. She got to used to being in the house that she even talked back to BB. When grilled by Vesna about the staff that Nadia had met prior to entering, Nadia admitted that she had met BB himself and said that he was rather handsome and had blond hair. This sent Vesna off into dreamland with visions that we won

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Who Will Win???

BB has gathered all the the evicted HM together and polled each on as to who they want to win this years show and who they think will actually win. Here is the results...



Who do you want to win? I think I'd like Vesna to win. I think she's shown her true character and I think that's good.

Who do you think will win? Either Vesna or Tim, probably Vesna.


Who do you want to win? I want Timmy to win and the reason I want Timmy to win is because he is just to me the one person that entertained me and, when I used to watch it, I wanted the winner to be the person that I always wanted to watch. Whenever it's on I always want to see what he's doing and because he just worked so hard for all of us in the house and he was everybody's rock.

Who do you think will win? This is really hard because I think it all depends on the week. I think it's really, really close. I think Greg has a lot of teenage girls that absolutely adore him and they vote. I think that a lot of the people love Timmy because they think he's funny and love the way that he's grown , and also with Vesna, people have gone crazy over her and people that I talk to they either love her or hate her. So I think it is really tight between all three of them and it all depends on this week and how the intruder handles everything.


Who do you want to win? Obviously I want Greg to win. I just think he's so genuine and he and his brother did so well in the house together and I think it would be good for them. I think they really deserve it.

Who do you think will win? I really truly think Vesna will win. I think people have loved and grown onto her whinging and people appreciate that because she says what she feels in such a carefree way. People like knowing that the people in there are being real and that's what matters.


Who do you want to win? Tim because he was easy to live with in the house. Even though he may be playing the game he brought the house together and he kept his cool no matter what. He didn't make judgements on anybody unless he knew facts. If ever he was in a crappy mood he would go outside and cool himself down before coming in and never took it out on anyone and he always had time for everyone and he survived it from day one. If you're going to paly a game it's hard to play a game for that long and he's maintained his composure the whole time. I wouldn't be happy if Greg won because he's pretty much done nothing in there. If Dave and Greg were in the house to the end I'd be grateful because they won it together, but now a lot of people say they don't want Greg to win because they know Dave's going to get the money and they don't like Dave. If they were both in the house at the same time I feel like its earned more but being in the house he's done nothing. He just sits around and does nothing. He didn't put into the house like everyone else has, he just sits back and cruises and doesn't create like other people.

Who do you think will win? Vesna because with all the autographs I've signed from all my appearances each person I ask who do you think will win and 80% say Vesna, 20% say Tim and pretty much nobody has said Greg and that's where I get my info from. They're saying Vesna, but are they going to vote?


Who do you want to win? I'm going to say my brother [Greg] because I'll get half the prize money I guess.

Who do you think will win? My brother [Greg] because he's a pretty easy going bloke.


Who do you want to win? Greg, because he's a down to earth guy and treats everyone fairly.

Who do you think will win? Greg or Ves. I don't know; maybe even Tim because he's playing the game.


Who do you want to win? Vesna because she's an emotional baggage that wears her heart on her sleeve and she's not trying to play the game.

Who do you think will win? I think Vesna will win for those reasons.


Who do you want to win? I want Timmy to win, because I put money on him.

Who do you think will win? Probably Timmy just because I think he's been a pretty genuine bloke all the way through.


Who do you want to win? I don't really care really. I want it to be a draw.

Who do you think will win? Probably Tim or Vesna because everyone loves Timmy and everyone loves Vesna.


Who do you want to win? I don't care. I get asked this question five times a day. Maybe Greg, for Dave's sake.

Who do you think will win? Maybe Tim because of the way he's been portrayed.


Who do you want to win? Timmy or Vesna. They're both genuine good people and they both deserve it.

Who do you think will win? I don't know, it's hard to say. Hopefully Timmy will win.


Who do you want to win? I want Timmy to win just because he's an awesome guy and he's so funny and he's been there from the beginning and really deserves it.

Who do you think will win? I think Timmy will. I don't know. It's so hard now with the three of them left they're all really great and Vesna's starting to get a really big fan club, but I still think that Timmy's going to come through in the end. I hope! Greg's really great as well, but I've said from the beginning it's going to be Timmy and I'll stick with it.


Who do you want to win? Timmy, because Tim has the most important thing which no one else in that show has, a social conscience.

Who do you think will win? I have no idea. I think Timmy might. I'd say it's close. I reckon Greg's out, it's between Vesna and Timmy. Having said that, you watch Greg win now!


Who do you want to win? Tim. I personally like him, I think he's great. I like all of them actually. I didn't have a problem with any of them. However I think the twins do have an unfair advantage, especially with David on the outside now. With Tim, I think he's very genuine, he's very caring and he's been there right from the beginning. I think he's fantastic.

Who do you think will win? I think it will be between Tim and Vesna, but I think it will be Tim who wins.


Who do you want to win? Greg because I like Dave and I think that the two of them will share the money and they'll do something with it

Who do you think will win? Unfortunately Tim because he's played the game from the word go and they've shown him as the guy who agrees with everyone not the person that he's played. I can't stand him. The more I watch it the worse it is. I think Vesna also has a chance to win and that concerns me because she's my age and she carries on that way. Yeah it's good viewing for entertainment sake, but it just does my head in. And it's an insult for anyone my age that we can whinge and complain and get away with it.


Who do you want to win? Greg, 'cause he's a champ.

Who do you think will win? Tim, 'cause he's conniving and weaselly.


Who do you want to win? Vesna, because the other two are idiots.

Who do you think will win? Probably Tim, because he's smart.

If you gather it all together,

On the want to win it is Tim = 7, Greg = 6, and Vesna = 2.

On the think will win is Tim = 10, Greg = 2, and Vesna = 4

If you look at the public poll, Vesna is a running away favorite to win the show but on who will be evicted this sunday, the poll is

Greg is 48%, Tim is 20% and Vesna will go is 32% so who knows, maybe only BB knows for sure!!

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BB has some FUN

Now that the house is getting smaller and smaller, BB has had some time to look back on all that has happened in this year's house. And he found time to pick out some fun things that have happened. On to of the list is this collection of video snippets about Christie. She just can't seem to beat that thing called gravity, can she...


Here is the link to the video...


If the link doesn't work click this link and then click on Christie Crashfest...


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Where is the Aussie Big Brother

Nadia must have done something to BB when she left the house. She did complain repeatedly that BB was depriving her since her would not let her smoke in the house.

So what has she done to him. The BB that is here is definitely not the one that was here all through the season and not when Nadia was in the house. He didn

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It's Time To Go - Vesna

She didn't come in with the rest of the Housemates. She came in 5 weeks late because the was a replacement. A replacement along with Rachael for Constance and Nelson, who were evicted from the Big Brother House for failing to inform BB about a preexisting relationship outside the house.

But you can't say that the was a walflower. From the very first, she brought her own flavor into the house. Quickly catching the eye of Hotdogs, she caught the ire of Geneva who had a "thing" going with him, or so she thought. As long as he remained in the house, Hotdogs was her Vesna's bedmate.

It was never quite with Vesna around. No, sometimes you could say she was louder than Big Brother himself. If she felt it, you knew about it!! Greg especially, after the week in chains called "Chain Reaction!"

She always thought Big Brother had a "THING" about finding the least little thing that could get under her skin and picking at it.

But you can say one thing. With her in the house, it was never boring!!!

During her last week in the house, she finally realized that she didn't want to leave. She had to stay in a "reality" house to realize that she didn't want to "return to reality!"

Well all thing must come to an end Vesna. She wanted to leave the house quietly, and BB said she could. But BB lies! She loved the limelight, and she found it! Goodbye Marilyn, we loved ya!!!







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Gone But Not Forgotten

The other housemates have all been evicted but they have not been forgotten by the public. They have been popping up at local nightclubs and shows all over Australia. And the fans are all right there to tell them what they think - good and bad.

Some of the HM are rather surprised at the notority that they have gained by their stay in the house. Michelle and Gianna even got photo shoots in Ralph magazine!!


Gianna even auctioned that infamous little nurses outfit off on EBay.com. The proceeds went to a worthy cause though. All monies went to rescue the bears in asia that are in captivity for medical and commercial research. This is one cause that is very dear to her heart since she loves animals.

Glenn is constantly accosted by girls whereever he goes. Some are verbally abusive for his treatment of Michelle in the house and some just want to get to know him better!! Its a tie on which side is bigger he says.

But BB has not forgotten them. He has brought them all back together again for one more task!!! They are learning to tap dance for a grand entrance Monday night during the final eviction!! Here are some of the shots that the crew have snapped during rehearsals...




The aways well organised and disciplined HMs of BB05.


OK BB tkat was really funny, now tell us, why have you really gathered us together, why?

Glenn gives us his rendition of the classic Michael Jackson video clip 'Billy Jean'.


I wish that girl hadn't kicked me so hard. I can hardly walk.

If you hum a certain Irene Cara song then this pic is just like the series Fame.


Someone shut Rita up before I kill her. See my hair is turning red with all of my repressed anger!!

Stop laughing, people are trying to pay attention here.


Angela telling Christie, "I know you are younger, but have some pitty on my old bones. My feet are killing me!!"

The routine gets two thumbs up from Heath and Glenn.


Another pint mate, please, let us have another round!!

Rachael struts her stuff.


If you really want to strut your stuff, you take your shirt off slowly, like this!

From hurdles to hoofing it on the dance floor - The Michelle story.


Michelle's latest mug shot after the Ralph magazine shoot was raided.

It's not a new form of folk dance, Geneva and Michelle are just catching up.


"See Mom, I am gay, I really am, I love this girl!!"

The HMs casting off the tattered remains of their introversion.


Kate saying "Why is he still torturing us. We got out of the house!!"

Michael and Constance: Too cool for school but not for tap classes.


If we get enough platinum, we can make big rings for our head instead of these little ones in my nose.

Gianna and Rita take a break from the tapping.


Now we need to get rid of her next week!

Michael takes Kate for a ride.


Guys, this one is mine!

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